‘Tocktober continues

Oh yeah, postscript, please check out this Italian Greyhound knee-knobules+’tocks shot at the dog show this weekend. Way to spot ’em, Sparky!


Thanks to brilliant photographer Meg for this photo. 😉



  1. chet's momma says:

    that is sooooo cute! where else will you see the phrase knee knobules and ‘tocks together???

  2. Positive Jube says:

    I’ve always loved the minatureness and perfect dogness of a mini-greyhoond. Want to knibble the knobbliness too!!

  3. Looks like El Dogue dipped the tip in White-Out, for a little tailbrush graffiti.

  4. chet's momma says:

    ah, yes, the ancient art of tailbrushaffiti.

  5. Wait wait wait. What’s that yellow thing on the floor?
    (And it ain’t no duck pillow.)

  6. That photo suggests a whole new category: ‘tocks ‘n’ ‘tocks!

  7. The perfect balance of tock-tacular and knobu-licious all rolled into one! I am humbled.

  8. bunnajenny says:

    If I wasn’t completely worn out from puppy 2.0, I would write a Dr. Seuss-ist tocks verse. As it is I’m completely knackered from the first of 7 days of solo puppy parenting while busband is in London. Praps Aubrey can ‘elp out. As it is I’m fit for a deep sleep honkshu recording.

  9. Pleasant dreams, bunnajenny! having babies is tiring! 🙂

    Lol on the knee knobules, and ‘tocks!

    If ya want ta get technical those are his “heels”, but I don’t suppose anyone wants to get technical!

    Knee knobules sounds much better, anyway, and Meg is ALWAYS right!

    And, once again, Theo doesn’t miss a thing! That, obvy, is a thing on the floor! 😉

  10. chet's momma says:

    good one, viola!

  11. Between this wee greyhound buttlet & the honkshoe fuzzbuttlet, I think I have tocksit-shock syndrome…[diving for cover in big pink slipper]

  12. Teh peeps, dey makes me laff and laff and laff…

  13. Mook!!! Awesome!

    *slaps a puddin’ into your hand*

  14. Gary Fixler says:

    ‘Tock tails for two!

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    If we had a shot of a back end of a tick it would be a tick-‘tock.

  16. Yup, heels, not knees. Doggies walk on their toesies. But it’s a cute little dog butt.

  17. April Lankist says:

    The tail! oh, the tail!! ..tis cuter than a mouse nibbling a cheese doodle. heehee!

  18. I don’t know where the definitions change, but if this pic were of livestock (cows, horsies, sheep & such), the heels/knee knobules are called hocks. Which would then make this a pic of hocks and ‘tocks.

  19. Pet Bums and the Chums Who Love Them

  20. italian greyhounds are so adorable in such an inexplicable way. when they walk they hold their tails in kind of a crooked “U” shape and it makes my knees buckle.

  21. OMG that tail!!! I thought that was a giant mouse!

    Theo – to me, that thing on the floor looks like some sort of biolumniscent worm.

  22. AWWww it has a very long nose LOL!

  23. Is it me or is that tail inordinately long?

  24. ‘Tis a beautiful, elegant, long IG tail. With a scrumptious white tip! Like a long slender latte’ puddin’ with a tip o’ whipped cream.

    But, I wax eloquent overmuchly.

    Hee, Peg! Tick’tocks! Lol! Would tick’tocks be cute? I am sure someone can come up with a cute picture!

    Lol, Aubrey….Pet Bums and the Chums who want to Num on their Tums!

    Good morning, all! (cold, crappy, drizzly Michigan morning, but good, nonetheless.)

    Hey, anyone know a great Witches Brew recipe for my Halloweenie party?

  25. NebraskaErin says:

    That is the longest tail I’ve ever seen!

    Saturday I slipped the word “puptocks” into conversation, with great results.

  26. Just thinking, AmyH, I am pretty sure in all animals they are called hocks. At least in dogs and cats I think they are. I just thru in the “heels” to anthropomorphize them!

  27. Then that would be Hocks n’ Tocks n’ tailio.

  28. Lauri: thank you for puddin’…could I have it in a bowl next time? – now I must wash my hands…[diving for cover in other big pink slipper]

  29. Hee, well if you MUST be so civilized, Mook, a bowl it is!

    And….*flourish* ….a spoon! 🙂

  30. Hey guys – no spooning!!

    What we have here in reality is called a universal pudding trough. Kind of like bathtub gin, but just a tad different. All the puddins from comments from the past week are slurped in there. Then on Mondays we feed. Hygienic? Heck Ramsey, no. Friendly? You betcha!

    Get to know your neighbor!

  31. Mmmmmmm, *sidles up to the trough.*

    Friendly beats hygienic any day! (and having Aubrey SPELL hygienic for me to copy from….priceless)!

  32. Don’t forget the rack, people!

  33. Said in Hervey Villachez voice from Fantasy Island:
    Oh the tail the tail the tail.

  34. Love the long luxurious tail with the little white tip! I had a friend in grad school who had an Italian greyhound. She was so little and elegant and thought she was a much bigger dog than she actually was.

  35. william congreve says:

    so i saw this hot girl the other day at the beach and she had these sweet ‘tocks, i mean these ‘tocks were totally gluttible …they were ‘eriorific man, like she seriously had some ‘unk in the ‘runk if you know what i mean

  36. william congreve says:

    since we’re talkin about ‘tock i got a new suggestion …how about “taint” — that being the slang for the space between your anus and your genitals becoming ” ‘aint” …aint that great???!?!!?