The ‘overload’ part of ‘Cute Overload’

People—I hope you’re sitting down, because "Starr" might require it of you. Introducing "Starr" the 2006 blond Rodeo Queen of Western Days. She won hands down, obvy.


Nice photog, Pam and AJP….. 😉



  1. Peg of Tilling says:

    Is there a cat riding on her back that we can’t see? A cow-boy cat, I mean.

  2. Does anyone else think “Dolly Parton?”

    oh and, teehee, first!

  3. I love Afghans! 🙂 So snooty looking!

    Wow I got an early post

  4. I find it impressive that that dog maintains her dignity despite what she is wearing. Rock on sister!

  5. pendlerpiken says:

    jeez. she even has a hat.

  6. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  7. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  8. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  9. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  10. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  11. chet's momma says:

    wow, she sure is plucky!

  12. This is why pets kill their owners. That’s horrendous. *lol*

  13. pendlerpiken says:

    Esther: I could not agree more.

  14. herpantsness says:

    CUTE OR SAD? maybe CUTE or PISSED. Poor Starr, she looks like she’d be more at home in Heatherette than Halloween.

  15. Bedazzledgrapefruit says:

    Hideous! I bet her owner wears gold lame’ pants

  16. I just want to take off that dog’s clothes and throw a ball for her to catch. Dogs should be dogs!

  17. nooo… herpantsness beat me to the “cute or sad” comment!

    i love these dogs too. big silky earses. qte!

  18. The oufit = heinous
    The dog = cute

  19. Didn’t I see her on Coyote Ugly?

  20. erm…IN Coyote Ugly. (That’d be CU to us.)

  21. Esther – Right on!

  22. NebraskaErin says:

    I can hear her sigh from here.

  23. afghans in the stream
    that is what are…

  24. erm, “that is what WE are”.

    and i actually think this outfit was for sale at the clothing store in dollywood.

  25. Love the “boots”

  26. Wow. That is one patient dog.

  27. Gawd bless ’em. They still have dignity even with that horrible outfit.

  28. Ahh, she’s wonderful. I met one of these beauties at a dog show not too long ago. I felt like I was in the presence of royalty.

  29. Oh for peatsqueaks… what the hork am I looking at???

  30. Poor little thing. She’d be so much prettier without that ugly outfit.

    Dog: A+ in cuteness
    Outfit: D-

  31. ” ‘Starr’ – her real name is Helga – was lured to America with the promise of a well-paying job in either disaster rescue or contraband detection. But like many others she was soon just another victim of the underground showdog trade.”

  32. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The kitty on the piano movie was just on Ellen!!!

  33. Just for clarification, the Afghan Hound I met at the dog show was nekkid.

  34. making my first post to say…

    What a terrible fashion faux-paw. Darling, you look a mess.

  35. I do note a certain recurring theme, though… check out that tux kittiflage skirt….

  36. oh my… that’s all I can say… oh my…

  37. AuntieMame says:


    Isn’t she one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

  38. With reference to the cat from yesterday and the skirt pattern as noted by Teho, when that blotchy black-and-white pattern appears on a cat, aren’t they called “cowcats” rather than “tuxcats”? Or is that only a Canadian thing. I once fostered a “cowcat” who was named “Cowboy” because of his pattern.

    P.S. Boxcar Kitten P, though he hisses when I first go in to see him on any occasion, purrs immediately now on being patted, and head-bumped my chin this morning while being cuddled.

  39. yow, dr. cute~have you seen this?????

  40. I feel dirty. Does anyone have eye wash?

    LaurieC–we all envy you, with the fresh new cuddliness of boxcar kitties. *sigh

  41. Rodeo Queen?!? Ummm, ewww?

    We need more kittens!

  42. Ewwww. That is just so wrong. Not cute.

  43. Linda: I feel confounded by uglyoverload. They DO have some ugly animals, but they also have a bunch of hairless cats, which I cannot find ugly, no matter how hard I try. I guess that makes me an ugly nuffingham? or is it just nuglingham?

  44. AM said:
    “Isn’t she one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?”

    We in Dallas should only be so lucky AuntieMame.

  45. Bleh. Texas, you’re displayed your stellar fashion reputation once again.

  46. Not cool at all!
    I will adopt ‘Starr’ and she would never have to wear stupid outfits ever again! She could be a happy dog in my yard… Her current owners seem cruel and deluded 😦

  47. “Oh for peatsqueaks… what the hork am I looking at???”
    ROFL THEO!!! About spit coffee when I read that!

    And I agree with Bee… this picture is just… wrong. Yeesh.

  48. sonya, I can’t hear you through my big hair. LOL.

    BTW, speaking of Texas fashion sense, see the bottom parts of her feetses, below the pink tube socks? I saw someone here yesterday wearing boots that looked just like that. Very Eurotrash apres ski, except that we have no mountains and it was 85 degrees.

