Oh, Reeemooote, I love you so moishe

Precious, prehhhhh-shus Remoooootte.

You breeng me soish happinays.

Stay weeth me right here. [pet pet]

Sweeeet Reeeeeeemoooooote….


Bee-boo-boo boo-bee-boo-boo![sound of numbers being punched] to Brandi D.



  1. love the paw pads!!!

  2. stripey legs and jellybeans!! Squeeee! *splode*

  3. Pads are so pink!

  4. AuntieMame says:

    And somewhere in China, someone’s television is flashing on and off and on and off and on…

  5. Even without checking the equipment, I know this is a boy because of his love affair with the TV remote.

  6. this definitely falls under the Droopy Eye rule of cuteness. upside-down droopyness!

  7. Espilonarge says:

    That would explain why the TV keeps going on and off all the time. 😛

  8. preparationH says:

    Does not need accent to be cute. *gag*

  9. DavidBoBavid says:

    rofl.. more sound effects. hilarious!

    is anyone else concerned that meg’s mental state might be slipping? 😛

  10. Pinky nose! Pinky ears! Pinky toes! How can something so orange be so darn PINK?!?

  11. omg the jelly beans!
    /sob whimper/
    I miss sooooooo much have babehs in the house….

  12. This is a kontent kitteh. Not anxious. Not frightened.

    Isn’t board, either. But then how can it love channel-surfing so much?

    (Has to get back to work. Waves good-bye.)



  14. “I’m changing it back to Animal Planet, do you mind, Dahling?”

  15. That kitty needs to be mine (and Elvy’s) RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  16. Finally, a cat my husband would like.

  17. A thinker says:

    Kitties. Are. Simply. The Bestest.

    I lubs them.

  18. Never had a photo made me long for PMS so much (or at all). Oh, to be lounging at home with the TV remote, a snuggly kitten, the heater turned up full blast, and a big bowl of halloween chocolate.


  19. mleiv:

    Re: PMS

    You forgot to mention a gun: loaded and in reach.

  20. I had a cat who did this with a particular plastic videocassette sleeve. He’d wrap his arms around it and lick, lick, lick. I called it his “girlfriend”.

  21. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Congratulations to the Special FX department.Another triumph!

  22. Tony James says:

    “Hmmmm…if I put my paw over the remote like *so* then they’ll *have* to pay attention to *meeeeeeeeeee*!”

  23. I like the accent, it seems very cattish to speak like Billy Crystal’s Fernando character.

    Thank jeebus my remote doesn’t beep-boop-beep, or my husband would realize just how much I surf when he’s out of the room.

  24. Meow House says:

    I open the site, I see this picture, and my stomach goes “oof.”

    Note the coordinating shades of pinkness: ear interior, muzzlepuff, snoot, chin, beans on the bottoms of the feets. Who could plan this? Is this proof of a Higher Cuteness Power?

  25. The kitty isn’t really in love with the remote, its in love with the camera, so its using the remote to make the camera jealous.

  26. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I get like this sometimes with my TiVo remote…

  27. inktellectual says:

    Wait for it…
    Cunning lil Couch Purr-tato!
    *bows, blowing kisses to the crowd as pudding is flung onto the stage*

  28. TheLoveOfIsis says:


  29. Jackie from Michigan says:

    This is jut what I needed after our dog Wrecker died: a sweet Van-pattern kitteh with a ‘mote fetish. Thank you.

  30. Ooo,he’s just like my husband, if my husband were little… and had hair…and soft whiskers…and were cute….

  31. TOES!!

  32. omg Qte! 🙂

    and kayte: ROFLMAO!!! Ditto! lol! Well.. and the cat would have to be SLEEPING, with the remote still in his grasp, with the tv tuned to a station that nobody else in the house was even slightly interested in…

  33. This is why the TV is always tuned to “Bassmasters” when you come back from the bathroom.

  34. my kitty loves remotes. one of her favorite toys. I think the texture of the rubber buttons against the hard plastic casing is what sends her over the edge–perfect for clawing!

  35. Jenne: LOL!!!! I forgot the sleeping part! …wait, we aren’t secretly married to the same guy, are we?

  36. My marma-kitteh keeps almost ordering movies with my remote. I mean her remote.

  37. ***PSYCHO UPDATE***

    Psycho’s nearly due!!! I went to college just now for my animation shift, and she was in the girls bathroom, huddled in a corner of the cubicle. She seemed really exhausted and didn’t perk up the way she usually does when I approach. Plus the bathroom is DAMP – cats hate damp don’t they? She’s really bulging … OMG I wonder if she’s gonna give birth soon…

    [chewing nails]

  38. This li’l guy can watch *whatever* he wants on my TV!

  39. “…it seems very cattish to speak like Billy Crystal’s Fernando character…”

    I was hearing it in my head as Golem.

    I was also picturing the next photo in the series, which if it were one of our cats, would feature the remote control getting rabbit kicked and gnawed furiously … and then back to loving the remote … and then back to rabbit kicking … repeat ad infinitum …

  40. lurkertype says:

    Oh, yes, that is a boy marmie, wif his orangieness and his pinkness and his whiteness and him remote… snorgle.

