AND YOU THOT that other Seal puppage was cute? Ha.

There have been quite a few bebeh seals in the last few weeks. But this tiny Sealio Iglesias takes the cake. Will you please look at the ‘aristocratic’ look on his face [according to sender-inner Robin P.]? There is ALMOST disapproval there. Seal disapproval, People.



This little seal dewd is my fave.



  1. blueberries4me says:

    Look at the teeny tiny seal! He looks content.

  2. w00t second !!

  3. lol hes friggen adorable !!

  4. oh my effing gawd! content you say? he looks like my cat when he is sun bathing o_O
    just adornable!

  5. AlbertaGirl says:

    He needs a purple robe and perhaps a sceptre.

  6. What kind of seal is that?! So cute!

  7. I just think my head exploded from soooo much cuteness

  8. that animal is adorably disproportionate in SO many ways.

  9. smokeyJoe says:

    oh! make it *stop*!!

  10. I love his fins…oh my goodness do I love his fins…

  11. What a lovely picture!

  12. it’s almost like he’s snubbing me with his nose in the air…

  13. the finns shall inherit the earth.

  14. Jan Spencer says:


  15. Its cute, i don’t doubt that. But its a either a fur seal or else its a SEALION!!!!!!! Propped up on front flippers, external earflaps! Seals are more like cute sausages…

    SEALION! (or a fur seal, in which case it’s pretending to be sealions)

  16. “I disapprove of this ocean. Who put it here anyway, that I might be wetted in this fashion? I am not ready for my closeup. Who said that – Gloria Swanson: what, a mere bird? Tell Sir (bah!) David Attenborough that he will just have to WAIT.”

  17. [snif]
    Just as I imagined… I am still teh pwnage. Truly epic, am I.
    [contented sigh]

  18. “Oh, well, this just simply will not do. Tell my hairdresser that she is fired. To think that I, the cutest pup in the world, shall be forced to suffer damp hair in this weather!”

    Why don’t you just kill me now, Meg? Huh? It’s just too much… I CAN’T TAKE IT!!

  19. WHAT?!?! you didn’t bring my flat iron? How will I get rid of these fly aways?! Do you SEE how humid it is here? I shan’t disappoint my fans!!

  20. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is just eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Blink, blink, nose in ee air.

  21. seems a bit aloof

  22. He’s so tiny! Seal Puppaggio!

  23. I think my fave is the burl ives seal.

    but this little dewd is too much. We don’t get to many seals round my parts…sigh. the flappers alone are reason enough to relocate.

  24. i seriously cant even handle the amount of cuteness that is this picture. *dies*

  25. Sports Illustrated Model of the Year, Seal Pupparoo Edition!

  26. OMG!!! That is a weapon of mass destruction!!! 🙂

  27. He looks like a hybrid hedgehog/seal.

    He’s coming home with me. I’m filling up the bathtub right now. Stocking the fridge with sardines. Too prosh for words.

  28. “I say good day to you, sir!” Hmmph!

    So cute!

  29. What?!!! What is this mess on MY basking rock? (sniff of disdain)how dare those common, even lesser gulls come NEAR my personal rock? I demand someone clean up this mess NOW! Hmmph, bad, bad, bad housekeeping seal of disapproval…

  30. There is something very Dr Seuss-ish about him, dont u think?

  31. Sardines, Robbie? Surely you jest. Smoked salmon and Osetra caviar ONLY… and maybe a few bottles of Yoo-hoo.

    (Sea lions love Yoo-hoo.)

  32. “There is something very Dr Seuss-ish about him…”

    Puppeh: Think you’re getting Christmas this year? HA! Think again!

  33. A thinker says:




    *This* is simply too much.

  34. Pinniped pinniped pinniped!

  35. Another baby fur seeeal 😀

  36. What…I…so cute…with the fur…ack! Did you notice that it’s raining and he seems to be turning his little face up to the drops as if to say, “Ah! Refreshing!”

  37. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water……


  38. My new personal motto is “Sea lions love Yoo-hoo.”

  39. My new personal motto is “Sea lions love Yoo-hoo.”

  40. hahaha! why are seals so expressive hehe!!

  41. Dear heavens. He certainly wins in the proportionate size of his flippers contest. They look bigger than him!

    And those teeny-eeny little ears.

  42. Francesca says:

    eeeee! he reminds me of those cartoons of snobby people going to the opera with their noses in the air. “i dare say, the tenor was a little flat tonight. don’t you agree, marlene?” ::sniffs::

  43. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Why must the seals be so cute and yet so far away from me? Some should be flown here and released so that I might apprehend one and feed him a fish and pat him on the head.

    This site is suffering from a severe seal infestation. I will have to come over and remove all seals and/or sea lions and take them home where I will cuddle and pet them and call them Chuck.

