Lil’ Seal Pants

Julia in Seattle, self-described amateur Cuteologist, sent in this little seal dude. He’s like a lima bean shape. Anywho, so, I go to name the photo, and the computer tells me I’ve chosen the name ‘seal puppage’ befo’. Could things get any more redonk? How many people have multiple ‘seal puppage’s on their desktop? What are the chances? 😉




Nice submishe, Julia K., from the Australia GeoScience Education site.



  1. Seal_pwnage.jpg

  2. ActionAttackGoose says:

    Macs are the cutest computers, too.

  3. Seal_Puppage already taken – LOL!!!!!!!!!!! This is as cute as teh puppage in question.

  4. Kim in Pa says:

    OMG – the eyes! The tilt of the head – I just want to give him kisses and more kisses………love it!!

  5. herpantsness says:

    I kees heem, then *POW*! SPLOSION! Why you ask? Because of CUTE!

  6. stupid computers ruining everything.

    but that’ an f’ing cute pup. illegally cute.

  7. the eyes! it screams *take me home pweaaaaase*
    *huggles it hard and takes it home with her* Mine all mine!

  8. Denise in Nebraska says:

    I suggest the caption “Lima Bean Puppage”!! Perfection, in bean-shape.

  9. AlbertaGirl says:

    I got up this morning, saw Juno the puppy and was killed dead! Recovered, went to school, came back, saw marmie kitteh + pink jellybean toes and died again. Recovered, logged on, saw this tiny bebeh seal, and I am killed yet again. CO has killed me dead three times today, and it’s not even noon. Yay!

  10. NebraskaErin says:


  11. Aww, he’s trying to look so grown up.

  12. S(qu)eal_Puppage.

  13. Can you imagine? You’re walking along the beach, examining an unexplainable dual set of footprints, when you see Mr. Sealpants Puptacular, here. You think, “Oh, look, it’s a seal pup,” and that’s when he turns his little head, looks up at you, and says with a lisp, “Hi. My name is Alfred. Did you miss your school bus, too?” You tell him you’re not in school, anymore, to which he responds with a simple, “Oh.” Then he turns his head back to the ocean and says not another word.

  14. Katy (wacK) – can I have summa wut you’re on?

  15. The little dude looks more like a sea lion than a seal, actually.

  16. CeeJoe — apparently, you can:

  17. Hm, Now I’m not sure. *looks at way too many seal and sea lion pup pictures and fries her brains to mooshy moosh*

  18. Ahhah! He’s a wee fur seal! Thats what he is!

  19. Cee Joe, I’m just high on life. Cute life, that is.

    And Theo has unmasked me. I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddling URL field I totally filled out. 😉

  20. creative people really do amaze me…
    as a strictly straight-line accountant-type, I’m seriously in awe…

  21. Oooh, I want to pet him, he looks os nice & fuzzy!

    And thanks, Meg, for all the new cute!!

    /basking in the warm glow/

  22. uuuhhh, that would be “so nice & fuzzy”…

  23. Teughcats says:

    Ceej, the world needs us straight-line accountant types also. Embrace your inner cute!

  24. well, I do in fact lead two separate lives.
    Straight-line accountant-type by day and taker-care of 9 kewt kittehs by night and weekends!

  25. I gasped and clapped my hands over my mouth and laughed with the sweet death that came from witnessing the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEEEEEEEN.

  26. KatyK — er, sorry if it was supposed to be a secret… I like your site & animations, tho. Do you hang out with Emily the Strange and the little girl from The Ring?

  27. A thinker says:

    I believe that would be seal pup with a capital “Awwwwww.”

    Cutest. Lima-bean-shaped. Thingy. Ever.

  28. did anyone else watch “rocko’s modern life”? there were these little flies trapped in a spiderweb, and when someone came to save them, they squealed “hooorayyyy” in the tiniest voices. this seal makes me want to make that noise.

  29. hehe, i remember those flies…


  30. I’m done. Over.

  31. I would have titled it “Christmas” since it just flew to the top of my “want” list. Cutest ever!

  32. GAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Wonderful beautiful baby all weather seal!

  33. Gaaaaaaag glurp glurp
    *death gurgle*
    goes back for more…..


  34. Katy with cap K: I thought the beach story was going to be one of those footprints in the sand things, where you ask, “What about where there are just flipper marks?”
    Sealpup: “That was when my cute carried you.”
    You: “Well, what about when there’s a set of footprints and a set of flipperprints and a single boot print alternating with a round circle and a squiggly line running in between?”
    Sealpup: “That’s when we were walking next to a drunk pirate.”

