It’s Kitten Law: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction

These two are Newtonrific!1160943179558Shout out to La Déesse and her kitten kissage!



  1. Nu-uh! Lies, I tell you! This never happened! It’s doctored, like Sasquatch footage!

  2. Kitteh kiss! Aw!

  3. Plus, it’s so unspeakably cute that it’s giving me cavities.

  4. lurkertype says:

    Smooching kittens!


  5. Tuna lips? Cream? How, I ask you, can you get this much lovin’ from two small fuzzies?

  6. lurkertype says:

    Mr. LT picked up a cornered MomTux.

    With his bare hands.

    So he’s been shredded and I’m at home hoping MomTux and Sis will leave the house and that I’ll see them do it.

    TK has worms, so HRT probably does too.

    We Are Not Amused by the tuxedo coalition today.

    (And Mr. LT realizes he is an idiot, since he did the same thing this summer when the TuxKits were all still in the nest.)

  7. Ayieeeee!!!!!!! too cute!
    now don’t forget to clean my left ear, kay?

  8. Wow, Siamese kittehs — joined at the nosebones!

  9. Lurkertype… I got shredded 6 weeks ago by a rescue I was holding when my husky bounced up to us. Lucky Katt didn’t know the husky is cat-friendly… so he made tracks up the nearest tree by the shortest route…my arms, chest and head. Watch for infections and apply lots of love. I assume you know the drill from last year. I’d send brandy (strictly for medicinal purposes) but Oklahoma won’t let you ship drinking alcohol in or out. I guess they can’t tax it if you do.

  10. What???? Is this even possible???? Is there peanutbutter stuck to their noses???

    Well, whatever the case, it is TOO ridiculously cute for words!

  11. Someone is coming to see the three boxcar kittens tonight with a view to adopting one, two, or possibly (fingers crossed) all three, So for the first time in almost two weeks, the trio has been reuntied in my bathroom since my trapping partner was hanging on to Oscar (who I don’t have a good picture of yet — he was too squirmy on the red couch of fabulousness). Anyway, it’s been very cute to see them cuddling up, first the two grays, then Oscar and Masquerade the calico. No way those adopters are going to be able to take just one.

  12. Superglue???? I still don’t get it…

  13. Awwwwwh! It’s like the magnet-nosed Simba and Nala plushes I had when I was a kid. GUUUU!

  14. wow, that is amazing.

  15. These guys need to be in a carnival sideshow, behind one of those nasty canvas flaps with scantily clad ladies painted on the sides. Can’t you just imagine the barker?

    They remind me of a pair of tabiies I used to have, a brother and sister, who did everything in unison. Eat, turn over in their sleep, stare at a bug…the weirdness of it was diminished a bit after they were neutered and the female got a bit pudgy while the male stayed slinky.

  16. This just made my day!


    All world leaders should be forced — FORCED, I say! — to look at that picture at least three times per day. And at lunchtime they should have to go see the kitties in person, and listen to them purr.

    THEN lets see them try to blow up the world and hurt people, I DARE them! Just wouldn’t happen, ’cause they’d be too full of kitteh love.

    As it should be.

  18. Oh my, they two heads together make a kitty bowtie, so very squeet!

  19. Minor threadjack: I just finished reading a book (trashy romance of course) where the hero was descended from a Celtic shape shifter who took the form of a large cat. When he was content and sleepy, he purred. All men should purr. OK, threadjack over.

  20. Kissee Kittehs!

    Verely Cute!

  21. gloom raider says:

    Dear god in heaven…that’s too much cute to be contained in one photo, surely?

  22. MamaD, cool! What’s the book?

  23. AlbertaGirl says:

    Must fit both kitten heads in mouf at same time! Gaaalgh!

  24. Kitties smooching? Folks, we have hit a new low. I demand that an investigation into possible photoshopping take place.

  25. There are 3, all by Hannah Howell: The Eternal Highlander, Highland Vampire and His Immortal Embrace. Read them in that order. The first is the laird of the clan, the second is his cousin and the third is the cousin’s sons. These are NOT for kids (graphic hot and sweaty sexual situations) but they are very good and are short. This’ll get you hooked on Hannah Howell, by the way.

