Meggie Moo, where are youuu?

No really, it’s cool. We know you’ve got your deal. Postin’ ain’t easy. We get that. And we’ve got this sweet terrycloth pad here (soo comfterbuls) and anyway everyone’s staring at us & taking pictures & stuff. So we’re all kinds o’ good. [Prrr.] [Prrr.]

It’s just, y’know, that hollow-eyed horde clamoring at the gates, out there, that you might want to think about. We can hear ‘em, is all we’re sayin’. Maybe it’s no biggie. [Prrr.] [Prrr.]


Thanks, Shanchan, for coming through in the clutch!

(NOTE — this is Theo, playing Watson to Ms. Meg’s Holmes.  Hi!
We now return you to your regularly scheduled posting… um… schedule.)


  1. Three little kittens! And I see no mittens! They must have lost them. :(

  2. pistache268 says:


  3. Thanks, Teho! As amusing as the last comment thread has been, it’s always good to see something fresh and new. Almost time to go home to my purring trio…

  4. The white one’s nose looks like Jimmy Durante.

  5. These kittens, while not disapproving, do appear to be dismayed.

    Jimmy Durante Kitteh is all, “Chillax, peeps. Don’t get ya’selves in a lather.”

  6. Finally! I was worried there wouldn’t be any new cute. Ever.

  7. NebraskaErin says:

    *sigh of relief*

    Thanks for the fix, Theo. Now I just have to wait for the shakes to stop.

  8. OMG, I can’t take it, I am in kitty heaven :)

  9. NebraskaErin: don’t huff all 3 kittehs at the same time. Pace yourself.

  10. BlurpleBerry says:

    WHere is Meg, and who is Theo?

  11. I love the intense look the black one is giving the camera!

    And the little white one’s eyes remind me of someone. I want to huggle him/her…or all 3 of them =D

  12. I’ve heard of Confuse A Cat, but after looking at these tiny faces I can understand why there’s never been a Refuse A Cat.

    T., thanks for providing us with a 7% solution, at least…

  13. chet's momma says:

    theo is the MAN, man! he’s a…uh, helper? just enjoy the cute! yay for floofy kitters!

  14. I’d say the yeller one in the back is tewtally disapproving. either that or channeling Anderson Cooper.

  15. BB:
    Theo is an elf who lives in all of our heads. Definately not a troll. Please keep this straight. This is gnome laughing matter.

  16. who is da man
    that all the kittehs climb?
    T.! [shush yo mouf!]

  17. The black and white ones remind me of the Kliban cartoon: “Cats can see things we can’t.”

  18. Hey if I buy two can I get the 3rd kittie FREE?

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    But Red…I just…can’t…help…myself!

    *triple-kitteh huff*

  20. And Aubrey, don’t think I don’t get the “elf in the head” reference, but I am NOT going to start that game, because that one will never end.

  21. Wheeeeeee, kittieeees threeee!

  22. Erin,

    I just flashed back to an episode of AbFab when Patsy was rushing down the stairs with a pack of unlit cigarettes in her mouth, frantically searching for a light.

  23. BlurpleBerry — I’m the dude who maintains the CO Glossary.

    Aubrey — there’s an 800×600 blowup, too. Click to Reuse A Cat (or three).

    Mariser — [SHNORK!] Oh man… Richard Roundtree & Isaac Hayes have indigestion right now…

  24. T., I’d like to freshen ‘em up first. Allow me to click on Renews A Cat, first.

    ‘Nim, you first.

  25. Whew. Finally! :)

  26. ah, finally. i was starting to exibit some pretty intense withdrawls, and my roommates were considering enrolling me in a 12 step program to help me deal.

  27. *blink* Sorry. I was over at I don’t think my brain can switch gears this fast.

  28. These cats are gorgeous. I’m going to take the risk of tempting the kittnins by going off-topic, but are there any fish owners out there? I have an injured black moor goldfish and I don’t know if he’s going to make it. Stupidly, I listened to the girl at the pet store who said that bettas will coexist with other fish, and the betta beat the crap out of my goldfish. He’s got an injured tail fin and an injured dorsal fin. Any advice?

  29. Oooh the white one! I want him. I call dibs on the white one.

    And the orange one.

    And the black one.

  30. The white one is my new baby, Beamer. He does look kind of like a lush with that orange nose. :) The others are his brother Duncan and his sister Cassie. YAY!!! Their godmother will be so excited! (See here for the full story: and more Beamer pics at

  31. Rorye — I’m not a fish expert, but I entered “fish fin injuries” into Google and found this:

    It’s only one site, but if you nose around a little more, maybe there’s more info out there.

  32. I’ll take marmie. So much orange, so little time.

  33. *sigh* Wish I could have a kitteh. My current dogs are extremely cat-aggressive. I’d take the tortie — I like dark pets because the hair doesn’t show as much.

  34. NebraskaErin…looks like we’re going to have to have an intervention, you junkie…right after I huff this kitteh.

  35. meggie moo is my nickname! my name is megan mooney. meggie moo is just natural. i haven’t heard anyone else with it, how fun!

