It’s really hard to find a good dry cleaner these days. I mean, they don’t even clean the pockets out.

Laura D., Gracias  >^•^<



  1. Pocket pet!!! I want one!!!

  2. I wish I found one of those in my pockets . . . 🙂

  3. Deckard Canine says:

    Didn’t I see this in a Norman Rockwell painting?

  4. Ooooohhhh.. my first first post. Woo Hoo!

  5. ohhh… I want a pocket like that.

  6. OMG!!!! I wants! I wants!

    Seriously, my heart actually stopped for a second upon viewing this, so absolutely adorable!

  7. Holy pocket pet! I want a soft, warm kitteh in my pocket all the time. Except when it has to pee or poop.

  8. Surprise!!!

  9. Best. Pocket lint. EVAR.

  10. kitteh: “ah left yuu a geeeft. in zee powkkit. luuk een zee bottomme”

  11. He also says: “Hey, dude. I just ate your i-pod.”

  12. A thinker says:

    Weel, you know what–if I could find a dry cleaner that left THESE in the pockets, I think I’d take *my* green army coat with the gigundous pockets there. And hope that a kitten ended up in each one.

  13. so cute, but what’s up with the fingers in the upper right corner? Is that why the kitty doesn’t want to leave the pocket?

  14. “What? It was green, so I thought I’d give it a chew. Didn’t know it was your lunch money. Sorry.”

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    The pocket kitty (can I call her “Linty”?) reminds me of my late great cat Gypsy, with the grey mask and the “I know I’m only a kitten and easily confused, but–” look on her face. Poor baby.

  16. NebraskaErin says:


    *checks pockets*

    Aw. 😦

  17. Peg: LOL LINTY OMG

    Next pet I adopt is so getting named that.

  18. Second A Thinker: I want this dry cleaner!!!

    Oh, I get it. Linty can’t get out so your pocket becomes the sand box and you have to take your cleaning back…I gets it.

    Still want to snorgle the pocket poofy!

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thank Theo for the whole “best pocket lint EVAR!” thing.

  20. 😉

  21. *shrug* So…it’s a handwarmer…with the cold weather that we’ve been experiencing I don’t see anything odd about that.

    You know, I sometimes have problems finding a matched pair…does anyone else have that problem?

    J/K – of course it’s unspeakably cute!

  22. AlbertaGirl says:

    Kitty is about to explode out of that pocket to put teh owch on those ever so enticingly dangling fingers in the top right corner!

  23. Kit:”Hi mommy!”

    Mom:”What are you doing there?”

    Kit:”Going shopping?”

  24. army_kitten says:

    for keeping paws warm
    better than mittens
    just fill up coat pockets
    with small snuggly kittens


  26. Kitteh: “Kst! Get yer paw outta my pocket. Myyyyy pocket. Put in again, you draw back bloody nub.”

  27. Oooo, when do we get to see some belly button lint?

  28. Linty! Awwww, that makes me think of my grey kitty Dusty, except Dusty isn’t cute like Linty and he certainly wouldnt fit in a pocket. Fatty.

  29. “Look, Mom! It followed me home. Can I keep it?”
    Although I have to admit, I’ve never had a kitten ‘follow me home’ in my pocket…. ^.~

    I want a jacket like this. Kitten included. ^^

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    This soooo reminds me of my late kitteh Jeremiah! He looked just like that and we (my hubby and I) rescued him from behind this restaurant we used to work at. We smuggled him out through the restaurant in my husband’s coat pocket! We took him home and bathed him (which he hated) and he was the best snorgliest kittie evar. I miss him so much. 😦

  31. From Microsoft(n’ Fuzzy):

    The Pocket Catulator
    The iPawed

    For school or work!

    (back to work, with no kittehs in sight)

  32. “I am… Count Pockula.”
    (“Now to be closink again de pockit please. Am hibernatink.”)

  33. lurkertype says:

    Pocketses? What has it got in its pocketses? Kittenses, precioussss kittenses!

    My TK is too big to fit in pockets now, esp. since he’s wearing the plastic satellite dish cone.

  34. omg TK and AlbertaGirl… love the comments

  35. lol theo! if i were a kittie i think i’d be searching out a good pocket for some hibernatink too..

  36. acelightning says:

    Is that a kitten in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
    (I’m happy to see a quizzical little fluffkitty, in or out of a pocket.)

  37. Good lord, THIS kitty’s name is Tiberius!

    That is ambitious, and I am SURE he will live up to it! Grand name!

  38. Do they sell this at the GAP?

  39. These are some of the BEST posts – Aubrey, Theo, Army_Kitten… And if I could just get a matched pair, plus one to go around the neck, I’d be set for cold weather too.

  40. P. Erasmus says:

    That guy has Girl-hands.

    The opposite of Man-hands.

  41. That guy has about-to-be-man-gled hands, you mean.
    There is no way to remove kitteh from pocket.
    He’s lying in wait for a hand.

  42. P. Erasmus — WTF? You got some kinda insecurity about your sexuality or something?
    My left man hand is offering you a nice little gesture, right now.

  43. Oh, I can’t wait to get my pants back from the tail-or—-I bet there’s gonna be KITTIES IN THE POCKETS!!! ohboyohboyohboy!!!
    i’m so esstatic!

  44. Woods Walker says:

    The kitten is cute. What surplus store did he get the coat from? It’s old German Army. Excuse me.Bundesweir!!!!-Woods Walker

  45. That kitty’s a lot smaller than the Tiberius I know. And a lot cleaner.

    And so cUUUUUUUte! 😀

  46. toughbubble says:

    so cute, but what’s up with the fingers in the upper right corner? Is that why the kitty doesn’t want to leave the pocket?

    Posted by: hop2fl | Oct 17, 2006 at 09:24 AM

    Good Point… its almost creepish

  47. useta hada kitteh says:

    P. Erasmus: I think that “guy” is female. The face looks female, the hands look female…

    I useta hada kitteh (what a surprise), but what I’m trying to say is I useta hada kitteh that liked to ride in my jacket pocket. I wouldn’t mind finding a kitteh like my little one in my pocket now. Wouldn’t mind at all at all. (o’course, nobody’s gonna see this comment, because of I’m late to the party, but oh well…

  48. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if that were actually a surprise? Have you ever rummaged around in a purse or backpack and found cool things you forgot you had? How great would it be if you found a baby cat? That will be my dream tonight.

  49. Haha, I’m a bit late on the upkeep. Just wanted to say thanks for posting one of my photos of Tiberius-Caligula Rex!

    Just to clear a few things up:
    1. Tybr is a MALE.
    2. Tybr is in my boyfriend Phil’s pocket, and yes it’s a pretty horrible photo of Phil.
    3. The hand in the corner belongs to Phil’s sister Jenn, who gave us the kitty.