A complete disregard for waving paws

Kitteh: Wave wave wave

Pup: [looks down]


Pup: [Pins kitteh to floor]

Kitteh: "Errr…. mee-alghe?"


😉 Brandi D.!



  1. misscrisp says:


  2. Good Lord! That’s adorable. I love that little kitter’s ‘TUDE!!

  3. I tried waving, but the screen went all funky on me!!! *pout* Look at the jelly beans!!!!!

  4. misscrisp says:

    lookit the muzzlefringe so near the pawpads.
    ow, so cute.

  5. tasty feets in his mouf… snoorf

  6. Is that the same kitteh who is loving the remote in the previous post?

  7. Yeah they were both submitted by the same Brandi D and the marking are the same, it is the remote cat.

  8. A thinker says:

    Because kittens are TEH FEARCE. At least, they think they are.

  9. Is this interspecies snorgling?

  10. AlbertaGirl says:

    Awww… doggy’s muzzlepuff is as big as kitteh’s whole head!

  11. Kitteh is undone by the puppeh’s patented Muzzle-Pin.

    ‘Watcha gonna do, brother, when Hound-a-mania runs wild over you?’

  12. I <3 giant dawgs.


  13. I <3 them too. Especially chessies!

  14. I swear those are the bestest, pinkyest jellybe- *thunk*


  16. LOVE the Chesapeake Bay Retriever!!! He looks like he’s kissing an owie on her back leg. muwah

  17. Reminds me of No Hands 🙂

  18. Heee! The kitten’s smaller than the doggie’s head!!!

  19. Hm.. I heard this:

    “Pay atetntion to me! pay attention to MEEEEEEE!!!”

    “Ok. Now what?”

  20. I LOVE the Chessie! My family breeds them so I always get excited when I see them. Beautiful :o)

  21. I love it when cats wave their paws around! I use to “fight” my cat Toby with a yellow feather duster (named Big Bird). I’d wave it in front of him and watch those legs fly, just like a prize fighter! LOl!

  22. This Kitteh is a star! Two spreads in one day!

  23. Heather…don’t breed while shelter animals are being euthanized by the hundreds.

  24. I love the look on the dog’s face in the second pic.

  25. Aww, jeez, I was waiting for the Nuffs to show up on this one…

    At any rate, gorgeous kitty, gorgeous doggie, love them both. Cute rules.

    (A pudding-colored dog? Nummy.)

  26. yes Alexessss, we live to mess with you and the rest of the COiands. Get over it…and yourself.

  27. Yesterday, the Remote!

    Today, the Dog!

    Tommorrow, THE WORLD!!!!


  28. ‘Kay, I love when dogs lovingly tussle with kittehs no bigger than the dog’s HEAD! Warm, cuddly feeling of interspecies trust.

  29. Hey Whatev, we’re not the one poncing in here nuffing and puffing and harshing the cute. The person who needs to get over themselves is YOU.


  30. That dog’s name should be Pudding.


  31. omg!
    that kitten has FRECKLES!!!

  32. Thanks, TwoDragons. Couldn’t have said it better (the harshing is why I haven’t posted in a while. Can’t stand the stress.)

    Pudding? Dog named “Pudding”? What can I get ya’?

  33. nuffing and puffing ??? RALPH…Dragon (riiiight) take yourself to neverland and play there…in the real world, we use real words.

    LEXI!!! Stress? Good Gawd you’re sheltered.

  34. I seriously needed this today. Seriously.

  35. WhatEVER — glad you live in the “real world.” Presumably it’s much nicer than this silly fluffy construct of ours where we make our own language. Maybe you should go make sure? Like, forever.

  36. What the heck EVER.


    Irritants like that make me cranky.

  37. Sorry folks, I shouldn’t have said anything. Mea culpa. Gotta go make dinner and write some college recommendations. My half hour on the computer is up.

    The dog and kitten are still super-cute, by the way… let’s all appreciate those photos and move on, shall we?

  38. Teho – Thanks for the troll patrol.

    This is my favorite kind of kitteh. It looks like it got caught in the crossfire of a butterscotch puddin’ fight. The freckles are beyond prosh.

  39. Alexis:

    No apologies necessary – especially in Latin! And come back when your work is done!


    Would you call this kitteh Butterscotch Pudding Prosh? Would it be at home in the pit they call mosh?


  40. You realize that that thing is the size of the dog’s forearm?

    Too kewt. And yeah, freckles, doubla kewt.

