‘Tocktober! [guitar riff]

Cheesey DJ: "Comin’ ATCHA! We’re celebratin’ ‘TOCKTOBER all month long, People, spinnin’ the hits with traffic on the eights! Are you there, caller?"

Katherine C.: "Yes! I’m here, and I got some Prairie Dog ‘tocks for ‘Tocktober!!! woooo!"

Cheesey DJ: "HEEEY!!! It’s a Prairie Dog TWOFER!"


[appause sound effect]


‘Tocks up, Kat C…. 😉



  1. A thinker says:


  2. Martha in Washington says:

    I love Prairie Dogs! So adorable!

  3. Brown bulbous beautiful butts! Bahaha!

  4. And I thought MY butt looked big.

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    My mom was a foster mom to a prairie dog once. Lucy (the p-dog, my mom’s name was Ella) liked to sit on your lap and eat Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal. She was a hoot! (So was the p-dog.)

  6. “Does my ass make this dress look big?”

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Haven’t we already had the October FULL MOON?

  8. I *love* how the tail is up, in ll the flurry of digging – reminds me of my lagomorph gal.

  9. yikes! That was supposed to be “all,” not “ll.”

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    I like dog ‘tocks and I can’t deny…


  11. Prairie dog stubby tail!

  12. It’s a sign from the C.O. gods!! Having just launched my very first blog with the word gopher in it, I head on over to my favourite rodent friendly corner of the web and there is a cute gopher butt right in front of me! I do hope this bodes well.

  13. Ewwwww, I did NOT need to see that!

  14. Ahh oh so cute… Its a booty shakin.

  15. AlbertaGirl says:

    Tocktastic! Er… tocktacular?

  16. Cute but potentially deadly… or so I’ve heard.

    My brother lives in Denver, Co. and likes to go hiking in the mountains from time to time.

    He told me of this Prairie dog “village” that is near a research facility.

    Apparently the furry little critters are immune to but carriers of the bubonic plague.

    Sooo… um… yeah, that would make them… Tocs-ic… Hee! ….Erm Sorry.

    Carry on…

  17. “In the clearing stands the tocks-er…”

  18. That would be “tocks-ic”. *sigh* you know you’ve been inhaling too much gray cubicle lint when you can’t even properly construct the spelling of your own terrible puns….

  19. “and punfighter by his trade…”

  20. Ahem-hem… I hereby declare this the official beginning of

    Bust out with the kittehs for a round of snorgles, and put it on my tab. It’s gonna get pretty crazy up in here.

  21. “he carries the behinder…”

  22. “so then he dug, then laid him down…”

  23. Sabba,

    Is it wrong that I just had a picture of a tray of beer mugs with kittens in them being served up by a large German woman.

    Eeeek… Nevermind I answered my own question.

  24. I don’t know what’s sillier:

    –the word “tocks”
    –the prairie dog with his butt to the camera
    –the fact that grown people squee, thud and generally fall over at the sign of cuteness
    –all the puns that inevitably show up on a C.O. commentary


  25. NebraskaErin says:

    Kris in New England – the correct answer is e.) All of the above.

  26. Kris, in New England:
    — Obvy, the silliest of your list is the prairie dog with his butt to the camera. What was he thinking? This could have been his 100 Mbps of glory! He could be known as the most handsome prairie dog to grace the tubes of the internets!

    But no, tragedy! Instead, we have… his rear… (which is cute anyhow), and the thought of what might have been… someone’s going to need years of therapy.

    EricaE, that’s the visual I was goin’ for. Prost!

  27. Kris, in New England – is this going to be on the final?

  28. lurkertype says:

    Erica E, ’tis true about the prairie dogs. They’re not immune to bubonic plague, though; plenty of them die, there’s just so many of them that you often don’t notice any reduction in the herd.

    Never pick up a dead prairie dog, and stay away from their fleas.

    However, dog tock pix are perfectly safe!

  29. We’re under ass-ault by ‘tock puns! If we officially declare it ‘Tocktober, can you imagine all the punsters who will rear their ugly, um, heads? We’ll all be sorry in the end.

  30. Lurker,

    Well, you learn something new everyday. :o)

    I’ve read a bit about the history of the Black Death. It didn’t get that cheery moniker by accident. *shudder*

    Anyway, next time I visit my brother he said he’d take me to see the prairie dogs. So, I’ll give them a respectful bit of distance.

