Delicious marmelade ball

Will you please look at these feets. And the eyes. And back to the feets. Then the fluff. It’s really, really redonk.


Dan L., I think this might be an instant C.O.C.™ (Cute O. Classic)



  1. fuzz!

  2. Is that for REAL?! *pwned* by the eyes. Nothing else matters now.

  3. I just wants to kiss them toesies! And nuzzle the belly. And kiss the wee nose. And hold him and love him and call him George…..

  4. guwaAAAAAAAAHHH!!! :::ker-POOF:::

  5. redonk, indeed

  6. nosie tosie nosie tosie…
    snorgle that nosie and nibble the tosies!!

  7. George?!


    Fuzzily cutily!

  8. ManekiNeko says:

    Those huuuuge eyes… he’s almost a little Gollum-esque.

  9. cats have extra noses on their paws. In case they rub their noses off on your ankles.

  10. Nibble teh TOEZ


  11. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  12. “Beeee-yotch! Talk to the hind left foot!”

  13. Sillygirl says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm I love the little feets!! What a great thing to wake up to on my B-Day!

  14. A thinker says:


    [wiping marmalade floof from mouth]

  15. NebraskaErin says:

    That little fuzzball of cutitude (cuteosity?) has rendered me speechless.

  16. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Squeeeeeeeeee! I luvs de eyes!

  17. Thumper the Kitteh

  18. Love the little jelly bean footie pads! I want to nibble them! Kitteh’s eyes are gorgeous!

  19. “I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and pet him and hug him on acccount that I wuv him!”

  20. This ktn is CUGE.

  21. Is it Kitten Tuesday? Good! I like Kittens (though sometimes, I hate Tuesdays).

  22. It’s got Thumper feet!!

  23. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    pink jellybean toes, blue eyes, and marmaladey goodness, all at once
    is tooo muuuuuuuuuuuuch

  24. Peg of Tilling says:

    “Having a bad day? Here. Have a kitten. You’ll feel better.”

    I am and I will. Thanks CuteOverload!

    And…the eyes. I should have such eyes. So beautiful!

  25. chet's momma says:

    has anyone seen Cat News by Julie Klausner?

  26. FOUL!
    You cannot palm the fur ball!

  27. too.

  28. If you click on the pic on it’s own, it’s HOOOOGE…my entire screen taken up by toesies!!!!!

  29. formicadinette says:

    Does no one else see the Very Serious Eyebrows????

  30. holy crap that’s cute! I love it’s wild baby blues. Makes me wanna run home and squeeze my own cat…who’s eleven y.o. but still so dang cute I can’t bear it…

  31. squee inducing cat mesmerization…must.cuddle.kitteh…

  32. NebraskaErin says:

    It’s trying to hypnotize us! The eyes, the unfair use of pink paw pads!

    Evil…sneaky…cute…oh, so cute…

  33. HAPPY B-DAY SILLYGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I second that! Happy B-day SillyGirl!

  35. AlbertaGirl says:

    Must… kiss… oh-so-clean toesies…

  36. Given that I love nothing more than a) tabby cats and b) kittens, how overloaded am I by this vision of cuteness? My head just went spoink.

  37. It’s a huff-ready kitten.

  38. I have no idea how I am managing to type this comment because my head has exploded from the massive dose of cute I have just recieved. I think I have to go lie down now, till the cute wave passes.

  39. Karen in Toronto says:

    “Yeah, I’m calm, I’m calm. Sure I’m calm…(prr, prr, prr). Soon’s he puts me right side around, I’m a’ gonna chomp his thumb good.”

  40. Wish I had a birthday and stuff, like some peeps and dogs do…

    Today is going to be nasty. So before I submerge myself into work, I’ll need to take a hit of that kit. I mean, Dan L. is practically offering it!

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    The pawpads are so new and pink and clean they are Shiney! Oooooh!!!

  42. Sillygirl says:

    Thanks… like I said before, can’t we have a toe-pads only category? I just want to lick them. (my cats would try to kill me if I licked their feet….)


    *keeses the leetle feetsies*

  44. Pet feet – OMG pet feet. Tiny paw pads. Little toes. Soft jellies. (Though that left paw looks suspiciously like it’s in mid-swat)…

  45. note the t-shirt japan reference in the background. of course!

  46. The eyes.. the toeseseses.. the fluff.. I had to run and huff my own Sarakitty, who is now looking at me in amazement, but I don’t care – I had to get my kitfix. Pix like this one are just like the fudge samples that candy shops give you – enough to make you want MORE MORE MORE.

  47. nunnunnunnunn…..
    eyes, feets, jellybeans….

  48. Very serious eyebrow indeed. He says, “Nibble the toes and there will be very serious sanctions from the Cutenited Nations.”

  49. I want to smush my nose into those paw pads!

  50. Oh cripe, his name is Hobbes.


    Brains everywhere. Sigh.

  51. oh. Hobbes. oh. white and orange floofies. oh. pink-orange nosey. oh. blue eyes.

    i’m just done for. it’s the end of me!


  53. The eyes! He looks like a little fluffy extraterrestrial!

  54. NebraskaErin says:


    This is just a Halloween horror story in the making. No one believes the evilness of the wee kitteh. I wonder who’ll be the first to “get it”.

