“The Duchess”

Oh Noes11!!

As if this site COULD NOT GET ANY MORE redonk, dreamy photographer "Hesedetang" goes and posts this junior ham + tiara combo for all the world to download and enjoy.

That’s what I’m talking about.


Arigato gozaimasu, Hesedestang [head bow] and special thanks to eagle-eye-pointer-outer Deborah G.



  1. It’s too early for this much cute… must have coffee!

  2. Sssshhh…mustn’t wake the tiny little girl up!

  3. aiyee! is that a ring?

  4. ohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohno
    the name of this dahlink is not “The Duchess of Tofu”
    it can’t be
    it just can’t…:poit:

  5. Those little furry pink feet are too sweet.

    All hail the Duchess!

  6. A thinker says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    That is all. Utterly redonk.

  7. Sleeping Beauty. Where is Prince Charming?

  8. Nana, Baru’s little daughter, has a tutorial on tofu-eating for hamsters, http://www.baruchito.com/index.php?itemid=46
    it is mos’ adorabubble. and if you haven’t been to baruchito’s home cage before, check it out! is one of the cutest sites evar!*
    * not a paid endorser

  9. ohmywebfootedgoddess! The Duchess is cute enough to save the world!

  10. See… this is why I think “prosh” really should be a mashup of “precious” and “posh”. This is ARISTOCRATIC cuteology.

  11. Glenn Beck???? I can’t believe CO has such a right wing nut advertising about his special series on PORN here. Republicans jerking off, yeah, that’s cute…

  12. hey Brian, Glenn Beck/CNN bought an ad. no Big Fcuking Deal. the funniest thing is that the special they are advertising was last week. so they are wasting money no.
    and yeah, GB is an asshat. not exactly breaking news.

    [back to what CO does best]
    oooooo look at the cutie little pretty princess! who’s the cutest? you are!

  13. oh my… that is adorabubble…

    And mariser is right – baruchito’s home cage is WONderful!!!

  14. i love how she is totally undisturbed by the huge crown on her tee-tiny little head. 🙂

  15. It’s the world’s smallest aristocRat!

  16. alternate gag:

    if you think her crown is tiny, you oughta see the pea under her mattress!

    (may also do otter/oughta pun there)

  17. leprechaun says:


  18. So cute!

  19. Oh

    I went squeeeeeeee and then ‘sploded and squeeeeed again!

  20. ohhh, bizzy buzzy day and this is so worth the stop and adore the hammies. I bow to your tiny highness.

  21. gloom raider says:

    [trumpet flourish] Her Majesty requires a blankie, some lullaby music, and a very small teddy bear indeed!

  22. Ohmysweetgoodness, I can’t keep looking at that pic or I’ll become spontaneously pregnant!

    Seriously, that is the most painfully cute picture I have EVAR SEEN. Hee! ^___^

    As an aside, can we PLEASE, I BEG you, keep the politics out of this?!


  23. Belgian Decendent says:

    Goodness me! ‘America’s porn addition’ kinda fitting as boyfriend always tells me “What’s your problem? I like Maxium, and you like cuteoverload!” LOL. (not that I …you know… NEVERMIND!) So how ’bout that hammie (ehem).

  24. starrburstsnickers says:

    teehee! she’s all schnozelet! i want to eat her little schnozling!

    her footsies are so small they are more like weedle floppy flippers!!! awwww… *flop flop*

    *flop flop flop*


  25. fancyclaps says:

    That is completely, totally, all-encompassingly redonk. For stheriously.

  26. anarcarrot says:

    Omg, WHERE did he find the teeeniest tiara evar? Seas of cute.

  27. This ham is the Cute Overlord!

  28. *eeep*

  29. AnarCarrot — I think that’s a ring. To rule them all.

  30. The sound that came out of me when I viewed this photo was inaudible to humans, but dogs came running.

    GOOD. LORD. I mean, can you continue to live after seeing this photo? I don’t think you can.

    Also, I made it my wallpaper (stretched out to fill the entire screen, of course), and I am going to allow the screen saver to come up and cover it. When my boyfriend moves the mouse to check his e-mail, I will be here to witness his reaction to such spontaneous and unexpected hammie exposure. My guess? I will witness an impromptu male “squee”. Let’s wait and watch…


    *royalty music plays*

  32. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Squeeeeeee! I want to keeees those lil’ feets!

