I know cats like enclosed spaces, but this is ridiculous

Um. Sir Puddles? Could you please vacate mah basket? I need it for like, bread rolls and stuff.


"Jake" the basket-snatchère care o’ Lori S.



  1. OMG!! Now that’s determination. Wish someone would send me flowers like that…

  2. herpantsness says:

    Look! He is sitting like a broody hen atop his pile o’ egglets! Also. I LOAF it when kittleses curl their paws through things. My Dr. van Taco curls his paws through the top of my power mac and i LOAF eet.

  3. It’s a cat-cake!

  4. Now that is just redonk.

  5. lmao!
    Dr.Van Taco? o_O cool name

  6. pugmamatimestwo says:

    ROFL! He looks like a giant furry ice cream cone!

  7. Heh-heh, adorable. My cat Summer, also a tabby, is CONSTANTLY doing this! She actually broke one basket in the process, lol. I’ve got photos of her curled up in Christmas baskets I had out for decoration — brownish/gray striped tabby kitty in a glossy red Christmas basket with a bow, yum!

  8. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    It’s a Kitty Souffle!!

  9. Haha! I needed this, right before I go to my Physics class. :-p

  10. So what is your problem here?
    He’s got all four feet in.
    That means he fits.
    So there.

  11. “Ehn!”

  12. “I told you I was a size 0”

  13. The very picture of denial.

  14. ShelleyTambo says:

    pugmama–that’s exactly what I was thinking: a big furry ice cream scoop in a short, squat cone.

  15. bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!



    What a wonderful kitters!

  16. muffins are done!!

  17. A thinker says:

    Methinks kitty looks like a bread loaf when too much dough has been put into the pan…

  18. I dont see anything wrong with this.. looks like me in my jeans! (crabby look and all!)

    Okay so actually the cat is cuter..

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    Fat cat in a little space….fat cat in a little spaaaaace…

  20. Hahahahahahaha*gasp*hahahahaha!
    OMG, he is trying SO hard to be a tiny kitten again! *skulks back to lurking*

  21. http://www.twolumps.net/d/20061018.html
    Semi-related. ♥ Two Lumps.

  22. ah yees sir, I wud lahk a beeg scoop ov da “stripeykittehmuzzleuffanpanknosedelight” ina waaffle cone. spanks.

  23. NebErin…tooo funnah…I think I peed a leetle at that one. 🙂

  24. LMAO!!!!

    “So what is your problem here?
    He’s got all four feet in.
    That means he fits.
    So there.”

  25. Sir Puddles: “Dees ees ohnacceptable. I tink dees basket has shrunked in dee drier.”

  26. I think he is saying:
    “I disapprove of this tiny basket.”

  27. “Does this basket make me look fat?”

  28. Tony James says:

    “Easter Bunny? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I ain’t seen no Easter Bunny around here…now where are MY chocolate eggs, dammit?!”

  29. [threadjack]
    My blue cat Flannery is a cry-puss (it’s the siamese in her.) She cry-cry-cries all the time. We have sometimes regretted we didn’t name her Marislesis.

    (For those of you who don’t have a giant trivia wart filled with useless information, Marislesis is the cousin of Elian Gonzalez, the little Cuban boy who came here on a raft, and whose mother died. So he was living in Florida with some family members, including Marislesis, before the FBI took him into custody and returned him to Cuba to his father and his Uncle Fidel.) Anway, after Elian was taken, Marislesis was on all the news shows in Florida, screaming and weepy: “Dees ees de worst thing dat has ever happened to meeeeeeee!” Just like that.

    Thanks for bearing with me, and now here’s the funny thing. Just now as I was getting ready to go to work, Flanny was on my lap, somehow simultaneously crying and purring, so it sounded like this: “Prrrr prrr wah! prrrr dis is prrr prrrr de worst prrr prrr thing prrr dat has prr prr ever happened prrr prrr to meeeeeee! prrr prrr meeeee!”

    I laughed so hard, I spilled my coffee on myself, and had to change clothes.

  30. I actually snorted laughing at this. :oD

    That’s just fantastic.

    Thank-you, Meg!

    Thank-you, Sir Puddles!

  31. LOL, TJ…this cat does look like he might begin to “bokbokbok begok” at any moment.

  32. A thinker says:

    I hope this doesn’t harsh anyone’s cute, and it’s a bit of a threadjack, but this is an amazing “Cute or Sad” animal story in the news:


    (Warning: sad ending)

  33. Lauowolf – OMG, that was great!!!! I’m supposed to be working, but I had to totally cover my laugh when I read that… What’s funny is that is EXACTLY how they look!!!!

