OOCED: Puggage

That’s it. Today is offcially "Out of Control Eyeball Day" on C.O.

This pug is demonstrating unreal stubbtitude, a hilarious belly, and one super out-of-control eyeball.

Way to go, Mathilda!


The bellage is too funny, Sherri H. 😉



  1. poor violet says:

    THE BELLEH!!!!

  2. poor violet says:

    Hey, 1st post. Cool.

  3. That dog could have been drawn by Warner Bros.

  4. Hahaha, he’s like a little Buddah!

  5. that dog’s paws are aDORIble

  6. Marty Feldman reincarnated as a dog

  7. NebraskaErin says:

    Stubby legs! Pink belleh! Stubby legs!

  8. i love the paws! although the legs seem to have been stuck on to the body at wierd angles..

  9. Hmmm. He looks so stherious. Like a stherious teddy-pug.

  10. can’t…take…stubby….legs…..


  11. “short legs…short legs..can’t move short legs…ehn!”
    I bet there is a very short and curled tail with extreme limited mobility on the back of this pup.

  12. The best part about fat, fat, fat little pink puppeh bellehs? Unlike with kittehs, you won’t get your face filleted when you go in for a snorgle. Whew.

  13. Must give the belleh zooberts!



    Hits monitor with full force.

    Face slides down leaving behind a slobber trail.

  14. Looks like a googly puppy! Want to feel the warm tumtum on my mouf.

  15. A thinker says:

    His little leggies look like turkle legs.

  16. There’s something almost turtle-like about him.


  17. that puppy is so not real. I don’t believe for one second that we are dealing with an actual pug or that its belleh isn’t just a figment of my imagination. nothing in this world can be so irresitable.

  18. Too funny!

    I only recently found CO’s never-spoken-of-cousin, Ugly Overload.

    (No, I don’t mean that this pug is ugly. And now that sounded very sarcastic.. But really, me luvvs this ridiculously cute little dog!)

  19. Um, and what about those stubby tater-tot arms? This guy is too much.

  20. No, Scofield, no!

    That horrid site *almost* ruined my morning’s cute buzz. I had to look at the wee pug a few times before I could get the image of the icky shark out of my head!

  21. Christiana says:

    He almost looks like a stuffed toy. Too cute! I’m a tummy fan myself.

  22. i’m with you jenn. not only is this pug not real, this is so not cute, it’s cruel. And photoshopped.

    just kidding. wow. it’s been said before, and i’ll say it again, Teh Be11eh

  23. OMG the stubbiness! I can’t take it! *faint*

    *revives* I wanna kiss that bulgin’ belleh too 😛

    *passes out again*

  24. This looks like one of those baby pictures with blackmail potential in later life.

  25. His legs look so short, I’ll bet his belly rubs the floor when he walks (or rather, waddles)!!

  26. As I mentioned before, I think I’m a Nuglyham (an nuffingham of the ugly), because Ugly Overload has a bunch of pics of hairless cats. I just can’t find them ugly, because I lof their wrinkly, nekkid, warm goodness.

  27. *Pats katerpie on the shoulder*

    There, there. If you don’t feel better, scroll down Co’s front page and take a look at Big-Eyes-Marmie-with-Serious-Eyebrows. This should do it.

  28. Nuglyhams are good. Nuffinghams are not.

    So there. 🙂

  29. Kiki! “Tater tot arms”- ROTFLMFAOWTFBBQ! Too good.

    That pup looks like one of those Disney-Babies or Warner-Brothers-Babies versions of their characters.

  30. I want to blow a raspberry on that little belly!

  31. Q: What is better than two handfuls of warm, squirmy, fat bellied, baby pup?

    A: Nuthin’


    “Somebody set us up the BELLEH!”

  33. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Dawwwwe… he looks like a Japanese cartoon show character!

  34. *Ooooooooooooooooooooo*

    (rendered speechless by the adorable puggage … then melts into a puddle of love on the floor)

  35. Fuzzybutt says:

    I want to raspberry his l’il belly!

