Teeny pup "Juno" says "Hey-lerhe." There is some teeny tiny tail tip action goin’ on there… Not to mention Princess Di eyes. Check it!


[tongue out]


Heather S., Bravo! 😉



  1. ooooh how adorable! especially with the toungue sticking out =^.^=

  2. omg!!!! toooo unbelievably cute. (s)he makes up for the sorrow of not having a co fix all weekend.

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    [looks at first picture]
    Awww.. so CUTE!
    [looks at second picture]
    [dies of CuteOverload]

  4. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Too cutola – look at those brown eyes, and the pink tongue! And fourth post too!

  5. Wee Tail Perfection…check
    Beige Baroo Brows…check
    Dog Splay…check

    My head hitting the deck…check

  6. Aw! It has face coloring like a Basenji my family used to have.

  7. Don’t overlook the pink footpad!

  8. leprechaun says:

    This made me make what I can only describe as a “BYOOP” face.


  9. Cute puppy! Cute cute cute!

  10. Was this photo taken in Alaska?

  11. acelightning says:

    Please tell me that’s a brown dead leaf behind the pup’s tail in the second picture…

  12. it’s a maple seed. relax.

  13. EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee Klunk.

    Da widdle fwoppy tung did me in.


  14. Oh sah-weet! Rough puppy tongue, all ready to give big slobbery puppy kisses.

    And pink paw pad alert…

  15. EGAAAADS!! It’s the white-of-the-eyes to mezmerize. Look.away.from.the.puppeh.

    To say nothing of the pink lolly-tongue and the pink beans. How sweet!!

  16. I smell popcorn when I look at his little toe nayls.

  17. Eeeeeeep!
    [fervently hoping Teh Schmoop doesn’t see this pic…]
    [really really can’t have a dog yet…]
    [except maaaaaybe this one…]

  18. NebraskaErin says:

    He’s cute and he knows it. The tongue, it mocks us.


  20. T-o, get paper. Cut out cat ears. Tape cat ears to monitor. Let schmoop look.

  21. “Thee the thongue? Thee it? Thee how pink it ith? That thongue pwns you peopleth. Now bend down heh and lemme lick ya ear.”

  22. Awwww, the little pup is saying “I’m bitty”. Prosh.

  23. Oooooh, I just LOVE it when pups sit on their little heinies like this one is in the second picture!

    And look at those paws — he’s gonna be a big ‘un!

  24. awww, the tongue matches the paw pads! I wonder if I could fit both softie ears in my mouf at the same time ….

  25. A thinker says:

    [Gently pets Small-Pup on the head]

  26. This website needs to be shut down. You’re going to cause mass brain implosion if you keep posting stuff like this! I bet the person who actually took this picture just had time to push the shutter button before keeling over from a cuteness overdose.

  27. Heh heh heh. Another peep pwned. How the ranks do swell!

  28. I love the forzzle around his little head.

  29. “For the love of all that’s holy, WILL SOMEONE PICK ME UP FOR A CUDDLE ALREADY??”

  30. 1st pic: “Haaaaay, come pet me!”

    2nd pic: “What, too busy? Fi-innnnnnne. Be that way! *nyerhe*”

  31. just had a….cute overload meltdown….can not type….

  32. AlbertaGirl says:

    I must know where this pup lives so that I can quit my job and go live in the park across from his house.

  33. Fine I hope you are happy. Now I have to go to the bank and take out a massive mortgage so I can buy a house so I have room for this little cutie pie.

  34. [PLODE]

  35. rofl, redzilla, thee the thongue? thee it???

    god this guy is cute. I really really want him.


  36. I’m going to die of the cute yet. But whatta way to go! Can I snorgle the puppy’s soft fur first, though?

  37. My head hitting the deck…check…chortle – hate when that happens – heck, it’s a pain in the neck…check.
    Sung by Roberta Flack: Killing me softly with his tongue…

  38. Oh my! Good thing we have context at CO.

    “killing me softly with his tongue,” and “sharing a bone cake” would be difficult, otherwise!

  39. LOOK at Juno. Just look at heem. Ok, gotta go.

  40. Lauri — re: context — yes indeed.

  41. re: context…Lauri, tsk tsk, with gentle rap on the knuckles – my thoughts never even went there…

  42. Oh come on. “Sharing a bone cake”?? No WAY do I believe you weren’t right there too, Mookster.

  43. Moi???????!?? Pshaw…

  44. i have just one thing to say:

    who’s a wooper!


  45. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Sometimes, things are so cute that it almost hurts to look at them! Juno is painfully cute!!

  46. OH NOW GIMME MY DOGGIE BACK…….HE’S MIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE *petpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpepteptpetpetpet*

    Do not meddle with the affairs of puppies, for they are quick to anger and will pee on your computer.


  47. Too adorable…. I wanna squish the puppy it’s so darn cute. Makes me want to take him/her home. [sigh]

  48. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Holy mackeral, that’s an adorable pupster. *smooches monitor*

  49. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Beautiful day – pups on CO and heard I will have a pup of my own in 2 months – 10 day old chin is mine. All mine! I’M A MUMMY!!!!!!

  50. OMG!!! I just want to grab that lil’ pup and hug him/her until its full grown!!!

    Why do babies have to grow? =(

    NOT FAIR!!!

  51. I believe this pupling is blowing a doggy raspberry at the photographer.

    Cheeky monkey pup!

  52. What breed is that cute dog?

  53. I think we’re in the presence of a Pup of Unknown Cuteness, Beaker. We can only hope that Ms. Heather S. shares with us the particulars of this pup’s heritage (if it’s known, mind you)…

  54. HOW CUTE

  55. i would also like to know of the breed of Juno. SO ADORABLE!