  41. army_kitten says:

    methinks this pup is about to engage in the fine art of kitten huffing.

    i wish i could also partake, after the day i’ve been having… and it’s not over yet!

    still, just looking at those little bean toes makes me feel a *little* better. 😉

  42. Nobody heard him, the kitteh,
    But still he lay meowing.
    I was much cuter than you thought,
    And not waving but clowning.

  43. Karen in Toronto says:

    Doggie leather-lips…

    Kitteh, King of House: “I will brrreak you.”

    BTW, the bebeh’s about the same size as Fiasco T. Peabrain — about 12 weeks?

  44. Pup: “yum, snack time!”

  45. must…have…this…kitty…..

  46. Wow, what a beautiful dog! Great close-up in the second pic. *melting* *instantly re-solidifying due to freezing temps* *melting again*

  47. Bet that dog got a little swipe at his schnozz right after that last shot…

  48. I love how the Nuff is telling the regulars what to do. Kind of like barging into someone’s house, rudely criticizing the color of their curtains, and then having the further gall to demand the houseguests speak in a different dialect.

    I know it isn’t used very often, but can someone kindly dust off the Ban Button and take this garbage to the dump…?

    BTW the kitten and doggie are cute cute C U T E!! It’s like the little kitters has no concept of size! *LOL*


  49. I keep seeing the term ‘Nuff’ everywhere. Could someone please tell me what it means? Thanks, lol.

  50. AuntieMame says:

    Melissa, click on the Official C.O. Glossary link above left under More! More! More!

    All shall be explained.

  51. Melissa,
    on the left-side column, check under the heading “More, More, More”, scroll down to “The Official C.O. Glossary” and then scroll down to “Nuff”. it will all bacome clear.

  52. bacome = become

  53. AuntieM,

    “great minds” and all that.

  54. Melissa,

    The Glossary says it all – beautifully, poetically, succinctly, pithily.

    The word ‘Nuff is short for Nuffingham. Its origins lie in the folks who comment that this or that post isn’t cute enough, or ’nuff, as the young people say.

    Actually, we made the word up.

  55. PINKLE! A flawless Stevie Smith shout-out. All the English Majors salute you!

  56. Oh okay. Thanks! 🙂

  57. and Nuffingham is short for “NotCuteEnoughingham”, the original phrase.
    [we make words up. not necessarily *short* words]

  58. The Stately Dignified Chessie gently folded his beef drapes over the Miniscule Marmiewhite

    Ok, just typing “beef drapes” cracked me up.

  59. lurkertype says:

    I <3 this kitten. Him's such a brave beastie!

    We caught SisKit and took her to the pound. Now if we can just catch MomTux and get her tested for rabies so Mr. LT doesn’t have to get the owie shots…

    Paws up and jellybean toes crossed, peeps!

  60. LT, here’s hoping things work out, hon! *puddins on standby*


  61. musicchick2 says:

    C’mon kiddies. Let’s all play nice and force the negative energy outta here. I come to C.O. for the ‘silly’ and the giggles. That’s why we ALL love it here! Remember, a monologue can only become a debate if someone else chimes in. The best thing to do when someone’s ‘harshing the cute’? Just IGNORE them and don’t give them the attention that they’re obviously looking for. Responding just adds fuel to the fire. Ok kiddos?? Now, back to the CUTE!

  62. I love picture 2.
    Kitten is so,
    “My mighty ninja kitten skills have laid low my enemy.
    Hi pal.”

  63. Here’s pullin’ for ya, LT!

  64. BlurpleBerry says:

    I think I died from the cuteness.

  65. And the remote from the last post is saying “Ha! Now you know how it feels!!”

  66. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Sweet pair of pics!
    I love that there is nothin’ but lovey doveyness beteen this teeny tiny kitten, and this massive marshmallo of a dog!!

  67. chet's momma says:


    ok, if you guys want to see a kitty waving….I give you *POKODANCE!*

  68. Lol, I love how it looks like Poko is clapping when he dances! *snort*!

  69. chet's momma says:

    Lauri-isn’t that hi-lar-ee-ous? I love Poko! I have told everyone about this video today, and no one thinks it’s THAT funny…but I knew my CO peeps would! Meg, Theo, take a look!

    angela aka chet’s crazy momma

  70. Lauri, just *reading* “beef drapes” cracked me up. Brava!

  71. The muzzlepuff-paw pads connection is priceless.

  72. Pokodance is *hypnotic*
    If all house/trance grooves were like that, it’d be music.

  73. brownamazon says:

    Aaaah…”beef drapes” and pokodance. All better now. I’ve been buried under a cubic assload (or was that a metric assload?) of work since last week, without even time to check CO. Look at all the fun I’ve been missing; it’s teh painful!


