Let’s just get this out of our systems

Dewds, behold even more of the genius phenomenon that is the front-paw pet costume illusion. Could I get MORE pets in costume submissions? noooooooo! [singsong]




I simply cannot get enough of the front leg paw costumes. The front-feet/leg action is simply the best. Still this photo takes the qizz-ake.

// UPDATE! //  Credit where credit is due… this is from Freeple.com‘s recent post "Pets Go Trick-Or-Treating."

Thanks, Heather S. and Scott!



  1. army_kitten says:

    this just gets better and better…

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Joy! Rapture! Dachsunds! Bananas!

    I die happy.

  3. OMG.
    My faves: Count Pupula, Cap’n Crimson, and pf course the Bananaphones.

  4. The knight costume is awesome. What a loyal steed!

  5. AHAAA! I was wondering, and feeling pouty, b/c I’d sent a dogs-in-costume pic a couple weeks ago already and I couldnt figure out how something SO HILARIOUS could NOT get posted on CO.. but now I see.. It’s already been posted, and dubbed the “Mona Lisa” of dog costume pictures!! ROFL I had that as my desktop picture for the last two weeks but replaced it with the beenea pig picture the other day.

    Anyhoo.. The cat.. ROFL the look on his face.. he does NOT look amused! ROFL! The box o’bananas.. ROFL. The vampire grin on the vampire dog and OMG I only JUST NOW noticed another dog laying in the coffin! LOL! And the serious look on the pirate’s face.. *wiping tears of laughter*..

    I gotta admit I find the costumes with the fake arms.. animal’s front feet as legs.. FREAKIN HILARIOUS!! Every time!!

    The dog in the cowgirl outfit looks like mine 🙂 however she would NOT be the least bit pleased about wearing a hilarious-looking costume and getting laughed at.. she seems to be getting a tad bit cranky in her old age.

    Okay.. laughing again/still about the cat.. is that a fake beard strapped onto his chin?? ROFLMAO.. I gotta make a costume like that for my kids’ cats… *SNORT*…

  6. Brilliant! I love how happy that one Dax is to be a banana.

    Daxdaxdaxdaxdaxdaxdax – DAXOPHONE!

  7. good grief could I be more yappity? Sorry folks, didn’t realize.

    And Theo oh THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting the Bananaphone song BACK in my head, I just got it OUT this morning!

  8. “OMG I only JUST NOW noticed another dog laying in the coffin! LOL!”

    I didn’t notice it till you pointed it out, Jenne!
    ROFLMAO along with you!

  9. The dog in the coffin looks kinda like a bat to me.. *shrug*

  10. My work here is SO done.


  11. The vampire one and Vadar (sp?) are awesome!

  12. LOL!!!

    Wah-wah-wampire looks mighty scary. Brrrr.

  13. I never have the Bananaphone out of my head. I quite enjoy it.
    [keeps an eye out for Aubrey’s white coat crew]

  14. Um, does that cat have a… goatee?

  15. DARTH PUG rules this set! OMG they are all so cute. Gotta love dressing up your doggies is super duper fun.

  16. This is cracking me up!! I also didn’t notice the coffin/bat dog until Jenne pointed it out. I’m LOL again!

  17. hrh.squeak says:

    Bananadogs! Loooove ’em. Love love love love. Jenna, thanks for pointing out the dog in the coffin, now I’m *really* sore from laughing . . . . .

  18. Batdog. Rofl!
    Cat goatee. Rofl!

  19. CROOKED cat goatee.
    CanNOT stop laughing at that poor cat!!
    He looks like he’s trying to peek out from behind his goatee..

  20. OMG! I’ve got tears running down my face! The knight, the banana pups, and the vampires…LOL! I think I’m gonna faint!

  21. This is cruel!!!! It’s cruel to put us through this much laughter. I think I might need a GI specialist to sew my split stomach back up…..my intestines are also askew…and I just realize my abs are in need of a serious workout!

  22. LOL brownamazon has most of these on her page, I still cannot get over the chihuahua vampire one…how they got them both to perform like that is hilarious. Elvis makes that face at me a lot, if only I could get the cape on him.

  23. “Camelot!”



    “It’s only a costume.”


  24. Freeple.com has a bunch of cute pet photos of poor pets subjected to the Halloween nightmare:


  25. We’re the Pups of the Round Table
    We YAP! when e’er we’re able
    We wave our paws
    Like chew wah wahs
    And gallop quite unstable
    We dine well here in Camelot
    We eat bran and flan and kibble (lots).

