Don’t step on the guin-bee pig

Oh, just STOP IT, Krista H. You have got to be kidding me with this one. Tewtel LOL.

This web site is going straight to hell during the Halloween season. It’s like Pets-in-Costumes-Central over here. I know I SHOULDN’T encourage dressing up pets, but…I…must…POST THEM!


bzzzzzzzzzzz [chomp on carrot] bzzzzzzzzzzz



  1. Hehe. Guin-bee-pig…. I luvs it!

  2. Doh. Hit POST ‘stead of Preview. Sorry.

    But I can totally see how a guinea pig would not put up too much struggle for being stuffed into a costume. They usually too ‘dense’ to realize it. Silly simple piggies.

  3. Buzzy Buzzy Bee bumblin round the tree…! Guinea-Bee the new found species lol!

  4. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  5. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  6. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  7. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  8. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  9. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I need a costume for my hamster. Any ideas?

  10. That’s freaking hilarious!

  11. Somehow it reminds me of the Killer Bees from the old SNL. This one looks a little like John Belushi around the tummy…

  12. My boyfriend, who has reacted with patience and grace to my showing him every single piggy and hamster on this site, especially approves this one. It looks like a Georgia Tech fan! (Go Yellowjackets!)

  13. blueberries4me says:

    Hmmm gives me an idea for my buns. I doubt the fatty-fatty-two-by-four will fit into any costumes though.

    As for this guinea-bee I lurves it.

  14. !!!

    I wonder where one might purchase such a costume…because I have a poor little piggie just begging to be costumed for Halloween!

  15. Stop. Stuh-op! Ow ow ow!

    I think CO needs to offer some sort of health insurance to the peeps. I think I need hernia surgery now. Seriously.

    [too stupid to stop myself from going back for another look]

    I think I just ruptured some vital organ. I think I’m bleeding internally.

  16. Definitely in the cute rather than scary department. Very sweet. I would hate to be stung by a bee that size though.

  17. Karen In Toronto says:

    Redz, I didn’t think this was funny til I read your post. I laughed like a drain.

  18. This is funnier every time I look at it. (That or someone slipped some fun drugs in my afternoon cuppa.)

    I think it’s the beatific look on this trusting little piggy’s face. He’s all, “I think I can fly now…”

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    Not real. Cannot possibly real. Something that cute, that tolerant, that snarfable, just simply cannot exist.

  20. Well I’m confused, it said 2 comments but there are dozens. Regardless, hurray for the new post *and* the adorable dressed up guinea piglet.

  21. Forget the hot dog dog – this is genius at work!!!

    I love dee peegy…

  22. Ooh, you’re right, Redzilla, beatific is the perfect word for its expression! Such a sweet little face.

  23. JohnMarkCar says:

    This is just another example of the asian race trying to dress their animals up for the kill. I am sure they think Hamster is a sweet meat. I don’t see the humor in this. What if aliens came down and dressed you up like a fag? Wouldn’t be funnhy would it? Please put an end to this asian exploitation of animals

  24. what the… uhm, cutie… ! you’re so great! even if i’m not with cancer but sometimes with depressions i thank gingko for that moment i found this blog!
    (there are 3 guinea pigs beneath me: ingrid [the use of small letters is for that the dots on the i’s are the eyes of her], Agathe and Melissa [daughter of ingrid and granddaughter of Agathe].)
    not in costumes of course, we germans are not so in hallows eve spectacle like the americans…
    what a pity.

  25. JohnMarkCar: if you’re trying to be funny, you have failed miserably. If you are serious, you need to get the f*** out of here.