  55. lurkertype says:


    Rilly, that’s it. Just


  56. All snorgle and no claw makes Hobbes a dull boy

    All snorgle and no claw makes Hobbes a dull boy

    All snorgle and no claw makes Hobbes a dull boy

    Like that kind of evil, NebraskaErin?

  57. Karen in Toronto says:

    I hope this works…

    Anyone else see this after formicadinette mentioned the Very Serious Eyebrows?

  58. murpurr….murpurr…

    Heeeeeere’s Hobbesy!

  59. NebraskaErin says:

    Heeeeeeeeeere’s Hobbsey!

  60. Lol, Karen! Purrrrfect!


  61. NebraskaErin says:

    Jinx, Lauri!

  62. Whoa, NebErin! Whoa!!!

  63. *slap*

  64. NebraskaErin says:


  65. [standing around waiting for elevator doors to open]



    I do think that scene where Olive Oyl (whatever her name is) comes in an discovers that he’s spent weeks and weeks typing the same thing over and over, is one of THE scariest movie scenes evar!

  66. Karentario — [snort!] BAD KITTEH! MY POT PIE!

  67. acelightning says:

    My cat Loki looked a lot like that… fifteen years ago. He’s big and rather curmudgeonly now, and his color has faded to orangish-brown… but I’m still a sucker for little, helpless-looking, wide-eyed balls of orange floof. What a little sweetie this one is!

  68. Pink paw pads are irresistible.

  69. BTW, acelightning – I love the name Loki!

  70. *snort*! Olive Oyl!! Red, my daughter calls that actress the same thing! I keep telling her how talented she was, but she doesn’t care. Shelley Duvall. Right?

  71. I could go swimming in this ball’s eyes.

  72. People should hand each other cats like this as a form of greeting.

  73. Cain — wow, that would make political rallies almost bearable.

  74. li’l marmalade kittehs are either goin’ all tasmanian devil on your wrists and ankles, or they’re sitting back thinking about the last time they went all tasmanian devil on your wrists and ankles, and plotting which wrist or ankle to go all tasmanian devil on next…

    this one has that “i’m just cooling my claws per the maintenance guide, then it’s game-on!” look, fer sher

  75. Cain – is that where the term ‘southpaw’ came from?

  76. So is it true that when kittehs are new their eyes are always blue, like human babies?

    Judging by the look on his puss 😉 he’s all like: “Watch it d00d, I’m deli-cat and stuff.”

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This little one has the most intriguingly colored eyes. And adorable pink toes that probably smell JUST like bubblegum. Nawm nawm nawm…

  78. Oh Blair,
    And Marmies are so very, very good about following the manual, and getting their scheduled maintenance on claws and such.
    Never do the Spaz Til You Drop act.
    Oh no,

  79. TastesLikeChicken says:

    I used to be a dog person but all these kitties have made me bi-pet-ual. Hangs head in shame….

  80. Mmmm…marmaladeness… =(^.^)=

  81. *Hands Cain a pawsup sea-eyed marmie kit*

    Goooood idear! 🙂

  82. I love how kittens are like slinkies at that age… you can fold them in half and stick them in your back pocket like a wallet.

  83. little miao says:

    awwww, little baby marmie kitten with little pink toesies.

  84. acelightning says:

    Zelda, Loki picked his own name. My then-teenage son had his heart set on an orange striped cat, so we went to the SPCA. On the way home, the kitten kept sticking his paws out through the air holes in the box, while meowing at the top of his lungs. When he put his paw on the gearshift knob, I said, “You little mischief – are you trying to drive my car?” My son, who was into roleplaying games (like D&D), said, “Quick, name some gods of mischief!” When I got to the name Loki – the old Norse trickster-god – the kitten stopped meowing. So obviously that was what he wanted to be called… and he’s lived up to it ever since!

  85. This kitten’s obviously suffering from a toes-tosterone overdose.

  86. I think it’s the kitty’s expression that really makes the pic. Between those gorgeous eyes, the precious feets with their darling toesies, and the perfect fluff, the kitten’s looking at you all like, “You are PWN’d and I know it! Lala la la la…”

  87. OMG! Feets, eyes, feets, eyes, feets, eyes . . . nose going for the paw pads . . . Doh!!!

    “Later, in today’s news, an employee of X Corporation was taken to the Emergency Room and received 10 stitches to the forehead after inexplicably ramming her head into her computer screen. A fellow co-worker stated, “She just kept screaming ‘paw pads, paw pads, paw pads!’ and then we heard a loud crash.'”

  88. **nerf bomb alert** i wishes to kisses the kittie peets!

  89. bi-pet-ual


    TLC, this made me laugh so hard my office things I have gone nutters.

  90. toughbubble says:

    Teh Feet! Teh Feet! I can’t get over teh feet! They look like bunni feet! And the eyes! OMG THE EFFFING EYES!

  91. formicadinette says:

    Karen in Toronto, thank you for the link! LOL!!

  92. Marmalade kitty with blueberry eyes. Sweet!

  93. “Nerf Bomb” — yeah, that describes this, all right. Gold star for PPotter.

  94. foxy bingo says: