It’s called thread count, People. And it matters.

and it makes all the differeeeeeence in your upholstery [stretch]

On second thought—maybe not…

You can eat half a dozen Krispy Kremes on any fabric.

Pass the remote, Dahling.

Nicole M.—delishe composishe.



  1. A thinker says:

    Wow. That’s some serious cat mileage.

  2. I want one.

  3. Boneless Cat!!

  4. If cats were synchronized swimmers… I imagine that’s what it would look like.

  5. In my next life, I wish to return to this planet as a pampered house cat.

    Oh yes…won’t life be fine!

  6. Stuh–rrreeeehhhhtch!!!

  7. TOES!!!!

  8. Cow cat!

  9. Oooooh, long-limbed tuxedo kitteh … that’s a brunette Brigette Bardot right there.

    Voulez-vous couche avec moi, mais cherie?

  10. Dahling, I’ve dropped the calculator…would be a sweetheart and get it for me?

  11. “would YOU be…” that is.

  12. Anyone else wondering “why the abundance of kittehs” lately? Seems like that’s most of the posts…

  13. Lisa, only 3 of the past 9 posts are feline related.

  14. A kitteh that goes on for miles
    Guarentees viewers plenty of smiles
    Its paws seem so big
    With fierce claws that will dig
    Fierce enough to deny all de files!

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    Hooray! Another entry in the “Cats Needing Pants” category!

  16. …and besides, if you look right under the chickie icon at the top of the page, you’ll see that CO is the #1 choice of kittens, so who are we to deny them access?

    especially when they are just *asking* for belly rubs!

  17. Thank you – thank you – thank you. This kitteh has more than made up for the Calculus blunder.


  19. kittehs are my role models for relaxation…

    fab feline here!

  20. “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup,” says Kitteh’s foot.

  21. I think that the pictures of teh kittehs simply linger in our minds for longer periods of time.

    That isn’t to say that the other aminals (yes…I spelled it like that on porpoise) aren’t cute…they just haven’t figured out how to use mind control in the way that teh kittehs have.

  22. Hammies and hedges are fun, too. But this cat is soooo luuuuxuuuuurrrrrrious!

  23. lol rpennefe – I say “aminals” all the time, too.

  24. I love the casual droop of the front paw – very dismissive. I expect to see it slowly flick backwards as if to say “please, you are in the sunlight, do. you. MIND.”

  25. It looks like he’s pushing the camera-person away with his hind feet- sort of an “Ehnnn! I know you can’t help it because I’m so bee-yoo-tfiul, but please! I need some “ME” time.”

    (Then again, all of a cat’s time is “ME” time…)

  26. Robbie, for some reason I thought you typed, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my catsup.”

    That calculus really messed me up bad.


  27. Tony James says:

    Major-General Anthony Q Fuzzlebuttziwicz demonstrates the importance of achieving maximal cat/couch contact. While the oft-observed Donut Felis tactic (as described in Homer’s Iliad) maximises shedding potential in a localised area (the shedding can be mapped in the same way as radiation fall-out, incidentally, and using a not-dissimilar algorithm), the Felis Lineii position that we see here allows the shedding to occur along a single axis, thereby reducing the possibility of collateral damage.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    Is this kittie’s first Playboy spread? She looks like a natural. Is it pornography or art?

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    Just an observation, but is TJ one of the aforementioned math nerds? I’m just askin’?

  30. Can I be this kitteh? Just for a day?

  31. Aubrey… cat-sup… the CO way of saying what’s up? Or a hint of what’s to come (next, cat-sup)

    I need lunch. The coffee is getting to me.

  32. She’s centerfoldin’!

  33. Sorry, different topic altogether but not that far off the mark: Has anybody been contacted by a journalist named Rebecca Skloot? I got an email saying she’s writing an article about CO and wanted me to share my experiences…like how I stumbled into the site, why I’m addicted, blah blah blah….

  34. Tony James says:

    Sandy’s got a stalker!! 🙂

  35. rebecca contacted me too, sandy.
    i sent her a gushing, glowing report of my CO love affair.

  36. sandy p., yes, I got an e-mail and spoke to her briefly. Said all kinds of good things about CO.

  37. Martha – I’m not sure what TJ is; I just wish there were more like him!

  38. Thanks, that’s all I need to know. I sent in my CO report card….A++++++ to the infinity for everything!

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    Claudia, that goes without saying. Oh wait, you already did.

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    Doesn’t “Rebecca Skloot” sound like she should write for the “Daily Prophet” i.e. Rita Skeeter?

  41. rpennef and arbed,

    Your aminal comments reminded me of one of my fave childhood books: The Aminal (originally published in 1972). Here’s a link to it in Amazon:

  42. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Oh teh kitteh looks so comfy… I want to curl up wif him and nurse my hangover.

  43. “I’m not sure what TJ is; I just wish there were more like him!”

    Amen, Claudia.

    But I still hate Math. Thppppp.

  44. OMG Martha in Washington – that’s EXACTLY what I thought!!!

    Rebecca Skloot = Rita Skeeter. It’s SO OBVIOUS.