  35. Geez, do you know how hard those chicks on Next Supermodel work to get that kind of headtilt accompanied by the eyemelt?

  36. *Snortylaughgiggle* So good, redzilla, AND inspiring!


  37. Cute! But I think it’s a sea lion, since seals can’t sit up on their flippers and don’t have ear flaps.

  38. OMG. Can’t think of a better way to end the day! 😀

    I’m off to bed now. ‘Night, peeps.

  39. First reaction: *Squeal!*
    Second reaction: *Squeal!*
    Third and soforth: *Squeal!*

    That is such a darling little pup!

  40. *Head asplode*

    That was just what I needed to perk me uip this morning. Better than a Chai Tea Latte. *Snorgles the seal and goes about her business.*

  41. Oh my goodness!! Too cute!!!
    Puppage has to be the best word ever!

    And a Mac user too! I knew I loved this site!!! 🙂

  42. That’s so profound, Redzilla. HA!

    As for Katy: “And Theo has unmasked me. I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddling URL field I totally filled out. ;)”

    Didn’t Old Man Jones say that to the Scooby Doo kids?

  43. Ooooh – Meg’s callin’ it “lil_sealage.jpg,” which is almost as cute as the sealage him/her/it-self!

  44. omgosh, soo cute with the eyes and the little nose, and talk about that flipper!!!

  45. omgosh, soo cute with the eyes and the little nose, and talk about that flipper!!!

  46. AmyH — that’d be the “Meggie Moo” kids. Otherwise, bang on.

  47. OMG! I just tewtally squeed aloud. Good thing I work from home. That is the CUTEST thing. OMG again!

  48. Agreed, Teho. The Meggie Moo kids need a van painted with cute animal images called something clever, which I’m too tired to come up with myself right now. Thoughts?

    I actually never liked Scooby Doo because I would pay close attention and try really hard to figure out ‘who did it’. At the end, they use clues that were never in the show to blame an entirely new character for whatever they were investigating. Very frustrating to small inquisitive children.

  49. No, Theo, it wasn’t a secret or else I wouldn’t have added it to my sign-in name, here. I was just teasin’. 😉

    Thank you! (And Emily Strange hasn’t been allowed here since she started bullying the Skary preschoolers. Honestly, where is her *mother?*)

  50. Oh, and bravo, AmyH, for catching the Scooby ref. 🙂

  51. Martha in Washington says:

    Wasn’t the bad guy on Scooby Doo always like the first person they met? I didn’t watch it much either but my teenage sons love it. Too much puppage is never enough.

  52. The Meggie Moo Kids: milking all the cute out of your world – so you don’t have to (though you should, too).

    I love this little sea-lion puppeh. But he looks a little wet – he should’ve been vacuum-sealed before having his picture snapped.

  53. lurkertype says:

    Excessive eyes-to-head-to-body ratio sea lion puppage!

  54. omg kATY (lol) youre story made my head asplode. I love the bebe, but I believe him be a sea lion (note ear to head ratio), seals have ear to hole in head (but no actual ear) ratio

  55. AmyH — too right. Sounds like you were in more of an Encyclopedia Brown niche (or Sir Arthur).

    KatyK — OK, no Emily… how about Charlotte and/or Vendetta?

    Aubrey — Evil. Tsk.

  56. michellemybelle says:

    He looks so cuddly and fluffy. Pinnipeds are just the right shape for cuddling.
    My favorite childhood stuffed animal is a seal called “Seymour.” Looks just like Sealpants here.

  57. I~ found the other “Seal Puppage”! and this one’s even CUTER! therefore, I dub: Seal Puppage 2.0!

  58. This lil’ gut is ADORABLE, but I feel like I have to ask…

    Where’s the mama?

  59. See, no, Pillow. You didn’t have to ask. You CHOSE to ask. No one was forcing you.

  60. ;_; Wow, no need to get vicious, jeebus….I’m just curious. He’s so teeny-weeny.

