Rollin’ in the packing peanut bin

Check out Mr. Ferreeeete "George", rollin’ in the packing peanut bin.


Um, could this be the cutest photo on C.O. evar?


No, DEES EES! [I loooooooove this one] Peanut on head.


Now, he’s all: "I shall McSquirmersons out of this bin faster than you can say—’McSQUIRMERSONS’!"


Sure, he’s got that I’m-so-prosh-but-I-could-prolly-rip-you-to-shreds-like-an-otter look about him, but I thank you for your submishe, Rachel L.



  1. Tony James says:


  2. Ickle handsies!

  3. That’s not a packing peanut bin. That’s a handy Ferret Dispenser.

  4. Okay, now I’m wishing I had a peanut bin like that for my rats to play in… Having an effective cuteness producing device like that right at home would be too-too!

  5. It’s an awesome set, because we all live in a ferret submarine… but I also notice that the packing peanuts are the biodegradeable starch variety. Cool.

  6. Whack-a-ferret!

    (kidding, only kidding 😉

  7. I love how in the 3rd picture he looks like he is so amused by the fact that there is a packing peanut on his head.

  8. I love him. I really really love him!

  9. YAAAAYYYYY! More musteline goodness! GEEEVE MEEE THEEE FERREET! *snorgle*

    (As an aside, the spell check on my laptop tends to melt down when I post comments at this site. I wonder why…*grin*)


  10. Lee Gibson says:

    Actually, those rice-based packing peanuts would make for a pretty good small creature play area.

    And they’re crunchy!

  11. Theo – are there really such things as biodegradeable packing peanuts? That’s great! (Shows you how often I use the things…)

    Anyhoo, the ferret is great. Love the handses.

  12. Aaaahh! Weasel in box! WEASEL IN BOX! That’s just too darn cute. I wish I had a handy-dandy ferret despenser on my desk right now. I’d pop one of those weaslies out right now and put it on my head!

  13. Love de ferret dispense with packing materials.

    Oncet upon a time, I used to put my sister’s long-haired calico into a box of styro-peanuts (also known as ghost farts at my house). After about a 15 second, uh, agitation cycle, I let her out. And for several glorious minutes after, she ran crazy through the house, trying to rid herself of styro-klingons. Good times. [wipes away tears]

  14. Whew! Thank God for ferrets. The cuteness helped me recover from my calculus-induced deafness and blindness.

    P.S. If you’re going to post anything even remotely math-related again, please give us some warning so we math-phobic folks can avoid gazing upon it.

  15. Adorable! And his tips (nose, toes, ears) are so PINK!

    But the packing peanuts would be dangerous, wouldn’t they? Or are they really made of rice, as someone suggested, and therefore edible by the ferret?

  16. Chris Tucker says:

    Practically all packing peanuts these days are either corn or some other natural & non-toxic starch. Makes them biodegradeable in landfills and in the general outside environment.

    They taste bad, to humans, at least, but should the ferret eat one or two, no harm should come to him/her.

  17. The “starch peanuts” actually dissolve in your sink. It’s kinda gross, but it works.

  18. That’s fascinating! And disgusting!

    (I mean the dissolving packing peanuts, not the ferret. I mean, the ferret is fascinating, but by no means disgusting. Oh, I’ll just stop now.)

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    So ferrets are a brand of weasel? As in this one’s goin’ pop?

  20. I love that paw sticking out…lol!

  21. I ate one of those biodegradable peanuts once…I was curious,,,,tastes like nothing, but I guess if there was a famine we could eat them, yessss?

  22. Ooohhhhhhhh I love this little guy! What a sweetie. I am so happy to see more ferrets on c.o.

    Styrofoam peanuts can be very harmful to ferrets if they eat them, but as mentioned, most packing peanuts are made of natural ingredients now, and in any case this little dude is being supervised so no harm will come to him. Ferrets absolutely LOVE packing peanuts in a box!

  23. The biodegradable packing peanuts are made much the way that cheese puffs are. Only a less tasty recipe, and not coated with orange powder.

  24. p.s. Ferrets are mustelids and they are related to weasels, otters, skunks, badgers, mink and ermine (among any other mustelids that I am forgetting).

  25. AuntieMame says:

    So basically what you’re saying is that if I salt my packing peanuts and dip them in orange powder, I’ll have homemade cheese puffs?

    That would explain a lot…


  27. (I’m on a break…)

    Has anyone noticed the slightly moist lower lip and the tiny glimpse of what I take to be ferret tongue in the first picture? So cute!