  26. Too, too cute!

  27. kitterpie smoochies…

    [total flipping meltdown]

  28. love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

  29. MamaDawn, what’s the title? Sounds like something I should read!

  30. LurkerType,

    On SOMC, they refer to that as “hamburger arms.”

  31. little miao says:


  32. dude I want this to be the new cuteoverload t-shirt!

  33. SIAMESE TWINS!! Joined at the lip, no less…

  34. Numine, I had those too!
    These are awesome! their eyes are closed with passion and everything ^_^

  35. KISSIES!

  36. I definitely need a new kitten …. or two.

  37. This picture is older than the interweb

  38. Brak_Silverbone says:


  39. Chacha…they’re listed above.

  40. Too cute! It hurts! I’m in love! The cuteness is killing me!

  41. lurkertype says:

    MomTux not only shredded with her claws, she got in two deep chompages. Now I know where TK gets his very effective biting and strong jaws from!

    If Mr. LT was a dog, he would have his ears droopy, his head down, and his tail between his legs. He’s been hiding in his cubicle so he won’t have to fess up to the other guys about what a stupid thing he did.

    “Not thinking the plan through and just grabbing things? Man law.”

  42. lurkertype says:

    I agree with Thea Wang — this should be the next t-shirt. You thot the hamster could bring about world peace: that’s nothing to what these kitns could do.

    Go Boxcar Kitties!

  43. uberkitten says:

    I almost died when I saw this picture! Oh. My. God.

    I second the call for NEW T-SHIRT!

  44. Oh! Oh! I want to kiss their sweet little haids!!!

  45. I gasped when this page loaded.. scrolled through the comments.. scrolled back to the pick, heart caught in throat again.. looked at pic again.. methinks I’ll be glued to this picture all night, if not all weekend.. picture of the year! That’s it! toooooo adorable

  46. *big furry muzzlepuff kisses!*


  47. Yikes, Lurkie! *Hands out some triple antibiotic ointment and bandages!*

  48. Snowpea (Montreal QC) says:

    Oh! the ultra-high emission levels of cuteness just made my heart squeech…


  49. My two kitty boys get into licking fests where they both want to lick each other so much that they end up licking each others’ tongues. Yeah, it’s pretty freaking amazingly cute.

  50. /threadjack

    May I say one itty-bitty, teeny-tiny critical thing about CO? As a person with mid-40s eyesight, I find the use of light-blue text to show posters’ names against a white background really hard to read. I have to, no joke, squint and bring my face about 8 inches to the monitor.

    Think we could convince Meg the Goddess to use a darker font?


  51. So sorry about the shreddage lurkertype. But you must be careful; if cuts are deep enough, you might need to get a tetanus shot and oral antibiotics……happened to me when my Yammie freaked out when she saw a giant dog and scampered up to my head, except her back claw got stuck in my eyelid. Was not a pretty sight and the MDs won’t sew me up since the cut was too close to my eyeball. It’s all okay now, can hardly see the scar since it’s now turned into a new eyelid crease….I could market this as a cheaper alternative for getting eye creases instead of paying gazillions to the plastic surgeon.

  52. And just to really scare you, Lurker, a co-worker was minorly scratched by her cat on the wrist. It got infected and swelled with p** (I don’t even like to say the word) to such an extent that she needed surgery and IV drugs to treat it.

    ps. those are really cute kittens posted up there.

  53. These kitters are just what I need today. Everytime I feel grouchy, I look at them. They are the antidote to screaming children and demanding parents…

  54. Third photo obtained of the boxcar kitten trio, this time Kitten O/Oscar:
    He looks just like his brother Palmerston, just with a little less white on him.

    And great news, the other two have already been spoken for for adoption! They’re going to their new permanent home on Sunday.

  55. Clear proof of the existence of Kitten Monopoles, as first discussed here…
    Commentary by Dr. Svenster, synopsis by Ami…

  56. Jackie from Michigan says:

    *sings Prince* “I just want your extra touch and your…kiss!”

    This picture is too cute to be legal. There needs to be regulations concerning pictures of this cutetitude.

  57. A. Reller says:

    *has died*
    Oh good lord. An implosion of kittitude cuteness has descended upon me. That’s just adorable.

  58. misscrisp says:


    >>>>poit< <<<

    le sigh. thank you CO.