  26. ROFL at the cat penguin on that link !!!
    oh my achin tummy… ROFLMAO!!!

  27. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  28. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  29. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  30. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  31. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  32. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts….resolidifies only to splode. This made my day thank you Meg

  33. chew wah wahs..
    that reminds me of a sign I saw posted at the grocery store a while back.. someone had a dog for sale.. a chawawa.. ROFL.. seriously, people..

  34. The cat “criminal” and dog “jailer” on that freeple page crack me up.

    And Theo. Thanks. Thanks very much.


  36. T-O! Now the Bananaphone song has been officially replaced. Whee!

  37. For putting the banana song back in my head.

    The Monty Python song, though, is awesome!! (You stuck it up while I was posting.)

  38. Good lord people, can’t you see that it’s time for a PETS IN COSTUMES category?!

  39. Weiner-nanner

    All the potassium of a regular nanner, 100 times the dog hair. (OK this only applies to a nanner dropped on my floor, but I know you good people will work with me.)

  40. Making costumes owners are able
    They’re indefatigable
    But we are their pets
    Subject to jests
    We must be quite unstable

    It’s a dog’s life here in Camelot
    We admit we’re on the lam a lot

  41. The Guy Over There says:

    The knight > all. The only way it would be cooler is if someone tied some bells on his collar shaped like coconut halves.

  42. Oh. My. God. I’m at work. In a HOSPITAL people. And I can’t stop laughing hysterically. And Theo! The Python song! I’m just going to walk over to the ER now. No I think I need a stretcher.

  43. Teughcats says:

    And Theo and Aubrey
    Give us rhymes
    That are quite un-sing-able!

  44. OMG THE DRACULA DOG!!! *dies* And look at the other pup in the coffin..she looks totally submishive! As if to say ‘I am yours! Make me part of youuuu!’

    ok yeah..im done ……. *sniggers*

  45. michellemybelle says:

    “‘Tis a silly place” – Camelot – or Cutelot!

  46. I gotta say, that Dracula image is friggin’ art. The viscious scowl and the belly-up casket doggie is fantastic. I give it 5 candy corns.

  47. misscrisp says:

    a wee bit of seasonal fun fur teh peeps–match the quote to the moment:
    “Get your own nubile snack…she is mine, all miiiiine.”
    “What? This beard helps soak up blood dribbles.”
    “ominous breathing sound…SNORT…wheeze….ominous breathing sound…snort”
    “Ay, the sea is my mistress and davy jones locker will be my grave.”
    “Why, yes! We ARE bananas.”

    (ahh, another lunchbreak well spent)

  48. What a great bunch of pics!
    When you’re done fawning here’s another gallery to check out:


    Pets dressed up in costume next to their celeb look-alikes… or is it the other way around?

  49. You know how there’s a Cute or Sad category. CO needs a Cute/Cruel category. Because sometimes it makes it funnier when you know the animal is really pissed off. I love my cats dearly and I would never dress them up (because they would bite me), but I laugh every time I see a cat in costume.

  50. A thinker says:

    This…this is…to wonderful. I cannot even LOL. I am in awe.

    We have reached the Apex of Cute, people. There’s no turning back.

  51. A thinker says:

    …as proof, note the fact that it caused the Grammar Queen to make a mistake.

  52. This is perhaps the most unhealthy relationship I’ve ever been in. I was literally sitting at my desk, screaming, “STOP STOP STOP IT!!!!!!” And then, after I’d recovered, I clicked the link, because I want more! Please, oh, please, oh, please, don’t ever let October end!!!

    I just want to know who sent in the Count Catula photo, because it’s clearly a posthumous submission. The actual person who took that photo cannot have possibly survived the cat’s wrath.

  53. Darth Pugader: “Turn to the Dark Side. [hasp-fuh] I am your—GOOGLY EYE!”

  54. I love my cats too and I would DEFINITELY dress them in costume just for the sole purpose of laughing at how utterly pissed off they would be about it. *snicker*
    ..preparing to duck the Nuffs..

  55. haha cute costumes!!! maybe I should put my cat in one…hmm…lol

  56. Ooooh, if you follow Seth’s link above, you can also see Pugyoda.

  57. Haute Cute-ture.

  58. I love that with the bananas and the knight, and the school bus from the other day, that the dogs don’t even know they’re in costume. They think they’re just wearing nice doggie coats to keep them warm trick or treating.