  31. You can also catch monkeypox from prairie dogs. Not prairie dog pox. I don’t even want to know how the monkeys contaminated the prairie dogs (that must have been some wild party). It’s like Bucky Katt (from Get Fuzzy) says…monkeys are evil (cute, but evil).

  32. kayte,

    Oooo *applauds* That was an impressive string.

  33. “I’M NOT DEAD YET!”

    True, 1348 was the year when it was best if you stayed indoors. Actually one of the ‘cures’ was to place a small animal over one of the buboes – the theory was that the animal would absorb the sickness. Butt I digress. Let’s get Back to discussing Tocks-ins.

  34. Monkeypox on thee! Get thee to a ‘tockery.

  35. Sabba-
    The first pic doggie is all, “Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my close-up.”
    Then, sadly, we have prarie critter putting his best face to the camera.
    Cute tho.

  36. I can too spell prairie.

  37. I just love how in the second pic, it’s all ‘nana-nana boo-boo.’ I can even see it shakin its little prairie bootie at us. lol

  38. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake ‘tock booty, shake ‘tock booty….

  39. Teughcats says:

    Think we can get CO a mention on Get Fuzzy? Considering that the peeps apparently approve of that comic? (Maybe even Cinnamon does too?)

  40. Lol, kayte!!! ’twas excellent!!

    The End is Near!

  41. 2cats: good luck getting an endorsement out of Cinnamon. Harrumpf.

    Please more buttock punfoolery. It amuses me. I need amusement.

  42. I’d rather have plague than hantavirus…if your medical provide knows that you’ve been frolicking with p-dogs, plague can be cured with penicillin, of all the simple things! Hantavirus is treated mostly by hoping for the best.
    And heck, there’s just something to be known as a plague survivor — that’s gotta be worth a t-shirt or somethin’!

  43. Aubrey,

    Isn’t medieval medicine fun!
    Most of the time if they cured you it was by accident. :o)

    I’ve read that they would also hang fox tails from their belts in hopes that the fleas would go for the “animal” instead of them.

  44. Prarie Dogs are one of my favorite animals to watch in groups. I could watch them for an hour at the zoo.

    Second Picture: *grumbles* “I could have sworn that I left my supersonic5670 Ray Gun here somewhere. I need it for the weekly Prarie Dog/Meerkat meeting this week. Damn. They won’t be happy with me when they find out that our plan to take over the earth is postponed one more week.”

  45. EricaE:

    And of course, sprinkling vinegar on your clothes, or keeping a vial of ‘The Virgin’s Tears’ close by.

    An ignorant, barbaric, fascinating time. If I could I would look in, I think, but that’s all.

    We have some lovely filth over here in our time frame, anyway. Your real name IS Dennis, isn’t it?

  46. NebraskaErin says:

    The children’s museum in town has a big prairie dog town for the kidlets to run and play in. I’m sure a kidlet or two is a bubonic plague carrier as well.

  47. This boobionic plague…do you think the $6 million woman was a carrier?

  48. …aaaand RedZ comes through for the DEPARTMENT OF INTENTIONAL DYSLEXUS.
    Your loyalty and service is noted.

  49. I’d like to add that the original bugs are now thought to be moogtronic. Came over in a piano, or something. If they were discovered in the keys, they were referred to as ‘keisters’.

    Hey – don’t we have a picture of an animals rump here?

  50. Sirs, step aWAY from the prairiedog tookus.

  51. EricaE,
    Most of the time if they cure you NOW, it’s by accident!

    From one who works there. 😛

  52. She said tookus.
    [Anyone else see Sarah Silverman’s Jesus Is Magic?]

  53. Where, Lauri, where?

  54. In a hospital! 🙂

    Is it a movie, Red? Or a routine?
    I bet it’s hilarious!

  55. lurkertype says:

    Wot if yer allergic to penicillin? Then you’re back to vinegar and rat tails and “bring out your dead”!

    The prairie dog who had monkeypox got it in captivity from some exotic imported critter. Bad, bad animal smugglers.

  56. LurkT — actually, I think they’d try erythromycin or possibly a sulfa derivative.

  57. Lauri, it’s a movie, and funny beyond words if you’re not easily offended.

    But then again, I was howling my head off all through “The Aristocrats.”