    I have a Turkish Van that loves to squeeze herself into small spaces… Usually luggage or computer cases… I’ve got a couple pics of her in the cases…It’s really funny…

    Makes me want to go home and snorgle my Kitties!!!!

  34. Popover.

  35. My basket runneth over.

  36. Gives new meaning to “Muffin Top”, eh? lol. My Cujo does this with shoeboxes and the boxes you get gifts of clothing in at Christmas time. I love it when a big kitty squeezes themselves into a teeny box or basket or spot, somehow managing to look very comfortable despite the tight squeeze….lol

  37. I think it’s so funny how cats will choose to snooze in the most uncomfortable positions and places. This looks like it can’t possibly be comfortable, but it must be.

    BTW, I think puddin looks like a popover. Here’s the photographic evidence: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/images/1086204322987.jpg

  38. Lovin this pic!! Too funneh! NebErin, looove your comment. So appropriate! tee hee! Thinker, that is a sad story. Poor doggie and kitty. (sniff) What a smart dog tho!

  39. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    looks fluffeh!! hahaha!! 😀
    makes me wanna pet it, despite the angry look. ^^

  40. Utterly reDONKulous!! Gives new meaning to the term: “smooshed”

  41. Where is it written that certain cats must stuff themselves in containers that have exactly enough space for their molecules? In this case, it would require a certain degree of atomic compression….

  42. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    De kat says “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT???”

  43. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Additionally, that cat must be a 30-pounder!!!!

  44. RedZ,

    “prrr prrr wah!” – hizzterical! LOL

    I love thees Jake. He is a petite fleur.

  45. This cat can join me for the next meeting of Basket Cases Anonymous.

  46. A Thinker, that wasn’t cute at all, that was the saddest thing I’ve ever read ;_;

  47. vet tech student says:

    Cute! I had a cat that used to do this and I made sure he wasn’t diabetic! Big animals are cute/cuddly, but you gotta realize the stress it puts on their health!

  48. Ummm…don’t approach this kitteh. He’s giving us his ‘basket face’.

  49. PHenominal Cosmic Powers!!!!!!!!! ….. iiiiiiiiiittybitty livingspace


  50. Pillow: Watch one night of “Animal Cops,” and that story will no longer be the saddest thing you’ve ever seen. At least that dog had a good life with someone who loved and valued him before dying heroically. Honestly, some of the things people do to animals . . . yeah, last night’s “Animal Cops: Houston” just about wrecked me. But that’s a rant best saved for another forum.

    That cat looks like it’s saying, “Back off the basket if you know what’s good for you. Back. Off!”

  51. so…it’s like this; you lay flat on your back and suck in as much as possible and then button them really fast. Then you exhale and all the “curves” neatly fit over the waist band. Voila this is what Meester Puss-kins looks like!

  52. hahahahahahaha

  53. Cartman:”No KITTY! Get out from the basket!”



  54. Get out of….

    Must use Preview button more often….

  55. leprechaun says:

    That cat’s thoughts:
    ze basket ees miiiiiiiiiiine

  56. …Why is the kitty wedging himself into such a tiny basket? o_O

  57. beezie687 says:

    Oh man, that is 15 pounds o’ cat in a 5-pound cat capacity bakset. It’s overflowing– with kitteny goodness!

  58. kitty blivet!

  59. gwenchocolate says:

    Karin: so right!
    “PHenominal Cosmic Powers!!!!!!!!! ….. iiiiiiiiiittybitty livingspace”


  60. AlbertaGirl says:

    This caused me to do a Mrs. Krabappel (“HA!”) and drew curious looks from my coworkers. Also, I used the word ‘Baroo?’ and a head tilt while talking to a colleague today. Thanks, CO.

  61. kitty blivet!
    kitty blivet!
    kitty blivet!

    [cannot breathe…help…gasp. Uh-oh, boss just peeked his head around corner and that sobered me up fast.]

  62. *laughing…so…hard…at….this!*

  63. Cup-cat!

    *snerkgigglelaugh* Cats and containers … so funny. ^^

  64. Overflowing with cuteness!

  65. The funniest thing, to me, is that he is looking at the camera like, What? This isn’t funny. Go away, there is nothing to see, here.

    He is purrpendicular to his leetle basket throne!

