mmmmm delicious McWafflesons

Mmmmm. A delicious mcwafflesons. I must have eet!
[licks chops, wraps teeny muzzepuff around waffle]


There is SOMETHING about a tiny muzzlepuff-pouch. Serious. Thanks Samara (kitten) and LadyePhoenix (Sender-inner) 😉



  1. Put… the waffle… back!

  2. Now that I’ve licked it, it’s mine…that’s the rule!

  3. Tee hee hee. So sneaky!

  4. Or is it Leggo my Eggo?

  5. Thanks,Meg. Now *I* want a waffle.

  6. oh heavens… methinks kitty is growling a very serious “BACK OFF” growl as this picture is being taken…

  7. yoohoostereo says:

    …Must get black kitty now…

    If you really think about it, it is a good way to watch your personal carb intake.

  8. There’s powdered sugar on that waffle. Imagine the “after” photo with black kitty with powdered sugar on his face.

  9. Hee Hee. THe kitteh looks so fierce. He is clearly preparing to flee with the yums in order to avoid intervention.

  10. little gator says:

    This reminds me. When my diabetic cat BUster got low blood sugar the easiest way to fix it was to feed him wet cat food mixed with maple syrup. Shoul’ve tried waffles.

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    I was going to mention the powdered sugar, but Laurie C beat me to it. I dropped some flour on my black cat last night, and it was quite funny. Oddly, she didn’t think so.

  12. This pic reminded me of something: Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!

  13. AuntieMame says:

    “Touch my waffle and you’ll draw back a bloody stump! Or at least a couple of serious tooth puncture marks!”

    I didn’t know kitties liked people food. None of the kitties I’ve cared for have ever been interested in people treats.

  14. Dis es goog wraffle, smack smack, smack I’m glad u got d wraffle makur…pasth me ur meelk

  15. That was my Sydney last night in my macaroni and cheese! She kept trying to steal individual macaronis right off my plate. She’s really fast so she made off with a couple before I could catch her. She looks just like this little one… eye color and all!

  16. Who eats waffles on their bed?

    Cats, that’s who.

  17. Awwwwwwwww. I want both!

    *grabby fingers*

  18. I want someone to bring me waffles in bed! or a cute kitten!
    hrm, on second thought, perhaps if I could train my four-footed furry alarm clock with teeth to bring me breakfast in bed that would be the best option. hrm

  19. That kitteh is almost cross-eyed with waffley delight.

  20. That waffle is almost as big as she is. Go for it! 😉

  21. Sticky kitteh!

    One of my mother’s cats loves bread to a nearly psychotic degree – my mom has to hide her bread in the microwave or else she’ll come home to a scattering of crumbs and a torn up bread bag.

  22. I’m happy to see Popkin Doone is being properly pampered at the new digs. Heh.

    (Any guesses as to how many more comments it’ll take before someone posts an “OMG KITTENS CAN’T EAT WAFFLES YOU SWEAR SWEAR CRUEL SWEAR FARTY DEATH SWEARY SWEARS” missive?)

  23. Theo, HA.

  24. Dang that’s cute!

    This site is just about perfect. I do sometimes wish for a little less “Mc(noun or verb)ersons”, but it’s a small price to pay…

  25. I know a cat who, if left with muffins unattended, will eat a freshly baked muffin, paper muffin cup and all.

    Breakfast *is* the most important meal of the day, after all.

  26. Y’know, ordinarily I’d be like “Gimmie back my waffle”, but…. Can I just have the kitty, waffle-breath and all, instead?

  27. When I was a kid, mom left donuts out on the kitchen table one afternoon. Someone took a bite out of each one, mom assumed we kids were the vandals, yelled at us, didn’t believe our vigorous denials … until she saw our tortie cat with powdered sugar all over her face. Forgot all about it until seeing this pic. Fun memory!

  28. o.O I don’t know Teho let’s hope it doesn’t happen
    lol so right Laurie C…can you imagine the kisses afterwards? Aaaw! little sweet kisses =^.^=

  29. martha in mobile says:

    Awwww…this reminds me of when my tortie tried to steal a steak. She was being extra stealthy and kept her head below the table level–just one stretched out tortie arm, claws in steak, entire plate slowwwly moving towards disaster…

  30. NebraskaErin says:

    The kitteh is all, “If I don’t make eye contact, they can’t see me stealing this delicious tasty treat.”