  58. LurkerT, T. – I happen to be allergic to both those substances! Is it back to vinegar for me? (I’m partial to $180 balsamic, myself)

  59. Aubrey, you’ll look very fetching in this:


  60. What a dusty little hiney.

  61. I love Wikipedia. I went from Plague Doctor to Great Plague of London, to Great Fire of London, which mentioned the destruction of the thatched roofs, thus destroying rat habitat, to the fact that the modern reconstruction of the Globe theater is the only thatched building in London built since the fire and needed a special permit, and the reconstructed building holds half as many spectators as the original because modern people are more concerned about personal space, to a link about the difference in Western and Eastern concepts about personal space.

    We now return you to the prairie dog butts.

  62. Suda — I think you’re ready for the next level:

  63. And nursery rhymes. The plague gave us “Ring Around the Rosy/A pocket full of Posy..” etc etc.

  64. And CO is exactly the place to recommend Barbara Tuchman’s wonderful book, “A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century”.

  65. And don’t forget bonfires.
    Nothing like a good bonfire for keeping off the Plague.
    sez she from her New Computer Which Doesn’t Suck (Yet

  66. Lauo — I’ve heard they work wonders on infestations of the vanities, too.
    (from the Pretty OK Computer Which Is Probably Only Cool Because I Cobbled It Together Myself)

  67. OT warning

    Dudes- they had BREAD PUDDING in the dining hall tonight! I was like “what the heck is that funny looking stuff at the dessert station?” then I saw the sign “Old Fashioned Bread pudding” and [for some strange reason :-P] I was instantly transported to the land of cute. I had to try it, but was only going to have one little bite.. but then I realized that was selfish and wasteful, so I finished the serving, in honor of all the CO’ers, without whom I never would have thought to try it..

  68. J2 — the dark secret behind BREAD PUDDING:
    This is how kitchens get rid of all their leftover bread.

  69. And J2’s story instantly transported me back to the cafeterias of the Michigan State residence hall system and the (in)famous “Wisconsin Cheesy Chicken”.

  70. So what are the symptoms of monkey pox — a craving for bananas and an irrestible urge to fling poo?

  71. And J2’s story transported me to grade school when Dina Munitz accused me of stealing her Barbie lunchpail.

    T., you know that you puddin story just isn’t TRUE. You’re going to have J2 convinced that you’re just a dry and crusty guy, which we know just isn’t so. A little rye, maybe, but that’s all.

  72. hee hee hee !!!!!

  73. A rye sense of humour goes with raisin hell though. And you know, some bread pudding IS raisin hell.

  74. Challah if you love puddin’!!!

  75. OK, who’s going to come up with the first pun for “pumpernickel”?

    Because it sure isn’t going to be me.

    I’ll give you the etymoology according to Merriam-Webster, though: “German, from pumpern to break wind + Nickel goblin; from its reputed indigestibility.”

    See? See? It involved butts.

  76. And Theo, I am never going to forgive you for introducing me to the uncyclopedia, because I can already tell I’m never going to emerge from there.

    You’re an evil, evil man. Even if you do like cats.

  77. Feel free to add & edit, too.
    [evil, evil chuckle.]

  78. Hey Aubrey, it’s ok, rye is better than sour (d’oh)..

    I’m sure they have lots of extra bread in our dining halls these days- it’s no longer self-serve after an outbreak of “west campus ebola” last year.

    Viruses and pudding and ‘tocks, oh my! What an appetizing thread this is 😉

  79. PS — Mr. Rogers could take Oscar Wilde blindfolded & handcuffed.

  80. “Either that wallpaper goes or you will be my neighbor.”

  81. Ah, tis good to just sit back, let the peeps roll and take notes!

    There are literally tons of antibiotics you can take now, if you are allergic to penicillin.

    The docs new pet is one called Levofloxicin. It cures (almost) everything including hangnails, and ring around the collar.

  82. Mr. Rogers blindfolded and handcuffed Oscar Wilde?!?!? Why, that’s blasphemy. And redonkulous to think about.

  83. Hey, Lauri! New postings on the police logs if yr. interested.

  84. AND he loved it.

  85. I’m turning red at the very thought.

    Now I’m getting sick.