  59. Jenne:

    Wait – ‘snicker’? Snickers? Where? Is it Halloween already?

    (struggles in strait jacket to sit up and take a look around)

  60. Aubrey.. wait.. here.. open your mouth.. I’ll toss you one.. (they’re the teeny little bite size ones)

  61. OMG. Is that a sexy French maid bulldog on the freeple link? Sweet Jesus. And Princess Pugleia. And a dogplane.

    *#$!, I just lost a fricking contact lens. Peeps, I have laughed so hard, I lost a contact.

  62. Hee! But what’s wrong with me?! I was seriously like “Why are those dogs dressed as little yellow klansmen? And why are they in a box?”

    Duh. Bananas – now I see it. : )

  63. Um yeah. There’s that big “Chiquita” logo on their sides too.
    (OK OK, I didn’t see them as bananas right away either. Raincoats.)

  64. rofl.. I’m sorry.. yellow klansmen.. yeah.. they’re going after black cats. After all, it IS Halloween. *snort* that’s so funny.. in a very WRONG sort of way, I know.
    .. ducking again ..

  65. Count Dogula!

    (Come on, someone had to say it.)

    Also love Sir Chews-a-lot and the doxie-nanners. The cat looks like someone’s going to get a hairball in their shoe, though. Scary.

  66. I love the knight! How on earth did they get that cat so decked out? I also wonder if it must have been submitte posthumously..

    The vampire dog may well give me nightmares. *shudders*

  67. The black knight DEFINITELY triumphs!

  68. Sharyn:

    “‘Tis but a scratch.”


  69. What, no giving credit to Petsmart?

  70. I want to get a dog just so I can put him/her in a front paw costume. My cats won’t tolerate it. Does anyone have a dog I could borrow for a few days so I put costumes on it and laugh until I cry?

  71. Are that kitty’s eyes two different colours? Ooh…

  72. i totally just choked on my own spit, laughing at the vampire one with the chis.
    it was funny once just looking at his snarly teeth, but then when i noticed the cute little undead curled up in that coffin… 😀

  73. I have been running around the office rantting weinanas WEINANAS!! WE WANT WEINANAS!!!! I think weinanas is my new favorite word, weinanas weinanas!

  74. dang, it’s times like these i’m glad i’m not a pet, hahahah

  75. Whee! I love dachshunds dressed as bananas!

    Usually I’m not a fan of animals in clothes, but I have to say the pirate-dog is AWESOME. Arrr, maties!

  76. “Barrrrrrrrrrrrrk!”

  77. Holy Halloweenie, I’m choking on mah bean soup looking at them and reading y’all’s comments!

    And on that link up there, I read through the comments. The *best* comment was from e2c herself–“Argh – worse than a baby parade!” There’s even a Nuff appearance at the end. Dispatched by Theo, of course–better late than never.

  78. I can’t stop laughing at the serious little pirate in red stripes with his teensy arms!

  79. Heather S. says:

    OMGOSH ya’ll I sent this in and forgot to put my dang name on it!!! hahaahaha aren’t they great?!

  80. Oh my gawd, that cat! He looks just like Tim Curry!

  81. Heather S. — cool, what was the source? (Maybe an URL?)

  82. Heather S. says:

    My husbands boss sent it to him in an email and then he sent it to me and then I sent it to Meg… I believe it origionally came from http://www.freeple.com/blog/2006/10/21/pets-go-trick-or-treating/
    though… I wish I could but I take no resposibility for taking OR finding any of the pics…

  83. The pug would’ve made a better Yoda…but I love it still!!!!!!!

  84. Heather S. says:

    Jen go to the website listed above http://www.freeple.com/blog/2006/10/21/pets-go-trick-or-treating/
    or just click there and you’ll see the pug yoda!

  85. OH MY FREAKIN’ GAWD, the penguin!!

    The WHISKERS, people!!

    The WHISKERS!!!

  86. Cauliflower says:

    I am truly afraid of the first picture. Scary Scary eyes. These are not cute pictures. 😦


  88. Heather S. says:

    Waaaahhooooo my name is up there… with Scotts but it’s there!!!

  89. I think the kitty has a mask on.

  90. Heather S., Meg does not miss a trick, does she? (Or a treat!) 😉

  91. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The Darth Vader pug looks like he’s definitely joined the Dark Side. And the weiner-dog-bananas just about KILLED me!