  36. “Meggie Moo” — not one, but two?!

  37. Shamchan
    Lucky person.
    Kittehs under her porch.
    All I find under my porch is spiders.

  38. The two in the front are all like, “Wah? Who’s dis taking pictures of us napping?” The one in the back is clearly unimpressed. Welcome back, Meggles!

  39. /threadjack
    I have a bunch of photos loaded in Picasa2 on my computer and have been trying for d-a-y-s to put them on my Vox blog. I know how to do alot on a computer but–just now realized that half of my stuff has been hidden because I be a blogdolt. Can anyone help me pleease??!
    //end of threadjack

  40. acelightning says:

    Finally, something other than those overgrown rodents! And such *pretty* kitties – I wanna pet all three of them at once, but I’ve only got two hands. Think one of them would mind if I petted her/him with my toes?

  41. I know that this is totally a altered photo. Yeah sure we will line up and look adorable just for you. Thanks………

  42. P.S. Very sweet kittums…

  43. Jaypo — Vox lets you upload/include photos from Flikr, PhotoBucket, iStockPhoto, or just your local harddrive. It doesn’t have any hooks into Picasa (or Google video, to my own vexation).

    To upload pix from your harddrive to Vox, just sign in, then click “Organize” (upper right), and it should take you right to your photos. Look for the “New…” button to add new pix to your collection.

    Once pix are uploaded, you can select them, and click the “Edit…” button to update their info (title, description, tags).

  44. Georgia… sometimes, kittens do simply hang out & look cute. For reals.
    (Especially if there’s something interesting and sparkly in the photog’s other hand.)

  45. FOOTNOTE TO GEORGIA… actually, to be strictly correct, this photo IS altered: I cropped it down, upped the brightness & contrast, and then scaled it to 500×375 (also 800×600 for the blowup).

    There were no compositional changes, though. I didn’t even have to fiddle around with redeye reduction.

  46. teho, so I have to save them to my hard drive first, like in My Documents/My Pictures or some place like that?

  47. As one who was just tonight trying to get the three now-tamed boxcar kittens to hold still for some individual adoption photos, I can attest to the fact that the photo above can not possibly exist in reality. I believe we all began mass hallucinating this picture of three kittens holding perfectly still when our visual cortexes were still starving from lack of new cute.

    Had to be said.

  48. Jaypo — yups.
    Don’t you still have them there somewhere already, though? At some point, you must’ve had them saved locally, in order to put them on Picasa…

  49. T,they’re in a couple of different files, My Picts, Olympus, Docs… So Picasa is just showing me a mirror image of my pictures. :-/ I’ll put my boots on and go lokking. Thank you s’very much, t!

  50. “looking” that is.

  51. Laurie C — catch ‘em sleepy & well-fed, or lounging on something *warm*.

  52. Yup yup, there is definitely SOMEthing in the photographer’s hand! Look at marmie kit. He’s going to jump first! Tortie second, and whitekit third!

  53. hmmm, or maybe Tortie first….

  54. Jaypo, I swear that my brain interpreted your comment to read thusly:

    “I have a bunch of potatoes loaded in Picasa2 on my computer”

  55. Eeeeh, suda, it’s DoID! Oh, probably DoUD.

  56. Oh, jeeeez, and I thought teho said to put them in the lard fries. I tink my puter is f***d up now fer real.

  57. Lauri, you wim. I have *no* idea what you mean. :/

    Look — you even made me use an emoticon!

  58. Well, then _I_ win. ;)
    Department of Intentional Dyslexus. Tho, Unintentional in the case of potatoes!

  59. Good. You scared me. I thought you were saying DOOD! like you meant it.

    Are we on our way to a new glossary entry?

  60. I love the Intentional Dyslexus. We definitely need to keep a list of them, along with songs, poems, retorts, tortes, and puddin’s.

    *eyeballs the guy in charge of the glossary*

  61. Mainja, I have often been called Meggie Moo. (my real name’s meg too)

  62. Hollow-eyed hordes is right! Definitely entitled to some napping and snuggling yourself, Meg. It’s just, you know, we’re HOLLOW-EYED and there are HORDES of us! A quick “Tie -Tie for Now!” advisory and we’d settle down.

  63. Okay, after a couple of tries, here is the first official portrait of Masquerade, formerly Boxcar Kitten M, on my red couch of fabulousness. Masquerade, against all odds and expectations, became tame at the age of five months.

    She has charmed all with her amazing sweetness and motorboat purr. She is also a mistress of interpretive dance or performance art (whichever it is she does that kicks half the litter in the box onto the floor around, thoroughly redecorating my bathroom). But *that’s* not going in the adoption website writeup.

  64. Lauri, may I propose as the first entry, “Sir, step away from the capybara.”

    Not that I’m volunteering.

  65. LaurieC, she’s so perky! I got her mixed up in my earlier note–thinking she was the one with bad manners. Now I see she’ll have something to teach the *real* naughty ones about charm. And she’s probably so happy to have kitty litter, like a pile of good luck, she can only play in it while it lasts!