  86. Ooooh, great, jaypo! Hussles off to vox.

  87. What police logs? Sounds interesting. Right up there with the handcuff theme we’ve got going.

  88. New Boxcar Kitten photo:
    Kitten P, now named Palmerston, for adoption purposes. His first official portrait, again on the red couch of fabulousness.


  89. michellemybelle says:

    Weirdly enough, I got a little “Quote of the Month” thing from Real Simple with Oscar Wilde’s last words on it under a picture of a cat. Very odd, but it’s now tacked up to my fridge.

  90. michellemybelle says:

    Weirdly enough, I got a little “Quote of the Month” thing from Real Simple with Oscar Wilde’s last words on it under a picture of a cat. Very odd, but it’s now tacked up to my fridge.

  91. I’ve been double posted! And all because of the magic of Palmerston! He’s adorable.

  92. OMGSQUEE Laurie C.

    You may send Palmerston to me immediately. Cash, check, or snorgle?

  93. hii like my shy baby

  94. I hate vending machines. You can pumpernickels in them till your wallet’s empty and do you get your Diet Coke? MAYBE.


  95. Aubrey: I’m not worthy.

  96. [hoists a Diet Coke with lime in Aubrey’s honor]

  97. OK Theo, one…two….three….

    “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.”

  98. lurkertype says:

    Palmerston is such a distinguished-looking kitteh!

    Actual bread puddin’s spotted in their natural habitat by a peep! w00t!

  99. Thanks for the toast, guys.

    LC – does the red couch have magic powers; is fabulousness innate within it: making all who recline on it automatically cute and fab and stuff?

  100. ka9q's wife says:

    Tock to me bebeh

  101. These comments are priceless. My punster skills are inadequate to contribute.

    However, I couldn’t help noticing…Why do we have a banner about “Porn: America’s Addiction” under “Premium Prosh”?

  102. “does the red couch have magic powers; is fabulousness innate within it: making all who recline on it automatically cute and fab and stuff?”

    Well,Aubrey, I sit on it a lot, so I’m sayin’ — YEAH.

  103. Aubrey, you are a wonder to my overtaxed brain.

    LaurieC, Palmerston is loverly. And the fab couch dims by comparison all who sit on it.

    All ye other peeps, good morning!

  104. “And the fab couch dims by comparison all who sit on it.”

    What I meant was that the couch is dimmed by the sitters. Idon’t think that’s how it sounded, but you know hwat I meant. so tie tie…

  105. AWWWWWWW!! Palmerston is ADORABLE!

    Love the super-twisty neck and the huge eyes 😀

  106. Aubrey – I just started reading Barbara Tuchman’s book. So far, it’s fascinating. It’s scary sometimes how the peeps on CO echo my interests. I think maybe I knew you all in a previous life!

  107. I read her book about 20 years ago. Eminently readable history! Loved it and never looked at our Western European legacies in the same way after.

  108. Yay Palmerston!!! While his sister’s look is concerned, his is more speculative. “Is that camera edible? I’m feeling a bit peckish.”

    (And the couch, frankly, appears to be innately fabulous.)

  109. A good, brave doggie, *sniff
    http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/10/18/hero.dog.ap/index.htmlbut But as usual…trying to pin the blame on a cat. Like the cat lit the candle?

  110. Yay, to all you fabulous peeps. I am not going to try to pun ever again. As suda said, “I am not worthy.” But I genuflect in your general direction, all of you wonderful punsters. My brain delights in your brains’es agilities!

    Hey, my friend lost her black lab last night and I am kinda sitting here, teary eyed, and wrote a tribute to him on my blog. So, go check it out. Blackjack was the tops!


  111. Oh oh , I wanted to say, also, Palmerston is THE cat!!! Awesome!

    And it is time that _I_ searched out a couch of fabulousness, cuz I have a curdgey, scrungey couch of hatefulness.

    Ok, off to my day. Have a good one, y’alls.

  112. I’m sad and tired and sleepy
    And my joy is on the rocks
    But before I can snorgle this prairie dog
    He’s flashin’ me his ‘tocks.


  113. As coiner of the phrase “Tocktober”, I’m as proud as I can be to see this lovely tock photo.

  114. ¡¡Tocktober!! Haha! I can’t get this word out of my head…

  115. I watch too much of the History Channel not to be suspicious – couldn’t this just be ‘tock footage?

  116. Shouldn’t that be Barbara ‘Tockman’s book?