    So if “Ehn!” is the sound a wee one makes when it just…can’t…quite…reach…, what is the sound a wee one makes when lifting something the size of its own body?

  31. I lofs the little bare patches in front of kitteh ears.

    yumyum on the nawm nawm.

  32. ar rah rha rha rrrrrrrah!

  33. I love it when little bitty animals try to eat things bigger than their heads….so determined, so greedy, but so funny!

  34. looks like something my cat would do. he likes angel food cake and fries but he reeallly loves Bailey’s Irish Cream and gets pissy when I won’t share.

  35. Martha-in-Mobile – I snorted out loud reading “entire plate slowwwly moving towards disaster…”!!

  36. Oh yes, you can clearly tell by how this kitty is holding her ears that she thinks she has captured and killed prey and is taking no hostages! The waffle is hers! I’ll bet there WAS a growl or two.

    Sassy! I love that.

  37. Karen in Toronto says:

    fatal_fluffy — bet he gets pissed when you do share.

    My pwner Fiasco T. Peabrain will not let me eat or drink anything. Last night I was trying to gnaw the meat off some prime ribs and he got pushed off my chair about 12 times in 24 seconds. He’s only a wee lad still.

  38. A thinker says:

    Teho: I was wondering that too. POWDERED SUGAR OH NO!!!

    KarenInToronto: Fiasco T. Peabrain, eh? Man, we’ve got some creative pet names on this site.

    And re: the kitty, that is a very serious glare. Methinks kitty will not give up her waffle without a fight.

    My (sadly departed) cat liked all manner of strange people food, including her fave, Saltine crackers. She also loved green beans, pasta with sauce, and assorted other oddities.

  39. ShelleyTambo says:

    Karen in Toronto–can I borrow “Fiasco T. Peabrain” if I use it judiciously? We’re always looking for creative names for kitties at the shelter (Emperor Charles V. “Chip” Mephistopheles and Theophrastus “Theo” Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim were already taken.) The better the name, the more notice kitty gets.

  40. LOL breakfast of champions! Reminds me when my late Chouchoune stole my hubby’s pasta plate!!

  41. ShelleyT — Brilliant! And I can’t quite figure why, but I like that last one especially.

  42. Reminds me of a time when I had a friend over to dinner and I still had my cat, Idjit, who was really brilliant despite the name he was saddled with.

    Steak was the main course that night and Idjit loved nothing more than a nice bit of that, rare please. So of course he jumped on the table, only to get told ‘no’ and he did the sensible thing: he hid behind a stack of books on the table.

    As we had dinner and talked, Idjit crept forward very very slowly, moving possibly only an inch or two per minute. And he was fairly smart about sneaking: whenever someone would look at him, he’d immediately sit down and start licking his foot or tail, purposefully looking away from the steak as if there was nothing there that interested him in the slightest.

    After creeping and being mostly ignored, there he was suddenly, nose in the remnants of the steak. Of course, we had to reward bad behavior and he slept for almost 24 hours after eating almost as much steak as he wanted.

  43. Karen in Toronto says:

    ShelleyT — of course! (The T. is for “ther” as in Winnie THER Pooh, who lived under the name of Sanders [grin].) FTP was either my spam alter ego or my next kitteh’s name, whichever happened first.

  44. Our cat Pooky loves chow mein and cranberry juice.

  45. Love the intense look on the kitteh’s face! It’s like, “I’m going to eat this waffle, by God! It won’t get the best of me!”

    Cats love breakfast foods. One of my cats pinched a half a pound of raw bacon off the counter once…and an hour later puked it back up on the carpet!

  46. NebrErin: Uhrn? *shrug*

  47. My black cat Sippy loves fries, but she never eats them. She thinks they’re some sort of greasy, crunchy, salty cat toy, that for whatever reason can be purchased by the carton.