    Yeesh, simmer down. Take a pill. Take nine of them if you have to.

  61. Theo – Okay, Vendetta, definitely. Charlotte… eh… maybe for dinner. And I do mean FOR dinner. *badum-CHHHHH*

    Pillow, I, too, am cognizant of the strong compulsion to inquire as to the whereabouts of SeaLionPup’s momma. (Is that better, Redzilla? ;))

  62. I think mum just needed to take a nap. She’s been Sleepless in Seattle for awhile, looking after this little one.

  63. KatycapK: fight the compulsion.

    Alls I’m askin is not to harsh the cute buzz. Nothing good can come of asking. Either the answer is good or it’s bad, and if it’s bad, where does that leave us? Am I right?

  64. DavidBoBavid says:

    OMG.. that’s the cutest seal ever!!

    now where’s my club? J/K!!! 😛

  65. …and ten, ten, ten, ten

  66. LOVED Encyclopedia Brown. I also highly enjoyed the Great Brain.

    Ah, to be a nerdly child yet again, oblivious to societal pressures. Wait, I’m still like that. Just older.

  67. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG… OMG… I think I’m having a cute attack. Complete with a “baroo” head tilt? Come on, peeps. Who could ask for more?

  68. Daaaaviiiid! [snerk!]

  69. Mama had to go into the sea to put the chomp down on some fish. She’ll be back soon with more lovely milk for little squealums. *muwaaaah* *kissin’ de beebe on de pwesious nosum. *

  70. Teho: you made me giggle. One shouldn’t giggle at angst.

  71. *Bonking David on da haid.*


  72. Pillow, that wasn’t an unusual question at all. I thought the same thing. She’s probably off to the side making him a grilled cheese. 🙂

    I want to put little outfits on this pup. I think he’d look great in a turtleneck sweater and beret. Cutest picture ever.

  73. While we’re at it, I want to see a turtleneck on a turtle.


  74. Veddy funny, T. Like many otters, he’s in a “dark place” emotionally.

  75. Redz:

    Whenever I’m having a bad day at work (like this morning), I announce that I’m “in a dark place”. Such fun to see all the little co-workehs scurry for cover!

  76. Aub: I usually just say, “Don’t make me destroy your Tokyo.”

  77. Permission to use phrase, SIR!

  78. The Guy Over There says:

    Ever listen to “The Aquabats”? I look at that pic and I hear the Batcommander singing,

    “Heeeer Saaaaandy Faaaaace!”

  79. Yep, this is a lil’ sea lion pants. Ear flaps = sea lion.

  80. Tony James says:

    I think we should launch a fact-finding mission and send an independent team into Meg’s hard-drive to find out what else is lurking in there. Now that we know that there is a seal_puppage.jpg file, what else will we find? otter_pantaloonage? kitten_snarfage? tabbeh_toesage? bunneh_disapprovage?
    How much of this has she been hoarding and keeping to herself, indulging in late-night solo-snorgling sessions?
    Meg – enquiring minds want to know. Now let us in, hand over the Kyoot, and step away. The president just signed into law a bill that allows us to have full and free access, so unless extraordinary rendition is on your travel planner, SURRENDER YOUR SNORGLAGE – It Am Da Law!

  81. acelightning says:

    I love how baby pinnipeds get that “oh-look-at-me-I’m-adorable” expression *just right*…

  82. TJ — what do you think this website is *for* anyway?

  83. I just like the word pinniped!
    And his awesome downward facing whiskers!

  84. It’s of the Cute, by the Cute and for the Cute, or course.

  85. they’re killing seals too… not baby ones, thankfully. 😦 oh well. for the good of the salmon, right?

  86. *Munches on a salmon salad* Yep, nawmnawm, for the good of da salmon, nawm.

  87. Tony James says:

    Teh-0 – ze PPFC vill not be denied! Ve vant ze muzzerlode! Von pickcha a day is not sufficient! Hend ofah ze qyoot! It is ze vill of ze peeble! [und uzzer making mit ze shouting und ze yelling]


  89. Tony James says:

    Ein Site! Ein Volk! Ein Snorgle!

  90. Mama seal is obviously behind the camera, taking the picture.

  91. but but but, you can’t have enough seal_puppage.jpg!!!!

