OOCED: Meow-llo-ween

First of all, People, I did NOT make up "Meow-llo-ween." I simply cannot take credit. But when someone wishes you a "Happy Meowlloween!" you must pass it on.  So, Happy Meowlooowee—HOLY KITTEH KRAZY EYES!!!


Teh Arnold Family RULEZ



  1. Yeee!!!!!

  2. spooktacular

  3. …and TEEFS!!!

  4. …and PAWZZZ!!!

  5. cute pumpkin too

  6. …and CREEPY CERAMIC MUGZ!(?)!!

  7. This looks a lot like the kitten from the “Little Socks’ Book Club” photo. Only demon-possessed.

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love it when kittens try to be fierce. Cuuuuute!

  9. Now this is cute, and funny! Not disturbing. Theo, you OK? You seem a little agitated. lol

  10. The kitty looks a little freaked out. Get me out of this mug!!

  11. Only slightly less well known that “Never get involved in a land war in Asia” is “ever pick up a pumpkin stein with a kitten in it!” Ahhaha Ahhaha Ahaha–klonk.

  12. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Everything about this I love, yes.

  13. That’s “Never pick up a pumpkin stein with a kitten in it.” If I’m not going to type any better than that, I’m just going to have go do some of the work they pay me for.

  14. Karen in Toronto says:

    He’s all like “meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer,” meaning “Mom, you shoulda drained the beer from this mug before you poured me in. Now my feets are cold.”

    “Meer” is the first, and for a long time the only, word in the Kitten Lexicon. As they get older, they add “pert-meer” and “nyang” (where “nawm” is the self-chewing sound, “nyang-yang-yang” is the sound for finger, wrist, and ankle gnawing).

  15. AlbertaGirl says:


  16. I’ve seen those eyes, that face, and that expression. behold http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/09/we_loves_us_som.html

    Teh Chavo rulz!

  17. This is now my desktop wallpaper, thank you very much. Just have to go out and get some candy corn and I’m set! Anyone for “meowlo cremes”?

  18. mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr! mEEr for bEEr!

  19. …oh and yes, LURV the milk ‘stache!

  20. My love and giggles goes to Redzilla today for that wonderful response! HEEE!

    Perfect Halloweenie Kitteh!

  21. albertagirl: you keep using dat wurd. I do not think it mens what you think it mens.

  22. Hey, Kitteh is just getting his act ready to scare the kidlets. Arch the back! Make hair stand on end! Spit! Hiss!

  23. McTwin: T’anx!

    Oh, and are you only available for a limited time? And do you come with your own dipping sauce?

    Karen: uff, I laffed. That’s exactly the wee kitteh’s first word. meer meer meer.

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    As you wish, tiny fraidycat.

  25. Teughcats says:

    Is it REALLY little Chavo? He’s so cute! and fierce! and fuzzy!

  26. i lof da stache. an da teefies. I can only imagine what the belleh must be like…. *kerplunk*

  27. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    uh… that kinda scared me. x__x

  28. NebraskaErin says:

    On Halloween night, little kitteh will be placed on the front step to scare all the little trick-or-treaters.

    Unfortunately, the very first trick-or-treater will instead say “Awwww!”, and pop him into his or her candy sack to take home.

  29. Count Catula sent his owner into hystrical laughter Tuesday when he revealed his true indentity. It was found that the only difference was the name change. He was still the same little goofy kitten.

  30. OMG have you seen what I’m wearing?!! lol
    SCREAM in kitty language! So cute the lil kitty is getting ready for trick or treating, think he/she will get lots of treats when they show up on the peep’s doorsteps :O)

  31. AHA! Attack-O-Lantern!

  32. A thinker says:

    This is severe LOL-ishness. Methinks poor kitty is actually crying, “Let me down! Let me down! (WTF am I doing in a crazy ceramic mug?)”

  33. OMG, the baby kitt-un getting the bath, that was cute I almost cried! I don’t know which is more painful, that one or this one. I think I will just weep for both. Oh, the exquiseete suffering from teh cute!

