OOCED: Boston-style

What would "Out-of-Control-Eye-Day" be without a Boston Terrier?

Pup’s left eye: "honk-shu"
Pup’s right eye: "Baroo?"
Pup’s paws: "Ehn!"

This pup says so much—without saying a word. [Holding one finger in front of your lips] Sshhh.


Domo Arigato, Cathy W.!



  1. this day scares me.

  2. Awwwwwwwww!

  3. karen in toronto says:

    Squeeeeee-ONK (head falls off).

  4. Thank you, Thank yor for cheering me up!

  5. ooooh and the ear curlage…

  6. I’m with ariel. Cute-ish dogs, freaky eyes.

  7. Ear Flop, you forgot the ear flop!

  8. NebraskaErin says:

    This photo is slightly disturbing, but cute.

  9. THE PAW PADS, PEEPS!!!! THE PAW PADS!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Ohmigosh – it’s Marty Feldman week!!

  11. OK. Stop. This guy looks like that actor Jack Elam!!!

  12. ShelleyTambo says:

    A few weeks ago, my cat fell asleep and only her third eyelid closed on her right eye. This reminds me of that. Creeeepy.

  13. Ugh Hate it!

  14. This is what I look like in the morning!! One of my eyes doesn’t wake up as quickly as the other. Only I don’t got adorable ear floppage or crazy-kissable pink paw pads. 😦

  15. misscrisp says:

    stheriously peeps, for the fuwst time, I am fwightened by CO.
    scary! but it is close to halloween I guess.
    (rolls over and huffs catten belleh for reassurance)

  16. Deborah — Jake Elam, yes; also Marty Feldman & a few other wall-eyed CO faves.

  17. is that normal? where’s his eye going? OOCE day is cute AND sad.

  18. I predict that today is going to both squick me out and make me laugh. I have an eyeball phobia (they’re so delicate! so sensitive! so vital! so exposed to danger! so filled with goop that makes me want to hurl!) and the eyeball close ups gross me out so much. But look at that pup. That pup rode the merry go round one time too many and just now stumbled off and flopped down. Right now, he is trying to figure out why the world is still spinning.

  19. bunnajenny says:

    it’s a little frightening, but so much better than when our dogs fall asleep with their eyes open and then the eyeballs roll back. Being stared at by the whites of the eyes is theriously gross. Gryph’s explanation of the li’l pup who went around one too many times on the merry go round is too sweet!

  20. I’m not even going to ask why this guy is in a pup-quarium.

  21. Oooh, Ivy, you’re right. I just noticed the giant ham-pupster water dispenser.

  22. Forget the eye, this picture makes me want to *streeeeeeeetch*. Ahhhhh.

  23. Karen in Toronto says:

    I dunno if pwnees colour-code puppies the way human parents colour-code their babies, but besides the pink sippy-bottle and the pink blankie, see the little ribbon? The little PINK gingham ribbon?

    Dat’s a girl, gang.

  24. The puppeh’s eye isn’t pointing in the wrong direction, it’s just the inner eye lid covering the eye. My dog’s a half-light sleeper — his outer eyelids will flicker open at the slightest noise, but the inner eyelids take their time.

  25. Ooohh…I just noticed
    1) pink gingham ribbon around neck
    2) STUFFED back legs
    3) puppehquarium *waterbottle*?!!

    I don’t know what’s real anymore.

  26. moths_are_scary says:

    EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! “mommy mommy mommy mommmy mommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!! PICK ME UP!!!!” Oh! And did you see the pink GINHAM BOW AROUND HER NECK!! She’s so delicate!!! Do you think she would let me snuggle her GI-NOOOORMOUS eye balls!!?!?!?!

  27. I gotta wonder–was this pic taken in Japan, because it really does look like a Japanese pet store. Packaging is really important in Japan, and in the pet stores I went in, all the puppehs and kittehs were perfectly groomed and bowed and displayed in adorable petquariums with baskets and blankies. Amazin.

  28. I want to put those feeties in my mouth, but I wouldn’t dare. That sweet face might kill me if I got too close.

  29. Deborah, to my mind, ‘The Girl In Lover’s Lane’ featured Jack Elam’s finest moments:



    And paw (Boston bean) pads have been duly noted? Yes? Good.

  30. it’s offiical: i hate OOCE day.

  31. moths_are_scary says:

    How do I e-mail a picture of my pug? I click on the link and it says “NO! you can’t E-MAIL!! BAD GIRL!!” not really in those words…but you understand. MEG! (Or anybody willing to help…) what’s the e-mail address?!!?

