Is our Halloween candy ready!?

Because, you should count on AT LEAST HALF OF IT going to your kitteh.



"GLURP!" said Huntère the Kitteh. [Took 37 licks to git to the centre, according to Lori S.]



  1. Fish-filled center? Gee, if I were an FP hog I’d be sloppin’ it up. Teho, where are you when I need a slap?

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    My kitteh does not know how many licks it takes to get to the center, because after about four, she’s bored and moves onto something else.

  3. MAH LOLLY!!!

  4. that kitteh is kinda like, “Touch my lollipop and DIIIIIIE, suckafoo!” *eyes dart left and right in suspicion, then licking commences* “Miamiamiam…”

  5. 😛 O–

  6. Looks like kitteh got caught in the act! lol

  7. lolly addiction in a kitten so young…sniff.

    Those tiny slit pupils are CRAZY, but I loff the backlit floofiness.

  8. Karen in Toronto says:

    Them are some whiskers on that karaoke kitteh.

  9. I must know how this photo came about! Lori S., spill!

  10. A thinker says:


    BWAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t know what’s happenin’ here, but I lof it.

  11. omg! Kitty with a sweet tooth!

  12. Peg of Tilling says:

    LOLLY stuck to my NOSE…

    LOLLY stuck to my NOSE…

    (little help here please)

  13. i wanna lollypop !!! grr kiddies gt all the fun lol

  14. and jus read your comment peg n almost died laughing – seiously my head started to swell rofl nice one *claps*

  15. Canny, canny, canny, oh I lof canny, hey!!!

  16. Heehee! I was completely disturbed when I first saw this photo because I thought the lollypop was stuck to the kitty’s face! Eek! Upon closer inspection, it would appear that this lolly is extremely dangerous and Sweet Loyal Kitty is attacking it to protect his owner!

  17. LOL Peg that’s what I thought too as the picture came up!

  18. ..and Angela..


  19. off topic..

    how come sometimes it makes me “type the letters I see in the box”..??

  20. buahahaha Sandycat! that was my first thought. Rawr!

  21. Maybe, he is attacking the lollie because he knows how hyper it makes the kids and it really gets on his nerves

  22. Hmm, my first thought was “You monkeys eat this why??”- possibly because the older cat in the house doesn’t eat people food.

  23. A thinker says:

    Jenne, if you try to submit more than one comment in a predetermined (short) frame of time, Typepad will make you do that to make sure you’re not a spambot hitting the site with lots of random comment spam. Make sense?

  24. Peggoty — it DOES look that way. LOL. (-ly)

  25. Hey, my floor is also littered with shoes and cat toys!

  26. Peg of Tilling says:

    SandyCat: I’m planning to use “suckafoo” to describe another driver on my way home tonight–thanks!

  27. Wow, that kid’s costume is *really* good.

  28. look at the little curled paws!!

  29. [sigh] No Halloween here. Not even Diwali. 😦 No treats or floofy kittens for me either.

  30. carriegood says:

    kitteh looks just like bucky from the comics.

    and i love kits with a sweet tooth – my smudge eats licorice.

  31. omg How do people manage to get these pics?? LOL

  32. My Tonk girly Piper loves lollies. Not for eating but for play. She’ll bat it around and hold it by the stick. She and her sister also have a love of pens.

    This is darling photo. “My sucker, but i’ll let you have a little taste.”

  33. carriegood: You’re right! It DOES look like Bucky! ROFL!

    A thinker: Ahaaa. makes sense, yep. Thanks.


  35. LOL!!! It’s TOTALLY Bucky.
    All he’s missing is the lil’ fang sticking out.

  36. the fang is behind the lolly!!!

  37. wheeeskaars gaaaaalooooore!

  38. Check out this jiggling cat:

  39. “This is no sharing situation…these are Halloween PAWPS; we don’t go halfsies here.”

  40. Who da sucka now, fool?
    [scampers away with stolen lolly]

  41. Awwww, he has the CRAYZAY! look in his eye!

  42. Er…Rachel, I don’t wants to embarrass you, but I don’t think that’s an “exercise machine.” If you get my meaning. Aherm.

  43. I can see swirls in that candy pop…I am being sucked into its vortex…

    (Cat (to owner): “I see your future here – it will be sticky and will come in close contact with my teeth.”)

  44. Tony James says:

    Rachel – I’m not even going to *ask* what that kitty is sitting on – this is a family site, after all…

  45. you guys r silly says:

    erm…..I can’t see any videos on my work computer….
    Can anyone discretely tell me what the kitty is sitting on???
    (or do I really not want to know…)

  46. Look closely, my dears…someone is trying to wrestle the sweet away from the po’ lil’ kitters! Y’know, it occurs to me it COULD be a catnip lolly?

  47. ebee – a TRUCK FULL OF CATNIP???