  44. Now that’s cute. He gets my Seal Of Approval.

  45. bunnajenny says:

    has nobody commented on the eye capsules yet? I’m not normally one for the ol’ eye caps, but these ones, ooof!

  46. Tony James says:

    The eyes closed, the head looking up and to the right – looks like he’s just taken the podium at a political party’s annual conference, and he’s taking the applause (the rain could be confetti). One of those charismatic leaders of somewhere socialist (Che Guevara, perhaps, one of the guys with the groovy uniforms), and he’s about to deliver the killer blow – “Comrades! It has been a long and difficult road, beset with struggles against the running dogs of imperialist capitalism. But I tell you now – the revolution will not be stopped! I bring you today…another glorious 5 Year Plan!” [roar, cheers]
    “The will of the Pinniped Anarcho-Syndicalist Workers Collective Revolutionary Socialist Guerilla Party of Marxist Principles will not be denied!” [roar, cheeers, applause]

  47. This little guy may actually be disapproving of the lack of a seal category in the left column. Clearly the seals are representing in the cute department.

  48. whiskeers. flippeers. eears.

    splat (me puddled on floor).

  49. NebraskaErin says:

    He disapproves. He needs to get a wee monocle and waistcoat and have tea with the capybaras.

  50. Tony James says:

    Isn’t that “reprazentin'”?

  51. “the Pinniped Anarcho-Syndicalist Workers Collective Revolutionary Socialist Guerilla Party of Marxist Principles”


    It’s just like those revolutionary groups to come up with a name whose acronym doesn’t make up a cool word. Their fascist overlords, of course are the Pinniped Industrial Neo-Populist Democrats (PINPD), who, in the grand tradition of fascist overlords, use words like populist, and democratic in their names, though they are neither.

    (And their seal noses are even *higher* in the air.)

  52. Martha in Washington says:

    “What kind of seal is this?” The Seal Of DISapproval from Good Housekeeping of course!

  53. TJ: Is the Sealion Socialist Peoples’ revolutionary flag a flipper and sickle?

    If tuna is the chicken of the sea, is the sealion the capybara of the sea?

  54. Tony James says:

    They used to be called the New & Improved Pinniped Proletariat for Law and Equality, but people just made fun of them…

  55. Laurie C–come on, put a little effort in it…PASWCRSGPMP is pronounced “pass-wuh-crass-guh-pimp.” Obvy.

  56. Tony James says:

    Not to mention the splinter group, the Anarcho-Revolutionary Front. More members than you might imagine, you can frequently here them in group of seals and sealions, canvassing support by yelling out their party’s acronym…

  57. Tony James says:

    here = hear, of course

  58. Pinniped Equality Effort Promoting Equality for Everyone.

  59. Tony James says:

    Red – you *had* to lower the tone, didn’t you? 😉

  60. chet's momma says:

    careful, DavidBoBavid! ‘member what I saidz yesterday! don’t go there!! aw, what a loverly seal pupper.

  61. ‘Cause we were flying so high before, TJ. 😛

  62. Acronyms–*dies*

  63. Yes, I know I look small and insignificant. But to let you know, I’m very, very important. *Turns head away dissaprovingly*

  64. OMG!
    He and the little teatime seal pup should hang out and disapprove together.

  65. Bent Flippers!

    It looks like he’s enjoying the sprinkly weather ^^

  66. Definitely head-exploding cuteness!

  67. Pinnipeds

    The Seal from P.E.E.P.

  68. AuntieMame says:

    Humph. And pish-tosh. And a genteel “phooey.”

  69. 2 things:
    second: i like you guys.

  70. lurkertype says:

    “Yes, I am small, but I am so important that it would make your head spin. I can bring your life to a crashing halt, and ruin your credit rating with one wave of my adorable flipper. Good DAY, sir!”

  71. michellemybelle says:

    I don’t think he’s disapproving at all – he looks like he’s enjoying the sun on his little fuzzy face. His little whiskers are too much for me.


    “If you are capable of looking disdainful or disapproving, it is cute.”

  73. Peg of Tilling says:

    Okay, like in Heroes from last week? When Hiro picked up the keys for the car his friend said the rental agency wouldn’t have? This was tewtally Hiro’s expression.


  74. K at first I thought he did look a bit disapproving, but the more I look at him, I keep waiting for him to open his teeny mouth and sing, “My cherie amor…[soulful head swivel, eyes shut tight]…lovely as a summer’s day.” [soulful flipper clap]

  75. I agree with the new “disdainful” rule of cuteness. At first, I was debating (with myself) as to whether this lil guy is content or disapproving…

    Notice, directly below the nose, the ever-so-slightly pouffed-out lower lip. A disapproving pout, indeed.

  76. Lol…many good observations, here. Tony James, the things that come typing out of your fingers always astound me! It’s inspired! And, Redz, you can fling ’em back with the best!

