Sooooooo tie-tie

My apologies, Peeps, I was so tie tie this weekend with travel and schtuff I didn’t post! Thanks TEHO to the rescue!

Gracias to Grabbui for this one…



  1. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Hey! I saw that on YouTube today. Aww… tie-tie little kiters…

  2. Hey! I saw that on CuteOverload on my birthday!

  3. (the difference being, of course, that THIS time, the video is still available)

  4. Hibernation isn’t just for animals anymore. ZZZzzzzzork.

  5. Oh and by the way… WELCOME BACK, MEGGLES!!
    [hums an old TV show theme]

  6. LOL Sarcasta… you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

  7. Repeat A Cat!

  8. People, this is *not* funny! This is *sad*!

    It is just *wrong* to slip a Roofie to a helpless kitten!

    Glad you’re back, Meg. I was starting to get the shakes …

  9. OH my GOODNESS how CUUUUTE!!!

  10. My name is Capybara and I disapprove this message.

    *need more kitten to counteract political ads.

  11. Huzzah, the cuteness has returned!

  12. It cracks me up how babies (of any species) can sleep anywhere and through anything! Cute little sleepy kitten!

    I was traveling last week myself and was glad to see that I didn’t miss TOO much while I was gone. 🙂

  13. As my husband used to say when one of our baby animals was falling asleep like this: “Your head is falling off!”

  14. It’s hard work being a cutezie kittum!

  15. yeah, i remember this one from aug 10. heh




  17. Shhh!!!
    You’ll wake the kittin!

  18. My goodness, kitteh – what is this? An apostrophe apostasy?

  19. @ kitteh

    I remember this being on CuteOverload (the OverLord of Cuteness!) a while back too. Be kind, though… no need to shout at the blogmaster. Besides, a cute little puffball like that deserves a second posting!

    My 2¢

  20. I thought it looked familiar… but who knows, with all the YouTube videos going around these days!

  21. Iffen ya’ don’t like what ya’ see… go somewhere else!

  22. RogueRylla says:

    Awww, I concur that the video deserves a second viewing…and I approve this kitteh!

  23. leprechaun says:

    That is one sloooooowwww moooooooootioon kitty.

    And he looks at the end as if he’s going to sneeze. =^__^= Mrowr!

  24. ill shout all i want thanks

    and since almost every week we hear about how the submission box is backed up 2 years, it seems like theres some more deserving pictures….

    but instead…repeats.

    not good, not at all.

  25. oh and angela, save your political talk for when you yell at your tv. i dont like, and im staying here…while making suggestions! what a crazy idea!

    almost like a democracy

  26. I have been nuzzling my screen because of this kitten for months! About time his prosh little nozzle wound up on CO!!

  27. Geez kitteh, entitlement bitch much? If the odd repeat bothers you so much why don’t you go start your own version of CO?

    Or is that too much like hard work?

  28. Here, attack a printer. It’ll make you feel better.

  29. If you pay to see cute overload, go ahead and be rude and uncompassionate to someone who seems to work DARN HARD on this site. If you don’t, then you have no right to demand or expect anything. Give the girl a break, even God rested on the 7th day!

  30. nuff,nuff nuffi
    huf’nI’llpufftillI…nuff said.

  31. Welcome back Meg! BTW…I was watching “How I Met Your Mother” just now and they said “redonkulous”…just thought I would share…

  32. kitteh, a privately run and privately funded blog is actually not a democracy. If Meg wants to post a photo of a shoe over and over, or if she wants to ban commenters from using the word “monkey,” then she is free to do so. Freedom of speech only covers you from the government. Just so it’s said.

    And also… I like the leaden kitten, so there.

  33. WELCOME BACK, MEG! We missed the you and the qute, since they are One.

  34. [grin]
    Even *Cinnamon* must admit grudging approval of Arvay.
    Not to mention Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus, Esq.

  35. i think kitteh should demand her money back….oh, sorry….that’s right, it’s free. silly me.

    repeat away, CO. a cute is a cute is a cute.

  36. (Please also refer to my second comment, #3, in this thread. The OLD video link died.)

  37. Cute X 2 = Twice as cute

  38. MONKEY!

  39. suda nim, I *knew* someone would take the bait! 🙂

    And I don’t mean to pry, mate, but you didn’t even make an ape of yourself!

  40. Lol. I love precious smooshy alien tietie face and his clone!

    And, the peeps taking up puddings against a sea of nuffings, and by outsnarking, ending them!

    And, go Markus, go Markus, kill that printer AND it’s paper! Lol!


  41. suda will take any bait and spit it right back 😉

  42. Butt monkey.

  43. butt nugget

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Chicken butt.

    Marcus wins!

  45. [tosses a monkey butt nugget at Lauri]

  46. So it’s a duplicat post. What’s the problem?

    We welcome Cute in whatever color, age, texture or sh-ape.

