Meep meep

Comin’ thru, People.

No short bus jokes.



This bus stops for sender-inner Jennifer H., Pup Eva, and Eva’s Mama Alison and all West Deptford stops. Meeeeep.



  1. Aww!

  2. luckycliff says:

    Far away in the lonely night, a dog was heard HONKING!

  3. So cute! I love Corgis.

  4. Much cuter than any of the bus drivers I’ve ever seen. Corgi Bus Lines, comin’ thru!!

  5. Hey, you kids! Don’t make me come back there!

  6. Best. Costume. EVAR! [gasp]

    I used to really like Halloween, but now that CO is doing animal costumes all through October, I LUV Halloween.

    Oh, and hey, which breed of dog do you suppose corresponds to the pot-smoking slackers who always sat in the back?

  7. A thinker says:

    Man, some peeps are pretty Klever with the dog costumes.

  8. Deckard Canine says:

    Redzilla — Basset hound? I hear they’re rather inactive.

  9. Distractor says:

    I have two Corgis and I MUST find out where Jennifer found this adorable costume. It seems like it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for the dogs to wear.

  10. I just startled my coworkers with a Cute Squeal. SQUEEEEEEE!

  11. The wheels on the dog go round and round…..

  12. ShelleyTambo says:

    Is this homemade? I can’t imagine something so location specific (I assume West Deptford, NJ) would be mass produced.

  13. short bus joke!

  14. Thank you for reminding me of my favorite pair of shoes. I had a pair of school bus yellow Chuck Taylor Converse. They had windows printed around the ankles, and wheels at the bottom next to the ground. It made me feel happy to wear my funny bus shoes. I wore them till they fell apart. (Yes, I was a young adult at the time. Hee! I gots me some bitty feets.) Thanks doggie and owner for reminding me of happy memories.

  15. omg…dead. HAS anyone ever actually died from laughing?

  16. That pupster actually looks happy to be wearing the costume, lol — he’s smiling!

  17. Pets in costumes! I love how they all have these “Look at Me, I’m Dressed up and Oh-so-CUTE!” looks on their faces, esp. this guy and the hot dog doggie from last week lol

  18. Alas, this is not my pooch but the picture of a precious corg sent to me by a friend of a friend of a friend of a….

    I do believe this costume is homemade (note the imperfect shape of the tires). In fact, I have FREQUENTLY frequented the pet costume websites and have never seen this one before.

    The caption on this costume says “eva” is from Mantua, NJ and her “mom’s” name is alison.

  19. Chris Tucker says:

    I’ll wager the windows were printed out on “T-shirt transfer” paper, transferred to fabric and then sewn/hotglued to the “bus”. Likely the lettering, too.

    VERY clever and very sweet.

  20. The corgi in the second panel should be wearing the same costume, then again, and again into infinity.

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    Where’s his teeny tailio? Or do Corgis come in Stumpy? The ‘tocks on that would be Awwwwsome.

  22. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:



    Pembroke corgis definantly serve some seriously cute ‘tocks. Tail stumpitude is the bestest!

  23. oh yeah, the stumpy Corgis (I think only one brand of them is stumpy) have the best ‘tocks. A neighbor of mine (now moved away) had a corgi, and on their truck bumper they had a corgi ‘tock sticker! it cracked me up every time I walked by it.

  24. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    For those who wondered or cared:

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi ary the stumpy version. They also have different legs and ear shapes and are the cutest (in my humble opinion)

    Cardiagn Welsh Corgis have the long talios to waggle.

  25. Now *that* is redonkulous. i wold say the definition of redonkulous.

  26. that’s “would”, obvy. grrrr.

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    Reminds me of my friend’s corgi, Molly. He had to re-home her, and I miss her!!

  28. hrh.squeak says:

    Thanks for all the Corgi facts, peeps. I want a Corgi ‘tock bumper sticker now!! How cutetastic would That Be??

  29. Okay, “re-home” is now my new word of the week. As I hope someone will come and re-home the boxcar kittens.

  30. Gaaaahhh!! I work in West Deptford! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the dog-bus.

  31. There are a few corgis in my ‘hood, all of them Pembrokes. (I always forget which is which, I try to remember that the Pembrokes have ‘broke’ tailios. and the rounder earses) I loves em. actually there were 3 but now Rocky moved there are only 2 that I know of.

  32. Hey! They got that costume idea from Zippy! He is the original corgi bus.

  33. NebraskaErin says:

    Laurie C – My friend was upset because he would say he had to give her away, like he didn’t want her or something. I suggested “re-home”, which made him feel much better (although he still misses her!)

  34. NebraskaErin says:

    Holy jebus I shouldn’t type while busy at work. That didn’t make sense. Basically, he had to find a new home for her, but if he said he had to give her away, he felt that made it seem he didn’t want her anymore. Which of course, he did.

  35. N Erin — guidance and enlightenment can be found here:

  36. PS — that’s DEFINITELY a PG-13 link there.

  37. Hey you know those walking buses (good for the environment :o)) well the doggies can come along too dressed up like this one – how cute would that be??!!!
    He looks so happy, like he was just waiting to get dressed up !

  38. I remember seeing this before, and I do recollect the costume being homemade. As such, I would like to suggest that the person who thought of this and made it reality is MY HERO.

  39. lurkertype says:

    It’s like the catbus from “Totoro”, only it’s a corgi from Joisey.

  40. Don’t worry, T. – I don’t wanna cause no fuss…

  41. NebraskaErin says:

    Thanks, Theo. I usually say “jebus” in honor Homer Simpson when he escaped PBS and Betty White by becoming a missionary, but it’s nice to have historical data and E! True Hollywood Story.

  42. Hee. Cute.

  43. That is about the funniest thing I’ve seen in…oh, say, EVER. Give or take a few years…

    Of course I had to go all anime and shout “It’s EIN!” at the screen…*LOL*

  44. D2D… OMG I love Cowboy Bebop!! I do voiceover work for Funamation. I’m on Sonic X, Dragonball GT, and the new Gundam and Tenchi stuff. If you hear a little old lady, it’s me!

  45. He’s so cute. I wish he was MY bus driver. 🙂

  46. Whoa, MamaDawn, that is SO cool! 🙂

  47. Pembroke Welsh Corgis: prosh
    “Smiling” Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Prosh squared.
    “Smiling” Pembroke Welsh Corgi FREAKING DRESSED AS A FREAKING SCHOOL BUS: The Prosh Meter Broke. Call the Lectric Co.

  48. MamaDawn…you have just officially skyrocketed to the #1 spot on my Way! Too! Friggin’! Cool! list…! 😉 Awriiiiight!


  49. lurkertype says:

    MamaDawn, you do voices on Tenchi?? How cool are you?!!

  50. MamaDawn –

    My cousin LOVES Gundam and Cowboy Bebop! Can I have your autograph for him?

  51. no short bus jokes…(mumble mumble) take all the fun out of it (mumble mumble again)