  36. pugmamatimestwo says:

    BABY!! *dies*
    My hubby is very mad at CO because now I want another one ^.^

  37. Would you just look at this guy?! I cannot believe how cute!

  38. blueberries4me says:

    I’m at work and I almost burst out loud laughing. What a sweet bebeh.

  39. I call that a “wayyy-o” eye.

  40. puglets rule says:

    AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Bebe PUGLET! Tewtelly stubbilicious tater-tot arms that I NEED to put in mah mouf NOW! Meg – you’re killin’ me here 🙂

  41. I love the puglet’s belly. Wanna snorgle it SO BAD.
    Pugs’ wall eyes are hilarious!

  42. BELLEH BELLEH BELLEH!!!!! *snorgleattack*

    I get to see mah vereh own pup this weekend – sooooooo excited! I’m coming Pheebes! *snuggles the schnauzer beard*

  43. moths_are_scary says:

    i think OCE DAY should be holiday!! How do I e-mail a picture of my pug? I click on the link and it says “NO! you can’t E-MAIL!! BAD GIRL!!” not really in those words…but you understand. MEG! (Or anybody willing to help…) what’s the e-mail address?!!?

  44. I spy, with my little eyes, something that is bowlegged. *giggles uncontrollably*

  45. PUG!

    The wee feet, the big eyes, ahhh…I want a pug!

  46. I’m sure he could float, with that belleh – a pug-boat!

  47. I think he’s a she, Aubrey. Hover your pointer over the photo.
    “MatildaBelly” (…or is it spelled “Mathilda”?)

  48. Ahhh!! SO CUTE!! Pugs are my favorite dog in the whole wide world and you just made my day even better!!! Too cute…just too cute…!! Ahhhhh!!!

  49. the awesome stubitude just caused my computer to spontaneously reboot. Stheriouthly!! TOO PROSH!

  50. auuuugh…must….blow…raspberry…on…belly…

    And a pug named MATILDA? Priceless.

  51. T:

    Whoops – me mistaken? Walleye never!

    For the record, let’s just say that it was a typo, and that I left out the ‘s’ by accident.

    (leaves to grab a cup of coffee, and FAST)

  52. Too tight! Too Tight!

    Too late….

  53. While the caption is cute, it is inaccurate, as is the one for the Boston terrier following it. The left eyes are not askew; rather, each pup’s third eyelid (a structure inside the other two, which crosses from the tear duct to the side) is partially closed.

  54. Okay, that little pugster may change my feelings on his entire breed. I want to rub that fat little belly!

  55. cutest pug ever! Seriously — he is offically crowned cutest pug that ever had its picture taken!

  56. He’s Mad Eye Moody.

    Constant vigilance!

  57. Ugh… I think this is my last visit to CuteOverload…

    because you just cannot beat this belleh.

  58. …but you *can* SNORGLE it!!!

  59. O.


  60. Ewwww! Scary.

  61. hrh.squeak says:

    stomp stomp CLAP
    stomp stomp CLAP

    Nuff!!! Man yer posts!!!

  62. indigoreiki says:

    look at the little pug-em’s face … he’s soooo CUTE.

  63. “Twuue puuug…”

    c.f. “OOCED: Meow-llo-ween” Princess Bride conversation

  64. chet's momma says:

    shweet Matilda! Can you imagine her waddling over your coverlet to wake you up in the morning? pug! on a coverlet! awwwww!

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The little PAWS…!

    I am dead. I die.

    (but not before I snorgle that tummy!)

  66. This makes me want another pug baby. Those tiny arms!!! That belleh!! This may be wrong, but I do blow rasberrys on my pug bebe’s belleh. While she tries to bite my hair. We’re odd.

  67. Reminds me of my math instructor…

  68. AHHH!!! *squeal!! I ADORE PUGS!!!

  69. So ugly… and yet so cute. 🙂

  70. I think Puggalicious there looks like Mad-Eye Moody.

  71. warrior rabbit says:

    Body by Homer Simpson.

    Mmmm, doughnuts.

  72. Tum-tum!
    I could just sit there poking his lil’ tummy for hours.
    Poke… poke… =P

  73. Little belly-welly….
    and those puppy paws!

  74. Pugs are such funny looking dogs. Not like us suave and distinguished dachshunds!