  48. This pic is all the proof we need of how much trouble humans would be in if cats had thumbs.

  49. Well, here’s proof anyway that some cats will be content to just be eye candy.

  50. this kitteh even looks kinda like the owl in the ol’ tootsie pop “how many licks does it take?” commercials. adorable!

  51. I love how he’s grabbin onto the stick 😀

  52. NO. Naah-ah. I just went to the Brookstone site and it in now way makes me feel less dirty.

    UGRS: check our katerpie’s Brookstone link. But consider yourself warned. I have been snickering inappropriately ever since.

  53. Catnip Lolly!
    Lookit that gripping paw action! I loves it!

  54. 37 licks to get to the centre? What’s in the centre? yummy tuna-num-nums?

  55. you guys r silly says:

    yikes…thanks Redzilla!
    (note to self: must get *special * equipment* to “work on abs”…)(yeah…that’s it…”my abs”…)

  56. Anyone else disturbed by the fact that this cat Clearly has at least one opposable thumb?

  57. opposable thumps! It’s a monkey-kat!

  58. Heaven forbid, Sandy P. If cats had opposable thumbs, they would RULE THE WORLD! More than they already do.

  59. Jan Spencer says:


  60. AlbertaGirl says:

    Mwah hah hah! Zis lolly is ze final component needed for my scheme of world domination! Wiz zis and my opposable thumb I shall RULE ZEE WORRRLD!

  61. Dammit Jan, I was just about to write that!

    *dies laughing*

  62. The paws always kill me. How do they know? How do they do that? I mean theriouthly…

  63. lmao, UGRS.

    I had to Google to confirm that “apparatus” wasn’t exactly what it looked like.

  64. This kit is so about to do a Hard Kronshe.

  65. Jan Spencer says:

    Sorry Lizzie! He does look like that, doesn’t he? Like world domination is next on the list of things to do today.

  66. Oh my…. I had to bite my tongue to keep from squealing like a 7-year-old school girl.

    Folks at work disaprove of squealing in general.

  67. I like how the lolli is backlit so you can’t tell if it’s a ppl candy pop or a kitteh candy pop (meat…nahm).

    And yes, def the krazykitteh look. I imagine kitteh nabbing stick in mouf and tearing across the floor to gnaw on it in a dark corner of the kitteh condo. “Gets away from my pwecioussss…”

  68. Dude…I’m just waiting for the party poopers to come in and say “OHEMGEE dis kittay is being treated unfairly and the owner should be put in jail for giving the animal sugar. Eet will DIE ommg!!1”
    Yep. I’m glad no one has yet. lol

  69. I don’t want to be a partypooper but it looks to me as if there’s a hand (human) holding the sucker.. and the kitteh is just trying to get close enough for a taste. No opposable thumbs, luckily for us all (because of the world domination likelihood). (Although being dominated by a kitteh would probably be more agreeable than most world dominators currently in effect.)

  70. “37? 37???” “Hey, try not to lick any lollipops on the way through the parking lot!”

    Also, my cat has the opposable thumbs, but luckily it has never crossed his tiny mind to try to rule the world.

  71. lurkertype says:

    The look! The paws! Classic kitteh fun.

  72. toughbubble says:

    Considering its a cat… there has to be a human holding the lolli. But it’s still a cute picture nonetheless

  73. Martha in Washington says:

    Does anyone else think that the poor cat on the “exercise machine” looks like it wants to throw up…then kill somebody, slowly and with lots of blood?

  74. Core, that made my afternoon. Clerks references wahoo!

  75. I liked the video of the cat in the bottle too.

  76. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Another case of CRAZY EYES!

  77. My sister’s miniature pinscher loves tootsie pops. One time we were hanging out (me and the dog) and we each had one. When he finished I went to throw the stick away and he snapped at my hand. Bit me! He was not ready to let go of the stick. Little bugger’s teef hurted.

  78. Whoa, adie! Sorry his toofes hurted you. Hope it’s all better, now! 🙂

  79. Look how far back he’s pushed his ears! He’s mad about something.

  80. I wish I had a kitty like that around to help me with weight watchers.
    “HEY! Give me that, you want to waste a point on that junk? Not on my watch!”.

  81. Actually, from the look of the cat, I think that the owner staged the picture and the cat is pretty pissed about it. The lashback look imminent.

  82. Maybe he’s pissed because she tried to take it from him. “KEEP YOUR FILTHY HUMAN HANDS OFF.”

  83. ohh look at thowbs wittle paws how freaking cute I lub this cat and the whiskers the wiskers!!!!

  84. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I’m stuck on C O!

  85. i realize that this is very late, but i just have to say that that is the single laziest piece of exercise equipment i have ever seen.

    and I wonder if that cat is getting stronger abs. do cats have abs?