  34. Kitteh is upset because in addition to itself, the stein contains this:


  35. tehehehe

    He looks like he has a double chin

  36. Ebee- good idea! Me thinks it will become my wallpaper too.

  37. Trick or Treat
    Hear me meep
    Get me out of here toot sweet!

  38. If there is actually any beer in there, it’ll soon be kitteh-whiz flavored.

    I’m just sayin’…

  39. Is it just me, or does he have whipped cream on his tongue? I think he’s having a happy conniption fit over the treat.

  40. Talk about a Spiced Pumpkin Latte….is that non fat?

  41. My first thought on seeing this picture: “Sweeeeet. Dude.”
    Then I had a flashback to a much bigger tux kitty following me around in that pose and w/that expression.. then the heel of my white keds quickly turning red…

  42. “Excuse me…there seems to be something floating in my pumpkin ale….”

  43. Now, that’s just begging to be iconned! Kitty is *fierce*!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Myyyyy punkin! RARR!

    She’s guarding her candy stash (and her milk ‘stache)!

  45. HonorH — hmm, good point. Masking the dark ears from the dark background (including the shadow) would be a pain, tho.

  46. Try this type of masqueing instead, T.


    A CO masque for the holidays? Should we go wassailing too? (or, with a kitteh/puppeh/whateveh in our arms, we could go was-tailing)

  47. NO TEEFS!



  48. Whiskers for days!!

  49. Carly Arnold says:

    I sent this pic in and I found this wittle baby sitting in the his punkin mug he did not want to get out! and yes he is hissing at me and meewing loudly then he stops for a purr he is trying to be his scariest but seeing as I bottle feed him he cant help but say I love you but dont touch the mug bee otch!

  50. oh god!

    This made me giggle like a mad Villy!

  51. “meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer meer”

    Did anyone else see the “Night of Too Many Stars” Autism Education benefit on Comedy Central Sunday Night? Steve Corell made a plea in “Cat” to those cats that had received large bequests from little old ladies. Then Oscar (from The Office) came on and made the same plea for Spanish-speaking cats. Too funny.

  52. To this lil kitteh I would say: “Many decaffeinated brands taste just as good!”

    Yes, meer is the first word in the kitteh language, but usually it’s heard as “MEER! MEER! MEER!” as the tiny kittains go bugfrick crazy when Mom leaves the nest. All they are is a stomach and a MEER (and little tiny needle claws) at the beginning. I never ceased to wonder at how loud the tiniest kittens could be.

  53. Peg of Tilling says:

    Customer: Waiter, there’s a kitten in my mug!

    Waiter: Shh! Everyone will want one!

    …and so we do.

  54. Core, you know kittens well. When we’re bottle feeding, we usually have a condition refered to as “Kitten rash” from the kittehs freaking out with joy over the bottle and grabbing at it with those little needles.

  55. “My name is Indicat Montoya. You put me in a very silly pumpkin mug. Prepare to die.”

  56. [snicker] …perhaps “Inigato” Montoya?

  57. moths_are_scary says:

    i don’t like cats….and i definately don’t like this one….BLEH!!!

  58. Ina-Cat-a-Da-Vida?

  59. That’s awesome, Maureen!

  60. “You keep using dat word. I don tink dat word mean what you tink it mean.”

  61. “INCONCEIVABLE.”!!!!

    Actually, Redz, you seem a decent fellow…I hate to kill you.

  62. Lol, Maureen! And Peg!

    Prepare to Cuted!!!

  63. Aubrey, you seem a decent fellow. I hate to die. (Sorry Redz i stoled it)

  64. Too late. I switched glasses when your back was turned. (I’m now wearing Ray Bans.)

  65. “Stop it now; I mean it!”

    “Anybody got a peanut?”

  66. Meow-rrrr, Cinderella! Looks like you’re walking home!

    Oh, and Rorye, I’ll take a peanut…just put it in my right hand please, because…I’m not left-handed.

  67. lurkertype says:

    Have fun storming the castle!

    This looks like TK’s sis on a Very Bad Day. And she hasn’t had a day this bad in her life.

