BEYOND nerdy

John B., Biggest Noid on the Planet™ sent this one in asking "the age-old question: Can Calculus be cute?" UH, John, nevermind that—put AWAY your +15 mace and GO OUTSIDE FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!


Oh, and it’s "EHN!", Baby. "ehn." 😉 ❤



  1. martha in mobile says:

    Calculus may not be cute, but nerds frequently are…

  2. D’ohhh, that is sooo kyooot! Lookee the lil’ adorable… um… cosign… um… squeee?

    Nope, sorry, can’t do it.

  3. That one took a minute..required thinking and reading, need something bona fide cute to recover from brain-drain

  4. Well, it does take a good stretch to do calculus, and a nice little belly rub wouldn’t hurt in order to get through homework. So yes, calculus can be cute.


  5. Sorry- but calculus is just so not cute. Elegant, sometimes. Inspiring, perhaps. But cute? That guy needs to get out of the math lab.

    Oh, and I can finally say it- first post!

  6. No, but geometry CAN be cute.

    Really. Haven’t you heard of a cute angle?

  7. the math….*screams*

    i need cute kittens, fast!

  8. Well, *I* smiled!

    Maths makes me go “ehn”. Perhaps that’s how it’s defined in this context?

  9. Um, no. Calculus can not be cute. Get me a kitten, fast! Arrggghhh!

  10. Calculus could be cute, if it was a kitten *named* Calculus.

  11. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. that’s fantastic.

    the geek in me that i try to hard to keep hidden is crying with laughter right now.

  12. that was just dumb….we need a kitten STAT!

  13. I’m with Martha. While math will never be cute to me, nerds often are.

  14. A thinker says:

    Perhaps the fact that it was misspelled meant that “ehn” couldn’t be defined.

    Nonetheless, I think it’s cute, and creative, that somebody tried to do this. WTG, John B.

  15. Serious LOL on this one.

  16. An “ehn” for effort, in my book.

  17. Now if we could come up with a symbol for “ehn”, and an equation that quantifies The Cute, we might be on to something… an entire box of kittens, say nine of them, would increase The Cute by 9! (or 9 factorial, for those who remember such things). And the entire equation could be divided by the Nuffingham Factor…

  18. My MSQ (Math Stupidity Quotient) is legendary. LEGENDARY.

    My fellow math-haters will clasp each other in brotherly/sisterly fear and:


  19. MATH!!! Oh God save me!

    *grabs Aubrey’s hand and runs*

    The effort is cute, yeth, but MATH? AAAAGH!!!

  20. Maybe some math genii (like John B, DboD, or katerpie) would explain why this is so cute? (geez, that sounds frighteningly teacher0like…but I mean it, and I’m not a teacher.)

    I really like that this is here. Shows that everything is in the eye of the beholder!

  21. pugmamatimestwo says:

    My question is: the mace has +15 what? Strength? Agility? Intellect? A girl needs to know these things! *runs and hides from her own extreme geekiness*

  22. Peg of Tilling says:

    Certainly, The Qte is in the eye of the beholder–in labs across the country, the heads of five mathematicians just ‘sploded simultaneously.

    It’ll be on the CNN* crawl in about five minutes. Really.

    *CNN = Cute News Network

  23. Calculus is definately NOT cute, but I must agree that nerds can be….

    soooo…tell him to post a photo of himself (and his kitten, of course)

  24. (shivering, tries to put a spoon of pudding in mouth – misses, and it winds up in her ear)

    I just came back to say hi to the CO peeps as they come rolling in…but the math…it burns! It burns!

  25. Probably a +15 strength bonus, PugMama… helluva weapon, doncha think?

    (covers face at memory of own gaming days)

  26. YES! Let’s see the nerd. Is he single? Does he have a pug in an outfit? Cute minds want to know! (I actually use some calculus everyday in the job… proving that yes, you WILL use this someday)

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    Being married to a nerd and having a nerdy son I can tell you from personal experience that nerds can be cute BUT that doesn’t make the *math* (whispering and looking over shoulder fearfully) cute. Gives me headaches! See there’s one right there!

  28. I don’t get it.

  29. sillywee! says:

    hehe! of course calculus can be cute! it just depends on who’s point of view it is! anything is possible 🙂

  30. This guy has a trademark??

  31. anything that makes my brain hurt is NOT cute!

    however, CO makes my brain splode . . .

    so splain that one for me, pleez

  32. TastesLikeChicken says:

    For the days when maths is not enough –

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    Caroline, it doesn’t hurt when your brain ‘splodes because you have already been anesthetized by the cuteness. And besides it happens so quickly, like pulling off a band-aid.

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    Sorry, CarolinA.

