Wednesdays suuuuuck! [singsong]

Stherious. ‘Hump’ day? WHO came up with that? Hallmark? For crying’ out loud, can’t we just fast-forward to the weekend already?!


Someone git me a martini.


Heeeeeeeeeee, Jacqueline W…



  1. Oof.
    I feel ya pain, kitters.

  2. blueberries4me says:

    Cats just kill me sometimes. lol

  3. woflwhocriedboy says:

    *laughing so hard… risking. peeing. self*

    The Sylvester impression only made this pic. better. There is something about the kitty ‘tude that just defies definition. LOVE**

  4. The ‘Garfield’ of Wednesdays…

  5. AAAAAHHHH! The cat fell right out of the plane, I swear, just walked right out the cargo door…..god, I hope it’s alright…..

  6. You bastards. Where is my parachute?

  7. My family calls it the Fur RUg Position. Tim the Cat would nap on teh chair arm that way.

  8. This cat looks as though his name ought to be Mooch.
    “Hey, man, you got any nip?”

  9. (S)He definitely looks how I feel. Where ish the boy with that damn martini, anywaysh?

  10. I’ll bet he walks funny if he stays there too long

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    Sorry, hon, but fergit the to-do list. I had a rough day. Tonight, I relax!

  12. Oh cuteoverload, how do you always know just how to express my feelings.

    Make mine a double.

  13. Man, that was how I felt before I even *got* to work this morning.

  14. Yeah, yeah, The Thin Man – Nick and Nora, my kind of peeps. Now, just get me my martoonis and get that Asta mutt outta here.

  15. anybody else notice the light shining pinkly through those ears?

  16. Yes, chacha, like twin beacons guiding you to the wet bar…

  17. moths_are_scary says:

    This is how my neighbor finds me on the mornings when I was too drunk the night before to find my house keys.

  18. *mebbe the meeelkmans weel theenk i am a rug hung heere to dries in zee sun…theen I can attack an scoop up zee meeelk. Today zee meelk, tomorrow, zee wurld!!! mebbe.*

  19. Man, do I know that feeling…

  20. That is just too cute.
    And exactly how I”m feeling today!

  21. “Sure, order another round. Drinks are on me – just put it on my tabby.”

  22. ROFL! That is EXACTLY how I felt yesterday and today!

    And I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but — Aubrey, yer a friggin’ GENIUS with the punnage! Other peeps here are also brilliant with the puns and jokes and references, but Aubrey is the queen, IMHO.

    I particularly like the “tabby” comments, as (1) it’s apropos to cats, and (2) my kittles is a tabby.

  23. All in all, a very convincing Dean Martin impersonation by the cat.

  24. Aubrey, you are so bad! In a good kinda way. 🙂

    Martinis all around!

  25. Jackie from Michigan says:

    That’s the last time I hire a watchcat for my apartment…now the kitteh is plastered and all of my silverware is missing!

  26. man, i’m drunk right now.

    actually, i’m not. damnit.

  27. Me and the kitty feel exactly the same way today. Hee.

  28. chet's momma says:

    *cracking open a beer* it’s Happy Hour somewhere!

  29. What I’d like to know is… once kitty is laying down like that, how does he get back up without falling off?

  30. “Man, that was how I felt before I even *got* to work this morning.”


  31. That is the perfect example of the verb ‘flump’- To flump is to just flop down and…well, basically you end up looking like Mr. Squishums, here. Just sprawled.

  32. hrh.squeak says:

    “He’s not heaaaveeeeey, he’s mah kiii-teeeeeeh!”

    (Sung inbetween huffs of a marmie)

  33. when the picture started loading I thought “whee, a racoon. finally!”

    …but kitteh is good.
    VERY good
    /where’s his martini? WAITER!

  34. the illustration of the phrase “a lump o’ floof”

    or this cat could be channeling Snooch:

    and btw, if someone wants to get a gift to T. for Christmas:

    [Jaye, are you listening?]

  35. Holy crap – I turned away to let my PC load the page, got caught up watching some TV and when I turned back…I haven’t laughed THAT hard in a LONG time.

    Meg – you may have just outdone yourself (no small thing either) on this post. My GOD!