  68. aub…there’s something rorye should tell you.. he’s (she’s?) not left-handed either!!

  69. (throws down sword, turns around and runs)

  70. HEE!! 😀

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mad-eyed kitty!!

  72. rorye, are there rocks ahead?

  73. Hee! I AM left handed.

  74. Tu traje de calabaza esta un poco pecado, no, Chavo?

    Mreew! Ayayay! No puedo moverme….ayudameeeowwwrrrr!!!!!!

  75. That person needs to get their finger out of that cat’s bum. That’s cat abuse.

  76. “If there are, we’ll all be PUDDIN’D!”

  77. …OK OK, “dead.”
    ’tis the season, I suppose.

  78. That’ll be enough, Prince Hum-puddinck.

  79. No!
    …to the PAIN.

  80. Thats one cute and scary kitten..

  81. AuntieMame says:


    Does anyone else have trouble posting to Vox?

    I can’t get my *&^% cursor to show up in the *$#@ text box in the &$%@ Compose screen.

    And it’s not that it just doesn’t show on the screen. It’s simply not there. I try typing text and absolutely nothing happens.

    /end threadjack

  82. Rich Fader says:

    “Put me down! Please put me down!”

  83. Mine seems OK, AuntieM.

  84. I’d like to continue, but it’s dinnertime. Anyone else in the mood for a nice MLT sandwich?

  85. AuntieMame says:

    What browser do you use? I just tried Firefox instead of Netscape and it seemed to work okay there. You wouldn’t think something like that would be browser related, though.

  86. Not only is that the scariest/most gorgeous kitty but she is tiny enough to fit in a pumpkin mug?! Fabulous!

  87. AuntieM — I’m a little bit FireFox, and a little bit rock & roll.

  88. Turns out I’m only *mostly* Red.

  89. little miao says:

    Eeek, a cute kitten!

    Dear AuntieM: I use Firefox, but I have the same problem as you (occasionally). When I close the browser & reopen it, it’s okay.

    Maybe it’s a technical issue with vox, after all.

  90. The person who ordered the drink had almost the same expression on *her* face.

  91. michellemybelle says:

    AuntieMame: I had that problem earlier with both IE and Safari – just refresh the page and it will (well, should) work.

    OOCED has been a rousing success in my book. All of the OOCEs have just been lovely. There should be a chameleon though – those are some crazy eyed muthas.

  92. AuntieMame says:

    The problem is that Netscape NEVER lets me post, and now Opera won’t either.

    And now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

    Oh, screw it. I’ll just look at the maddened kitty instead.

  93. No, no, that’s not Chavo. They do look very similar though!
    FYI, Chavo is a healthy and feisty little 6 week old now and he is zooming around here at this very moment.
    ~Kristy (Chavo’s mama)

  94. Michelle: at your service:

    Oh, and after scrolling fo’ evah through the unusual animal section looking for this clever googly-eyed little guy, I just gotta say:
    Meg, I think it’s time seals and sea lions got their own category!!!!

  95. Grrr…stupid…screwed up the linky.
    Here is Monsieur Crazy Petit Chameleon:


  96. Ohmygod. You precious demonic kitty…

  97. is it just me…or does anyone else see this kitteh got way more than his mousestache into the milk?

  98. /threadjack
    I am seriously wetting myself laughing at the “Invisible Sandwich”:


    /threadjack off

  99. LOL! Maureen, those are so funny.

    Trashcat is NOT amused! Heeeee.

  100. Oh, I can’t believe how much this kitten looks like Chavo, too. And, it’s not. Must be a clone!

  101. That baby has teefs! Seems to be a common misconception on this post that this baby has no teefs, but look again. Sharp, pointy lil teefers. Pointy lil teefers and sharp lil claws and oh my how scaaarrrreeee! Ooooh, I R sooo scared o’ de bad, scary lil kitt-UN! Run away, run away! [NOT: real scenario, allows lil kitteh to shred lower right arm wif her claws and teefs cuz she is just so damnably cute I’d let her chew off my entire hand just to watch her in action!]