  47. Oh, and kitteh, I’ve got something in my hand ready to fling, and it ain’t puddin’.

  48. I’m not opposable to double posts.

  49. I’m not opposable to double posts.

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    haven’t you ever had a movie that you loved sooo much that you watched it over and over and over and …(i.e. Princess Bride or anything Monty Python? I know some of you have) 🙂

  51. Whacks jaypo with rubber chicken butt nugget.

    Tosses monkey brain puddin’ at nuffs.

  52. Princess Buttnugget and Monkey Python? Yeah!

  53. We are all individuals!

  54. And we disapprove if EVerything….well, when we WANT to.

  55. Martha in Washington says:

    Anywho, Welcome Back Meg. I was missing the new cute sooo much that I dreamed about puppehs several nights in a row! Doxies and St Bernards-anyone with pics of St. Bernards to share?

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    My oldest son’s two favorite things in the whole world are Monty Python and Monkeys–never considered putting them together tho! He’d love it!

  57. This rubber chicken is dead, *dead* I tell you! It can’t possibly have a nugget.
    [Princess Buttnugget looks disapprovingly across at monkey nuffs.]

  58. I’m waiting for your far better website, kitteh…should I bother holding my breath or not?

  59. It’s still a good one. Saw it on youtube today at work, and it led me to this, which had me crying in laughter at my desk:

  60. monkey pudding?

  61. Ok, I got injured during this past week checking this amazing site in just one night.

    But you know what? Your blog is totally worth this low back pain.


  62. Heal quickly, Duvdevan.

  63. HEY! I got away for just a bit to have dinner, trim my fingernails so I don’t hurt my dog’s ears when I clean them out (yeast infection — ick), go clean them out, clean up the spilled vinegar from cleaning them out, dig out the soup bones to give him so he’ll forgive me, check the mail,

    and I come back to all these darn NUGGETS all over the place?

    Well, MONKEY!

  64. ~Melodie~ says:


    The CUTENESS!!!

    The CUTNESS of that sleepy scrunched up tiny face has just made me SNATCH up that lil bit o’fluff and PUT IT MY MOUF!

    I PUT IN MY MOUF…And then I FAINTED!!!!

    Darn all that cutness!

  65. From Sam Brown…

    Q: why are monkeys big and green? [whenever a caption to be illustrated contains the word “monkey”]
    A: if i choose a title with the word “monkey” in it, i will replace it with whatever word i choose. (most likely “monster”)

  66. Butt Monster Nuggets.

  67. Oh, and Arvey — I’m a goil, so does that make me a “matette”?

  68. Just don’t go spankin’ the monster, now.

  69. Meg, you have bestowed more Cute on the world than anyone ever before!
    Don’t apologize for tie-tie!

    We luv ya!

  70. lurkertype says:

    That cat above isn’t attacking the printer, he’s just preshredding their documents for them. He’s very security conscious.

    (Insp. Clouseau voice) Minkey.

  71. Martha in Washington says:

    jaypo, maybe the rubber chicken isn’t really dead but merely resting.

  72. Cuteness should never be the catalyst for bickering. Glad Meg got back home safely : )
    I found this site that has some cute stuff, for some of you (not naming names) who might need some more cuteness:

  73. hrh.squeak says:

    I need a new kitters so I can name it Princess Buttnugget! Yay!

    Pudding nuggets. Port-a-Pud.

  74. Hahaha. I like the concept of banning us from using the word “monkey.” And I remembered seeing a video of a sleepy kitten but I didn’t know it was this one. Meh. I’m still pleased, even if it’s just cuz my memory is whack.

  75. Teughcats says:

    Are we sure this kitteh was on before? I remember a slepping kitten but I don’t remember it being this one.

    We luvs you, Meg! And Theo too for soothing our pangs while you were out.

  76. ka9q's wife says:


    I would throw pudding snack packs but i think they are abominations. From Scratch is the only way.

    Pudding for all.

  77. ka9q's wife says:

    oh and the kittehs sooo prosh and redonkulously qte.

    I really never understood why people scream free speach when someone talks about limiting something on their blog. You know if you go to someone’s house you try to have good manners why is it that people feel they can be nasty on someone elses blog. I am not saying don’t say anything lest you offend just try and treat others the way you like to be treated

    Unless you enjoy being treated rudely for no reason.

  78. ka9q's wife says:

    um i mean speech why don’t i ever see the mistake before i post. doh

  79. ka9q’s wife:

    You had pudding on the boil and you were having trouble focusing – we understand. No one wants to smack you with the spelling stick.

    You gonna lick that puddin’ pot?

  80. I could care less that this is a repeat. It tewtly deserves a second viewing.

    In fact, I was enjoying teh cute immensely. Then Kitteh opened his/her great, irritable gob.

