Only 13 days ’til Halloween…


Like, Ginger-pup is Soooooo ready. She’s like so delish, she’s licking her own chops.


Michael C., [Grey Poupon joke here]



  1. NebraskaErin says:

    This pup looks as though she actually likes her costume!

  2. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    That is the most humiliating, degrading dog costume I’ve ever seen. I mean, who puts KETCHUP on a hot dog? That’s just … wrong.

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner…oh, I am. Nevermind.

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    And where’s the relish?

  5. Weiner Dog!

    NotThatMikeTheOtherMike, I could not agree more. The costume company should be contacted immediately and informed of their heinous error.

  6. Looks nice and warm for trick or treating … which is good because we don’t want a ….


  7. Needs onions.

  8. That is one corny dog. Is it Fair? I don’t see how he can stick it.

    Meg, I’ll bite – could someone please pass the Grey Pup-on?

  9. Yum!!!

  10. This site is getting far too ridiculous. The updates so far today have outdone themselves. Bravo.

  11. I normally don’t like clothing on animals, but this is just freakin’ hilarious!!!

  12. Okay, this is one of those things that never stops being funny. I have seen so many pics of hot dog costumes and I always laugh.

    Unless the dog isn’t kosher. That’s not funny.

  13. A thinker says:


    That is probably the most redonkulous thing I’ve ever seen. Even more so than the poodle costume for Dobermans.

  14. Redz:

    “It depends on how we kill him, sir.”

  15. Karen in Toronto says:

    Sugar overload! Ketchup (on a ‘dog?!?) and a white bun. Should be slathered with Greyhound Puppon, right, Aubrey? On a nice whole-grain beagle.

  16. AuntieMame says:

    Hotdogs are meant to be eaten with only ketchup. Keep your nasty mustard and relish and onions and all that other crap.


    (However, if we were talking about a steak, I would be in total agreement.)

    And Ginger’s all “Don’t you wish your dog was hot like me?”!

  17. Ow! Karen’s puns have mortally wounded me. Whole grain beagle.

  18. I love the ketchup on his back – I think that’s my favorite part! Of course, I am oddly addicted to ketchup…

  19. lurkertype says:

    This is one prosh pup. She’s loving all the attention she gets in this outfit. Lookit that doggie tongue-smile.

  20. This puppers looks like she’s loving every single second of attention she gets in that too funny costume! Hilarious!

  21. “[Grey Poupon joke here]” …ha!
    Except I’d *never* go there.

  22. This picture made my day!!!! 🙂

  23. toughbubble says:

    I wish my dog would let me dress her up. The furthest I’ve ever gotten was a santa hat.

  24. Frankly, the dog does seem to be relishing her costume.

  25. T. well, you should. I mean, otherwise you wouldn’t have a Clue, would you, Colonel Mustard?

  26. Good one, Redzilla! Very good!

  27. ROFL, all of you!

    And, NTMTOM, yes….mustard, puhleeeze!

    Aubrey, do you have your brain insured? It is a National Treasure!

  28. Bwhahahah, Redz….

  29. The Guy Over There says:

    The song for today definitely is Addams Family Values. I can hear little kids chanting, “Eat me!” just looking at the lil’ one.

    File me for sexual harrasment, because I wanna squeeze those buns.

  30. AlbertaGirl says:

    LOL, greenighs: Chilly dog!

  31. TGOT — snacktual harassment, maybe…

  32. Lauri – it isn’t, but I do give it the greatest care:

  33. moths_are_scary says:

    I think I want to lick his chops too….AND 86 the catsup, bring on the mustard and smother it in relish…with a lightly crisped bun of course.

  34. 86 the catsup, 57 the Heinz…

  35. Hot diggity dog!

  36. And – for health reasons – 99 the coloring Agent.

    (to Get this done is the Smart thing to do)

  37. Oh, Aubrey, you take the puns to the max (well).

  38. Glad you appreciate, Redz, though I Chief-ly do it for myself.

  39. That is so gay. I hate dog costumes.

  40. AuntieMame says:


    I get extra points. 😛

  41. Brie, your words are contradictory. You say you hate dog costumes, and yet you accuse them of being polite and well-dressed. Please to explain.