  59. Laurie C– you go girl! Kittehs the world over sing your praises every day (meer meer meer laurie meer).

  60. That’s it… you have reached the apex of cute.

    That is the most adorable thing evar!

  61. Lol, MamaDawn, and to YOU, also, with your beautiful Silver! 🙂

    Laurie C, each Boxcar kit is SO beautiful. I want every one.
    Instead I am adopting homeless guinea pigs….(I almost typed guiness pugs….good enough!)

    Yay for all creatures, great and small.

    Time fer bed. Yaaawn. And kitty kisses.

  62. Martha in Washington says:

    Kees mee, you fool!

  63. NebraskaErin says:

    Awwww, how sweet!!

    Slightly OT but you guys will appreciate this: Tonight I went to the pet store to buy some kitteh food and chew sticks for my hamster. I was looking at all the cute little rodents…and this adorabibble littl mouse was running in the wheel…and every so often she’d stop running, hang on, and take an upside-down ride! She kept doing it over and over again…run, hang on, WHEE!!! It was the cutest, most hilarious thing ever. People must have thought I was a freak, laughing my hind end off while staring at the mice.

    Please resume “Awwww”-ing at the kitteh pic.

  64. Hands down the cutest thing I’ve seem this year. I’m off to cry now…
    Cute Overload, thank you.

  65. Peg of Tilling says:

    Tony James, the magnetized pwner story? Hi-larious.

    Sandy P., your story of the escaping cat made me squee but not in the good way. Glad you’re okay now.

    Lurkertype, I’m seconding or thirding the knowledgeable posters suggesting antibiotics for the cat bites…maybe on his birthday you could give Mr. LT a card that says “On this very special day…I won’t bring up the thing about you about being shredded by a TuxKit.” Maybe after the slashes have faded a little…”Teasing’s only funny after the scars have stopped aching when it’s about to rain. Man Law.”

    MamaDawn, Hannah Howell? Good to know. Laura Kinsale, anyone? Oops, sorry, threadjack.

    Anyway. It is late and I am fading out on this kiss…peace out, people. Thanks for getting me through a head-‘sploding (not in the good way) week.

  66. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh, darnit, forgot to say, Laurie C? Oscar? Palmerston? Too cute! And thank you for getting the other kitties to good homes!

    Now fading out…last post was the Scooby Doo ending. And I’d have gotten away with it if weren’t for you meddling…never mind. G’night.

  67. yoohoostereo says:


    Shut up, shut up, shu…*keeled over and died*

    I like how the gray/grey one is squinting out of his/her left eye. Proves they are kitties cuz adult cats kiss with their eyes closed.

  68. LC, YOU should be the next CO t-shirt. Underneath:

    “#1 Choice of Kittens”

  69. Lurkertype-
    Many years ago my (then) boyfriend and I were walking in the rain past the local Animal House dorm, when a kitten flashed by and climbed up into the warm engine of a parked car.
    So a nice young lad from the dorm popped open the car’s trunk (what *do* they teach these kids in school these days?),
    And my boyfriend, realizing he had only one shot at this, grabbed the kitten.
    Who immediately scratched him thoroughly, then bit right through his thumbnail.
    My boyfriend Tom (now known as my husband and the father of my child) did not drop the kitten.
    He carried it, bleeding (him bleeding, not the kitten) home where my kitty fostered it til we found it a home.
    There’s something deeply wonderful about a guy who can take being beat up by a small animal.

  70. Aww, thanks, Aubrey. Nice to hear when I’m not feeling well. (Waiting for the antibiotics I got today to start kicking the butt of whatever bug’s been kicking my butt for the last week and a half.) Sleep builds antibodies, so I’m off to bed now. G’night, Peeps.

  71. La Déesse says:

    HOORAH I got a submishe in! Stheriously, I am intensely excited and will have to point this out to everyone I know. I’m so glad everyone is enjoying this superb picture. My friend Michelle found it really but she is modest and shuns the spotlight.
    Also, did all y’all notice the head-bigger-than-body action?

  72. EEEEEEEEE!!! Kitty Kissies!!!


    lauowolf – AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

  73. lurkertype says:

    Thanks for the concern, peeps.

    Mr. LT is Bathing in Bactine and Bacitracin. He is going to call the medical advice line in the morning. His tetanus shot is up to date, but I suspect they will prescribe him some antibiotics.