  49. ROFL those furry boots… What movie was that… Dumb & Dumber? Doesn’t Jim Carrey wear some of those in that movie? [omg, ack, I just admitted I’ve seen that movie..]

  50. foxy bingo says:

    Paris Hilton?

  51. Villeline says:

    My friend says it’s the third Hilton sister.

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  53. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  54. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  55. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  56. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  57. ka9q's wife says:

    I like it and obvy the dog doesn’t mind. I do prefer dogs clothed in their natural fur but I do know a little silky terrier that wears jammies and hates to take them off.

  58. ka9q’s wife, I certainly wouldn’t ever get out of my jammies if I didn’t have to.

  59. A Fine Morsel says:

    Love the fur (or ear?) slightly draped over the left eye, to simulate bangs!

  60. *snort snicker laugh* Oh maaaaan. And I knew girls in high school that would have killed to wear that outfit….

  61. In a final attempt to maintain a shred of dignity, Starr repeats her mantra: “I AM related to the wolf. I AM related to the wolf. I AM related to the wolf”

  62. Okay, I haven’t submitted any pics of my dog to C.O. because I always thought she was more “beautiful” than “cute”. She’s long and lean (a greyhound) not round and chubby like a lot of cute things. But if *this* can get on C.O., I’m sending in my entire flickr page, dammit!

    P.S. That dog (sans outfit) is freaking gorgeous. I always joke that if I ever win the lottery, I’m going to have a big house with a huge fenced yard and have one of every kind of sight hound. Or at least a “small, medium, large” = italian greyhound, whippet, greyhound. 🙂

  63. Twinkle Twinkle little Starr
    How I wonder what you are
    Up upon haystacks so high
    In prints and pinks you make us sigh

  64. Nat Swope says:

    It’s the JonBenet Ramsey of dogs. And we all know how that ended…

  65. All hail Her Majesty.

    The queen is pink. Long live the queen!

  66. She looks like Paris Hilton!

  67. A thinker says:

    LOL Teho. And Aubrey.

    This. Is. Truly. Astounding. Lovely dog, but I don’t know *what* to say about the outfit…

  68. Martha in Washington says:

    I was going to ask if this poor dog’s middle name was Paris. The real Paris Hilton is definetly in the Sad category.

  69. kind of looks like if paris hilton was a dog.

  70. “If,” Maria??

  71. Meow. Theo is a little kitty.

  72. I dunno … she’s cute, but she looks a little too much like a cross between Ann Coulter and Jon-Benet Ramsey.

  73. I usually avoid these sorts of pics… 😉

  74. ugh, hideous, so not cute =\

  75. OK, guys:

    Who does she resemble more? Paris Hilton, or Ann Coulter?

    Sure, the fashion sense suggests Paris Hilton, but the face and eyes? Pure Ann.

  76. How about Rodeo Barbie?
    I wouldn’t even call Paris Hilton “Coulter-ish.” [shudder]

  77. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    It’s all been said really. That is one beauty doggie that’s obviously being tortured by the same kind of people who put their small children in pagents.

    Some. Things. Are. Just. Wrong.

    So loooove sight-hounds in general 🙂

  78. You know, give that bitch a hula-hoop, and she’d be right at home at Burning Man!

    No bustier, though. I think a bustier is required by law.

  79. midnightmarshmallow says:

    Okay, I don’t think that dog was cute, but I think she was elegant. Cute is baby animals or animals that look like babies. And that outfit just made her look retarded.

  80. Sight hounds are my favorite dogs to simply “look” at. Pure beauty! Grace, elegance…I just love them.

    I haven’t had one, though, cuz I was always afeard of them “sighting” one of my chickens, goats, bunnies, cats, guinea pigs, in the yard and snarfing them up in one beautiful lunge.

    Am I way off base, sighthound owners? Do they get along with smaller animals?

  81. Piggalette says:

    Reeediculous. XD

  82. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey Lauri,

    They can get along with smaller animals but it’s tough-going with rodents. Their every instinct is to give them a swift end.

    I would never risk one with a bunny, for instance. Whippets, which are the smallest can dispatch a large rabbit before you can blink. It’s actually a rather human method used at some Bird of Prey rehab centres.

    All that being said, in ALL other things they are beyond gentle. They’ve got very laid-back and quiet personalities. Most are very naturally clean and LOVE their humans to a fault.

    Now, most of the ones I’ve been involved with have been rescue racers so… I’m not convinced that if you had a sight hound from puppyhood and exposed it to a lot of rodents early on, it would likely be fine with them. I see it like cats who live with and can be very affectionate to pet rats and the like. It may not be their natural disposition but nurture counts for a lot, as we all know.

  83. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Erm… All that being said, again, my terrier would LOVE to end my degus and gerbils. I still have them, I’m just very careful.

    Sorry, just and after-thought. I wouldn’t know what to say about chickens in the yard though. That would be potentially risky, depending on the dog.

