P-Dog Triptych

Aaand a ONE
(ahhhh… my sweet, sunshiney prairie dirt… all mine)


…aaand a TWO
(Hey Euge, check out Milton over there)
(You pondering what I’m pondering?)


…aaand a THREE!
(OOF… razzamafrazzin dork-bot roomies)


Props to the Prairie Dog exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo. Happy Sunday, peeps!
  – Theo (I took these photos with my own two eyes, July the 4th, 2005) 



  1. Robert M. says:

    I love prairie dogs! Lots of personality shown here, and adorably social.

    …Um, Theo took the photos with his own two eyes?…

  2. Diane Nichols says:

    Prairie dogs after me own heart right there. Ain’t nothin’ nicer than layin’ in the dirt in the sunshine!

  3. Robert M. — yep. I am in fact a cyborg. You’ll never guess where my USB port is.

  4. Nerd humor!

  5. 3rd photo: “Ya know Milton’s right – this does feel good!!!”

  6. Margaret — what can I say? Guilty as charged.

  7. misscrisp says:

    Teho- thanks again for the sunday supplement. good man.

    I too will be getting the Canon XR6000 retinal camera implants, just as soon as I’ve saved up!

    these guys are a new definition of “dogpile!”

  8. AuntieMame says:

    We don’t want to see your USB port, Theo. Please!

    And where’s some nice, warm dirt where I can platz out, too?

  9. lurkertype says:

    Ohhh, these p-dogs make me want to go stretch out in my backyard.

  10. Aaahhh, the power of example. I think I will just lay down now.

  11. little miao says:

    Awwww… I love how the little one in the middle’s paw is sticking out behind him. And all of their wee ears…

  12. Brak_Silverbone says:

    They’re doing yoga!

  13. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Picture 3 reminds me of trying to sleep in a 4’6″ bed with a 6ft+ (now ex) husband and 3 dogs. 1 dog was incontinent, 1 dog snored really loudly ( a peke) and the third dog would sleep between us with legs extended to keep me away from her master! Fond memories. It never occurred to me to make them sleep on the floor – perfect conditioning.

  14. narf!

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo?

  16. Theo has photographic eyes?

  17. ahaha…sweet sunshiney prairie dirt. funny.

  18. they look like my hamster without the bef. sweet.

  19. Bwaahaahahahaahah…..this is great!
    Boof, splat, dorkbot roomies!

    This reminds me of many of the stories my son told me of things he and his roomies did to each other. Not so hard to believe silly human males being so goofy….

    Equally funny to see P-dogs doing it!

  20. Yeah, Harpo would definitely be the one piled on top in the middle.

    Ya know, and this is admitting to a scary level of dorkiness, but Pinky (of “and the Brain”) once proposed to me…

    And, GAAAH, Theo! I did not need that idea in my head!

  21. LOL!!!! I’m in my third semester now … the first two semesters there were three of us in a room … one rommie in particular would get up every morning for a workout, and me and the other one would mimic her, give running commentary (“Aaaaand thats a FANtastic stretch, a 9.8 for that one.”) make all sorts of weirdass noises and drive her nuts!

    [sigh] Those were some good times.

  22. Prairie Home Companions!

    (yeah, Subhangi – goofiness keeps one young. It’s what I tell people, anyway. They don’t have to know about the Devil’s Contract I signed, or about my portrait which ages with every sin I commit, while my face remains dewy and pristine.)

  23. Aubrey – Wow. You’re a Wilde one.

  24. They moved all the prairie dogs out of the park where we walk sometimes.
    Boo, hiss!

  25. LOL Theo, nerd humor, I love that. lol, haaa, dear.

    Anyway, cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute Prairie Dogs, want to hug want to hug!!! Wait for me guys! I’m coming at yall!

    And how is it, Theo, that we only get to see those pictures now… what kinda excuse are you gonna find?
    Had your USB port crashed?…

  26. ah, the prairie dogs.
    lurve that exhibit! i think they should build a human sized version of their tunnels so adults can have just as much fun as the prairie dogs. ‘if you look out the left side of the monorail, you’ll see our new prairie human exhibit!’

  27. Cool dogs, not hot dogs!
    Flexi-d0gs. Thanks, Teho!

  28. Ooooh, I wanna be in the human prairie exhibit!

    *poinks head out of hole in the ground. Tosses several puddin’s in random directions. Bloops back into hole*

  29. Hey, Peeee-eeeggg, here are the Praire Dog Tritych-tocks!!!

  30. WTG Theo! Great pics. I love prairie dogs, when I was young my girl scout troop “adopted” one at the MI zoo. BTW, if you see “xstitchmama” on vox has added you to her neighborhood, that’s me. 🙂

  31. Yes, Subhangi; I am very Earnest in my Wilde-ness. Though I very much am A Woman Of No Importance.

  32. So you’re nobody too? Then there’s a pair of us…

  33. Don’t tell! They’d banish us…

  34. …oh noes.

  35. If we quadruple nobodies do we still have nothing?

  36. chica con gatitas says:

    Me like prairie dogs mucho. I habbent seen ’em at my local zoo in a looonng time. They’re fun to toss peanuts to. We enjoy eyeing eachother, sizing up one another. Yep. I toss a handfull o-nuts, they return w/a martini-in-a-bag. I plan to sew little red satin bartending vests for ’em.

  37. KittenGirl — many are the souls who would share this wondrous world with you.
    Perhaps you would be willing to help staff the CO Dream Office’s brasserie?
    (please take careful note of the spelling)

  38. Theo – I misread it, aaargh. Couldn’t you have just said “patisserie”? 😉

  39. Baking, baking . . . they are getting soooooo warmmm!