    A dog and a kitteh in the same pic!!! I’m in LOVE.



  75. I want this dog AND this kitty lovingly packaged in organic packing peanuts* and shipped to me IMMEDIATELY!

    *Redzilla, in our house they’re not called “ghost farts,” but rather “angel poop.” We’re sophisticated that way…

  76. Oooh!
    BIG dog and teeny kitty! How adorable!

    I want der kitter. I will call him squishy and he shall be mine!

  77. 1st pic: “I shall taunt you a second time!”
    2nd pic: “Oh yeah?! I’ve ‘ad worse!”

  78. Alexis, just wanted to tell you that me too I don’t post much (well, first because it looks more like a chat that a comments area ;-p ), this “Harsh the cute” is annoying. Just because we appreciate those pictures doesn’t mean we’re stupid and do not see the rest. It’s just that here is not the place to do so.
    I’m not the first one to like the “breed thing” even though my dog is from one of those (couldn’t have her without it anyway), now I’m more aware of the shelters and would support them as much as I could.

    But, “WhatEVER”, you cannot blame the breeders for all the dogs being abandonned. It’s the people who buy them and then realise it’s not their kind of dog, or, divorce, or the dog is “annoying” etc etc. Make sure first that some parents won’t buy a “puppy” for their kids on Christmas, or birthdays. It’s the irresponsible people we’ve got to take care of. If you see some “irresponsible comment” here, write to the person if there’s an email, but don’t blame us for appreciating the good things in this world. We’re not the kind to “feed” off the bad and make it last, no, we’re not. We come here to appreciate those simple joys and positiveness. And doing so, doesn’t make you stupid. It just makes you happier. That’s all. Try it a little, it’s good, you’ll see. And I’m not doing my “hippie” thing while being condescending at the same time, it’s just an invitation no more. 🙂
    Be good.

  79. Ho, forgot to say: the dog is beautiful. Looks like a protecting dog. It’s so nice to see that.
    And again, I propose: FORUM.
    I’m goooone! ^^

  80. Lookit the curled back feet in the second pic! *swoons* I love kitteh paws!

  81. That kitten has a nearly illegal amount of wee pink paw padness. As filthy as they are (hello, poo gravel?) I still want to kiss them!

    Kittens are God’s/The Universe’s/Gaia’s/Whoever’s sign that there is always a little more beauty and goodness to look forward too. Wee divine messengers of sweetness and fluff.

    I bet this one tastes like pralines & cream ice cream too. num

  82. Damn, that dog looks like my dog’s cousin, and that cat might be what my cat Yarrow looked like when his evil old owners had him. Must. Make. Pets. Be. Cute. To. Please. Me.

  83. I love the Pokodance! My favorite parts are when it was obvious that the kitteh had missed the string/stick/plastic plaything.
    Oh, and kitteh with freckles?! Illegally cute!!!

  84. Awwwww. Without question, this is a *brain sploder* extraordinaire!!


    Liquified brain runs out of right ear, onto desk


  85. *resurrects for paw pads*

    Oh yeah, and the paw pads . . . the . . . paw . . . pads . . . the paw . . .


    dies again

  86. Lex-Be, you rock.

    Still luvs me the puppy and kitty.

  87. acelightning says:

    I think this is the previous kitten’s brother/sister… the one with the remote had stripes around his hind legs (and other differences in the distribution of striped bits). But they’re visibly related… and both just too adorable for words.

  88. Pinkle – perfect Stevie Smith quote, thank you so much!

    And I love the kitteh’s expression in the 2nd pic – “Ummm, yes, hello?”

  89. Beauteous glossy chocolatey doggie! And how tiny and vulnerable the kitters must be sitting right under puppage! I want to snorgle them both!

  90. And Theo…shouldn’t “mee-algh” be in the Glossary too?

  91. I think the close shot of kitteh back paw pads could be classified as Cute Porn. I have died.

  92. Keep going back to paw pads. I need help.

    Hello, my name is Carolina, and I am a Pad-aholic

  93. oh, wow, just noticed him widdle back feets curled in his little “gonna get you/notice me now” pose . . .

  94. Oooh only a Chesapeake! They are such patient dogs…

  95. Shouldn’t that be a Rule of Cuteness, too? Pink paw pads?

  96. awee dante and mina how cuuuuttteee

  97. Yes, it is the same kitten from the remote post. Her sister lives with a friend of ours, and is more a solid orange tabby. And yay for everyone who knew Dante was a Chessie! We get tired of constantly correcting people that no.. he ISNT a chocolate lab! And yes.. Mina has the cutest pinkest paw pads ever… !