Sunbeam + nyahm, nyahm, yahm

Nyahm, nyaaaahm nyaaaaaahhhm [falls asleep in beam]


Turns out that "Hobbes" kitteh was actually pounced upon later by fellow kitteh Calvin. Not even a kitteh can catch a McBreak, right Emily B.?



  1. can ya feel the warmness?

  2. Tony James says:

    Too Kyoot 🙂

  3. (listening for the sound of Theo’s head exploding at the marmie kitten)


    The Calvin & Hobbes reference ups the cuteness!!!

  5. misscrisp says:

    teh belleh!
    >>>poit< <<

  6. Yay! I have an exam in 20 minutes and checked just in case there was a CO post to calm my nerves- this was PERFECT! Yay! (yeah, I know, “purrfect”)

  7. Nawmnamwmarmmarm marmalade goodness! Yes!!!


  8. Good luck, Julia2!

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    Kitty says: Why, I am delicious!

    And so he is.

  10. Hot damn! He is cute!

  11. hims is suckin his fwumb!! that is a very round weetle kitteh belleh! Snorgle!!!

  12. yaaay!

  13. it’s poofy even….double snorgle!!

  14. Awwww! Me want to snorgal da kittie!!

  15. little miao says:

    Awwww, I wish I were that little kitten, with his round little tum and prosh little toes, basking in the warmth of the sun…

  16. Kittenpie says:

    All I have to say is that any kitten named “Hobbes” who gets pounced-upon DEFINITELY had it coming…

  17. Aaahh, That just sooths my heart. There’s another cute marmie out there nammed Hobbes. We just reciently lost our Hobbes. He was old, 14 or so, and just deceided not to come home last week. We’ll miss him greatly but were kinda expecting him to go anytime. I wish this little guy all the best, he’s got a great name, and I hope he’ll get a fluffy mane to go with it like my old guy.

  18. EEEEEE!!!!

    Cat belly alert!

  19. You know what gets me through Mondays? The idea of reincarnation. Just imagining that I could come back as a chubby, contented, lying in a sunbeam marmie kitteh…

  20. NebraskaErin says:


    *blink blink*


    Clean up in aisle three! We had another person overload on cuteness!

    If I hadn’t just esploded, I would snorgle the heck out of that little round belleh. How could you not?

  21. musicchick2 says:

    I just LOVE C.O! ‘Tis a place where perfectly sane adults can talk in baby talk on a regular basis and no one raises an eyebrow.

    ‘Course maybe we aren’t REALLY all that sane. *ponders while snorgling kitten belleh*

  22. T—-O? *Peeks under the puddin’ trough*

    T-O, yer brain is in grave danger……..

  23. ‘Tis the only way to remain sane, mc2. Muhahahahaha…..

    I am taking my little rubber brain to work tomorrow so it can walk around on the floor of the lab humming……

    Wait, what?

  24. Lauri, you have a little rubber brain? Am I missing something here?


  26. < --melted into a puddle of squee

    Someone mop me up, pweeeeeeease…?


  27. (stares)

    (stares again, blinking)

    “You guys…Meg…I just can’t…no…”

    (stumbles away)

  28. did anyone else see that there’s a slideshow on i didn’t watch the whole thing, but it appears to be all CO photos, set to a louie & ella jazz tune. they even say “overload of cute.” meg, you may be overdue for a copyright.

  29. lurkertype says:

    *dives nose-first into marmie tum*


    Peeps, I hate to harsh Teh Qte, but has anyone here had to have rabies shots? B/c if we can’t catch MomTux and have her examined, Mr. LT is going to have to suffer through that.

    SisTux is still hanging around, but I haven’t seen MomTux since The Incident.

  30. lurkertype says:

    Lauri, where did you buy your walking brain?

  31. Lurker… haven’t had to personally, but I’ve had a friend have to go through the regimen. It’s not nearly as bad as it used to be… a series of shots over a month. I seem to remember someone in comments who’s boyfriend had to go through the series… if I can find their name I’ll let you know.

  32. a. Love the photography – feline noir!

    b. Y’know, this is what I bake every Christmas – orange marmalade bars.

  33. Lurker… check your email for notes on treatment… it should reassure you or him.

  34. Lauri – I think Theo took one look and his brain exploded before he could post. He’s probably recovering in the Cat Cave.

  35. Mrs Snorgler says:

    Also hate to harsh the mellow, but I hope this little guy’s pet parents have gotten him some worming. His belly is too big for such little skinny legs.

  36. He looks like my bottle babies look right after eating…in about an hour they are no longer pot bellied… so he could have just eaten. BUT if he’s that way all the time, it’s worth having the vet check for worms… lots of babies have them from day 1 due to fleas on mom.

  37. BTW Lurker and Mrs Snorgler, when you’re looking for help or reaching out in a caring way (that covers you both) you aren’t harshing the mellow, you’re enjoying the benefits of peep-hood.

  38. eeeeeEEEEEEEEEYEEPS!!!