    Can I be the cardholderupper???

    9,9,9,10, 9,10

  77. That pup looks SO young. And, maybe that is spray from waves breaking on the rocks that he is soaking in.

  78. RedZ — Wonder-ful!

  79. Disapproval or Loreal ad? You decide.

    …because he’s worth it.

  80. There is something undeniably adorable about something so cute appearing so indignant. It raises the cute-factor up a couple thousand snorgle units.

  81. Oh, stop already with the delicious seal-i-ness. I can’t take much more. And the thing that makes it even more frustrating is that I KNOW I will never, ever be able to have one of my very own to love and cuddle.

    Anybody watch Finding Nemo, when the Ellen Degeneres fish, Dori, says to the little jellyfish “I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine!”

    This little guy is my “squishy!”

  82. Tony James says:

    Snorgle units = Floofings. Named for Dr. Josef von Floofing, who established in his uber-work on the field of cute that while measuring an animal’s height, weight, and volume were all very well, it didn’t give an adequate idea of how cute the animal was. You should check out his book, Research and Investigation into the Relative and Absolute Values of Cute (University of Mannheim Press, 1908). Sadly out of print now. Dr. Floofing died a pauper in 1927, reportedly having spent his last penny on a basketful of little kittens that were being sold by a poor barefoot homeless child on the street corner. His landlady reported that the last thing she heard him say was “Zo, mein kleine kutie-kins – ve shell now rank you in order of cuteness, using mein patented floofometer.”
    The kittens, incidentally, were adopted by students at the University, who carried on Dr. Floofing’s pioneering work.
    Sadly the university was hit by a stray bomb in 1943, and the lab (known as the Floofery, or Kutenzentral) was completely destroyed. The kittens were unharmed, however, having been evacuated to a government-sponsored KutenKittinHottenHausen in the Bavarian alps. Under the Occupying Powers Act of 1946 all research into cuteness was banned, as the Allied Powers were concerned that troops exposed to the levels of cute that were believed to have been developed by the Mannheim team would be overcome. Even today, while the rules have been relaxed, most governments and armies issue their personel with tags that measure how much cute they’ve been exposed to.

  83. I hardly ever comment, but that is BY FAR the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You have reached the pinnacle, Meg.

  84. TonyJ, you are scary brilliant.

  85. Robin, Med has reached the pinniped pinnacle.

  86. Ummm…that would be ‘Meg’. The meds are for me.

  87. [bowing reverentially to Tony James and sort of wondering what he does for a “living”]

  88. It’s the ravages of MST3K blue brain dye. (Aubrey)

  89. michellemybelle says:

    Teej – I really hope that you get use your talents and get paid for it, as opposed to having to sit behind a desk and receive customer service calls or something. PLEASE say that someone that deserves makes a living using his brain!!!

  90. michellemybelle says:

    And I really should spell check and check grammar before hitting “post,” but I was swept away by die Floofery.

  91. Tony James says:

    Red – I commend to you a discussion on my profession which appears here…

  92. Good God, SIR. I had no idea you were a Fellow of that hallowed academic society. [kneeling a bit awkwardly to kiss your ring.]

  93. It’s definitely a fur seal. The snubby rounded nose, ridiculously oversized front flippers and coloration make me think it’s a Northern fur seal (the kind we get on the west coast), but at that age they are a little tougher to tell apart.

    And yeah, seals are great for those disdainful poses. Factor in how tiny the lil guy is (he’s probably 5 or so pounds there) and it’s almost too much.

  94. Oh. My. God.

    Words fail me.

    Ooh! Can that be the next T-shirt!?!?!?!? Puh-LEASE?!?!?

  95. Oh wow now if that isnt the cutest thing i have ever seen! I WANT HIM

  96. OMG! I didn’t know that was a seal at first!I want one of my verry own…

  97. Is he friends with disapproving bunny and the capybaras?

  98. oh God! how big is that thing!?

  99. >>It’s definitely a fur seal.< <

    (Fur seals also love Yoo-hoo.)

  100. perhaps an aquatic life category can be created. it can include turtles and fish and seals and manatees and stuff. beluga whales. cartoons of beluga whales.

  101. He/She looks just like the mouse my cats caught last night that I had too take away from them before they injured it….(Put it outside after informing it that it owed me and that I better not catch it in the house again.)

  102. SOOO cute! He is saying, “Harumph!”

  103. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This wee little one looks as if he’s listening to beautiful music that only he can hear.

  104. Ok, Tony James. From that I was gathering (I am a gatherer, not a hunter) that you are a researcher.

    Am I close? Far away?

    Whatever you are, you got it all goin’ on!

    Can you folks imagine this baby weighing 5 pounds or less??? Aaaaaaaaaah.

    And, yes, Brak, he is listening to something only newborns can hear.