  32. Gryph – not to gross you out or anything, but if you’ve tried to get into an eyeball with a blunt scalpel in biology dissection, you might drop “delicate” from your description of eyeballs. They’re tough and bouncy suckers.

  33. ^_^; Humans have that condition too, you know…so I wouldn’t exactly class this as cute..

    It’s called Strabismus, and it’s not anything pleasant to have…

    However, that pup is so damn cute!!

  34. fawn lust says:

    aww, bostie! love ’em.

  35. MothsAreScary — use this site: http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/

    First, upload your photo(s) to AYCU, per their instructions. Then, in the email you send, copy the “direct link to image” and paste it (or them) into the body text of the message. Finally, email the message to Meg at cuteoverload@frostdesign.net (which appears in the left-hand margin here, under “GOT CUTE?”).

    This way, you don’t HAVE to attach photos to the email, which is good because it keeps Meg’s inbox from getting overfilled quite so quickly.

    (You don’t have to use AYCU of course; you can also send the URLs of online photos you’ve already posted via some other service, like Flikr or Shutterfly or Picasa, etc.)

  36. moths_are_scary says:

    THEO!! you’re amazing! I love you!! thank you!!!

  37. I am teh übergeek.

  38. Why is today celebrating deformed dogs? 😦

  39. moths_are_scary says:

    they’re not deformed…they just need extra loving…

  40. bunnajenny says:

    I went back and looked at all the truly premium prosh on the pup – the binkie, the water bottle, that insanely cute gingham ribbon…when my eyes lolled to the advertisides – YIKES! We got rid of Angry Man and now we get PORN MAN. Why oh why oh why oh…

  41. Not liking the out-of-control eye day so much. Not real cute to me. 😦 But to each his/her own!

  42. Gotta love those pink little toes!

  43. A thinker says:

    Poooor pupsteh looks sad & lonely.


  45. I like that one half-black pad. It looks like a candy corn.

  46. I’m in LUUUUUUVVVV with those paw pads! I want to marry them.

  47. Noo – Why? WHYYYY. Why did you do that to me. I’m so grossed out right now. For serious.

  48. OOCED frightens me… Immensely.

  49. yoohoostereo says:

    I think it is a girl, because it looks like it is wearing a pink ribbon on its neck. I like its pink fleecy blankey. She looks so warm. Gross, funny and cute.

  50. Teughcats says:

    Lurking nuffinghams take note! It IS possible to express discontent with a picture without abusing those who like it or swearing or SHOUTING at them, and still respect the opinions of others.
    [climbs down off soapbox]

    That said, loves the pups and not toow worried about the eyeballs. Are they keeping them peeled perhaps? (Now there’s a seriously gross expression…)

  51. [taking Noo over one knee and very firmly *spank*spank*spanking.]
    No more icky eyeball descrip-shons.

  52. Premium ear-floppage, to match the full-body-floppage 😀 *sighs* I love Boston Terriers…

  53. ooh, and I just noticed the extended nails.. perhaps she’s waiting for her manicure? pink polish, of course

  54. Check out that little leg way in the back! And those paw pads! Must…snorgle…

  55. Not really a dog person… but I do love Boston terriers and pugs. They are just so darn homely and snorty and I love their wide-set rolly eyes. And for a Boston terrier, this looks like a pretty normal specimen.

    Dogs (and other critters) with really wide-set eyes don’t have nearly as much binocular vision as humans and so it doesn’t cause them much trouble if the eyes don’t work together all of the time. Yes, in a human child this would be a disturbing and sad sight. In a puppers like this, I think it’s adorable.

    Besides, this dog isn’t exactly going to have to go to school or work for a living. She’s gonna loll about on a pink blankie and be hand-fed tasty treats.

  56. Kerry et al–
    It’s just his third eye lid over his eye.
    He doesn’t seem to have a problem,
    Other than sleepiness.

    Want to snuggle with warm puppy
    (happiness is…), and nap for a while.

  57. Why does everyone think this is gross? Her eye isn’t walleyed.. it’s covered up by part of her third eyelid. She’s adorable and I don’t even really like dogs.

  58. karen in toronto says:

    Just checked the posts again and notice no one has mentioned the muzzlepuff and the eye capsules. They’re too subtle, I guess.

  59. Maybe I am just not up on eyes, but what is everyone talking about a third eyelid…I have never heard of such a thing? Can someone please explain this for me>

  60. karen in toronto says:

    It’s the nictating membrane. Serves a protective function. Usually more visible in tie-tie kitties than in dogs.