    (Back to work…)

  28. AuntieMame, now that I think about it, Jen’s right. I recall thinking when I ate it that it doesn’t taste of anything but it had a faint aroma of cheezy puffs without the cheese powder on it. 🙂

  29. are cheezy poofs *anything* without the cheese powder on ’em?

  30. I am a-salted by this ferret’s Cute.

  31. Haha! It is I! The biggest cutest packing peanut of all!

  32. hrh.squeak says:

    One other ingredient, I’m pretty sure; oil. We got some low-fat Cheezy Poofs at Trader Joe’s and they taste just like packing peanuts (yes I tried one – nosy little minds Must Know). My ratties love them more than even avocado itself, and fight if I don’t deliver simultaneous poofs.

    I tried putting corn packing poofs in with the rats as a bedding supplement, but they just ate ’em. So I stopped, empty calories show up pretty fast when you weigh 400 grams. Or, in Bert’s case, 500 grams.

    The ferret is Oh So Cute and he knows it. Pic #3: “Mwa hahahaha, just try to resist the Peanut of Cute!”

  33. Super dooper cutie ferrie!

    Great pictures, espesh the peanut head one! 🙂

    I always have fun with the biodegradable packing peanuts.

    And, I have always called Cheetos “cheese flavored air”, so it DOES all make sense, now!

    I can imagine all the burrowing, flopping, diving and tunnelling going on in this Packing Peanut Cave of Delight!

  34. In pic one, he’s all “mischievious? you haven’t SEEN mischief.”
    In pic three, he’s all “Damn straight.”
    (In pic two/three, arrrhghghsldfjkdlermbmkfe! –sound of head asplodin)

  35. ummm….
    In pic FOUR, he’s all “Damn Straight.”
    (I can count, I think)

  36. pink noses and pink toeses! My little girl Lola has similar colouring. And yes, you can just see the tip of his tongue in the first picture. What’s really adorable is seeing their tongue protruding like that when they are fast asleep.

    Must get home and snorgle my fur-kids!

  37. ShelleyTambo says:

    I vote photo 2 is cutest–there’s just something about teeny tiny vaguely human-looking hands (paws).

  38. That lone paw– it… it frightens me.

  39. AHHH! My baby made it on here!

    Hey everyone! lol that’s my George there! I am so proud that he made it on Cuteoverload! Thanks so much! Wee!

  40. Another Angela says:

    Cutest thing I have seen on here for a long time!!! Ferret dispenser–perfect. And I better try it on my rats too (who would actually just run off with them and create a huge stash somewhere I couldn’t get to them).

  41. I’m overjoyed to announce that I have five formerly stray kittens safe and sound in my kitchen. We were unable to find momcat so we’ll be trying to catch her tomorrow morning.

    In honor of Dia de los Muertos, I wanted to give los gatitos Mexican names. Since the gray and white female is covered with green paint, it was obvious we had to name her Frida Kahlo, which led to the black and white boy being named Diego Rivera, the calico girl Paloma Picasso, and the gray and white boy Miguel Covarrubias. The tortie, though, looks too unnervingly like an owl to get an artist’s name, so she’s Buho. They’re about five weeks old, all easy to handle (except Buho, who is trying to live up to the psycho tortie reputation, but, as an experienced tortie mom, I’m not fooled), but need desperately to be fattened up, which they will be. If we can catch mom, she gets a suitably grand name: Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  42. Hooray, Aoife! Babies safe and hopefully mom will be soon! Good work!

    George is a sweetheart, Rachel! He’s having SO much fun with his peanuts and with the peepnuts on CO! 🙂

  43. misscrisp says:

    hooray for aoife!

    and smiles for Rachel L…yummy feeling to be sharing in the power of Teh Qte™ I’ll bet.

  44. Another Angela, my rat, Eenie, would take every food item I gave him up into the inside of an old couch I had in my dormroom. There was a hole in the bottom of it, and he grabbed Doritos or whatever, ran to the couch….*whoop, stash* then was back for more! What an awesome rat he was to have in a dorm!

  45. P.S. I know, technically, Paloma Picasso is a Spaniard, but I love the name Paloma so…

  46. you MAHST be kidding me with that hand from the grave thing. HOLY.

  47. misscrisp says:

    (hoping it don’t double post)
    Lauri- I can’t help but notice the cosmic cuteness of us both typing ‘hooray Aoife’ at the very same moment. 🙂

  48. Aiofe, muchos congratulations! We had Tuxkits at lurkertype’s house, now you have Mexkits!

  49. Peg of Tilling says:

    Yay Aiofe and the Mexkits!

    That Buho sounds like a hoot!