    TK gnaws on remotes too — something about the rubbery buttons. We frequently find ourselves looking at channels we don’t expect.

    Mr. LT has more hand movement and is in less pain, though we haven’t been able to catch MomTux to get her tested. She’s still out there.

  41. Oh, and EID MUBARAK, everyone!

    [still chewing fingernails]

  42. Tony James says:

    And Eid Mubarak to you 🙂

  43. Jennjordan says:

    Is this a Rule #14 up in here??

  44. misscrisp says:

    all kittehs like the stuff that we hold in our hands and touch with our fingers a lot.

  45. Oh reemooote! I loves you the bestest! Don’t tell the can opener i said that.

  46. “…it seems very cattish to speak like Billy Crystal’s Fernando character…”

    “I was hearing it in my head as Golem.”

    For me, it was more Billy Crystal’s elderly Jewish man/Miracle man voice. “What? Doesn’t this set get Judge Judy? Oy.”

  47. Looks like this baby is saying “If you love me…you’ll put on the Animal Planet!” Followed by immediate obedience by one and all! What a little cutie!!!

  48. Allah yubarak feek, Subhangi!

  49. That’s nuthin’. My calico can change channels with her butt.

  50. EID MUBARAK y’all
    (how’s that for melting pot)
    Meg, love the COSX
    and to me, the kitteh sounds like…

    …wait for it



    a KITTEH!!

  51. Not Spanish simulcast with full screen closed captioning AGAIN. That dang ball of proshness… it wasn’t so cute….

  52. Aoife, yer hilarious. Had me laughing for a while.

    Whenever my cats do something like this, we comment, e.g.: “I love remote control!”, riffing on Steve Carell’s moronic new anchor’s “I love lamp!” from “Anchorman”.

    Gawd, that man is funny. The movie itself? Ehh, not so much.

  53. Errata, I think you’re right- kitteh is faking the luv for the remote, whilst slyly looking at someone else for jealous reaction.

  54. I just died and went to Cute Heaven.

  55. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Cheese whiz! The remote is as long/big as the kitteh!! Quick–someone get this teeny fluffulence a tiny, soft, stuffed animal/bear/soft thing to snuggle! This remote just won’t do!!! :^)

  56. Think kitten gets 15 minutes off duty every four hours?
    Then he goes outside for a cigarette and just stops being cute?
    Because otherwise it must be 24/7 with this guy.

  57. Heeeee! Couch Purrtato…good one, Inktellectual! *Belated splatterings of sploity puddin’s to you!*

    Sploit sploit sploit!!!

    Eid Mubarak, Subhangi! And, boil some water, tell Psycho to breathe, um um…..good luck with it!!!

  58. I want to hear Meg say these lines and sound effects outloud from her voice!

  59. When my sister was born she was so small that myparents took a picture of her next to the remote so that her smallness would be preserved for posterity. This is now standard newborn photo0taking procedure for the family 😛

  60. i have come to the conclussion it’s not just the pictures that are cute or give me smiles that last all day… it’s the brilliant creative mastermind behind the captions! ohmahgosh! it’s 2 in the morning and i woke up the dog & the boyfriend because of giggling uncontrollably… thanks for getting me busted, CO!

  61. Martha in Washington says:

    My dog changes the channel all the time and we (the humans) sit around and stare stupidly at each other wondering what in the hell happened to the show we were watching. I’d let this cutie watch the OLN all day long if he’d snorgle with me while watching.

  62. my Preeciiiooouussssssssss!

    he he – I couldn’t resist

  63. MORE! MORE FUNNY SOUNDS! MOOOOORE! MOOOOORE, I SAY! Please? We likes em, Meg. Your voice is Cute Incarnate.

  64. MY GOD PEOPLE, CAN YOU STOP WITH THE WHITE & MARMIE KITT-UNS!!! This is lethal stuff! I was already done fer on the last one with the red retriever and now THIS?? I only have 1/6 of my brain left here – HAVE MERCY!

    *remainder of 1/6 of brain spontaneously combusts*


    *Employer calls janitor to clean up brain explosion*

  65. acelightning says:

    I have to agree with those whose comment is “TOES!” And he looks as if he’s *trying* to be an orange-striped cat, but all that white keeps getting in the way. As for fondling the remote… my cat sometimes stands on the computer chair (in the brief time my butt’s not in it) and puts his paws on the keys. He’s obviously trying to type – he sees me doing it all the time, so it must be important…

  66. Obviously a boy kitty.

  67. Oh, man. Just had to come back and peek and the lil toesies agin. Wow. Help.

    *injures hand whilst trying to reach through computer screen to smoosh pink, jelly bean kitteh pads*


  68. And him sweet lil pink smiley smile . . . I NEEEEED THIS KITT-UNN . . . (sigh)


  69. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a happy kitty! Look at that sweet little pink smile! And that li’l pink NOSE! and the TOES…

    I think this kitten needs to be impounded or arrested or something for slaying so many people with his pink toes.

  70. Actually, she’s a girl kitten!

  71. shes so cute you just want to eat her UP