If it’s a kitten, and it’s in Tokyo,


There is really no other kind in Japan…


>^•^< Jukka H. [bow]



  1. That’s it. I fold.

  2. Wee little flop ears – LOVE IT!

  3. Kitteh! YEah, first post!

  4. Scotland? Japan?
    Is it the “island nation” commonality?

  5. that thing’s eyes are bigger than its mouth, for sure.

  6. [shaking head sadly at Rafael]
    Some learn, some don’t.

  7. that’s a beautiful little kitty, I like the caramel color between it’s eyes 🙂

    It does have some big eyes though, huh?

  8. gloom raider says:

    Its ears probably buckled under the weight of the cute!

  9. what a cutie pie!

    teho, we all have a learning curve. 😉

  10. But if you’re too twisted to accept a curve…eh what, JP?

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    That’s the bonniest wee kittie I’ve e’er seen!!

  12. NebraskaErin says:

    I want to touch his little ears!

  13. A thinker says:

    Teh curled PAWZ, the thoughtful expression…

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    The picture about the McWafflesons won’t load on my PC. What is it??? I looovvveee waffles!!!

  15. Uh, uhm…letsee, one would have to a-maze us with ignorance.

  16. Awww … He’s sooo wittle … and he has an expression like …
    You again … please not now – I am les tired …

  17. This one actually managed to wrench a squee out of me. A squee heard by every dog in the neighborhood.



    The colors! The fur! the eyes! That beige on grey!! SQUEEEE!

  19. They don’t have enough space in Japan to waste on bulky kitten ears.

  20. If that kiteh were any more prosh there would be two of him.

  21. Pocky — ALL dogs. Everywhere.

  22. OK, I had to look up Scottish Fold, and found this site…they all look so surprised, though! 8)


  23. Martha,

    It’s a picture of a floofy little black kitten chowing down on the remnents of a waffle with powdered sugar.

  24. Martha & EricaE — this is sort of a double-post, but try this version…

  25. Finally, a foldie! Thank you!!!

  26. Ok, teho, that made me fall off my chair…assclown!

  27. And, oh yeah, tucked paw! It’s good stuff!

  28. [sweeping courtly bow]

  29. That’s it. I have offically DIED. You hear? DIEDDIEDDIEDDIED!

    I have always wanted a Scottish Fold, my favourite breed of kitteh. I WANTS IT! MINE!

  30. I got a Scottish Fold from a shelter once, when he was about 10 years old. Silver and white, with HUGE blue eyes. Gorgeous, and the sweetest temperament I’ve ever seen in a cat.

    We developed this routine where I would bend over and say “gimme some forehead,” and he’d stand on his hind legs and rub his forehead against mine.

    I have NO idea how we trained each other do to that.

  31. Suda Nim — Lorna would do that. (Our recent foster momcat.)

  32. suda nim: Don’t you get it? HE trained YOU to do that. It’s the cat way.. they just let you THINK you taught them. 😉

  33. suda nim! I squee’d at your story – that’s so cute! I love the kitteh forehead rub thing… it’s like their version of an affectionate hug.

  34. Nester unfortunately was also afflicted with the hind-leg-and-tail stiffness that goes along with the fold gene (breeders are trying to breed it out).

    A friend once came to visit with her toddler who just squealed KITTY! and was chasing Nester, who was having none of it. You could clearly see him going OH S*** OH S*** OH S***.

    They both had EXACTLY the same top speed, so they circled the house several times with the exact same interval of six feet between them until he finally made it to refuge.

  35. Our cats tend to do nose-pokes instead of forehead bonks. Know what I mean? Tip of their nose to tip of human’s nose…

  36. One of my kitty girls has many, many physical characteristics of the Scottie Fold (‘cept the ears, of course) – the facial features and the paws are identical. It’s difficult to tell in this pic of this particular kitten, but they have a perpetual “smiley” face – my Figs looks like she’s smilin’ all the time. Of course, that is also a characteristic of the Brit Shorthair.

  37. Dyslexus a la Theo:
    Teeny Scottish Flatulence. (The inevitable result of even a teeny-tiny bit of haggis.)

  38. Yep, we Peeps are Teh Suffistikated, all right.

  39. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Cutest kitty EVAR!!!