  33. I think this quite possibly is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever.

  34. This is so cute, it’s actually making me dizzy and my heart hurt. But dying from cuteness is a good way to go …

  35. Sweet fancy Moses on a cracker, race fans…

    I submit that this is the end-all, the be-all, the Alpha, the Omega, the dadgum cayoooootest hammie pic EVER!!!!

  36. She rules

  37. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the cuteness bind them.

    Cute Overlord, indeed. Beware of Hamuron!

  38. NebraskaErin says:

    Teeny prosh honk-shus!

  39. She’s dreaming of her Prince Charming, who’s handing her a bouquet of broccoli florets.

  40. Deckard Canine says:


  41. Lilsie – I think it is 😀 I’ve got one just like it, only pure silver (no stones). Gives quite the perspective, doesn’t it?

  42. Doot-doodle-oooh! I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    Oh, you say it’s NOT butter. Very well then, I can’t believe it’s not gerbil!


    Must touch this sweet sleeping lil’ Princess-


  44. Peg of Tilling says:

    The Duchess of Tofu? Who was courted by the evil Lord Blackhammer, who was Very Bad Indeed?

  45. I’m probably going to destroy the cuteness here, but is this absolutely necessary?! I mean, for all we know, this ring could way a ton on the little hamster’s head.

    Sorry. Just my view.

  46. [thinking of destroying JudeW’s Tokyo.] Necessary? You’ll think necessary after you see how cranky I am without cute.

  47. JudeW, you’re kidding, right? If the ring was causing the hammie discomfort, in this close a shot, I think we’d see something other than peaceful snoozing.

  48. Why am I suddenly hungry for tiara-misu?

  49. OMG!!! your highness – genuflects to the High Adorableness…

  50. Wanna squee ’til your head splodes? I know you do. You have GOT to follow the Hedesestang link! Don’t just ooogle the one Duchess. Go see the entire royal family from birth!!!!

  51. Hesedestang…whatever. Click on the linky, pinky. Baby hammies await you.

  52. Bucking-ham Palace: the Duchess sleeps, while the couriers outside await her next order…

  53. BWahahahaahhaah. Damn, Aubrey!!! Just damn!

    Buckingham, Tiara-misu….

    I was trying to read quietly, squee quietly, and splode quietly, so as not to wake her teeny magnificence…but now I am snorting WAY too loud!

    Blair! AristocRat. The teeny pea under her mattress! *chortle chortle*

    Can anyone hit the electro shock button on my computer chair and make me leave this site and get something DONE???

    Zzzzzzzzzzt. *Yipe* Thank you!

  54. OMG – have a HEART cuteoverload.com — do you want to kill us all with all this unregulated PINK FUZZINESS!!?

  55. OMG!!!!!!!!squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  56. OMG
    The feets, people, the feets!

  57. Oh sweet mercy, will you look at this one?
    Popcorn hammie!

  58. That is the most delicious little MORSEL of tofu I think I’ve ever seen!

  59. A Delicious McMorselson 🙂

  60. I like the word ‘morsel’ ^^

  61. Semi-related… the screen-name “Creepy Sheep” ranks right up there with “Space Pastry” IMO.

  62. “Morsel” is a good word. I also like “smidgen”.

  63. Thanks Theo!…I think?

  64. (Hmm, that did sound iffy, didn’t it? I meant I *like* your screen name.)

  65. A tiara with hearts for a little sweetheart!

    I’m with you Theo, prosh should be precious plus posh.

  66. *curtseys to Theo*
    Well, we are in the presence of royalty…

  67. Same Flikr collection, same photographer…

  68. stop it! I can’t get flickr here anymore.

  69. Oh for crying out loud, CeeJoe. [snicker]

  70. lurkertype says:

    And the other hammie is named “Mochi”, which he TEWTALLY looks like. Gahhhh!

  71. anarcarrot says:

    Theo: Omg, if it is a ring, SO rules of cute #14.

  72. yikes – did anyone look at the videos that are linked from some of the pics on the flickr site? I had to stop looking before I poited all over my desk…..

  73. I mean it this time when I say…shut down the site! It is not gonna get any cuter!

    I am always proven wrong though.