  50. Looove the last picture – so much ferretty goodness

    Aoife: So, when they’re older, they’ll be Mexicats? *cymbal clash*

  51. If the Tuxkits family and the Mexkits family got together, Brady Bunch style, would they then be the TuxMex family?

    Regardless, well done, Aiofe!

  52. Aoife:

    You rock.

  53. Aoife, I think you should name the owl tortie “El Tecolote,” after a cross-dressing Mexican sculptress I just made up. She wore large glasses (hence her owlish mien) and men’s suits, and had brief affairs with both Frida AND Diego, though, unlike them, she was an ardent capitalist… and excellent cook. In fact, this restaurant:

    …was named for her (tho’ the owners deny it and made up some stupid story about actual owls that’s not nearly as good as mine).

  54. AWWWWW. LOVE the 3rd and 4th pics!!!!

  55. Oh, and Aoife – Muchos Wuvs To Teh MexKits.

  56. lurkertype says:

    !hola! to the MexKits!

    And smoochies to the tortie, who you could maybe call “Tortuga”. Or do I mean “Tortola”? I don’t know, I call HRT both of those whenever I am calling TK “El Diablo Gatito” or “El Gatito Diablo”.

  57. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    HOW much do I LOVE happy-playin’ ferrets?

    THIS MUCH **_____________________________________________________________________________**
    uhm, that’s a–lot BTW.

  58. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Since we are looking at ferrets, please check out:

    This is a great org. that is actually trying to give surgeries to ferrets that are suffering due to stupid-human-breeding. They are GOOD PEEPS.

    Give ’em a look if you are even remotetely interested in our Ferret Friends.

    … not to be a “nuffy” 😉 Ferrets ROCK!!

  59. Martha in Washington says:

    OMG Redzilla, that used to happen to my kittie Jeremiah except he would go in the box on purpose trying to teach all those damn peanuts not to mess with him. Jeremiah was the coolest cat ever. I miss him. BTW, the #3 pic makes me want to wear tasteless peanuts on my head too.

  60. “tasteless Peanuts”?

    Good Grief!


    Fans of Dilbert – you might want to read this:

  62. It’s got such a lovely juicy pink nose, I just want to bite it right off!

  63. In that 3rd one, he’s all ‘Captain McFerret Pants reporting for duty! WE ATTACK AT DAWN!!!!!!’

  64. Stephanie C. says:

    He has the sweetest little nosie!! I just want to kiss it.

  65. Wow, Subhangi, that is interesting about Scott Adams. What a strange condition.

  66. A thinker says:

    Dees Ees Wahnderful.

    And BWAHAHAHAHA @ “ghost farts” and “TuxMex”. Aubrey, you are hysterical.

  67. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Awww furret! My The Cheat loves the packing peanuts too. Watching him is like watching a ferrety packing-peanut version of Tremors. I cant see him, but I can see the peanuts moving. And occasionally as he does an exceptionally high leap in the midst of his weasel war dance, his head or his back will pop up. And I can hear him laughing.

  68. Cute! However, just be sure to watch cause ferrets will eat those (or anything really).

  69. i worked in a lab last year, and it was my job to euthanize rodents and then either (a)dissect them to remove their little hearts or (b)decapitate them, immerse them in liquid nitrogen, and then shave off 10 micrometer thick sections of them in a process called “cryosectioning” until i reached their tiny spines. i must have killed hundreds of the cute little things. plus, they were genetically engineered to get cancer.

  70. Gee, thanks for sharing. You maybe have some kind of point, Frank?

  71. Well… THAT was a real conversation killer. Thanks a bunch, frank.


  72. Another Angela says:

    Let’s see, we have Nuffinghams, Huffingtons, and now…Snuffingsons?

  73. Oh, wow, after the lab comment, I MUST say something here to lighten the mood!

    His nose is pink
    And so are his feets
    So cute, methinks
    “I must have eet!”

  74. *claps for Carolina*

    Yep, Snuffingsons is one we will hope to do without in the future. Frank, life pretty much sucks, if you are a lab rodent or a human being in less fortunate circumstances than most of us are in. Or anything in between.

    But, there is a LOT of beauty, joy, humor, love and floof, all of which we do our damndest to take advantage of.

  75. hrh.squeak says:

    *does the Weasel War Dance of Doom on Frank’s head”

  76. Love & Floof. Thanks, Lauri. That’s a keeps!

  77. Or, should I say in CO Speak: A McKeepersons?

  78. The picture with his paw creeping out makes it look like he’s breaking out of prison. “We have dug through the wall!”

    And the packing peanut on his head– simply too hilarious.

    Funniest photos ever.