  66. Bas-kit.

  67. Heehee – my cats do this, too. I have tons of baskets around the house and they always seem comfortable if only their feet are tucked in. Shouldn’t they feel more secure fitting in their whole bodies? Do you ever have washer/dryer issues? I have to keep the doors shut when I turn my back or they’ll jump right in!

  68. Yes folks, you too may own the NEW RONKO Bas-kit!

    The NEW RONKO Bas-kit comes complete with its very own hair tragectory system and a digitally synthesized dedicated voice alarm.

    [small kids voice: “Mommy, I want a RONKO Bas-kit!”}

    Be the first on your block to own a RONKO Bas-kit. They’re the next best thing to a RONKO Chia pet!

    (batteries not included. Not availbale in Alaska, Hawaii or Rhode Island)

  69. “I’m not fat, I have big fur.”

  70. It’s a kitty muffin!

  71. lurkertype says:

    This pic also needs to go to My Cat Hates You. Jake hates Lori for taking the picture and laughing at him and then putting it on CO. He hates the rest of us for our comments. He sees nothing amusing in this, he fits perfectly, PERFECTLY!

  72. Man were we in for a surprise when we uncovered the basket at the picnic…

  73. **Laughing out loud in a quite office**

  74. “Jake hates your damned nouvelle cusine portions”

  75. …and Aubrey takes the coveted Comment Position #69, with a My Cat Hates You homage.

  76. Animal Cops. I CANNOT watch that show, because it makes me want to kill some people. Seriously. I think whatever a person does to abuse an animal or child, their punishment should be to have the exact same thing done to them, WHATEVER it was.

    And I’m a LIBERAL, for &$*#@ sake!

  77. F’N FUNNY! >^.^<

  78. Rumi, sometimes anger is good.

  79. Jump off the bureau, Kitty, they said! You’ll land safely in the basket, they said!

    You guys are SO DEAD!

  80. Okay, we may have a winner in the Maximum Cat In Minimum Box/Basket category, with a bonus for the “Whaat?” expression. If Jake stays in there too long, though, he’s going to lose all feeling in his extremities, if he hasn’t already, and somone will have to roll the basket upside down and thonk the bottom to get him out.


    2 people in the middle of a guessing game
    person 1: is it bigger than a bread basket?
    person 2: ummmm…it..kinda fits in one…

  82. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “Hgrrrmmf… I *will* fit into this… rrrff!…basket…

    … ahhhh!!”

  83. Thanks for the lumps link Teho…I forgot to get my fix in today.

  84. best. posting. ever.

  85. this is only photo one – kitty souffle fresh from the oven

    photo two – as the spoon decends, all the air escapes & now we have a kitty puddle *wink*

  86. “Shut *up*! I looked *adorable* in this, just a few years ago! I *created* this look!

    And, uh, I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr. DeMille!”

  87. I hearby dub this kitters Mr. Cecil B. (Basket) DeFill.

  88. That’s 20 pounds of cat in a 4-pound basket….

  89. This must be the feline version of trying to get into your jeans after you’ve put them in the dryer…and they come out a size smaller.

  90. She’s like a cupcake that rose too high in the oven.

  91. I have a plumpish orange and white kitteh who tries valiantly to fit into the box that he and his brother used to sleep in together when they were two months old. They are both now two YEARS old, and it winds up looking a lot like this photo. He also loves to curl up inside file-box tops until the sides bow and legs spill out. Amazing.

  92. I have a 30-pounder who managed to open my top dresser drawer, now he likes to sleep in there. He doesn’t overflow, but he does take up the whole space.

    But that is an awesome picture.

  93. (goes all rofl)

    how much for the naming rights to that basket?

    (goes all rofl again)

  94. Now, who’s gonna tell Sir Puddles he’s gained weight?
    ((Nice name by the way! ^^))

  95. hum… I might be a little fatter…

  96. That’s a ludicrosity!!!

  97. Vampkatt65 says:

    What do you mean I need a larger size? And choose-you-words-carefully…..

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  99. jared&shawnee says:

    Looks like somebody put a little too much yeast into their cat loaf…

  100. Evangelina♥ says:

    Kitteh: Shut up, I totally fit in here. I can fit int the same baskets I could when I was 4 months old. I can. Really.

  101. Ooh! This kitty is cute! Ive had cats who liked to sit in small places that they seemed to think they fit in (but obviously didn’t). Very cute! And I LOVE the white socks for feet!

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