  81. BenPanced says:

    What a sweet ickle poopoo. I mean, who HASN’T fallen asleep like that? “No. Really. I’m not tiredzzzzzzzzzzzzz. REALLY. I’M NOT TIRED. ReallyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI’M AWAKE. Oh the hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

  82. Martha in Washington says:

    snack packs an abomination?! my other son thinks I’m the world’s greatest mom for buying those disgusting things for him. Besides they are great in a pinch.

  83. ka9q's wife says:

    yeah sorry i just don’t like them. I mean yeah they do in a pinch but homemade soooo much better. who wants to lick the pan?

  84. SALT does in a pinch!

    But I must say, abominations sometimes have their place. When I made my lunch in grade school, the whole meal was an abomination: liverwurst sandwich, BBQ potato chips and a naughty, chocolate-y mallomar.

    ka9q’s wife – you didn’t wash that pan yet, did you?

  85. AlbertaGirl says:

    Who could nuff on this anerably tie-tie little kitteh, no matter how many times we see him? Post him a dozen times and each time I will pick up the pieces from when my head splodes!

  86. Kitten yoga enjoys increased popularity…

  87. Aww, I love this one. I have it in my favs already, but it’s always nice to watch again 🙂

  88. warning: do not watch this video while wearing a clay mask… unless you want it to end up flaking off into your keyboard!!!

  89. Meg,
    Glad it was just tiredness I was getting worried. Iwas also worried about the huge number of cuteholics having to rely on plain arhhh and not true main line cute.
    But please do have a nice rest sure the CO’s could russel up a kitten, puppy bunbun even capy to keep you warm.

    (unhooks kitten and tucks him up with cuddly mouse)

    Thanks for the cute
    PS I’m online at 7:30 am and BB(before breakfast)to check the cute


    Sorry, I just always wondered what that was like, and if it was terribly fun. It doesn’t seem to be. So why? What’s the point of it?

    Welcome back Meg. One can never see too many sleepy kittens.

  91. i just started loving CO and i’ve never seen this too cute video.
    why doesn’t the kitty lie down??

  92. Hi. The little kitten is cute. To all of the prima donnas on here, complaining of something that they don’t like, may I offer you a suggestion: just relax.

    This Web site doesn’t cost you anything. CuteOverload didn’t drag you out of bed and force you to type in their address at gunpoint.

    If you don’t like it, don’t try to ruin it for those of us who have not seen it.

    There is no ISO referendum for cute-kitten video posting.

    So, try to restrain yourself enough to just let it pass, and quit trying to absorb the attention from the cuteness.

    Thank you for your time.

  93. Oh my wow. He’s just keeling over there. The magical melting kitty.

  94. OMG, how cute!

  95. It’s evident that the kitty has done this before. Only last time, he fell *forward* and smooshed his face in.

  96. A thinker says:


    I love his giant smooshy head and huge mittens. Kitters is going to be BIG when he grows up, methinks.

  97. looks like someone rammed into the kitchen door one too many times..but AWWWWWWWWWW ^^

  98. A thinker says:

    …and hear-hear, Wolven and MemeMeme.

  99. Oh how adorable!!!! Such a sweepy wittle baby, I just wants to pick hims up and let him snooze on me. That way the poor little fluff doesn’t get a crick in his neck….lol. And I get warm and sleepy kitty to cuddle.

  100. awwww this is tooooo cute

  101. I wuvs the wittle wewun kitteh!

  102. OMG this kitty’s STILL sleeping? Since August???


  103. ScorpioSpirit says:

    fall fall fall doze doze

    oh yeah right back to the cuteness – got some proshness to do —

    doze fall fall doze doze

    wargh!! GOTTA stop doing that!!!

    fall doze fall doze doze…

  104. ScorpioSpirit — just *one* click on the “Post” button is all it takes. Patience.

    (I’m lookin’ out for ya.)

  105. Kitteh looks like Bagpus:)

  106. oh my gosh – does his little kitty head bounce back? you left us hanging.

    they’re so funny – just like the old ladies in church.

  107. Oh, Wha happens???

    Did kitkit finally go down or what?

  108. owwww! seepy, seepy bebeh kitt-uns! it hurts . . . the cuteness that kills . . .

  109. must . . . stay . . . awake . . . might miss . . . somethi . . .


  110. Shannon L. says:

    I’m glad this was posted again, because–as Theo said–the old link broke. Now we can have access to this lil guy again!


  111. that’s soooooooooooooo
    i love it

  112. ahn, crookshanks as a baby

  113. cuteoverload says:

    I will watch this video over and over and over again, i can’t get enough!

    Kitteh is just an angry little person because he/she is not as cute as this little kitty..

    Pooo on you, kitteh!