  92. misscrisp says:

    Okay, it’s mushy sad and sweet, but I gotta share my dear friend’s shih-tzu Darcy in costume.
    What makes it sad is that this Halloween Mr. Darcy (yes, English majors, -that- Darcy) is now in doggie heaven for reals.
    we miss you doodle!

  93. Oh… Em… Gee.


    -is admitted as permanent resident to mental institution-

    You have destroyed all of my remaining brain cells. I salute you, CuteOverload.

  94. Arrr, Aubrrrrrrey! Avast ye, me matie!

  95. Dunno if this’ll work; TypePad’s not letting me sign in to my TypeKey ID right now…

    Lauri — [ahem] …’twas not Meg.

  96. Martha in Washington says:

    HeatherS., This is toooo weird because my sister just sent ME that email today! Spooky huh?
    Theo, Capn Crimson is too funny. Are we allowed to make fun of people with hooks and peglegs now?

  97. Oh my goodness! Bananas.

    No point in even dressing up my dogs this year, the bananas win best costume(s) ever.

  98. sorry, but if i was a dog I wouldnt want to be dressed up and loved at like this. to me, this is close to abusing my pets trust.

  99. aha! I KNEW we couldn’t have this much cute without a nuff p*ssing on our halloween parade.

  100. Ooo, Theo!!! Thanks for the headsup! You don’t miss a trick or treat, either!!

    *Carefully places a miniSnickers in your ear*

  101. Awww, misscrisp, cute pic of Darcy-dude. My condolences. I am sure he if flitting happily in doggie heaven with his gimongus bone! 🙂

  102. iS. I am sure he iS. Sorry.


  103. Hubby–8 years a Marine–cried like a hysterical girl over the Chiquita Weiners. Then, sobbing, he echoed what some other person said early. He said, “Oh. God. Help. Me. They look like Kill Kat Klansmen.”

    Do you suppose doggie KKKers burn bones in cat house lawns?

  104. ROFL redz and hubby!

  105. RedZ! 😛

  106. michellemybelle says:

    misscrisp – That’s a great photo to have as a keepsake. I’m tired and cranky and a little hungover and it just about made me cry.

    Thank god for weinanas to cheer me up!

  107. I keep envisioning a whole slew of little doggies (corgis!!) bedecked in those knight costumes charging in echelon accompanied by the sound of clip-clopping coconuts…and CRACKING MYSELF UP. Anyone know where I can get a herd of corgis?

  108. “Anyone know where I can get a herd of corgis?”

    HeidStar – Queen Elizabeth has one. Maybe she’d be amenable to having them dressed as knights on steeds, that seems to be up her alley.

  109. Laurie C, Great suggestion! I’ll just give ol’ Bette Windsor a call and see if the corgis are available for the weekend.

  110. Heather S. says:

    Aah thanks Theo!

  111. Call me a Nuffingham, but this is stupid, not cute. IMO.

  112. stupidoverload!!! 🙂

    That made me laugh! aGAIN!

  113. Somewhere in Revelations there was a connection made between “pet costumes” and “approaching armageddon”.

    Repent now, ye sinners.

  114. *The Rend is Ear!!!*

  115. hrh.squeak says:

    “The Rear is Here!!”

  116. Hextrasher says:

    This is too sad. Get back to real pets, not pets-who-dont-wannabe-humans-but-get-dressed-to-be-wannabe-humans-by-sad-people.

  117. The Beer is Near!!!

  118. “Meer meer meer!”

  119. mEEr for bEEr!
    mEEr for bEEr!
    mEEr for bEEr!
    mEEr for bEEr!

  120. It’s two pm. Friday. Not too early!

    MEER MEER MEER…..*pops the top on a cold one*

    Gots to go decorate for Halloweenie party!!!! Weeet!

  121. …”weet”?

  122. …got tired of woot.

  123. misscrisp says:

    Having finally read this thread, I MEERly wonder how I got through that time.
    giggle squee titter chortle
    Thanks to Lauri n MMB…I know, it’s mildly mist-inducing yet super sweet having that shot to remember Darce-man with.

    and…can I get a “weet weet!!?”
    oh yeah.

  124. Think its time for a ‘Costume Cuteness’ category…

    How *did* they get that dog to bare its teeth like that?…

  125. Evangelina♥ says:

    Gotta luff the pirate puppeh.