  102. Core, you know kittens well. When we’re bottle feeding, we usually have a condition refered to as “Kitten rash” from the kittehs freaking out with joy over the bottle and grabbing at it with those little needles.

    Posted by: Mam————————–I’ll just have to say, and you can check my previous post to understand that I mean this, that sounds like heaven and an awesome way to lose your right hand.

  103. Oh, Maureen, nodwick has killed me. I nearly wet my pants, and I most assuredly made an ass of myself in the office.
    Invisible bicycle!!!

  104. Plus a new variant on “the dog ate my homework.”

  105. NebraskaErin says:

    Princess Bride quotes: the ONLY way to start a Friday morning!

  106. One hunert. ha!

  107. bunnajenny says:

    Redz that video is brilliant. When we were dating, my now-husband had a persian who destroyed my printer. I had taken my very small printer to his house to print out a copy of my thesis – the cover of the printer had broken so the ink catridge was exposed. Kitty seeing the catridge move back and forth so quickly was stirred into a hunting frenzy. Shah, the persian, sat there following the catridge, studying its every move until BAM! his little gloved paw of death whacked the catridge so hard that it went off-line, never to get back on-line again.
    Here endeth the story of Shah the Destroyer.

  108. Ahahahahaha! That’s just adorable 😀

  109. bunnajenny-
    Obviously Shah thought you had brought over your infested box for the master to deal with.

  110. LOL RedZ, that’s the other one that made me collapse in a fit of giggles… invisible bicycle *snigger*

  111. bunnajenny says:

    LWolf, Shah was definitely The Master. He also schooled numerous cds, those shiny devils!

  112. Chavo and this little darlin’ both look a lot like my Xena, and are approximately the same age.

    Although Xena’s got one long white opera glove, an asymmetrical white patch on half her muzzlepuff, and more long white guardhairs shooting out of her ears. (I’d prove this, but the camera is sick right now.)

    The maniacal expression is most Xena-like, too. I had forgotten how nutso five- and six-week-old kittehs are. When Amber came to us, I had a 13-year-old son in the house, to run some of that off. Our pre-Amber cat came to us when my boys were 2 and 8, so … likewise.

    But I find myself, now, with one solitary little wallclimber, handmauler, and pillowslayer, who likes to play Bitey-Scratchy-Jumpy for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours … and hours …

    And what is it with this rash of very-late-season tuxedo kittens? Have they all incarnated in a group this fall, in hopes of conquering the world?

    If so, I say let ’em go for it. They can’t do a worse job than the folks who are running it *now* …

  113. hmmm
    A crop of late season tux kittens?
    Such a gorgeous concept.
    Could I at least get one to put in charge here?
    (Though probably not this guy, he’s completely maaaaad .)

  114. A CROP? Oh man, if only I COULD buy a bushel of these at the farm road stand!

  115. To get a crop like that, you’ve got to be willing to furtilize.

  116. …and earigate!

  117. No new posts?


  118. Dang it, Theo. I got nuthin. I’m stumped.

  119. Dang, RedZ… and here I was, waiting to reap the fruits of what you’d sown.

  120. Theo… the CATapillers got Red’s tongue (and the fruits of her punage).

  121. I wonder where Aubrey the Silent is, today.

  122. Sleeping off a kitten huffing jag?

  123. Theo! I’m going into withdrawal again! Do something!!!!

    Here, pick one of mine on here : http://www.ratemykitten.com/pictures/helene23/

  124. Aaaaaauuuuu-brey! Aaaaauuuu-brey! Pun out, pun out, wherever you are!

  125. Mary & Helene & other jonesin’ peeps —
    Cute Overload ain’t *mine* y’know. But I do have a pic in the pipe, just in case.

  126. awww, Red, that one is adorable. veddy contempawting.

  127. T. sez,
    “…Cute Overload ain’t *mine*”


    /evil laughter
    //eviler soundtrack

  128. (yeeps!)

  129. between no new posts at cute overload or go fug yourself…I developing the shakes and may not be able to continue my work day.