  40. Theo that pic is funny 🙂 cool.

  41. http://www.moggies.co.uk/breeds/scottish_fold.html

    Looked at this site and has wonderful expression ‘lap fungus’ even I that allergic to mushrooms can appriciate that


  42. tee hee, teehoo!!

  43. ZOMG.

  44. Oops! Didn’t make it!

    Oh and you forgot the american shorthairs, they are also very popular down in Nippon!

  45. martha in mobile says:

    Where do you think they got the idea for anime?

  46. lurkertype says:

    Oh Em Gee, a dilute calico Fold kitten, can it get any cuter? No, no, it cannot.

    (head asplodes)

    It’s obvious why the country that gave us anime critters is so fond of the folds!

  47. lurkertype says:

    suda nim, love the stories!

  48. Mia, you’re so right! Every one of those cats seems to be saying, “Moi? Are you looking at moi?” Either that or they all look really guilty.

  49. Precious, precious kitten. I want one.

    Not to bring up the neg, but…when you post “designer” dogs, all heck breaks loose.

    How come no one nuffs the designer cats?

  50. stagewench says:

    If anyone wants to read a wonderful book about a Scottish Fold, I highly recommend The Cat Who Went To Paris. If I ever get a Scottish Fold, I’m naming it Norton (regardless of gender). 😛

    All the ones in the Cat Fancier’s link almost look like they should have little ‘WTF?!’ bubbles over their heads.

  51. Mia & Stagewench – I think those kittehs at Cat Fancier look like they’ve had their ears photoshopped out!

  52. Thanks, lurkertype. One last story, which I put on another thread, but hey, he was a good cat and I love talking about him.

    When I got him from the shelter, his name from his previous owners was Tam O’Shanter. OK, so it was Scottish, but I hated it. So I changed it to Nester because he Nested (he looked just like a barn owl with his round white face, and he loved to hole up in the kitty condo).

    About a year later, he was at the groomer’s (don’t ask), when a former neighbor saw him and said “Hey! That’s Tam O’Shanter!” Groomer said “No, he’s Nester.”

    Confusion ensued.

    I lie. TWO more stories. When I got a kitten later, Nester let her nurse on him. He’d purr and lick her. Pervert.

  53. Talking about cute cat actions: when I say to my cat “I love you” she runs over to me and then when I ask “Do you love me too?” she rubs her nose on mine and purrs. I couldn’t believe it the first time she did it and now she does it all the time.

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  55. There is a Scottish Fold kitten(2 mos) available for adoption at heartland humane in corvallis oregon http://www.heartlandhumane.org

    it’s up eared sib is also available and also super cute.

  56. Suda Nim–
    I had a male cat who did that too.
    I’d ended up with a litter of kittens (my neighbor was taking them to the pound in a hat).
    My lady cat just did not take to them, even though she’d adopted kittens before.
    So BoyCat — Boycat Safeway, they sold non-union grapes (to date this story) — adopted them.
    He’d lie there nursing them for hours, all of them purring away.
    Somewhere I have a picture of him with two kittens at his belly, and his own “equipment” showing.
    (Yes, he was fixed, but late. So he had the whole tomcat look).
    I always really wondered whether there was actual lactation happening, but couldn’t bring myself to investigate that closely.
    The kittens were all boys, so it was like their special guy club thing.

  57. Boycat Safeway! *snork*

    Nester’s nipple even got enlarged. We had some real gender flexibility going on.

    Berkeley (the kitten) was a tux girl. She made speeches and had no respect for property.

  58. little miao says:

    awwwwww…. *sighs* so cute…

  59. so cute!!!!!!>_<

  60. i would eat the kitten

  61. Masa-
    Put kitteh in mouth, good.
    *Eat* kitteh, not good.
    It’s like catch and return

  62. Martha in Washington says:

    Thanks Theo for the link and EricaE for the description of the Waffle Thief. I had a teeny black kitten that looked just like that one once, named Ninian. He ran away 😦

  63. acelightning says:

    What a sweet-faced Itty Bitty Kitty!

    (Why *are* Scottish Fold cats particularly popular in Japan, anyway?)

  64. The Japanese have cute down to a fine art — think Hello Kitty, that style of cartoon that begins with a C whose name escapes me (see http://uniorb.com/ATREND/Japanwatch/cute.htm for a treatise on Japanese cute).