  35. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    *Brain essplodes*

  36. I’m sorry Kim H, but an box of 9 kittens does not increse the Cute by 9! It’s actually exponantial!! So a box of 9 kittens increases the cute by 81! (square root of 81 is 9)

  37. LMAO Aubrey! “LEGENDARY”

    *dies laughing*

  38. Sheesh, the nerd discussions are priceless…but why do so many Peeps hide their faces in shame at knowing what +15 something is, hmm? I’m unashamed to say that I am a mother and homemaker who STILL games with my DM-hubby. And I look forward to the day when my son understands that the d20 is for more than throwing at the cat. 😉

    BTW with current 3.5 rules a +15 *anything* is no longer feasible. The highest one can go is usually a +5, but that +5 goes a looooooong way. So Paladins are still capable of prodding unholy buttock.

    We now return to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress…*grin*


  39. Continuous math is never cute, but discrete math can be.
    Statistics – ADORABLE!
    Combinatorics – D’awwwww!
    Optmization – squeee!

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    Aubrey has an eating problem! 😉 Looks like you picked the wrong day to stop huffin’ kittehs.

  41. HEY! That pic I sent you bitches of my CUTE dog is WAY cuter than this entry!!!

    He was glancing backward, with head cocked to the side, and his tongue out! CUTE!


  42. “The highest one can go is usually a +5, but that +5 goes a looooooong way”

    But this goes to 11.

  43. Calculus can indeed be cute as proven by the Quadratic Formula Song:

  44. Helene, that exclamation point is for 9 factorial… so, the nine kittens increase the cute by 9 x 8 x 7 x 6, etc…

  45. thekatiest says:

    Calculus may not be adorable, but trigonometry may be “a-cute.”


  46. OK, I was a math nerd all through scool, but still hated calculus…love that Quadratic Formula Song tho!!

  47. Hahaha. That was great Christoper Trottier. Where was that song when I was dying in Calculus class???

  48. I go for my daily dose of cute and I get an exact screen shot of what my Calculus homework looks like…gah! Oh UVA Webwork…

  49. TwoGeekin’Dragons,

    You’re assuming Dungeons and Dragons with that “+15 Mace” comment.

    My first thought was World of Warcraft, where +15 to any weapon certainly is feasible. 😉



    *screams, falls to the floor convulsing, proceeds to yark into the waste bin, and goes completely deaf and blind from the horror of calculus*

  51. o_o That guy is crazy. I hate basic algebra, forget calculus. THERE IS NO WAY calculus can be cute.

  52. Aoife:

    I’ll have a Ben Hawkins moment*, restore your hearing and vision, and lead you to the kittehs and puppeh just beyond this post.

    (*’Carnivale’ reference. Sorry.)

  53. One of my favorite shows, Aubrey, so, of course, it got cancelled.

  54. And thanks for the healing. 🙂

  55. calculus can be cute.
    calculated cute?

  56. Aoife:

    I signed petitions, wrote HBO, the lot. To no avail, obviously.

    And Jonesy lives, OF COURSE.

    (off topic – apologies again)

  57. i have to say that i have NO IDEA what ANY of you are talking about… rully.

    its freaking me out.

  58. I hate it when shows that leave the entire story untold get cancelled. Happens all too often for me. Same thing with Invasion.

  59. ENH! 😀



  61. OK…this is just too weird. I’m spending the day at a higher ed web development conference, and THIS VERY MATH HOMEWORK APPLICATION was demonstrated at one of the poster sessions.

    So I get my geeky fill, come back to the hotel, put on my jammies and snuggle down all comfy, call the Teho to say goodnight as I get onto CuteOverload–and there it is again!

    Now if tomorrow I see kittens at the conference, I’ll know there’s some serious synchronicity going on.

  62. Maybe you should work Cute Overload into YOUR presentation somehow, thus closing the loop yourself. Sure, it’d be gimmicky, but a little gratuitous fluff might work wonders at a conference like that.


  63. Gratuitous off-subject nonsense from the presenters is sometimes the only part of a conference I truly retain… Go for it, Jaye!

  64. mlle_x, what do you do with calculus? I aced it in college, but never figured out what it was good for. Cute? I don’t think so…

  65. brownamazon says:

    Egads, what’s next? A Trig calculation that results in NAWM? Oh no, I’ve got it: Cute Algebra 101: Solve for xy, with x being marmie kittens and y being hamster ‘tocks.

  66. Glagh, math!

    But it DOES say “ENH” (sic)

    I myself avoided math by being a Lib. Arts major. I can balance a checkbook and help any future kids with homework. That’s good enough for me!

  67. Nastassia Yalley says:

    lol I like calculus

  68. And I’m the geek who tried to go to the URL in the address bar, and was thwarted by username/password requirement. *g*

  69. What the Hell??!!!

  70. I think all of the maths/sciences can be cute. Take chemistry for example:

  71. Calculus is sexy <3 and yes, it CAN be cute ;3

    I love nerds.

  72. anonynerd says:

    Look, I’m a bit rusty on calculus, but maybe I’m missing something.

    Isn’t there a critical value at 0 of 0? and what’s so funny about being too lazy to graph something when the program has kind of a silly way of verifying that you did the work?

    proofs can be cute. this fill in the blank stuff? not so much.