    I will go home and commence snorgling my precious furry child.

  130. Good Morning(Afternoon)Peeps!

    Hey – canned(corn)-you-cope-ia on your own?

  131. Aub–we have a pun deficiency.

  132. And need your pun’d efficiency.

  133. Need. Fresh. Cute.

  134. Redz:

    As the mother wolf said to her pups:

    Happy to whelp.

  135. Starting to twitch here.

  136. Aubrey: Ba-dum-bump.

    Everyone else*: The Night of Two Many Stars plea for donations from cats can be found here:

    Sho’ is funny!

    *OK, and Aubrey, too.

  137. NebraskaErin says:

    Riley won’t come out until there’s more cute.


  138. Anyone notice that the porn advertisement to the right isn’t so cute?

  139. Jory — it’s not a “porn advertisement.” It’s an ad for an in-depth news analysis ABOUT porn, y’know, as an issue. It’s not CLICK HERE FOR BOOBIES.

  140. Nonetheless, not cute.

  141. Well… that, I don’t dispute.

  142. Hahahaha, mariser!

  143. Hey Redzilla… don’t you think someone ought to photochop together a pic of “Pumpkinstein?” (re: your comment from much earlier)

    Someone not me, that is. Er. Heh.

  144. That Steve Carell bit had me laughing SO hard. And, then, the message in Spanish AND sign language….o.m.g.!!

  145. There IS something slightly wrong with Glenn Beck being under the heading of “Premium Prosh”.

  146. Lauri, I second that and raise you 5! I was laughing out loud here at my desk, not a good thing at all. People could think I’d lost it completely. And I have.. my heart to C.O.! It makes up for no new posts. (almost) (well ok, it does.)

  147. AlbertaGirl says:

    Maureen, my eternal thanks for the link! The “voices” cat is the one that got me howling!

  148. Yes….I do think *someone* ought to bring to life a Pumpkinstein graphic…I wonder who isn’t afraid of the villagers with their torches and pitchforks…

  149. And I must concur with the person who first called Glenn Beck an asshat. So there, I said it. Asshat.

  150. Thanks for finding that video Maureen!

    It’s Friday, I can’t sneak out of here for hours yet, and the lights keep going out in my new office because they put in those stupid automatic light sensor things in a building full of people whose jobs entail sitting in front of a computer or reading. Who DOES that? /rant

    So, anyway, I’m incessantly hitting the refresh button- more puns please!

  151. bunnajenny says:

    Mariser, the protection of CuteOverload from the Evil Overload ‘T’ sounds like a job for El Guapo and the guys down in Cat Town…

  152. lurkertype says:

    Mr. LT picked up a cornered MomTux.

    With his bare hands.

    So he’s been shredded and I’m at home hoping MomTux and Sis will leave the house and that I’ll see them do it.

    TK has worms, so HRT probably does too.

    We Are Not Amused by the tuxedo coalition today.

    (And Mr. LT realizes he is an idiot, since he did the same thing this summer when the TuxKits were all still in the nest.)

  153. Poor Mr. LT. has all my sympathy.
    I once reached into the middle of a cat attack.
    (Yes, I did know what I was doing was *stoopid*, but the last attack had nearly cost the smaller kitty her tail.)
    Tuxedo boy kitty bit me but good.
    He then became terribly abashed and sat on me obsessively for days til he figured I’d recovered.
    But it soo didn’t help knowing that I knew better.

  154. There once was a guy named LT
    Putting his health where it never should be
    With hands that were bare
    Against claws that were bared
    Giving MomTux her certain vic’try

  155. Sandy Tyra says:

    I love the kitty – but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the mug! Where can I find such a mug? I have webbed searched till my eyeballs are falling out and i can find lots of jack-o’lantern mugs, but none as good as this one. I wants!

    Back to the kitteh – he is very cute and very, very pi. . .angry.

  156. Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…

    that bwack an white of da cwazy kitty-kitty

  157. A classic. This picture would translate well into a large poster!

  158. Try though you may, Cat, you can’t look scary!