  36. “What, you want I should move? Do me a favour, bub – it’s freakin’ Wednesday. You’re lucky I’m still breathing. Just bummed, man.”

  37. That’s not floof — it’s velcro.

  38. chet's momma says:

    AAAAAAUUUGH! I just found a giant waterbug, dead in my house! My kitty must have killed it! Whatever should I do????? never saw a bug here before! Not cute NOT CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!

  39. toughbubble says:

    Ok. For all of you who wonder as much as I did where the frig HUMP DAY came from….dundundun….

    Go there… scrollllll down and you will solve the mystery many of us have wondered for years

  40. Red pandas lie like that on tree branches in the zoo. My husband thinks they’re stuffed, and the keepers move them to a different branch every few nights.
    How DOES he get up?

  41. I was hoping the same thing Mariser and was quite disappointed when this fluffball appeared.

  42. This is absolutely unrelated to anything, but I just found out about this and HAVE to share the love.

    Bad music, bad lyrics, bad voices, bad dancing. Five stars:

  43. chet’s momma – glory in its demise. Laugh – LAUGH! HAHA! Dead bug – I spit on your carcass!! I curse your family and your kind!

    Then give it a ‘burial at sea’.

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I know how you feel, pusskins. I really do.

  45. hrh.squeak says:

    Suda – that’s IT. You Broke My Brain.

    Lordy, that was funny. Can’t wait till my hubby gets home so I can break *his* brain with this. Heeheeheee.

  46. This kitteh looks like his parents were a skunk and a raccoon…no *wonder* it’s all flopped out!

  47. What’s with the “Glenn Beck’s got an issue with porn!” ad in the sidebar? Not that I’m offended, it’s just… unexpected.

  48. camryl,

    ’tis just an ad. helps pay the bills.

  49. and for the record, Glenn Beck is an asshat.

  50. Can I just say that cute overload is the best thing on the web, and Meg rulz? My vocabulary has changed utterly since I discovered CO. The comments are the best and oh the cuteness.

    I done died and went on up to heaven.

  51. OMG Suda . . . .

    That link is a freaking TRAIN CRASH.. I didn’t want to watch, but, weeeeeeeelllll, it was just so damn bad it was great!!!!

  52. chet's momma says:

    b-b-b-but, Aubrey…..his antennees were as long as his bod-deeee!!!! [still running ’round house in horror] Chet, however, is quite pleased with himself. Good kitty!

  53. chet’s momma:

    I understand, believe me, I understand.

    Would it be wrong to set it afire? Probably. Look, avert your eyes and dispose of The Creature.

    Here, have some pudding (turns around so chet’s momma won’t see me stirring in a fistful of Prozac).

  54. Aubrey…I lof you (in an admiring authoress kind of way).
    You can put a drink on my tabby anytime.

    chet’s momma…lots lots lots LOTS of paper towels, such that there is no risk of contact (shudder) and don’t forget to praise your kitteh for bringin home the (gross-bug-shaped) bacon!

  55. Did anyone else notice the tiny red trinagles showing on the inside of his ears??

  56. Oh sweet Floofy McDroopersons, I feel ya. What’s say we just go curl up in a sun puddle until Friday night, huh?

  57. Martha in Washington says:

    “Someone git me a martini.” Looks like he’s already had two or ten. I wish I could get that relaxed.

  58. I’m simply awed by the size of those paws!

  59. And Suda, I’m not so sure that video is “unrelated to anything.” Wasn’t one of those women sashayin’ across the stage holding a cat?

  60. burial at sea sounds appropriate for the kitty-catch. my pet mice got “real” burials at sea.. it was actually kinda brutal and not so enviro-friendly.. bodies wrapped in paper towel inside yogurt containers inside paper bags w/their names on them, then thrown off a jetty.. they kinda bobbed..

  61. *Hope* it was a cat. Considering that one of the dance moves executed by the real tall guy appeared to be Sychronized Nose-Picking, anything could have been going on.

  62. Yep, yep, you peeps got it right, Aubrey is our queen…ok, Meg is the Empress, Aubrey the queen.

    I bring a dead waterbug to the altar of each in homage.

    Chet’s momma, definitely dispose of said crayture, and then…a martini! All will be well!

    suda…the HORROR. I will probably dream of that video….*shudder*…but…thanks for sharing, I really was laughing out loud!

