No effing way


You have got to be kidding me. There is EVEN A MILK BONE STUCK TO THE SIDES OF MY CAKE!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

[rolls in cake]


Na-ahn, Kimberley L. Na-AHN! [pushing you against wall]



  1. awwwww happy birfday doggeeee

  2. OH! Do I get second comment?

    It looks like it’s crying .. happy tears, right? Gotta be.

  3. tabbycat917 says:

    happy birthday!!!!

  4. hrh.squeak says:

    What a beautifully behaved birthday princess!!

  5. That expression says to me “Why is there fire on my cake? If I eat it, my beautiful nose will burn!”

  6. “Hurry up and take the damned picture…this cake and my canines have a date…”

  7. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    the dog looks a bit sad. 😦

    but happy birthday anyway..!

  8. leprechaun says:

    Either sad or just eager to eat cake. Hippy Pappy Buthuthday!

  9. Arrgh
    Poor doggie can’t blow his candle out.
    That’s the strane look as he tries to blow out of one side of his muzzlepuff/pouch, see the flame flutter and the concentration, bet he/she wishing the bones were real.


  10. Happy one pup!!!! Many happy tail waggin returns. What special humans you must have!

  11. “Sweeeeet!”

  12. He’s sad because he’s getting so old. 😦

  13. That looks exactly like Satchel from GetFuzzy.

  14. He’s upset cause he has a dunce cap on and he didn’t do anything to deserve it.

  15. Happy Birthday to you
    Your cake you’ll soon chew
    It’s hard to believe but
    Next year you’ll be two

  16. Beaglicous….! or it is Pugalicious….!

  17. hrh.squeak says:

    Edward – heeheehee, You’re Right!!!

  18. Floppy limbs!

  19. And look– there’s a weensy little doglette frolicking in the icing!

  20. Piggalette says:

    MMM Cake!

  21. It might be a puggle!

    That cake is TOAST!!!

  22. I have got to ompliment this doggies parents for teaching him such good manners….My Radar would have eaten the whole thing, flaming candle and all.


  23. pugmamatimestwo says:

    It’s her little pink belly on the floor that gets me -so very anerable. Happy Birfday Pup!

  24. I wonder if that cake tastes good to people…except for the milkbone of course.

  25. oh man, that is freaking adorable!
    what a lucky puppeh

  26. I think puppeh is both confounded by the candle and concerned about the presence of another very small dog on the top of his cake. As I would be.

  27. “But… but I asked for a birthday STEAK…”

  28. i didn’t even notice the mini-dog on the cake.. they really went all out. awww.

    can’t you just hear those little nails clicking as pupster trots over the floor to sit patiently by the cake?

  29. NebraskaErin says:

    What manners!

    I bet in the next shot, though, the puppeh’s little sister sneaks in and blows the candle out. That’s what happens in my family.

  30. yaaaaaay!
    today’s my birfday! gotta love me!

  31. no really. today is my birfday. ariel the human. my….birfday.

  32. Awww! What a wrinkley little face! I wanna smoosh it!

  33. Happy Birfday Ariel.
    I tried to make you a treat but the candle kept falling over and igniting the bunny creme.

  34. [sings]
    Happy Birfday to ariel!
    Happy Birfday to youuuu!
    You cute as a monkey
    And smell…no, no, that’s wrong…
    [smacks 9-yr old-type memory noggin]
    Dat’s why we wuv youuuu!!

  35. yaaaaaay! [schnarf]
    i lick of your faces in gratitude!

  36. I do believe my pooch would have frosting in her ears/nose/paws/muzzlep____/belleh and tail by the time I even got the camera out or said “sit.”

    Sigh. We can’t always end up with the well-behaved kids now can we?

  37. and again:

  38. Tapatio es una salsa! says:

    I think a new element of cuteness has to be paw curlage – I LOVE when dog’s paws are curled in excitement or relaxation – see boxer’s hind foot. YAY!

  39. But then again, maybe not. hmmm…

  40. Aw…this is perfect. Although this was posted yesterday I didn’t see it until this morning and today happens to be my birthday so it was a very nice way to start the day (as CO always is).

  41. yaaaaaaaaay, robyn! happy smurfday! [hugs robyn and dances around in a hoppy birthday circle-dance]

  42. Pooch thinking: “this has to be the tiniest beagle I’ve ever seen”.

    Btw, cake looks yummy…. happy birthday!