    The outdoor kittehs hid somewhere in the room for several hours. The Incident happened about noon and SisKit left about 4, and MomTux about 7. I watched the door all afternoon long to make sure. SisKit looked quite pitiful sitting outside waiting for her mommy. (Awwwww)

    HRT is, needless to say, REALLY pissed off about this. I can’t blame her.

    If he’d only grabbed SisKit instead of MomTux, things might have been a *little* better — or perhaps MomTux would have just shredded him anyway!

  74. hahahaha I LOVE the mirror image laid-back ears 😀 Like they want to nose-touch but are really nervous about it.

  75. Obscene! OBSCENE I TELL YOU!
    Children! COVER YOUR EYES!

  76. 2 words, Desktop Wallpaper!

  77. Eeeeeee, I want to get in on that action, too! Want to snorgle little kitties… *sigh*

  78. Come on, there’s a mirror or something, right?

  79. IT’S SO AMAZINGLY ****NGLY CUTE! I actually gasped on how cute it is… >____< O___O

  80. luckycliff says:

    Far away in the lonely night, two kittens were heard purring…

  81. That is just unbelievably beyond adorable.

  82. ScorpioSpirit says:

    Kittehs do occasionally snorg as a greeting, but…


    *barfs rainbows*

  83. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Very touching pic! Amazing camera capture!

  84. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    And lauowolf thank you for shaing your sweet boyfriend befriending/ rescue of frightened kitten story…

  85. “Um, I think our braces are stuck.”

  86. Peg of Tilling says:

    Bwahahahaha, lemura…may I point out the kitty butts, people? The weighty round beanbaggy spheres holding our young luvkits upright, adding immeasurably to the Qte glamour? It is ‘Tocktober…

  87. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this pic… yesterday well hell on earth at work, and this morning I’ve woken up with a sick sinus migraine… this will make everything better. Or at least distract me for a while. 🙂

  88. Every time my mother drives me crazy, I go to CO for a palate cleanser. Aaahhh, that’s better….

  89. This is no surprise to me. Everyone with a sense of fashion knows that stripes go best with solid colors 😉

  90. Lemura! [ker-SNURK]

  91. misschelley says:

    a tale of two kitties!! so dang cute. my big babies groom eachother, but not as cute as this. they usually end up fighting for grooming supremecy and ruin all the love with a hiss and run at the end.
    very good pic.

  92. Ils sont si mignons !

    They’re so cute !

  93. Lurkertype–tell hubby to keep an eye on his scratchies, because if they heal over, infection might get trapped inside and fester. I had that happen when Elric performed a hindclaw slash on my hand, and ended up having to reopen the wound and clean it out. Not a pretty sight!

    As for this photo, it’s like a sweet pancake breakfast for my eyes! *poit*

    Oh, and HI EVER’BODY!!! ^__^ I meeeeesed yooooooouuu! *hugs all around*


  94. AHHHHHHHH!!! *looks at the kissy-face again*


  95. Hi, D2D! Hope the move went well.

  96. Hey D2D! How’d the move go?? I hope you all are finding things in boxes and happy as clams in deep water.

    Lurkertype: how’s the SO today? I know you’ll keep an eye on things, so I won’t add to the advice.

    Threadjack for romance lovers: other Hannah Howell books feature Kittens and cats as significant parts of the plot.

  97. Welcome back, D2D! Hope you’re settled in and enjoying your new Mansion of Cute Delite. We missed you!

  98. Laurie C and MamaDawn: The move went quite well despite my husband and I doing our utmost best to break our bodies in ways that Torquemada would have winced at…we’re sore as all H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and bruised from head to toe BUT we are officially settled in at last! I would have commented earlier, but we’re having an argument with the computer, so I’m having to do all this on our laptop for now. Ah well…

    With all the essentials put in their proper spots, we’re now just unpacking at our leisure and enjoying the surroundings. And oh, what WONDERFUL surroundings!

    (Here, my husband’s got some of the deets at our site: )

    Let me tell ya, though–I was in hard-core CO withdrawals for a while. I need my daily cute fix! Now the only thing that would make my return complete is some chocolate puddins and a round of groan-worthy puns… 😉


  99. Jaypo: Thanks! ^__^

    –D2D 😉

  100. Welcome back, D2D! 🙂

  101. LaurieC!!!!

    I just got a chance to click over and see Boxcar O! He’s tres adorable. He’s all, “Bon soir, cherie. Please to join me upon this red divan of fabulousness…[kees kees].”