  66. Re: The Department of Intentional Dyslexus

    Isn’t that the sister bureau to The Department of Intentional Dylsexus?

  67. This is the internet. Satellite offices of the Depantsment of Impossibly Deadsexia can be found pretty much EVERYWHERE. Including the sister bureaus.

  68. michellemybelle says:

    LaurieC – She’s gorgeous! (And I’m not just saying that as the owner of a calico kitty and a red couch).
    You should get many puddings for your good work!

  69. lurkertype says:

    Eeeee! Tortie! Marmie! And bonus white kitten. (HRT Disapproves of all of them. And of anyone who called the kittn on the right a black cat)

    Thanks Teho! I’ve stopped twitching in withdrawal.

    And Laurie C, Masquerade is a beautiful kitty! Good work saving her. She will continue to purr even as she whips the peons of her forever home into shape. That’s a determined lil’ calico.

  70. Masquerade is purrfect. Red couch of fabulousness or no!

    She is beautiful!

    D of I D …ok…*snoooooore*

  71. Did you hear about the insomniac agnostic dyslexic who lay awake all night wondering if there was a dog?

  72. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch: the ultimate kitten flavor trifecta!

  73. Tortie kitten’s eyes bug out in joy as she realizes she gets to be Boss for Life!!

    Rorye, sorry to hear about the fish problems. I think your betta is unusual. Faced with an aquarium/betta/goldfish emergency, I read up on bettas, and everything said they’re fine with non-aggressive fish like goldfish. Mine mixed so well, I kept them together. In fact, my betta seemed thrilled to have company.

  74. AlbertaGirl says:

    Itty bitty pretty kitties!

    Rorye, the first rule for any “exotic” pet owner is: whatever the pet store tells you, do the opposite. Seriously. :) I hope your goldfish will be OK. I love Moors!

  75. Finally, some kitties! I too was getting worried there for a minute.

    Rorye, I have cichlids, which doesn’t make me an expert on bettas and goldfish, but it does mean I know a lot about fish aggression. First thing, separate the two of them! If you don’t have another tank, you can buy a little plastic box with slits in it to hang in your tank to keep the goldfish safe. Then, just wait and see – I’ve seen fish that I thought were goners recover, even grow their fins back. But (as far as I’ve seen) an aggressive fish will continue to pick on the weaker fish until they’re dead, so you have to keep them apart. Make sure you’re feeding them good quality food and that the water is in good condition. That’s as much as I can suggest. Fish can be pretty delicate but yours might pull through if you give him a chance.

  76. p.s.
    Rorye, if your fish isn’t going to make it, please ask if you want to know about humane options for helping him on his way out. Not to be morbid but I had to euthanize one of my fish yesterday so I have some information on that.

  77. LaurieC: Again, I love Boxcar M (as I will always think of her.) Wish I could have her.

    The best part of that photo is how entirely she distrusts the camera. She’s clearly conflicted: “Laurie good, camera weird. Hey, you’re not going to try to steal my soul with that thing, are you?”

  78. I thought these kittehs looked familiar! I want Georgie boy! The orange one!

  79. Ahhhhhhhhh! Perfection! Not only am I starting my day with new images on CO, but there is an update on Boxcar Kitty M – good work, LaurieC!

  80. I will try to get a less-scaredy photo of Masquerade for her fans tonight. And one of her brother, Kitten P, aka Palmerston.

  81. Teho, hope the Megster is okay and all…? not like her to forget us junkies! Thank goodness you are there to keep the stuff available…

  82. A thinker says:

    Hooray Teho! I missed this one yesterday but I’m glad you were holding the fort…was starting to wonder what had happened.

    And Rorye, I’ve *always* heard you should never put bettas with any other fish…from what I know they’re pretty agressive (there’s a reason why they’re known as Siamese fighting fish). I would check with a vet, search online, and also, I know there is fin-repair stuff you can buy to put in the water which may help him heal. I’d also definitely (if you haven’t yet) separate the two fish. Best of luck.

  83. [Rushing back to class]

    [Just about manages to...]


    [rushes off]

  84. BellaBean says:

    Oh my goodness! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw this pic! The tortise-shell kitten looks nearly if not completely identical to a kitten I fostered about 2 years ago. And it’s not my eyes deceiving me either, I sent it to a friend who had the same reaction! Holy cow!!! And let me just add, those kittens are insanely cute.

  85. Tank you Teho: nummy, nummy …chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry (as I ptui, ptui a bit of phloof from my mouf)…

  86. Heh… Neapolitan Ice Kitters.

  87. *gasp* Is that widdle white one a flamepoint in the making? He’s got an orangish nose.

    He looks just like my Angelo when he was a widdle monster.

  88. Oh Theo! We forgive you for not being Meg because you sent us this pic of brain-bursting cuteness and kitteh anerableness to the power of 10! And, yes, I have already cracked my skull on the keyboard over this one. Eeeegaaah, the lil black n pink one — the face – the lil face . . . the lil “take it in my hands and smoosh all the anerableness out of it, every last drop!” face . . .mmmmmrrp . . . squgmpphhh . . .grrghmmmump . . . . SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!