    *getting maudlin*

  105. Oh, good. I’m not the only one who was thinking “Where it the of?” in seal disapproval.

  106. I think this guy is the next incarnation of the Buddha.

  107. That little nose in the air… the overly large flippers! Perfection!

  108. I have to say, that doesn’t look like a seal of approval.

  109. oh
    that is the friggin’ cutest little ‘tude on the beach that I’ve EVER seen….

    “could you make sure that you’re getting my good side? yeah, thanks…!”

  110. The true nature of Sealio Iglesias revealed:

    made by “Waxx”


  111. Wot a teensy seal! This one’s my fav.

  112. AuntieMame says:


    Daner, that’s awesome!

    *giggling helplessly*

  113. Looks like a little kid trying on mom’s shoes.
    And her attitude.

  114. omg. i love it. I WANT A SHIRRRRRRRRT! (btw, where is the yin-yang kittehs shirt?)

  115. Looks like a Dr. Seuss creature!

  116. little miao says:

    In China, they call eyes like that “smiling eyes”. I think he’s either very pleased with himself (for being the proshest pup in the world!), or listening to the beautiful music of the ocean (as someone suggested earlier).

  117. Daner/Waxx — absolutely top-notch! Don’t obscure the eye, tho…

  118. “Sea lions love yoo hoo” is right up there w/ “Sir, please step away from the capybara”.

    And yey to “disaproving-ness” being a CO rule – there would be even more lagos then!

  119. Did anyone else notice the eye capsule? cute!!

  120. Yes, where’s his monocle and tiny silk top hat? Oh, and shine up his spats for him, too!

  121. I usually squeal with glee when C.O. loads, but this photograph made me shriek a piercing scream as my entire body siezed up in one intense paroxysm of cuteness. The eyes are so like eye capsules, but without the bulginess–they are little sweet eye slits, and they make me crazy. That NOSE!!! OH GOODNESS! The pointiness and dainty sweetness are too much for me to handle. I fear for the safety of first-time C.O. viewers; at least I have been slowly introduced to such high levels of cute. I bet this picture killed some people.

  122. Zelda — follow Daner’s imageshack link, above.

  123. [sigh]

    I’ve lived almost all my life near the sea. I can imagine this seal bebeh’s feelings … breathing in the salty air with his eyes closed …


  124. Meg, I think it’s time for another T-shirt, don’t ya think? And this little cutie should be on it!

  125. This is in the running for cutest picture of ALL TIME.

    Dun dun dun……

  126. Rich Fader says:

    [Lionel Jeffries as Grandpa Potts]

    “Ohhhhhh, the posh, posh, travelin’ life, the travelin’ life for me,
    “First cabin, captain’s table, regal company,
    “Whenever I’m bored, I travel abroad, but ever so properly…
    “Port out! Starboard ‘ome! Posh with a capital P-O-S-H, posh…”

    [/Grandpa Potts]

  127. AuntieMame says:

    Yay, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang!

  128. Denise in Nebraska says:

    OH MY. This is the cutest seal post I’ve seen yet, on this site! I didn’t think it was possible! The only add I have is that clearly the little dewd is not pretentious, in any way! He is listening to classical music from one of those radios that play both music and soft sea-sounds, to relax you. His mom gave it to him as a gift, last Christmas. He is stretching a sore muscle and demonstrating the “upward dog” yoga position, here. He is closing his eyes and visualizing someone from C.O. coming over and smooching him!! I volunteer to make his dreams a reality. He’s precious!!! **smoochies to little seal dewd here**

  129. good jod and well down Ok?! keep on your job babe

  130. Dee from Texas says:

    Okay, that little smirk is just too cute. I wanna pick him up & run huggin him the whole way! HORRRAY for babeah seals!!!

  131. it looks so cute! almost looks like it’s sniffing the air: much like the Rock does just before he lays the smacketh down!

  132. Roger, Roger, Roger… Brother Dwayne delivereth what hath been cooked from the kitchen unto the table, whereupon he smacketh it down.

    Don’t be -eth’ing your nouns, my man. (Like The Rock does.)

  133. It’s Morroco Mole!

  134. fyi, sea lions are considered seals

  135. needmorecute says:

    i <3 "seal of disapproval"

  136. Otters Wule says:

    Initially teh seal pup looked spiritually “in it” to me with his eyes and facing toward the rain (or snow?). The cuteness is nigh unbearable!!

  137. Jenlin the Gremlin says:

    It looks like a baby hedgehog with fins!

    I want one!

  138. The divine cuteness of this pic made me finally get a typepad acct. The tea-seal was my fave, for the expression alone. But this lil face, turned to the spray (Ocean Spray? I didn’t know seals drank cranberry juice) just slew me with teh cuteness. I am communicating thru a ouija board here, peeps…