“Where my bitches at?” – Rufus


The roving cuteporter was out and aboat this weekend, and hit the 2006 National Italian Greyhound Specialty at the San Francisco Crowne Plaza Hotel. The event was hosted by the Northern California Italian Greyhound Club. Of course Rufus attended—lookin’ fo’ bitchazz.


I had the pleasure of meeting one of the big winners for the weekend, a Floridian named Grace. Her champion pups "Whisper" and "Ember" kicked some ‘tocks at the Specialty. Ember was crowned "Winners Bitch" and "Best in Sweepstakes" while Whisper, who is #5 in the country, was up for a Best Beeyatch in Show (er…something). I hope she won.


Way to go, Grace!



  1. Hello? Rufeez fanz?
    Everybody go to bed early?

  2. chet's momma says:

    hecks no, Theo! I am now properly Rufeez-fied, ready to face the week…and doing laundry…booo!

  3. chet's momma says:

    I LIKE the suit and big hair.

  4. Positive Jube says:

    I didn’t know if it would be polite to mention the hair but…. glad you did. HA!

  5. Oooo, I want one!

    Not a boufont hair-don’t. I mean an Italian Greyhound.

  6. And they called it Roofeez luh-uhuh-ooove…oh yes, me luvs the Roofeez.

  7. bunnajenny says:

    so much quality rufees time lately! It’s a total dream come true. I love the hair and the outfit, and the dogs. I can only imagine the bliss of being around so many super- prosh teeny tiny greyhounds.

  8. Such beautiful, elegant dogs, and little loves, too. I wants me one!!

    And, I want it to have a cool a name as Rufees, and Whisper and Ember!

    *happy sigh*

  9. Ok, Megs. Enough is enough. There are more than enough Roofies articles to qualify for his own category.

    Please, think of the Rufus. Support the Roof’s own category.

  10. Perfect little mini-dogs. So elegant and alert.

    Years ago, I was a fly on the wall (okay, an intern, which amounts to the same thing) when the Animal Visitors came to the local children’s hospital. They had, amongst other cute animals (including a bunny that liked to ride around on a skateboard) a pair of whippets AND a prosh little Italian Greyhound. One of my colleagues looked at the whippets, then the IG, and said, “Look! It’s a SNIPPET!”

    Okay, if you’re sleep deprived and living off hospital food, it’s funny.

  11. *squees at the thought of a bunny that liked to ride around on a skateboard*

  12. My Mom (RIP) was an adopter of a race track greyhound….Jamie. I’ve never known a sweeter more emotional being than that wonderful dog. When my Mom died, Jamie cried and cried, unlike my Mom’s other dogs who were ‘confused’. Greyhounds are the most precious dogs alive, and the most difficult to domesticate. Non-the-less, if you want to addopt a loving dog, and you have a large dog-park nearby, a “used up racing” greyhound may be the what you are looking for.

  13. YAAAAYYY! I was so Rufus-deprived during the move, I was gettin’ the D.T’s–that’s D for DOG, folks! I needed my Roofees feex, STAT!

    I love those lean lanky canines!


  14. Just so you know, as I couldn’t take care of Jamie myself after Mom died, she went to live in a home that had eleven other retired/saved greyhounds. I know she is happy.

  15. Having said all that, do you support Greyhound Bets? I once had a ‘boyfriend’ who was almost addicted to Greyhound gambiling. Once I realized what he was up to I broke off the relationship. Much like I quite eating “cheap” (aka “factory farmed”) meat.

    Honestly, I’ve been witness to pictures on this site that had dogs inside of McDonald’s cups. Nothing could be more ironic, horrifcally so, than that.

    Do you have any idea the torture factory farms inflict upon the animals who have no choice in giving their lives for your pleasure? Why do YOU support such a cruel industry???

    It is amazing to me that cuteoverload.com fans would continue supporting the torture of animals by purchasing meat that is provided my very currupt and cruel industries.

    I’m not against eating meat, butI am against torturing animals to eat meat.

    It’s not so had to changeyour habits, there are know free range, cruelty-free, free-range farms will deliver toyour door. If you care about life, if you understand that life comes in many form, why do you still buy cruelty from the supermarket???