  26. Oh fer cryin’ out… [thud and stars] This is so freakin’ cute I can’t stand it. I can’t stand not being able to see it while I write this. I’m goin’ back in…


  27. This piggie is saying, “This is what I want to bee for Halloween!”

  28. useta hada kitteh says:

    hey, blueberries4me — if you’re planning to dress up your bunny-bun-buns, I hope you have your health insurance paid up. Or maybe your bunnies are more laid back than mine was? When I was a child (lo these many centuries ago) I tried to put a doll’s cape on my rabbit. Jane was usually a tolerant, docile, grandmother-rabbit (that was her other name). She did not take kindly to being dressed in a cape. The cape no longer had ties, and I had a couple of scratches after she shed the thing. (It all happened so fast…)

    Anyway, Mr. Bumble B. Pig-Pig looks dashing in his stripey suit. Not literally dashing, though. He appears to be a rather slo-mo kind of a bee. I likes him, though, and I’m not usually a binny-pig or other rodent fan.

  29. JohnMarcCar says:

    Hello thebluefatgirl,

    Listen, I don’t believe in the abuse of animals so sorry if your small brain can’t comprehend that. O ya, I would like to use this hamster like a pipe cleaner for my asshole

  30. useta hada kitteh, with you there. Nobunny of mine would tolerate that! It’d be like trying to put a costume on a tornado.

  31. JohnMarkCar, it was Chacha who wrote you, not blue girl. And I, too, take offense. I am Chinese, and I’ll have you know, I *never* dress up my pets before I eat them. I eat them straight!

  32. lurkertype says:

    I think the world needs more guin-bee pigs.

  33. JohnMarkCars says:

    Arvay – thanks for pointing out my mistake, and for proving my theory true

  34. that may actually bee the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my life.

    oh dear lord.

  35. JohnMarkCar, you’re quite welcome! Thanks for allowing me to back you up!

    My Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq. would be absolutely *horrified* if I put him in a cute outfit before eating him and making him into a hat!

  36. Avast!! Ready the puddingpault. The sun is over the yardarm and it’s time to take out the trolls, peeps. Brandy bread pudding away!

  37. Awww…JohnMarkCar is so pathetically lonely and in need of attention. I’m sorry his mother didn’t love him.

  38. redz – oohhh, fun drugs. Can I have some? The last Friday afternoon minutes seem interminable sometimes…but at least I have fuzzy, buzzy g-pigs to help me get through it!

  39. JMC needs more brandy in his pudding… light a match and away. Wheee.

    I have a 40 year old album by the Osmonds “The songs we sang on Andy Williams”… they sing “Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee”… well here he is and I’d cuddle this baby all day.

  40. Redz, Amen to what you’re saying….not only in need of dire attention but obvy a racist and sexist, and who knows what else….

  41. OK, people, was I the only person who read “Animals Should Definately NOT Wear Clothing” when I was a kid?

    Animals are too cute already. Start putting costumes on them, and people start going into cute-a-betic shock.

  42. Wow. Apparently by naming his affliction, I’ve banished him. The Force is strong within me today. (I had Mexican food for lunch.)

  43. Clearly Redz is Da Bomb (perhaps in more ways than one)

  44. Indeed Redz, Mexican food is full of the Force, in whatever form you may choose (pfft, toot!)….the CO is once again a safe haven for all cute-o-philes.

  45. Woohoo! 5:00. I’m outta here. Have a good, Forceful weekend peeps!

  46. (Chants) Go Redz… Go Redz… Go Redz!

  47. sandy p. LOL!! Maybe we need a refrito-pault just for lovin’ the trolls. It will be our special pffft–I mean, gfffft for them.

  48. Jaypo… we could just send in my 14 year old… legal chemical warfare after a dinner at our favorite tex-mex restaurant.

  49. refrito-paults it is then….with extra beans!

  50. My current piggen would NEVER permit costuming, but my previous one was very tolerant of it. Her best look: HULA GIRL! The only problem….pigs don’t have waists! So she would walk out of the skirt….

  51. you guys r silly says:

    Wouldn’t this be even
    if the costume had little
    that could lift the wee chunky piggie about an inch or so off the ground and he/she could bumblefly happily around the yard?