  92. Cute! Cute baby!

  93. I keep reading that as “seal puppage juppage.” [rubs eyes then rubs brain]

  94. DavidBoBavid says:

    hahaha.. i’ll have to send my own Hamsters of War after me.. 😛

  95. hrh.squeak says:

    Well, how about driving the Moo-ving Van closer to this little guy for a group snorgle? Who’s up for it?

  96. little miao says:

    I *must* pet his fuzzy head. Look at those darling flippers!!

  97. Sea lion, seal, whatever (although I am in the Sea Lion camp) it don’t make his wittle bitty self any more or less cute! I could just eat him up.

    And I imagine mom probably charged the photographer moments after this photo was shot, to scare him/her away from the precious baby!

  98. So if it’s a sea lion.
    (And I do see lion.)
    Does that make this a sea cub?

  99. Lauowolf,

    I can’t confirm the lion part. Better give him a roarshach test, first.

  100. chet's momma says:

    me no like davidbobavid 😛

  101. Gaaaaaaaaaaaa! Roarshach.


    Davidbodavid is a wonderful huggable dude who just needs a good hard loving kick in the sealypants at least once a day! 😉

    Right, Dbo?

  102. lol chet’s no likey davidbobavid either xD

  103. DavidBoBavid says:

    lol.. lauri’s right.. i’m mostly harmless, i just need to be kept in line every now and again.

    umm.. what, skielar? *runs away crying*

  104. *snorts* you heard me 😛

  105. Pinniped LOVE.

    Just to clear up this guy’s species — he’s a fur seal. I know, I know, he’s got ear flaps, elongated front flippers, tuckable back flippers, all the obvious signs of a sea lion. The trick is that fur seals are actually in the same family as sea lions, Otariidae. Despite being called “seals”, they’re not in the “true seal” family, Phocidae.

    So… it’s a fur seal, but it’s not a “seal”. So, um, I can’t see why anyone could possibly be confused over that.

    In any event — more pinnipeds! More marine mammals! I luff them so.

  106. Mr. Sealpants – from the Maritime to the Redonkulous.

  107. DavidBB — I’m thinking the clubbing-baby-seal jokes don’t fly with this audience.

  108. I think mamaseal is directly to the right–Look at the shadow directly to the right that looks like a rock. It’s a seal head, arched back, possibly making that “ork” communication sound common to the species.

  109. AlbertaGirl says:

    AmyH – I can’t believe no one has said this already but… the Meggie Moo kids would tool around solving mysteries in the Muzzlepuff Machine!

  110. what a lovely thing to greet me when I get on the computer after being woken up by the carbon monoxide detector at 4:30 in the morning :).

  111. Just 1 word. Just 1: ‘Baroo?’ And then there’s me hitting the floor, with a COHA.* Good times…

    *Cute Overload Heart Attack

  112. chet's momma says:

    MOSTLY harmless aint good enough DBB! i’ll furgive you fur now, but don’t let it happen again, k? and now, back to lovin’ the pup! 🙂

  113. DavidBoBavid says:

    lol.. yeah apparently they don’t, Teho. :\

    thanks CM.. 🙂

  114. Tony James is right! Give up the goods, Meg!

    Produces a 404!!

  115. Well I’ll be! It was causing errors before, but now it works. Another cute seal!

  116. This is totally the shirt. This is the shirt design!!!!!!!! Make it a shiiiiiiirt!!!!

  117. YES! A pinniped shirt! I will buy three.

    Also: pinniped pinniped pinniped pinniped pinniped.

    Just sort of makes you happy, doesn’t it?

    Pinniped pinniped pinniped…

    Also, has anyone said “official CO seal of approval” yet? No? Oh, for shame!


  118. You guys,

    I’m fgraid I had to had to had to had to post this on me blog.
    Should have asked for permission…
    But I did post everything 🙂

  119. lurkertype says:

    If he wear suits, he’s a pinstriped pinniped.

  120. too cute!!!!

  121. I second, third, and whatever comes after that, the people on here who enjoy the word “pinniped”. I mean, can you think of a cuter name for this type of animal? I think not. Well, perhaps Sweetie McFlippersons, but that is not a scientific-sounding name. This lil’ dude made me lose control of my arms for a good 10 minutes.