  16. LOL @ KAY

  17. Chet’sMum: I think the lady’s hair is bouffantastic. And I used to have a dress out of the same material as her suit.

  18. Um … Kay? A few points:

    1. Quite a few of us here are vegetarians too, myself included. I can’t stand the idea of eating meat, but that doesn’t warrant me to pounce on the meat-eaters here (yourself included.) Does that mean people in say, Greenland, are barbarians because they eat raw seal meat? Would you rather they starve trying to find plants in all that snow?

    2. Some like me have to take a 40-hour train journey home for vacations because I can’t afford to travel by air, so I don’t have money to throw on greyhounds or horses or even rooster fights. So if I were a non-vegetarian, I highly doubt if I’d be able to afford cruelty-free meat all the time.

    Your points are valid but there are some things that not everyone can adhere do. Please respect that and refrain from the finger-pointing.

  19. I hope that judge won best in show for the metalic flats/suit/giant hair combo. Her grooming is impeccible

  20. Any minute now Grace is going to meet Aidan Quinn and her hair will totally flatten out and she will be all in big jackets with the sleeves rolled up and leggings.

  21. *Big bowl o’ marmalade puddin’ for Subhangi*

    Good job, girl!

    I wasn’t sure where we went wrong with the cruelty in this site. I know there’s a lot of it, but cruelty for the sake of cute is ok.

    Aaaaaag, that was sarcasm, trolls, and it even hurt me to type it.

    I simply DON’T see cruely here. Anywhere.

  22. little miao says:

    Rufus is very handsome, especially in that cute red vest.

  23. Roofees would look good in a pair of gold slippers. Err…two pairs of gold slippers.

  24. Kay, I fail to see how a dog in a cup indicates the purchase/consumption of meat by anybody. McDonald’s doesn’t serve meat products in cups. They barely serve it in their burgers.

    Also, you go girl, Subhangi.

  25. Of course the outstanding detail of an Italian Greyhound show is that ALL of the dogs are being held on the laps by their owners/handlers. No cold hard floor for Iglets-no way!

  26. “Where my bitches at?” – Rufus

    Why use the word “bitches?” I just shared this site with a group of nine year olds on Saturday… Then Sunday Rufus is looking for his “bitches” !?! Ok given kids probably use this language on the playground, but let’s not encourage it. Realize that your viewers are all ages.

  27. Jules – Fair point, but the word “bitch” literally means “female dog”. The context it’s used in nowadays is mere slang and not a part of ‘standard’ English. In fact it should be explained to kids what the word originally meant. When my 11-year-old sister told me “So-and-so’s got a new Daschund bitch named Speggy and she’s SOOO cute!” that’s exactly what she meant – female dog. If kids can learn bad stuff, they can learn the good stuff too. I think it’s perfectly okay to use that word in a post about a dog!

  28. Not to mention, that in the dog show world, it is used constantly in its most technical sense, and since this post is about a dog show, I fail to see the harm.

  29. If Rufus wasn’t looking for bitches, he’d be trying to date outside his species…

  30. I’m curious. on the first pic (Roofes with red vest), who’s that fellah holding him? his manservant?

  31. Um…hello? The Sixties called. They want their hairdo back!

  32. Core – I knew that suit material looked familiar!! Rufus is so cool, too!!!

  33. FYI — Jules & everybody —
    Cute Overload isn’t for the littl’uns. In movie terms, we’re PG-13 here.

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Ha. We’d be R-rated, what with all the ‘tocks and such (remember the lemur!) ‘cept that we tend to get puddin all over Everything, so no-one can see Anything.

  35. Yeah. We COULD go crazy, but tone it down for the youngsters. *Raises an eyebrow at Theo.*

  36. hahahaaa, is there some unspoken rule that dog-show judges must wear the loudest, most obnoxious suits possible? this has always mystified me. Sort of like ladies’ hats (and mens plaid suits) at the racetrack. Maybe there’s something about animals on parade that inspires people to wear ridiculous things?

    Re: Kay… chill OUT, okay? Believe it or not, you CANNOT actually infer our eating habits from the fact that Meg posted a picture with a McD’s cup. Irony it may be, but none of us put that pup in there.