  61. Fishandchips says:

    You know his little feets smell like corn chips too 😛

  62. “Why does everyone think this is gross? Her eye isn’t walleyed.. it’s covered up by part of her third eyelid.”
    Both dogs today are of breeds with deformed skulls which makes their eyes protrude in a (IMO) gross way.

    You can see the skulls of domestic dogs here: http://www.skullsunlimited.com/domestic-dog-breed-skulls.htm Notice how extreme the skulls of chihuahuas, bull dogs, boston terriers, pugs, etc are.

    I hate that people purposefully breed unhealthy animals because they think it’s cute. 😦

  63. kb in toronto says:

    Blue — nuff said.

  64. >>That pup rode the merry go round one time too many< <


  65. I love Boston Terriers and Pugs.
    Wonderful personalities, nonstop happy guys and gals, excellent pets.

    People breed some pretty ugly humans, too, and still think they are cute.

    And they usually don’t have a tenth the personality that these little guys do.

    *deep huff of my new guinea pig, Lola*

  66. Lauri – Congrats on the new piggie. Don’t overdose on the first day by huffing too much!

  67. moths_are_scary says:

    ring around the rosy, pocket full of….oh nooo, my eye is popping out again….

  68. I grew up with Bostons, and while most of ours were smart, I have to admit that one of them was just not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    As he got older, he became not only stupid, but blind. So he’d go to sleep, and when he woke up, he wouldn’t know where he was.

    So he had to triangulate by running into things: OW! Couch! OW! Coffee table! OW! Wall! Okay, I know where I am now.

  69. Thanks, Claudia! I need to take some piggies pigtures!

    I Love this picture. Threeeee deeeee feeeeeetsssss….(yelled as if on a roller coaster)

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *nods* Yup. I’ve had days where I’m quite certain I look like this. Only not so cute, and I don’t wear ribbons around my neck.

  71. Cathryn Bauer says:

    The pink paw pads!!!

  72. The paws!! The paws!! Those are the cutest doggie feet Ive ever seen and thats saying alot because I usually dont think dogs have cute feet!

  73. Lauri – See what I mean? Overdose. Put Lola down and go eat some puddin’.

  74. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Meg, please stop showing puppies – my new baby doesn’t come to me for another 10 weeks and all this pupness is making me soooo impatient – need to touch fur now!

  75. Hey, there’s guinea pig hair in my puddin’!!!

  76. A thinker says:

    suda nim, LOL-ing at your blind Boston story.

  77. We have achieved maximum cuteness and that paw pad with the black spot!! OMG! 2CUTE2BTRUE!

  78. Lauri-Quit shouting about that hair in your pudding, or everyone going to want some.

  79. Lola is just the *best* guinea pig name 😀

    Even if Miss Pup isn’t walleyed but simply suffering from extra-eyelid slippage, she still reminds me a little of my friends, David and Tao. They are each blind in one eye, and their out-of-commission eyes tend to wander sideways. But they are both still adorable, as is Little Miss Pawpads here.

  80. “Damn your eyes!”

    “Too late.”

  81. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Really, nictitating membranes are cute in their own way and totally normal.

    This puppy doesn’t have cherry-eye or anything like that. He’s just sweepy and that eye is closer to the bwanky.

    Haven’t any of you seen your animals eyes when they are half closed and those little membranes go–*thwipp*–? It’s CUTE, it’s different than US and it’s NORMAL. More animals have them than don’t. Likely our animals think WE’RE freaky. 😉

    Personally I envy them. 😀

  82. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Oh and, yes it’s wrong that we bred such extremem brachiochephalisis into our dog friends. It comes with a host of health problems.

    That being said, those breeds are still often great pets. It just goes to show that the breed standard put out there by the show community (regulating bodies) aren’t necisarrily what’s best for dogs. Almost all bulldogs have to be born by c-section and many pups don’t make it.

    Still I think Bostons, Pugs and Boxers are great dogs, snore like the dickens but sweeties. 😉

  83. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Oh and I want to “eat” his little toeses SO BAD! I mean eat in a purely metaphorical sense of course. 😉

  84. Suda– now I’ve GOT to watch Young Frankenstein when I get home (Werewolf? There wolf).

  85. Nevermind the untoward comments…..
    Puppyness!! Sweetie-la!

  86. You should submit this to the Boston Terrier Photo Blog:


  87. Great angle on the shot!

  88. This is the cutest picture ever posted here! Way to go!

  89. cutest puppy ever. however i want a fawn colored one.