    An apology…earlier today I posted my blog addy about a friend’s dog. Well, after I did that (way after) I remembered it’s not polite to advert your own blog on someone else’s. Sorry, ’twas truly just a brainfart. My brain gets gassier with each passing (so to speak) day.

  63. L!O!L!

    Man, I LOVE cats. This just reminds me why.

  64. six dee

  65. I once needed to dispose of a dead pet mouse, and garbage day was a few days off (no, I’m not too sentimental about the pets once they’re gone). So I put it in an empty coffee can and put that in the freezer.

    A day later, my then-boyfriend said “I am never going in your freezer again.”

    The Carl Hiassen novel “Sick Puppy” contains a similar bit with a several-foot-long lizard, who, as he puts it, sleeps with the Dove bars. Iin the intro he says this is based on a true incident.

  66. That would be Hiaasen.

  67. LMAO!!!! My hockey team is losing dismally and the game itself was pretty boring, so upstairs I go, head over here to CO and see this! I soooooo needed the laugh!

  68. chica y gatitas says:

    Yep. Gimmie somma dat ‘tini. I am a gin gal, meself. Hah!

  69. That made me totally bust up. Too funny. Thanks for a great Wednesday laugh.

  70. holly bees says:

    this is a fine specimen.

  71. The most amazing thing about this cat is that his eyes are open.

  72. Two Words…

    Sufferin’ Succotash!!!

  73. chet's momma says:

    thanks, guys *sniffs* DIE, waterbug! [sorry, dude, can’t have ya in the house] now to sleep off this hang-over!

  74. I am laughing so hard right now. I love the peeved face on that animal.

  75. suda, I’m so ashamed to admit that I come from the same country as those…”people”. And as much as I’d like to say that the song sounds much better in Finnish, I can’t.
    The sad thing is that guy, Danny, is STILL singing – not this song thankfully, though.

    *cries from shame*

  76. At least Wednesday isn’t Tuesday aka “a case of the” MoondayOverload Hangovers, still one more long day till the “overpass” of the work week.


    At least it’s actually Thursday! Only two more days till I get time to me (I gotta wait till Sunday)!

  77. *pats Riika* Don’t worry, dear, every country has a “Danny”. It’s not your fault.

    And, yay!, it IS Thursday!

  78. chilledcat says:

    ~nodding head in agreement~

  79. Beercat. HA!

  80. OMG! That looks like my sorely missed, sadly departed Louis! He, too, lounged anywhere he could.(heavy sigh)

  81. Can we…. can we extend this to Thursday as well? Augh. I need a very large martini.

  82. Re the bad video: Armi, sadly, is no longer with us, but Danny is still going. Here’s a recent video:

    This one was just plain painful. I could only watch about 30 seconds, although the banana-seat bike and the giant mosquitoes make it rather surreal.

    The years have not been kind to Danny. A co-worker says it looks like he’s off the heroin but still on the methadone.

  83. Look guys – it’s just a cat. Merely a cat. A meerkat.

  84. [MEER]
    …for beer

  85. “Beercat. HA!”

    Beatya to it, Aubrey!!

  86. OMG, Meg, thank you for posting this picture! I have been waiting eversolong for you to stumble across my submission. I knew you’d likey.

    Brief bio on teh kitteh: His name is Wiglet and he lives with my inlaws in the great state of Maine.

  87. All creatures at some point in their lives should be named Wiglet.

    (turns to lob a slingshot of pudding at JP):

    And it’s INSTANT, too!

  88. A thinker says:

    WIGLET! That has just made my brain asplode.

    I think someday, somewhere, I shall have to acquire a kitty and name him Wiglet.

  89. Wiglet got his name because when he was a tinybabykitteh (talk about your cute overload) he climbed up my husband’s back and sat on his head. You know, like a little wig?

    Plus, there’s the happy coincidence of Wiglet being teh crazy.

  90. YAGHHHH! *Vanillin* poo-ie

  91. Peeps… if yer gunna sling teh puddins… use one of these:
    High-pressure hoses, y’know.

  92. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! If he tried to be your husband’s wig now, hubby would get a concussion. Or whiplash. 🙂

    What are the red spots on the tips of Wiglet’s ears?