  52. OMG! Snorgleriffic!

    I just told my 4 year old niece *yesterday* that dressing up the guinea pig would be impossible. Thou hast proven me wrong! Oddly enough, the niece’s nickname is ‘Bug’.
    I feel the need to dress my abyssinian as a pirate so she can co-ordinate with the basset hound’s outift…. SEND HELP.

  53. Guin-bee-pig. OK, Meg. I can see the Kors-akov this is taking.

  54. jajjaja, me encanta ;D

  55. The Guy Over There says:

    I’m surprised none of you mentioned how possible it is! This is not even photoshopped because CO has shown us the things that make this possible: namely, fuzzy beetocks! I’m sure this photographer had to keep a steady eye to take a snapshot at what must be the next evolution of the bee. With this shot, I hope that physicists will begin to understand just how the bee can fly.

  56. Who was it that made the white bunny with the ultra-floppy ears fly? This guy right here is screaming for it!

  57. I have costume envy! This li’l guy has it all going on. I’m having a hard time finding cats for my CCL costume. I’ve sent out search parties only to have him (okay, it’s a party of one – ha) report back “You’d have better luck if you were going as a Mad Monkey Lady”.

    The other suggestion is to have paper cut-out cats all over me and ask party guests to “color my tabby”.

  58. Can’t…………..Stop……….Laughing!!!!!

  59. **not addressing this redonk commentroversy that I didnt even see coming**

    HOW… is that on his head?!?! is it clipped to his fur or something? Im confused!
    I had a pinny gig once, her name was Dolly and she was precious and would let me dress her in scraps of fabric, for she was too lazy to object lol

  60. Rich Fader says:

    [cue Blind Melon-“No Rain”]

  61. Redz has my Troll-Tromping Trophy vote for today. Kudos!

    … I’m so sending the link to this photo to one of my pigget-obsessed pals.

  62. OH. Also, Arvay wins a big fat prize for outsnarking the opposition… I no longer have the brain power to alliterate three words… so someone needs to come up with an award. Aubrey, where are you?

  63. yes, indeedy, you all did well! Gooo bye, snarky trollbutt.

    I have 7 piggies, right now! I think probably three of them would wear a costume. And I can’t think of better costumes for G.pigs than bumble bee and ladybug costumes…!

  64. Sabba, there was an 1 1/2 hour company get-to-know-the-client lunch, then the rest of the day spent catching up on work.

    And it’s all muggy and weird in L.A.

    And it’s supposed to be Autumn.

    And I’m all tired and stuff.

    (signs, then continues to rummage through the CO Liquor Cabinet)

  65. This is raising some sort of…desire…to costume my kitties. I’ve never done it before. Is it wrong? Maybe. Do I want to be right? Maybe not.

    Xaviar? Pedro? Come here and let me measure you. Oh, no. No reason. Just relax.

  66. BCteagirl says:

    Ah ha ha ha ha!! I love it!Camoflage (yes, I have horrid spelling sorry) to protect him. It was only a matter of time till they developed it, they are fairly defenseless otherwise….

  67. Can anyone else see him running around in little loopy circles “bzzz”-ing?

  68. Oh and lemura-
    Xaviar and Pedro? Brill. XD

  69. this piglet is actually now in my top 5 favourite pics on CO.

    so freaking cute and funny!

  70. OMG, hilarious!

  71. *Hands Aubrey an extralarge mug of Guinneapigus* Drink up, me darlin’!

  72. michellemybelle says:

    How great would it bee to have a hive of these bee piggies in your yard? Instead of buzzing it would be a tiny little squeak. This might bee one of the bestest pictures ever on here.

    Lauri – too bad the lobster costume wouldn’t fit on a piggie – that would bee too much!

  73. Just a little cavey-at, Lauri: that should have been a large mug, not extra large. I’m a very cheap drunk.

  74. YAY!!!! Guineabee!!!

    Arvay – LOL!!! I’m Asian and a vegetarian, but that was the best rejoinder I’ve ever seen!!! 😉

  75. Krista H. says:

    wow thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! (except for johnmarkcar…) my aunt purchased this costume from ebay a few years ago as a gag gift. this little guy, mango, loves to be held and is so patient. i luuurve him! for more costumes, check out this website:

    i’ll send another follow-up picture with the other piggie…

  76. OMGBBQ! Those piglet costumes are too much. My Elvis won’t put up with a collar, let alone anything like a turkey get-up. Rats! Oops – I mean – Piggles!