  39. *whoa*…..streetsweeper, we need a streetsweeper!!

    Lol. I got my brain at Kroger’s, lurkie. They have a great Halloween aisle, and I saw the brain last week, resisted buying for the whole week and then….*blurp* had to have little rolling humming brain with teeth. Sheeesh.

  40. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Rabies treatment isn’t as bad as it used to be, now it’s just a series of shots. It used to be a big long needle in the belly. I had to go through the more modern treatment a year or so ago after being attacked by a dog at work. It’s not so bad. I mean, it sucks, and it sucks more if you don’t like needles, but there are definitely worse things.

    PS. Pbbbpppbbbssspptttt on kitty belly

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    Ooo, prosh little milkbelleh, all warm and snuggly. Here, lurkie and Mrs. Snorgler, have a huff, for helping with stress. We’re here for that, kittehs and advice all ready!

  42. “Ooorgle.”

  43. Here are the brain pics. I am in love with this brain!

  44. Ayiiieeee! Milk belleh, fer shure. That’s “I’m gonna just wash this one bit of my muzzle, the bit I can reach without stretching, while I roll over from my side to my back, and then I’m gonna….snrf…zzz.”

  45. ooh! the belly!! i can’t stand it! tooo much cuteness!! argh i’m slipping into a cuteness coma!

  46. Can’
    Milky tummy, nummy nawmmy.

  47. Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s all I’m capable of; it’s just too cute and I want to snuggle it 🙂

  48. I love the bubble gum pink nose (my marmie Maine Coon boy has one too). And the widdle belly, all full of kitteny goodness. I bet he tastes like caramel corn (just a mouthful).

  49. Brak_Silverbone says:

    **shivers** It’s gonna snow here tonight. I want a sunbeam to lie in, and a marmalade kitten to cuddle with. **shivers some more**

  50. C’mon…Jeezus. Enough with the kittens. I mean, everyday? Enuff already! Let’s get back to the wide variety that makes CO so damn good.

  51. Oh come on Marie – who doesn’t think a kitten is cute?????

  52. kittens make CO great – and they make me smile when I really need a smile, so pppppbbbbbllllllltttttttt

    besides, there has been quite a variety of animals lately, so double pppppbbbbbbbllllllllttttttt

    I want a kitteh with kitteh belleh…..

  53. Jackie from Michigan says:


  54. BlurpleBerry says:

    Too cute.

  55. Lessee… kitten, pug, turtle, corgi, Italian greyhounds, bunny, prairie dogs… looks like a lot of variety to me.

    I feel sorry for anyone who thinks a kitten everyday is somehow too much of a good thing. True, they don’t have to work very hard to be cute, unlike Senor Turtle with his shark fin, but they are a good natural daily source of Vitamin Cute.

  56. Hello! This is Hobbes’s mama- just wanted to reassure anyone concerned about his healthy belly- He was fully dewormed as a baby and is now a healthy but still chubby 6 month old. He just likes to snarf his food! He and Calvin (his big bro) appreciate all the compliments. 🙂

  57. Excellent cuteness. Adorable cuteness. Cute cuteness.

    just damn cute.

  58. bunnajenny says:

    [A leetle off topic]

    With all the Halloweeny-goodness going on, I just have to share this little morsel with teh peeps. Now that you have the costumes for Fido and Fluffy, and Turtley-dude, make sure you bake a deeleeshious cake to take to the Halloween Party. I recommend:
    Bon Appetit!

  59. I love the pleasantly stuffed little bewwy!

  60. Golly bunnajenny…er-um-well…it DOES have pudding in it, so I GUESS it’s ok…

  61. Thank you so much for posting that picture of your Hobbes. Please give him a sweet kiss on the head for me in memory of my beloved Hobbes. Let your little guy know that he’s got a great name! And (With the Great Momma Cat’s blessings) he’ll have a very long and wonderful life.

    Sniff, Sniff. (Wipe away tears, Rest in Peace my old man Hobbes!)I guess I really didn’t know how much I missed that Darn old Lawn Lion until I saw that cute little marmie, with the same name.

  62. Oh holy jebus puking obscenities at the dump, BunnaJenny. (It took a lot out of me just to substitute the idiot words for… for I don’t know why.)
    It simply cannot be allowed. And I *MEAN* that monstrosity. Swearing’s a grey area.

  63. LMAO @ cake! I’ve actually seen similar recipes before, they’re great for kids ’cause ANYONE who has kids knows they can be GROSS little buggers. Believe me, I’d rather have my son digging around in THAT than in…*shudders at memories*…the real deal. Again.

    Heck, I don’t even celebrate Halloween and I’d STILL make that cake, just for laffs!


  64. You’re a different man than I, Gunga Din.

  65. awwwww – wook at the bewwy….

  66. Could anything possibly be more adorable than that? Kittens know how to live!

  67. BenPanced says:

    Belly snorgles on teh kitteh!

  68. My gawd. ::grinds teeth::

    That belleh.