  43. Heck with the milkbones, I suspect he’s about to swallow that candle. Look at his eyes!

  44. slow dialer says:

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  45. YAY! today’s my birthday too- it just felt like i got a C.O. card;-)

    this is freakin’ adorable. he looks so confused.

  46. A thinker says:

    Oi my gosh. The funny sprawled doggie legs make me LAUGH. Looks like parts of several different doggies stuck together.

  47. bunnajenny says:

    Happy Birthday to all to the October 17thers!

    We need to start a CO Peeps Birfday Roster and that way the portasnorg office and the puddin’ fairy will know when and where to deliver.

    I feel like I’ve missed so much over the last 5 days. Our new pup came home and I’ve been completely out of the loop. Introductions have been done between the various furry family members and noone’s nose is out of joint. Phew. Next step is to get photos of new sweetums on to vox blog for all to see!

  48. Slow Dialer — I know exactly what you mean, and feel your pain.

    Yeah… while CO isn’t exactly on the extreme bleeding edge of website design, it really isn’t designed for analog modems, either. Honestly there isn’t a great deal of demand anymore for sites designed for those pre-bubble skinny pipes. 😉

    I do know that Meg is working on optimizing the page-load times in other ways, though. The pix aren’t actually the biggest hogs here; TypePad has a certain amount of photo optimization built in.

    Stay tuned for updates & changes!

  49. HOW in the WORLD did they get that dog to JUST SIT THERE long enough to take a PICTURE?! I couldn’t do it… MY DOG couldn’t do it.

  50. A thinker says:

    LaurieC, I don’t think this is the right thread, but I just saw the picture of Former Boxcar Kitten M, Now Known As Masquerade. I *want* her. If I was still in Toronto, I’d probably take…

  51. One note on my previous statement about “Honestly there isn’t a great deal of demand anymore for sites designed for those pre-bubble skinny pipes” —

    Actually I suppose there is, if you consider MOBILE devices (like smart phones) that access the internet. But even that’s changing, as high-speed wireless is becoming more widespread.

  52. Thinkie, Masquerade seems to have a fan following just from people who saw her at the boxcars. The adoption screeners are dealing with two different people who seem to want her. Looks like it’s going to be first come, first served.

  53. Oh, teho, [sing-song, waves bof hands overhead then cups hands around mouf] You can come back to teh qte now!!
    [Alpine-type echoing…]

  54. Well, technically speaking, given the unambiguous nature of my [SPLODE]



  55. Slow dialer is harshing my cute-buzz with all this com-pu-tar talk. Merpf.

  56. Hoarseman says:

    He looks confused more than anything else, to me anyway.

    Also, the cutest way to learn the alphabet

  57. This picture might be more of a boofday than a birfday.

  58. Man, I never had a cake that good!

  59. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Can dogs eat real human cake, and be ok? I am not a dog owner–please educate me. Maybe he could just bite the doggie biscuits off of the side, and then lick a bit of the frosting off??

  60. Denise — erm probably not recommended. Small quantities would probably be OK; common sense. I’m guessing, though, what with the dog biscuits & all, that this cake had a pooch-specific recipe.

  61. It’s my birthday and I wish I was sharing a bone cake with this puppeh.

  62. Happy Birfday doggie!

    And to Ariel too!!!

  63. And to you too, Jennifer! Happy Birdday!

  64. Hap’ Berfday, dog! 🙂

  65. TastesLikeChicken says:

    He looks a bit worried – like “how am I going to eat all that before they take it away” or “can I eat ALL of that before I’m sick”

  66. Feliz cumpleaños!!!

    How cute the puppy looks! Like thinking “Can’t believe it’s all mine!!!”

  67. If this is the Before picture I really, REALLY want to see the After picture.

  68. toughbubble says:

    Teh pupper looks sort of disappointed. No presents in sight maybe?


    Kitchy kitchy koo

  70. Here’s a very sad view of the picture:
    Doggy is all alone on his birthday, and he baked this cake for himself. But nobody came to his party…
    Doggy: happy birthday to me…happy birthday to …*sniffles*_

  71. Uhm, slow-dialer, who do you think actually still uses MS Paint anymore? Or dial up?

  72. Is this dog a puggle?