  45. okay, i just realized TODAY that i am completely missing the vox party. = >(
    and i thot i wuzza peep

  46. The kitteh is like “Yes, I’m on the couch, do you mind?”

  47. Do you think Rebecca Skloot, who’s really Rita Skeeter, has already posed for the CO pages? Some beetles are cute, yah??? (looks around uncertainly….)

  48. I wonder if this kitteh will leave its imprint on the fabric – sort of like a Shroud of Fur-in?

  49. I’m gonna answer Rebecca …I guess it’s OK. Should I offer her some pudding?

  50. Give the taffy cat a pull! Her friends must call her ‘Stretch’. Oh, wait a minute… looks like it’s Streeetch! 😉

  51. Definitely offer her some pudding. And a puppy. But whatever you do, don’t let on that we’re all co-dependent on TEH QTE! Ssh!

  52. Oh – and speaking of crazed animal peeps, I found cats for my CCL costume. Do you think 12 will be enough? I have two small kitters for my wig, one tabby to put on my shoulder (it’s a pirate-theme party so I need to dress it up like a parrot), a couple big ones for my bathrobe pockets and the rest of medium sized ones will be sewn all over my bath robe. I should have a couple for throwing at people, ala the Simpsons Crazy Cat Lady.

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    Hello, my name is Martha and I am a QTE-AHOLIC. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Would the 12-step program include kitties and puppehs?

  54. How many Krispy Kremes could be threaded onto those long kitteh legs?

  55. Hey Aubrey, I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned you as the pun queen extraordinaire in my response to Rebecca…

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    When will we start seeing blast-ended skrewts and flobber worms on the CO?

  57. Martha in WA –

    Yes, but make sure they’re wearing some sort of body armor first.

    (no reflection on your personal size…but they’re just young ‘uns!)

    Sandy –

    You nutty-nut-nut – thank you!

  58. Cat paws have no respect for thread count. No, wait, they do… the higher the count the more challenging the tear! Okay, Hiiiiiie Wamsuta!

  59. Aub, I love good puns except my brain isn’t wired to come up with them myself….heck I can’t even come up with bad ones!

  60. AuntieMame says:

    I didn’t get an email from Rita Skeeter! Hmph.

    But then, maybe I did and I just trashed it along with the spam in my inbox.

    Juno email sucks. My inbox is full of spam all the time. And it’s all from Juno, so they won’t let me block it.

    This kitteh is gonna get a crick in his spine if he’s not careful. Of course, he’s just spreading out to take up as much space as possible so that no one else will try to sit in his chair.

  61. Shroud of Fur-in… Can one applaud and groan at something at the same time? LOL!

  62. AuntieMame, just emial her then:

    Here are questions she wants answered: I’d love it if you could reply by telling me how you found the site, why you fell in love with it, what you get out of it, why you’re hooked, what your level of involvement is, and anything else you think I should know about it. I’m under a tight deadline, so unfortunately I need to hear responses sometime today. If you could help, I’d be much obliged!

  63. musicchick2 says:

    Hey Sandy…Rebecca contacted me as well. I sent a gushing C.O. love addiction reply.

  64. Ye gods, an infinitely long cat!

  65. All I could think was:

    “I’M HUGE!”

    (little MST3K for all ya’ Misties out there…)

  66. Aubrey, thank you. That made my day. Damn, I loved that show.

    Anyhoo, this guy reminds me of my gray-tux, Rocketman. He’s a super-long cat and my boyfriend and I like to stretch him out between two hands like they do with showcats. He’s very tolerant.

  67. AmyH,

    your CCL custome is becoming *quite* the production. can’t wait to see pictures!
    there are pictures, right? [furrows brow]
    if no pictures, me no happy.
    and you def. need some throwaway cats.

  68. custome ?
    obvy, is to be “costume”

    too brain-damaged from the li’l dreamsicle uppost

  69. I have so come to love the belly-baring sprawl.

    I’ll just file these under “related photographs of cats without pants.”

    and the COXCU:

    (You Vox peeps done seen ’em already, ‘strue.)

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Could this ultra-stretch be a tux-cat trait? My tux, Moxie, does this too–especially when he knows I’m watching him, and he looks at me as if to say, “Wouldn’t you like to pet my belly? It’s very soft and fluffy-white.” What a flirt.

  71. What was the subject line of Rebecca’s email? I think I may have deleted it from that inbox. Oh well, I ‘ll write her anyway.

  72. Jaypo, subject line was something like: questions for Cuteoverload article

  73. Why didn’t I get one?! [mopes and feels left out]

    I did write her anyway. And I haven’t had much time to hang with the peeps lately. I told her what a wonderful bunch of people you guys are–all over the world, all kinds of interests and occupations. I love you folks.

  74. Hugs back, jaypo.

  75. George Heebler says:


  76. ’tis.

  77. I can’t believe you posted a picture that I sent in!!! But I just wanted to clarify – I didn’t take the shot, I merely submitted it. The photo was taken by a friend’s boyfriend – this is his parent’s kitty. Je loves CO, Je loves it even more since it posted a submission! mwah to you Meg!