  69. mwrgrgwff.
    I normally don’t want to put kittens in my mouth, but this one must taste like marmalade om hot toast. mmmmm.

  70. luckycliff says:

    Far away in the lonely sunshine, a marmie was heard purring….

  71. Nothin’ better on a cold day than a warm kitten in the sunshine.

  72. Faerie, I truly feel for you. He’s close by, no doubt.

    p.s. love your website and your name–totally relate!

  73. Oh-range kitties are TEH BESTEST.

  74. Well, it’s a bit late on the rabies info (since it has to be done within the first 4 hours of being bitten) but I had to go through the series last summer due to a cat bite. The actual rabies shots aren’t very bad (and I am a HUGE wuss!); the worst ones were the tetanus and the hemoglobulin that you have to get along with it. They were the most painful shots I have ever had, particularly the hemo. That has to be shot into each bite mark. By the time I left, I had been given 7 shots! The followup ones were a piece of cake (hmmm, kitty litter cake?) after that.

  75. Beauregard says:

    Oh jebus! It’s the belly AND the cross-eyed paw gnaw!

  76. sweet sweet sweet!

  77. bunnajenny, 😀
    that is the most disgusting and funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

  78. Hey, bunnajenny – I have eaten a piece (scoop?) of such a cake before. Some of you may not believe it, but it was actually quite tasty. Yum!

    A coworker made it for another coworker for her birthday (’cause the birthday girl loves kitties).

  79. Aww man. My nose gets really cold at work. What I need is a nice sun-warmed kitty belly to press it into, to warm it up! Squee!

  80. Theo: “You’re a different man than I, Gunga Din.”

    Teehoo, that’s coz I’m a WOMAN. Get yer genders right, ya goob! 😉


  81. Kitties in the sun always remind me of my fave Rhymes with Orange cartoon Solar Kitty Panels. RwO website doesn’t allow for direct link to exact cartoon, but if you go to Favorites and then select Cats it (should) pop up first.

    I LURVE marmie cats! I want to tickle that spotty belly.

  82. dat lil tummie-doo needs a lil snuggle rubbin’s


    Teh Hoo has been rendered unusually silent by:
    a. head splody.
    b. eating kitty litter.
    c. embarassment at gender confusion.
    d. absence.

  84. belly!

  85. anarcarrot says:

    the tummy! THE TUMMY!

  86. Last night, having gotten a clean parasite test, boxcar kittens Masquerade and Palmerston had their bathroom door flung open so that they could experience the rest of the apartment. What happened next was in fact, a big cat invasion, as my own three charged into the bathroom, having wondered for over a week now what was going on in there. One went to their water dish and started drinking, one went to their carrier bed and started sniffing around, and the other was all over the room, looking for kitten food. Masquerade hid behind the shower curtain, and Palmerston retreated to the litter box, wondering why the onslaught.

    Today they were wandering about, exploring interestedly though, with not too much interference from the big guys.

  87. This picture makes my uterus ache.

  88. jaypo, none of the above?
    (He was on the Summer Lovin’ thread this a.m. already.)

    And cat litter cake? For the right crowd, I’d totally make it.

  89. Poetic license, D2D. “Woman” just doesn’t scan right.

    That kitty litter dessert is out there in many incarnations, but that’s the most realistic version I have ever seen. Ewww…

  90. LaurieC, I guess the answer is d, then. 😉

    Interesting little development with the kittehs. Hope it stays civil and curious!

  91. michellemybelle says:

    Faerie – sorry about Hobbes. A kitty with that name just has to be a good one.

    Kitty Litter Cake – I first saw this recipe a year or so ago, and I really want to make it for someone. The one I saw has little bits of green in it to simulate the crystal kind of litter, and it looks so real! Now that I actually have a cat, I should make it to freak people out. My transitition to Crazy Cat Lady will be complete! bwah ha ha ha!

  92. The Belly Killeth Me.

  93. That much cuteness has got be illegal or cause cancer or something. It is just too too much.

  94. BlueFairy says:

    I had rabies shots two years ago. They only made me itch a little bit. The worst part was that you can only get them in the Emergency Room since the County Health Department keeps track of them. They told me to come between six and eight in the morning since that is when they are least busy. And everytime I was there I got a lecture on catching stray cats and every single time I told them I would do it again if I could and this time I wouldn’t let go no matter how deep the bite.

  95. Supreme orange bellageness!

    Howly Jebus it’s frikkin cute!

  96. HeidStar, THANK YOU for introducing me to a new funny comic! I’m gonna send that link to my Hubby so he can have something to laugh at at work. He needs it!


  97. Love the bellee action!

  98. Aha. Here’s a direct link to the “Rhymes With Orange” cats:

  99. I had such a stressful day yesterday, and haven’t gone to sleep yet as I’m writing a paper, but every time I’ve felt overwhelmed, I look at this picture. He looks just like the cat I had when I was younger, and the adorable picture calms me right down. Very, very appreciated! <3