  42. Holy crap… is that my *shoe* ringing??

  43. Very cute dog, looks like my Annie……no no ketchup. mustard and onions please.

  44. lets point and laugh

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!![pointingwhile laughing


  45. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I like how the dog is licking her chops, kinda like, “Ain’t I just the nummiest hot dog you ever saw?”

  46. Ahhh!
    I actually have a weiner dog, and I’ve been looking for those costumes for EVAR! I totally have to find one for this halloweenie 😛

  47. TOOO CUTE! I love how the bun is actually a little padded outrigger – also handy in case he bumps into anything. AAHHHH!

  48. Is he licking his chops because he looks so yummy he wants to eat *himself*?

    Greenighs, Red, Aubrey- Hee hee!

  49. 1015am Thursday morning here… so why do I have an overwhelming urge to purchase processed meat in a bun for morning tea??????

  50. Brak Silverbone….that is exactly what I was thinking….he is thinking , “I am num NUM!”

    Aubrey….wooooot!!! Another bookmark for me, MST3K is the best!

  51. ALERT THE AUTHORITIES! Not only has the hideous crime of ketchup (KETCHUP?!) on a wiener been perpetrated, but that is a faux dachshund*!

    *Or, as they say in Pup Patrol vernacular, a Not Dog.

  52. Lol, JBo…yeth, Not Dog!
    It sure looks like a Corgi mix to me!

  53. Then again, Lauri… PERHAPS that’s the whole point: It’s a pup in DISGUISE!

  54. Bwa ha ha ha, that’s almost as good as the Ewok!

  55. *pup licks lips*

    “If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?”

  56. how cute is this? very, very.

  57. a pair of hot pugs for you who want cat-sup, and those that want mutt-stard


  58. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve seen that photo, Regina. Priceless.

    But ohmygawd, what IS that hideous, gray, wrinkled, brain-thing a couple frames to the right?!? That is a walking nightmare. *brr…*

  59. Owner: “Don’t you like your new costume, Ginger?”
    Ginger: “EAT ME!!”

  60. I love this! Especially since I actually sold the same sort of costume a couple days ago. 😉 They sell them where I work. xD (I bake dog treats and sell dog clothes and catnip bubbles as a living. Is there anymore Cuteologist-suitable job?)

  61. When I saw this I was like “OMG! 13 DAYS?!?!?” no, we haven’t even started on my costume! and haha @ “Don’t you wish your dog was hot like me?” I got The Sims 2 Pets today, you guys might love it. (you need the sims 2 first) (sorry, i’m an ad)

  62. Only a dog can wear that and still look all excited.

  63. *Shudder* I’m with you AuntieMame. I honestly can’t think of barely ANYthing I can’t find cute in…but that newborn pug (assuming) was SCARY.


  64. Dannee. Catnip bubbles??? More info, stat! Oh, and LOVE the lil’ hot doggie.

  65. Thanks Theo! I’m SO getting some of this for the furballs.

  66. A thinker says:

    HeidStar: I got some of those for a cat friend once. He was *extremely* puzzled, but it was good fun.

  67. Thinker, Extremely puzzled is sometimes a good thing for cats.

  68. the jokes in the comments should be posted next to the photo for all to enjoy without scrolling down a huge page of 60+ comments xD

  69. Awwwww.

  70. “I normally don’t like clothing on animals, but this is just freakin’ hilarious!!!”

    That’s not clothing. That’s condiments.

  71. She sure is delish! That is one good looking costume.

  72. Awwwww!!! What kind of dog is that? It’s soooo cute.

    Looks like a Corgi maybe… or a Pomeranian…
    but what do I know?

    It’s so adorable! I want to squeeze it!

  73. Where’s the mustard!

  74. narnianelf says:

    Looks like a little corgi to me. The coloring, ears and smile look like those of my pembroke welsh corgi. But mine does not have the fluffy tail.

    Anyone else? What is she? She’s ADORABLE!

  75. More like a Pembroke Welsh Bratwurst. “I ARE DELICIOUS!”

  76. …erm, which I suppose is what Meg already said, basically.
    Must be bedtime.

  77. Vampkatt65 says:

    Just goes ta’ show, ya gotta be careful about singing Oscar Meyer jingles when wish-grantin’ genies are around!

  78. cutiness freak says:

    ewwie.who wants to eat a wiener dog?