  84. The poor puppy. I want to adopt her away from the evil owner.


  85. lurkertype says:

    That puppeh is FAR too good for that awful owner. Such a beautiful dignified dog, and such a tacky tacky tacky outfit.

  86. I’m relieved I’m not the only one whose first thought was “Paris Hilton!”

    Sad thing is, Paris CHOOSES to dress this badly. This poor pooch is forced to succumb to the indignity.

  87. Yo! Dolly Parton’s canine twin!

  88. Shouldn’t this dog be wearing underwear?

  89. Hope this hasn’t already been said. I kind of skimmed for it on my way down here… but does this dog not have the face of Cher? I thought that immediately. Not a cute dog, really. “Overload” is right, though!

  90. Speaking of ‘overload’, I have not been able to get CO pictures to upload on this site all day!

  91. Bahahahaha! cute.

    It’s not even halloween yet!

    Is it just me or do Afghan Hounds seem like unlikely cow-dogs?

  92. Oh, Afghans arent so much cute as they are beautiful. The out fit is hilarious though. I love their long fur.

  93. Nice dog, not exactly cute. Kinda looks like Minnie Pearl or something.

  94. I’m sure that Katherine Harris is positively envious – both of her outfit and title.

  95. First time I ever saw an Afgan, before I knew they existed even, was a winter evening, just at sunset.
    It was almost dark, and foggy.
    I got out of the car, and this *animal* lurches out of the mist.
    First it scared the heck out of me.
    Then I thought it might be an alien.
    I’m still not sure they aren’t.

  96. Love the hat, ears, and face. So beautiful.

  97. What a beautiful dog, but she’s got such sad eyes. *Sniffle* I’m cuddling my kitlets extra today. And I’m NOT making dress up in ugly outfits.

  98. michellemybelle says:

    The first thing that jumped to mind when I saw this was “Mary Kay Cosmetics.” Yikes.

  99. wow dressing your dog is stupid, but dressing it with western-style clothes is even stupider.
    ill have to stick with esther too. prop to the pouch for no bowing in shame. LoL

  100. Anonimous says:

    Hey, just to let you know, the dog may be cute, but it’s not that cute. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it’s just a dog version of a stupid blonde dressed as an obvious HOE!!!!!!!!!!

  101. So welcome to the hoedown, “Anonimous”.
    If you’re going to call “stupid,” it’s considered good form to check your spelling.

  102. Shannon L. says:

    OMG… *dies* xD

    This is why I love afghans. They’re the dumb blondes of the dog world. Seriously…

    When they did that big breed-wide “intelligence” test, afghans scored the lowest. Border collies, german shepherds, and poodles of course got high scores.

  103. hazelbroom says:

    She looks like Laura Dern in a David Lynch movie!

  104. Cat, you and I are cut from the same cloth. I also immediately thought Dolly Parton…

    Also brings a new meaning to the term “Pit woofy”.

  105. HazelBroom — that is (appropriately) disturbing.

  106. About dog intelligence, yeah I also read that Afghans were a little dim. I’ve always gotten that impression from Irish Setters, too.

    On the other end of the bell curve, Border Collies are just … scary. I’ve known several households where the Border Collie was the smartest entity in the home. One friend of mine used to throw parties, but had to stop, because the Border Collie would insist on “herding” the guests, just for something to do. I remember that dog trying to “cut me out from the herd”. Brrr.

    They left that dog alone too much, and she did what many Brainiacs do when they’re neglected and unfulfilled: she turned to the Dark Side. They came home one day, and she had destroyed *every piece of furniture in the house* and then shit all over the rubble.

  107. i love waffles says:


  108. Just hadda mention while we’re talking afghans, I had a great aunt who owned two, and she would brush them, spin the fur into yarn, and KNIT WITH IT. Yep.

  109. We (meaning one other cowoker and I) have just decided this is not the K9 Dolly Parton but Fleur Delacour who can not understand why meer monkeys do not bow to her supernatural beauty.

  110. That’s just wrong.

    People who dress up dogs like that need professional help.

  111. o.m.g that is SOOOOOOO cute!

  112. Brie — no doubt… and I know JUST who to call…

  113. u r right theo and brie if some 1 dressed u up like that u would feel like crud

  114. Two things…
    1) Irony. Hello? “Professional help?”
    2) Type, please. This isn’t a BlackBerry.

  115. I think this is a Saluki, not an Afghan. Salukis are also sighthounds and have that long, lean elegant look, but Starr’s face and the tail and the ears look more like Saluki than Afghan to me.

    I totally agree with everyone who loves sighthounds. 🙂 I love sighthounds, too. I have an Italian Greyhound.

  116. Softstaffy says:

    Wow what a beautiful dog..SO WHY DO THIS TO HER?! This outfit is demeaning, tacky and outright embarasing.

  117. if paris hilton were a dog, this is what she would look like

  118. Sophie — what are you talking about? That *IS* Paris.