    So what could be cuter than a Scottish Fold? Wif its dweat big eyesies and itty bitty earsies.

    Rules of cuteness, folks. Rules of cuteness.

  65. What is a Scottish fold?

  66. YAY! A Scottish fold after a looooooong time. Be still, mo chuisle!

    (… Okay, that’s *Irish* rather than Scots Gaelic, but it’ll have to do for now.)

  67. Suda Nim, that’s uber sweet!

  68. Hahahahahaha, lauowolf, I can see Masa spitting out pieces of chewed kitten, now. Looking all embarrassed.

  69. Ninian, great kitten name Martha!

    K, gotta go cook huge birthday dinner for hubby! He’s 50 today. (old geezer)!

    Beef, not capybara, or fish!
    Have a great day all da peeps.

    And kissies to all the cuties posted on CO!

  70. Hehe Suda, this is a bit late of a response, but I “awwww”‘ed at your description of your old Scotty. Hehe. Any cat owner knows that throughout one’s lifetime, there are a very rare number of kitties that come into our lives that just stand out among the rest, ones that you know share a little part of their spirit with you, and vice versa. You’re really lucky to have such a wonderful little creature in your life, Suda Nim ^-^

  71. michellemybelle says:

    Lauri – Hope you and the fam have a great day (and may no disapproving take place)!

  72. Thanks, Michelle! Disapproval allowed by capys and bunnies only! (I wish I had some wandering around so they could disapprove)

  73. a folded feline in Tokyo? must be an Origami Cat…

  74. :: rim shot ::

  75. ka9q's wife says:

    happy burfday to Lauri’s schmoop. Mine is only 10 days older than yours.
    Love them older guys. heh.

  76. Thanks, ka9q’s wife! Trouble is, mine is younger than I am! But, that’s good, gotta love them lively younger men! 😉

    Good one, puffball! 🙂

  77. Thanks, Pillow. You pegged it exactly. I also had a Neapolitan mastiff that fit the same bill. I’ve had lots of dogs, but he was The One.

    I had an intern stay with me for a summer a few months after Hoover died. He said it was like living with a widow.

  78. lurkertype says:

    TK is back from his snip and is just fine.

  79. Yay, TK! Glad all is well, lurkie!

    Bleh, suda, it IS like losing a family member. No, it’s not “Like”. It IS losing a family member. And only time makes the pain lessen.

    I am dreading when my big ol’ dawg, Cal, goes, cuz she is so so special.

    But…I dread any of ’em going so….that’s just the way it is! When you have so many pets, they are comin’ and goin’ a lot….:P

  80. Geez Lauri…reading your post. Hoover died 10 years ago and I STILL sniffled up a bit.

    I used to take him to the hardware store with me. They all loved him, and if I went without him, they’d ask why I’d come without him. They liked him better than me, now that I think of it. When he died, I called the manager and asked him to spread the word so I wouldn’t have to repeat the news over and over.

    They were all touchingly supportive. One employee even gave me a framed copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” (which I HATE — the same family of nauseatingly cute as the Precious Moments figurine discussed under the capybaras. But it’s the thought).

    A well-loved dog and a lot of good memories.

  81. You know, it took me 5 seconds, give or take, to get the tux kitten’s name. That was quite silly. And, I think I need sleep. I’ll go take care of that now…

  82. >>Berkeley (the kitten) was a tux girl. She made speeches and had no respect for property.< <

    Even as an old-school Lefty I laughed out loud at this and snorted water onto my keyboard.

  83. Heeee. JBo, thanks for repeating that line, cuz I missed it the first time!

  84. little miao says:

    I love the little star on baby kitty’s forehead…

    perhaps that is Northeast Asian fur-pattern, because a lot of the cats I knew in China had that star… or probably not. but it’s very pretty regardless.

  85. little miao says:

    I wrote that at 4.30am? That’s kind of scary, but it wasn’t actually *that* early.

    The prosh kitty keeps distracting me from studying. Its little curled paw is deliberately taunting me with its cuteness.

  86. Awwwwww…Scottish folds are just so cute. Not that I’m biased and think that anything Scottish automatically owns or anything…


  87. Can’t play tennis, though.

  88. Pffft! Who needs tennis skills when you’re that cute, though? 😉

  89. Although Angus Podgourney would be a great name for a Scottish Fold kitteh.

  90. michellemybelle says:

    Angus will never get all those kilts made in time!