  74. Ooh – I bought a little tiara/ring like this from Ebay to use on my wedding cake topper. It went on one of the love-doves in the little birdcage, and I made a little cowboy hat for the boy dove. Cuz my hubby is the Cowboy, and I am the Princess! (Just an inside joke thing, but still.) Although not as cute as on a real-live hammie. 😉


  75. Ok, I poited all over MY desk at g-lo’s wedding cake!!!

  76. Ok, I poited all over MY desk at g-lo’s wedding cake!!!

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “Let them eat cake!”

  78. chet's momma says:

    AUBREY!!!! LOL!

  79. Martha in Washington says:

    Is she the “Queen of Everything” or just the “Princess of Quite Alot”? It’s good to be Queen, ya know.

  80. There are no words for this…Exceptional creativity and LOVE for sure!

    Big thanks. 😀

  81. “Princess of Quite Alot” — LOL!!

  82. Martha in Washington says:

    All I ask of you is that you treat me no differently than you would the Queen. (waving gracefully with my gloved hand)

  83. “Rule Britt-ham-ia
    To hams we’re willing slaves
    Their proshness never never ceases to amaze”

  84. My head imploded when I saw this picture. X-D

  85. Here’s something scary… I don’t think that’s a ring. I think it’s actually a cellphone charm. small enough to put on the antenna nub of your phone. That is a very tiny princess!

  86. That purveyor or cute’s flickr collection is too much. I had to leave, too much cute.

  87. Holy Royal Earworm, Aubrey!


  88. I have just melted into a big puddle of flesh.

  89. Lol, Fran. Ewwww, a puddle of flesh. *thinks about this for a moment* EWWWW!

    This little dreaming princess still slays me. Tiny pink curled feetsies. Sigh.

  90. Someone ruined this for me by mentioning Glenn Beck.

  91. Pweh, pweh, pweh, cleanse the GB reference from your mind. Rinse, repeat.

    Now, take a deep huff of purring, biscuit making kitteh belly. Cleansing breath!

    Now, go back and look at the Sleeping Duchess of Tofu.

    Let no more nasty things enter your mind.

  92. Oh, I get it, Glenn Beck’s ugly mug is on here. Knew I’d seen it somewhere. ANYWAYS, I have since visited the Hesedestang site and am now fully recovered from a massive infusion of cute!

  93. I mean, four . . . FOUR hammies in one hand!! And there’s room for at least one more!! How do you get over something like that??! See, Lauri, I’m perfectly fine now! 😉

  94. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

    I ‘sploded.

    *Cutest thing in history of world*

  95. Dear everyone!

    I’m very touched by your comments 🙂 Thank you very much 🙂

    I’m glad to see Duchie’s got much love! 🙂

    Yes, that is indeed a ring you see on her head. I had it weighed about 3mins ago, and I’m happy to say, it’s only 1.6grams 🙂

    I hope this reassures those of you who think the ring might have been too heavy for Duchie 🙂

    Thank you all for viewing my stuff on Flickr 🙂

    Thanks Meg, the pleasure is mine. And thanks Deborah G for sending this to cuteoverload. (My real name, incidentally, is Debbie 🙂 hee)

    Cheers 🙂

  96. This is too cute to handle. I’m about to fall out of my chair.

  97. Where did you get such a cute little tiara ring?

  98. hrh.squeak says:

    More to the point, dear Hesedetang, where did you get such adorable little hamsters? The pictures of pregnant Lemon are so cute and funny, I laughed till I cried! And the babies are Just Beautiful. I have pet rats, I have No More Room for pets, but I want want want a dwarf winter white hamster or four now!!

  99. Amen, to THAT hrh.squeak. I have six guinea pigs and I want rats AND dwarf hamsters.

    Greedy greedy greedy.

  100. is it the The Hamster nose?
    is it the nubbiny paws?
    is it the tie-tie eyes?
    is it the pink-belly nubility?
    is it the ham-snack nobility?
    or is it the way she knows they’re zircons but never lets you know she knows…

    she may be only a duchess but to someone she’s a queen

  101. LOL, Blair. You NEED to write ad copy, I mean, if you don’t already.

  102. awwwwwwww i want a little princess like that!!!

  103. Did he come with the shoes? I want a pair !!!

  104. Oh my, she is so itty bitty tiny. – And so cute I can’t take it any more. But I just have to keep on looking…