  77. Oh, and BRAVO Arvay! And Redz! I was ignoring Mr. Look At Me, but you were all much more satisfying.

  78. hrh.squeak says:

    Super Snarky Sertificate to Arvay, whom I lurves and am glad to see back on CO. (Although sorry for the reason why.) And Redzilla, yay, you rock. Tromp the Troll, you must!!

    The piggie is so wonderful!! I must now make costumes for my ratties, who will no doubt attempt to eat them and then shred them into bedding and then pee on them, just because they can.

  79. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Lil dude with a bee attitude.

  80. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  81. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  82. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  83. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  84. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  85. chet's momma says:

    “i be-weeve i can fwyyyy……i be-weeve i can touch the skyyyyy…..!”

  86. AWW!!!! This makes me miss my guinea pig from childhood. He was my first fuzzy pet. He would allow me to lovingly comb his hair every day. I would cover a shoebox with a hand-towel and place him on it to achieve the perfect grooming pedestal. He LOVED it. Sweet Snowball, RIP.

    My only regret is that I never dressed him up as a bee. Dammit! I cannot believe my 3rd-grade mind did not concieve of this. Curses.

  87. Usually pets in costumes don’t do anything for me, but this is really cute.

  88. We have a part-time piggee – we babysit her for a college student friend. Lyra is too adorable on her own to need a costume – but she’s so darned mellow I can’t see her objecting too much.

    But I object to anyone insinuating that piggees aren’t smart or swift on their feet. They just choose NOT to be – for we are their amusement.

  89. Mary Fran says:

    Wheee at the Guinea Pig Daily Digest are all awwwww-ing over this buzzy pig. Visit us at

  90. lurkertype says:

    Now I’m tewtally wanting a piggeh just so I can put one of those kewt costumes on it.

    Pirate Pig! Avast! Hand over your fresh veggies!

  91. michellemybelle says:

    I lurve all teh piggehs, but there’s just something about a piggeh named Mango – Krista H, you’re a lucky gal!

  92. How did they get the guinea pig to hold still long enough to put the costume on it?

  93. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Normally I hate people who cry ‘abuse’ at every other CO post…but I must say I don’t like this :/

    It’s very cute but I highly doubt the piggy liked it.
    I’ve owned dozens of piggies and not one wouldn’t bite my hand off or pee itself in terror if I tried to dress it up.

    What’s the point? The animal doesn’t enjoy it and it shouldn’t be used to keep it warm as piggies shouldn’t be out in cold temperatures.

    My advice is to save your money and buy your piggies some yummy treats or a new run, instead. They’d appreciate it more and people wont think you’re an idiot.

    I might’ve let the person off but the antenae look like it has an under-the-chin strap and that is not good 😦

  94. Dickie… on the one hand, I agree with you–all animals should be treated with respect. But on the other… well, gosh, if mild teasing and occasional dressing up for silly photos and–oh what else–doing the fake-throw-watch-poor-dog-look-befuddled thing and feeding spoonfuls of peanut butter to dogs, and stealing treats from a rat’s stash and handing it to him, and then grabbing it again as he’s on his way back to you to ask for more, and letting him stash the same treat over and over, if all of this teasing is the worst a spoiled family pet has to endure, consider him blessed. 🙂

    Anyway, this photo is so sweet, it gives me cavyties. This piggie might try to tell you a colorful story, but without his costume, it’d be difficult to tell what the pigment.

  95. Geez Louise!
    The bees are really BIG out your way… and they’re terrestrial too!

  96. This Guinea pig is so cute!

  97. ahh soo cute i have 2 guinea pigs and would love costumes for them were did you get that costume from?
    please reply wee wee