  93. T., that apparatus is clearly used for slinging marmalade.

  94. The red spots are sunlight on the backs of his ears. Those are the ear-parts that aren’t lousy with fur.

  95. Aubrey — that works, too.

  96. So HelloKnitty – how does Wiglet get up from there without falling off???

  97. [sigh] For once, I wish I REALLY would die of the cuteness.

  98. A thinker says:

    I think that here Wiglet must be exhibiting his kittenish behaviour, except he’s found something big enough to support his adult weight. And yes, I think if he tried to be a human wig again, said human would be suffering from some sort of injury afterward.

  99. CeeJoe: Easily, for Wiglet’s skeleton is made of rubber.

    Limberest. Cat. Ever.

  100. My (much-missed) Monty used to sleep this way on anything suitable; we called it his ‘leopard on a branch imitation’.

    To rise from the position, one leans back a bit and pulls up the front paws onto the resting place, then leans forward and pulls up the rear paws. One is now sitting on the resting place with all four paws, and can proceed from there as desired…

  101. Hurrah for Wiglet! So that’s what he looks like.
    I once dated a girl who kept frozen moles in her freezer for taxidermy projects.

  102. MC, I assume the molecicles are why you refer to your relationship in the past tense…..

  103. Omg, I was picturing frozen moles….like freckle moles. Sheeeee, which is worse? Varmints, or skinlumps?

    And suda nim, woman, why did you have to share THAT video with us….there are enough awful things stored in my brain as it is!!!!!

    Wiglet is the bomb! 😉

    And the Marmalade Puddingpult….oh so perfect, T-O!!!

  104. Live to serve, Lauri.

  105. Except when you’re out of bounds, ‘nim.

  106. Gotta love ya both!

  107. Are we set?
    Are we game?

    Are we gamey?

  108. Ok, here is my favorite “antispam robot” test number


  109. “Are we set?
    Are we game?”

    Are we in the same racket?

  110. Gah! That video! The earworm! Now I have to listen to the Bananaphone song to supercede “I want to love you tender”. And I even looked at the other video because I never really see “banana-seat bike” and “giant mosquitos” used in the same sentence. Now I know why.

  111. Oh, and ‘gamey’ is a word that doesn’t get used often enough. It must be a Michigan word – my family uses it all the time. Not that we’re smelly people, mind you. We also say “dooryard” and other words people think we make up.

  112. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Spaid and Spent kitteh!

    How’s it hangin’?
    Cool pic!

  113. “Is it safe?”

  114. My rottie mix has just finished dinner behind me. He is taking antibiotics, so I’ve mixed yogurt in the food to (a) hide the pills and (b) provide some probiotics.

    He now has yogurt on top of his head.

  115. LOL Suda Nim. I can *see* it. The whole sequence.

  116. Somehow on a big dog it’s just that much more undignified.

  117. AuntieMame says:

    Was he eating his food? Or swimming in it? 🙂

  118. I think the operative word is “snarf.” He looooooooves yogurt.

  119. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Suda, I am reporting you to the UN, Amnesty and anyone else I can think of for inflicting “cruel and unusual punishment” on the peeps. Sadist!

  120. cutiness freak says:

    pancake kitty!!!!

  121. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Spaid = splayed
    typoville to the max!

  122. Hee! Rottie with yogurt on his head!!! Double hee!

    Makes up for singing Danny. *shudders at the name*

  123. I love this cat, she/he looks just like my late cat, Stavia, who passed away almost four years ago. (sigh) Her markings were so distinct, it’s nice to see there are others like her out there.

  124. He’s big, he’s beautiful. He DRAPES.

  125. donnaeileen says:

    Not only is this my favorite place to get my cute fix, EVERYBODY here is just so darn nice! Not like most places on the Web…

  126. I am *so* tempted to say “AH F#@% OFF” right now, because I am a naughty Theo.

  127. hrh.squeak says:

    Oooh, naughty Theo! A spanking! A spanking!!

  128. My brother Raymond sprawls out like that. But if he did it on a railing like that one, he would fall off!

  129. You don’t need to have a martini if you are a cat.

  130. mmbeattie says:

    I think this guy is more interested in a can of beer than a highbrow martini.