    Besides, if you want to support ethical farming, there are FAR better means and venues to do so. Why don’t you spend your energy productively instead of trolling the internet? Thanks.

  37. Well, humor does not always translate in my typing. I meant we tone down the baser humor for youngsters “like” Theo.

    It was a joke…but…nevermind! 😉

  38. [big fat schmarmy schmirk]

  39. lurkertype says:


    The hair, and the suit, and the dog all go together so well somehow. I would not have thought it, but there ya go.

    A hotel full of greyhounds — imagine the energy!

  40. Heather S. says:

    Holy crap I had NO IDEA they had little grey hounds!!! I’ve always wanted a greyhound and my husband always tells me… they’re to big and they have stay inside … blahdeeblahblah blah! I’m going to adopt one of these little guys!!!

  41. We’re PG-13? How exciting.

  42. brownamazon says:

    Heather: I don’t think you can “adopt” IG’s the same way you can racing greyhounds. They don’t race them (that would be so redonk, can you imagine?). But they also have to stay inside.
    A lot of people don’t realize that racing greys come in all sizes; some of the females I’ve seen are quite petite. And yes, they do have to stay inside, but they basically curl up in a ball and sleep all day, you literally forget they are there.

  43. BlurpleBerry says:

    I *reall* don’t think the “bitch” thing is appropriate. What if I had shown this to a young child, about six, and all of a sudden the word “bitch” came up, and the kid looks at me and says, “What is a bitch?” What am I going to say to that?

  44. BlurpleBerry says:

    And don’t tell me to tell said imaginary child that a bitch is a female dog, because then she’ll go around using it like it isn’t a bad word.

    If you had sad, “There was a bitch named Suzie that won Best Fur,” I would have no problem with that. But, “Where my bitches at?” and “Best Beeyatch in Show” are totally innapropriate.

  45. A female dog, Blurpleberry. That’s what it is.

  46. Nope, it’s not inappropriate.

    A six year old can understand words and the use of them in appropriate and inappropriate situations.

    Just explain it to them. It’s a female dog. The boy dog is asking where his girl dogs are. But, it’s in a joking way, so it’s not proper to go around asking where YOUR girlfriends (bitches) are because they are not dogs.

    Oh, for crying out loud, just preread everything the kid sees until they are 13.

    It makes it easier.

  47. Dear Duchess of Nuffingham,

    There are lots of cute pictures on the interwebs that don’t have edgy captions. I suggests you find one or two you feel are safe and appropriated and spend your time perusing the images there. Best of luck to you in your quest for qute.

    Snarky McBitchersons

  48. Jules and Blurpleberry,

    I was actually at the dog show in question. If you check on Saturday’s event, please note what starts at 1PM:


    So your issue is with both every dog show on earth.

    One final thought. Do you prevent these terribly impressionable children from meeting people named Richard?

    “Someone called that man ‘Dick!’ Heavens! I must faint now!”

    The English language is filled with all kinds of double meanings, so you better start locking those kids up right away.

  49. And y’know… kids can learn the appropriate usage of words at the same time they’re learning their definitions. “Sweetie, a ‘rack’ is usually that metal thing in the oven, which we don’t touch without an oven mitt, but it can also be an impolite word for a woman’s breasts. Remember how we talked about being polite?”

    Children are brainsponges. Fill ’em up.

  50. Lauri – that would imply monitoring your children. Are you insane?

  51. Arbed/Lauri: it’s at the age of 13 kids become unbearable. I joke about locking mine in a closet til puberty quits carbonating their hormones. I’ve survived one son, but the other is 14. If you have more than 1, yes you are insane, but it’s a great way to go.

  52. Bitch: a female dog.

    Bitch: not a word you call your mother, or sister, or anyone else’s mother or sister, unless of course you’re referring to the mother or sister of a puppy.

    Damn: A mild expletive not recommended for use by children under the age of 13.

    Dam: Something to keep the lake from turning into a river.

    I have a 6 year old and he can figure out how to use these words. For the love of paw pads, don’t wait for public education to teach your kids the English language, OR the appropriate ways to use it.