    (suda, seriously, alluding to my favorite comedy sketch of all time has quickly risen you through the ranks of best people ever.)

  91. awwwww that would be a good 1 to put on a stamp, doncha think? =(^.^)=

  92. Ditto, suda, I love that sketch. And if I ever get a Scottish Fold kitteh, I will name it Angus Podgourney.

  93. God, we’re nerds….

    but happy ones.

  94. michellemybelle says:

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

    (Watching “Mythbusters” while surfing The Cute)

  95. Ack-shully, there is one other “must be” kind of kitteh-san in japan, the Japanese Bobtail


    of Maneki Neko fame.


  96. In my country, Chile, I never saw a scotish.
    This kitten is just too miaooch!!!!

  97. S’nim, in regards to cats, especially Scottish Folds, and tennis, past stars have included:

    Jennifer Catriati
    Anna Courni-fold-a
    John CatEnroe

    Mr. CatEnroe was known for his hissy – as well as hissing – fits, should a call not go his way.

    And now for a short bread – I mean, short break – before continuing with our report.

  98. MichelleMyBelle, I’ve ben alternating Cute with my own personal Weird Al Yankovic film festival on YouTube.

    Nerdnerdnerdnerd. But I wuvs him.

    Actually, for a real shocker, search for “weird” “al” and “sexiest.” His appearance on VH1 will come up. Your jaw will drop.

  99. Aubrey:

    And in an amazing coincidence, all of them were fond of blancmange.

  100. There’s going to be one interviewed on the Art Bell show tonight. I think it’s going to explain that kilt thing.

  101. Aubrey: Given the nature of this thread, by “one,” do you mean Japanese cat owner, kilt maker, socialist, accordion player, tennis star, weird comedian, waffle with powdered sugar or cat freak?

  102. Well, I specifically heard that a blancmange would be interviewed on ‘Coast to Coast’, to discuss its intergalactic plan to take over the Wimbledon competition. I think they’re calling security in, just to be safe.

    As for your question, replace the word ‘or’ with ‘and’. Wouldn’t that be a charming combination?

  103. Aubrey, it’s a great idea, but the waffle would just hijack the entire conversation like it always does.

  104. lurkertype says:

    Can ye lend us a fiver?

  105. ‘Nim:
    Hmmmm…sort of like leggo my segue(way)-o?

    Sorry, I’m right on my uppers. Can anyone lend us fifty pounds to mend the shed?

  106. LurkerT: I remember that beautiful poetry. It mists me up.

  107. good old whatshername says:

    m(_ _)m m(_ _)m
    We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

  108. I’d like to wipe my ass with that lump of fluff.

  109. From whence might I procure such a beloved little creature?

  110. Suda… did you notice who’s dancing in the background of “White & Nerdy”… that’s my boy Donny Osmond!!

  111. Omg, *zooms off to youtube to find Weird Al sexiest* Hee!

    Builder, please bathe the cat when you are done wiping your ass with him!

  112. Is it just me or does anything with folded ears look cute?

  113. One of my ears has a fold in it. For real. Right at the top.
    [sigh] …ain’t the same, though.

  114. Is it really, MamaDawn? That’s too funny!

    I have the vid of him in “Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Little Donny grew up to have a six-pack!

  115. Erin, you would love Stephen Colbert, then. One ear sticks out more than the other, and once on his show, he turned it completely inside-out.

  116. Andee Joyce says:

    Girl markings alert! This is a girlie girlie girlie girl foldie! Hi sweetums!

  117. OMG! And it’s a dilute calico scottish fold kittie!!! (Or maybe a blue/cream tortie, can’t quite tell.)

    I have a dilute calico (no folded ears though) so I’m a big sucker for ’em.

  118. OMFG!
    I live in Scotland, and I want one of those cats. 😦

  119. Mike — unrelated… but you’ve got the best email address I’ve seen in a long time.

  120. Thalia Lee says:

    i love this image of this kitten. i love its big eyes and floppy ears. ADORABLE.. i couldn’t resist.. i want a kitten now!!! bravisimo!! ;o)

  121. Email for Scottish Fold adoptions! For Litter in Spring 2007!