  102. RedZ, I agree. He is soo charmant et seductif.

  103. *kisses both on top of heads*

    sweet little kittiesessss……..*mwuhmwuh!*

  104. LauriC, those are some handsome boxcar boys!

  105. Oh, my….

    That is impossibly adorable – I can’t tear my eyes away 🙂

  106. My oldest kitty “allows” my youngest kitty to wash her face. She stands still while he washes carefully, including her ears, and I swear she favors him with a regal nod when he finishes.

    Not quite as cute as this, but very sweet.

  107. this is my desktop i can’t stop looking at it and having my heart sing. siiiiiiiiigh.

  108. OMG Kitty kisses! 🙂

    This is the cutest thing I’ve seen since… well, since the last picture that was posted on CO.

  109. HUNDRED!!!

  110. lurkertype says:

    We have returned from the doctor, who was once gnawed upon whilst rescuing a kitten himself.

    Mr. LT has antibiotics and a doctor’s note to be off work through Thursday. Plus a follow-up appointment on Monday. Eesh. Getting pricey. He looks whupped and it hurts. He’s a computer nerd and it is keeeeling him not to be able to type.

    No good deed goes unpunished!

    No sign of MomTux or Sis today, obvs. HRT still extra-pissed at entire world, TK still wound up.

    Thanks for the advice and commiseration, peeps. I read him Laowolf’s story too.

  111. oh, and I think the equation governing this phenomenon goes something like this:


  112. This picture should be the next CO t-shirt.

  113. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “…Oh, and HI EVER’BODY!!! ^__^ I meeeeesed yooooooouuu! *hugs all around*


    Sweet! Thank you!Ditto & welcome back!

  114. SOOO FREAKING CUTE!!! I feel sorry for all the pics that have to follow this one!!

  115. acelightning says:

    Yep, this picture definitely could bring about World Peace. (Or at least a widespread epidemic of heads-exploding-from-cuteness.)

  116. Hi D2D! Welcome back – you were missed! Hope your move went well, although I’m sure it’s not completely over 😉 I sympathize.
    Within the last 11 months, my fiance sold his house, bought a new-to-us house and moved in, sold my house, moved all that stuff in, we got married, and we are still unpacking boxes and trying to get rid of excess stuff. Oh yeah, and throw in our dog and 2 kitties being traumatized during all of this. What a year….

  117. am i the only one that wants to make a kit-tongue joke?

    seriously though.. nyaaawwwwwhhh 🙂

  118. My favorite thing about this picture is the lighting! The little grey kitten looks like a shadow or an angel or maybe even a ghost kitty! It’s amazingly cute. 🙂 Great pic!

  119. happy birthdyay to me… get to see cute kitties! posted a day late but eh, ’twas my birthday!

  120. Okay, I hate to be the one to harsh the cute, but this is an example of “MEWtonian” physics, not “NEWtonian”. As in, Sir Isaac Mewton ( ) acknowledged master of the laws of anti-gravity. Just so we can get that straight.

    In other news (which is related!) my sister got a kitten! A very teeny weeny itty bitty thing, all grey and peach stripes and very very cute, who curled up on my lap purring whilst watching Dr. Who last night at her house. I am always amazed at just *how small* kittens are when I’ve only been hanging around with cats for a while!

    Oh, and last week’s capybara pics inspired me to go to the zoo the other day. First thing I see, the very first paddock in the zoo had a pair of guess what? These two capybaras were slow-moving and not real afraid of people apparently, so they came right up and I got lots of nice pictures. They were making these very quiet little guinea-pig squeals (which I imitated when telling my mom about them, and which caused the cat (Maude) to jump up on me brrrrting and purring, like, “Where’s the kitten?”). They are some seriously strange beasties, capybaras, though I suppose Maude is too.

  121. I love it when cats put their ears out flat and to the sides like that. The little tabby-kit definitely has a case of the “airplane ears!” What an anerable pic.