    NB. The most important thing you teach a child at the “using bad words because I can form them with my mouth!” stage is when NOT to use those words. They’re going to say it. However, if you can teach them when NOT to say it, they learn how to control themselves and behave in a way that is appropriate for the situation. Voila! ~~ a decision maker with manners.

  53. lol MamaDawn – I don’t have kids myself but I was just adding fuel to the fire – people just don’t teach/monitor/give a damn with regard to kids nowadays and it makes me grrrrrrrrr.

  54. “They don’t race them (that would be so redonk, can you imagine?”

    Yes! I have an Iggie and can imagine racing them, although I can’t imagine figuring out which dog won or how to make money out of such a venture. Our little nutcase has pretty much transformed the back yard into a very narrow dog track.

  55. Arbed: chidroon should be taught from an early age to use gentle hands on animals and gentle words on people. Both my boys are southern gentlemen who say yes ma’am and open doors for their mother. They are also big softies who melt when I bring home bottle baby kittens. They think my obsession with CO is weird, tho.

  56. MamaDawn – well since it sounds like they turned out so well, I suppose it’s okay that they missed the lesson about not making fun of mom for loving CO 🙂

  57. “Bitch: a dog, a female dog
    Damn: a mild ex-ple-tive
    Dam: protects a lake from itself…”

  58. Ig’s can and do race. Many times its exactly like the bigger greyhounds and other sighthounds. My IG’s love lure coursing. They can run just about as fast as the bigger guys with all the heart and determination. There’s not much “toy” about the IG. They are pure solid race cars at heart and can hunt down fast prey with ease.

    Cute pics btw. Did you see that looooooong tail in the first pic! LOL

  59. Go Aubrey. Ya don’t stop.

  60. …and Carmen, y’may have just opened a big ole can o’worms there.

  61. Why Theo?

  62. …call it a hunch.
    I’ve been wrong before.

  63. Okay, well I was just commenting on my experience on the greatly misunderstood iglet. Most people just think they are cute dainty shivery little house dogs and didn’t realize how athletic they are and how they routinely compete in racing and lure coursing. Of course mine are mostly pampered house dogs that sleep in my bed, wear fleece pj’s, and have their own jewelry line lol. But they also are sighthounds and enjoy a good round of coursing and are quite good at it. (nothing cruel about it, I hope people aren’t going to say its cruel…)

    Anyway, I wasn’t trying to open a can of worms. Sorry if I did. *tip-toes back into the quiet closet*

  64. LOL, Carmen. I just emailed you, but it looks like I didn’t need to.

  65. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t greyhounds do really well in small apartments? A greyhound owner in NYC told me that he ran his dog at a dog run everyday but otherwise the GH was a total slug, wanted to do nothing more than (try to) crawl in his owner’s lap and snooze.

  66. Li, that description sounds correct. We take Rufus out every day because he loves to chase down frisbees and burn off some energy, but most of the time he’s in bed ’til noon. IG’s love nothing more than snuggling with their owner. The sad fact is most Iggies are given up by their owners because they are notoriously hard to house-train. I recommend you go to the IGCA’s website to find a rescue in your area if you’d want one as a pet. Cheers.

  67. You can’t shield your kids from things that require explanation. It’s a lifelong process, answering those questions, over and over again.

    I think the usage of “bitches” in the title probably falls into a grey area, because it anthropomorphizes Rufus to a certain extent, and what is right for a doggie isn’t always right for a human. But for cryin’ out loud, the world isn’t black and white, and kids have got to learn about double meanings and different behavior in different settings. It’s all a part of teaching them to think abstractly as they get older.

    Otherwise, you end up with tight-lipped unimaginative adults who want to cover up the Statue of Justice because she has a bare breast, for example, and don’t understand the idea of artistic nudity. (I remember parents at my own high school who were upset because the AP English course did an art history unit involving nekkid statues…)

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    She said “nekkid”. Hehhehheh.

    (I joke! I joke! I keed! I keed!)

  69. Of course, the proper Art History term is “unclothed” or perhaps “nude”. But “nekkid” is such a delicious work to toss into a conversation.