    To all the posters who have had trouble with kitty bites and scratches–I guess I never realized how serious kitty-inflicted puncture wounds can be! My family once had a huge goofy orange tabby who sometimes got carried away and played a little rough. He was a sweet kitty, but playtime inevitably left me with a few bites and scratches. (Like, you’d wave a toy mouse in front of him, and he’d get really distracted by your hand and try to gnaw on that instead.) I guess I was never aware of the danger of kitty-inflicted wounds.

    He has since passed on, rest his little kitty soul, but now I’ll be more careful when it’s Playtime with Kittehs.

  122. Tscheese — hence the phrase “cat-scratch fever.” On the other hand, the vast majority of kitty wounds are harmless. It just pays to clean ’em well when they happen.

  123. this is pretty much the best picture i have ever seen. i love this picture.

  124. nightbird says:

    Threadjack: Boxcar kitty looks just like the extreemely friendly stray that I am trying to find a home for…I will supply a neuter certificate as I can’t keep him corralled for the hours required before surgury (Chuckie beats him if he comes into the house)…If you live in or around west central Ohio and want a young full grown cat that looks like Oscar contact my email and we can discuss it. End Threadjack…btw Kissin’ Kittens toooo cute

  125. Gahhh. I can’t stop looking at this picture. It’s something about that fleece cushion, and the way their tickly whiskers are all twangled together.

  126. THE CUTEST THING I’VE SEEN TODAY!! (Well, it IS only 4:36am, after all)

  127. Brandi Lee says:

    What a FANTASTIC picture, and how in the world were you lucky enough to get it? waht little cutie loves!!

  128. Tears are runnin’ down my face, musicchick2. So so so funny!!

  129. soooooooooooo kyuuuuute!!! >.<

  130. i want to kiss them!!!

  131. how can you top this?… you simply cant.

  132. Can this be real? It’s beauuuuutifuul!
    I’m melted. Thanks Cute Overload! *shiny smile*


  133. What happened to posting on the weekend? Does teh Megster not realize that some of us crave Teh Cute on the weekends? Sheesh, what, does she have a life or something?

  134. Thalia, what zoo?! In Eastern Mass?

  135. Boxcar kitten update: There’s been a hitch with the adopters. They were supposed to pick up the kittens today, but their 19-year-old cat has uddenly vomited three times, so they need to get her seen to first. And if it turns out she has something lingering and requiring a lot of care, they don’t think it’s right to bring in the kittens who will also require a lot of attention. So I still have them (still in the bathroom and not mixing with my cats till we get the results of a fecal test for parasites — hopefully tomorrow).

  136. … Is it possible for kittehs to look Norse? ‘Cause those two do.

  137. This should be a Valentine’s Day card….or hang some mistletoe over them or something!

    *keels over from the cute*

  138. lurkertype says:

    Oh, shoot, LC. All around.

  139. Malice Alice says:

    MUH GUH GUH! Musicchick2 that is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever seen. I love it. My mom and me is hellaz ROTFLOLing. And this picture made my ovaries do the samba.

  140. Will's Mum says:

    i can’t stop looking!

  141. Welcome back, D2D! Moving is a HUGE job! Now you just have to get settled in! Best of luck with it ALL!

    And, here, have a lovely warm chocolate puddin’!

  142. Thanks, Lauri! *nibbles a big spoonful of gooey hot puddin’ yummyness* Ahhhh, just what I needed!

    Now I’m refreshed and ready for some more insomniac unpacking! Whee!


  143. Jaypo, it’s Southwick’s Zoo in Milford or Milton or Mendon or something, northwest of Franklin/Bellingham. Pardon my inability to remember the exact town; they have a web site that’s easy to find by Googling that has directions.

    Oh no! Except I just remembered it’s only open seasonally and I believe the last day they were open until next spring was yesterday, Saturday. Sorry!

  144. D2D – welcome back, my child. So, this house of yours – majestic and stuff?

  145. They are terribly cute!

  146. Luvvin this pic!! The tootness is unbearable!

  147. So Aub, I guess you could say I now live in the Modified A-Frame Of Love…*LOL*

    Y’know, we were trying to figure out a nickname for our new domain…I think I might have landed on a winner AND stole its ruby slippers…


  148. A 30-foot A-frame after a 15-foot overpass.
    Of Love.

  149. dangerkitty says:

    Eeeeee! The top of the velvety little heads! Help me! Help Me! Why – o -why do I have to be allergic to kitties??!!!