    ShelleyTambo–love the name/fame concept to attract suitors to shelter kitties. Just don’t use my cousin’s cat’s name: Incontinentia Buttocks. Perhaps you know her husband?

  48. ShelleyTambo says:

    Teho–“Theo” turned out to be a girl, but she was a marmie (why we assumed she was a boy).

    As for Chip (also a marmie, come to think of it), well, sorta long story, but it does involve Faust Part II.

    Karen–thanks! Maybe I’ll use it this weekend and post pics. (I think my favorite spam name was Peerless F. Circles.)

  49. Jenn Jordan says:

    Hey he looks just like my baby!

    His name is Simon.

  50. Do the things he draws come true?

  51. Jenn Jordan says:

    Yes, we have all sorts of Simon-dreamed cat toys and fish heads lying about the house.

  52. Oh My Gaalgh, RedZ… “Incontinentia Buttocks” ?!??

  53. ShelleyTambo says:

    ‘Zilla, I do know her husband, Biggus Dickus. Uh, well, not personally. (So many people are paranoid about the shelter cats not being littertrained that “Incontinentia Buttocks” would be a bad idea, no matter how amusing.)

  54. Cats and people food … sigh …

    Besides the expected fondness for the occasional piece of cooked meat or fish,
    I’ve had cats that were queer for cantaloupe, squash, and the insides of banana peels.

    The late great Ms. Amber loved graham crackers. If you were sitting, eating a graham cracker, with your guard dropped for a moment, you might suddenly find Amber standing on your lap, staring you in the eyes, jaws clomped around the farthest end of the cracker, as you nibbled *your* end. If you left the box out on the counter, she (who was usually so extremely well-behaved about following The Rules) would jump on the counter, knock the box onto the floor, rip it open, and strew crackers all over, after eating ten or twelve of them. She liked Doritos, too, but she wouldn’t Break the Law to get them.

    Best Amber People-food Story:

    We trained her early that she could walk around on the dining room table when it was clear, but it was Forbidden Territory while any people-food was on the table.

    One Thanksgiving, we had a lot of company and needed maximum real estate at the dining table, so I placed the turkey and most of the other dishes on a long sideboard which we usually reserved for mail, packages, tossed-aside sweaters and umbrellas, and such.

    I’d set out the turkey to cool, and went to gather everyone from the living room for dinner. When we came back into the dining room, there was Amber, on top of the sideboard, shoulder-deep in the bird, tearing out the stuffing and gnawing on the meat inside and at the edges of the cavity.

    I screamed, and she extricated herself (rather slowly), and turned to look at me, her face a study in nonchalance, as if to say, “Whaaaaat? You have *NEVER* given me any special instructions regarding the status of people food on this *sideboard*; only on the *table*!”

    Little sea-lawyer.

  55. Ah…CatFreak, guests and pets roaming around the festive board – what can be better?

  56. (Ah, Monty Python, that would explain it…)

    CatFreak, you really do have a way with words. Especially in the realm of feline anecdotes.

  57. ShelleyTambo says:

    I forgot about the whole litter named after characters from Princess Bride. There was only one girl, so she was Buttercup, even though she was all black.

    My cat’s favorite people foods are macaroni and cheese and ketchup. The night I got her, she licked some ketchup off my plate and promptly started heaving terribly. I freaked because she was my first cat and I had no idea what was going on–and I got her from the shelter where I volunteer, how bad would it be for me to kill my cat the FIRST DAY I had her? So then I went online and found out tomatoes are poisonous to cats (in large quantities) and freaked some more because maybe she was supersensitive to that and a lick or two of ketchup would be toxic, right? She settled down a few minutes later and seemed ok. Two days after that, I came home at 2:30 am to find regurgitated cat food and a full-grown adult tapeworm on the kitchen floor. YUCK. Kept the worm to take it to the vet for kitty’s first checkup. Anyway, I wondered if the vinegar from the ketchup had killed the tapeworm and that’s why it came up.

  58. Potato chips is what our kitty liked. And popcorn. If it was salty and crunchy, it was hers.


  59. Mmm, tapeworm stories are my favorite, ShelleyTambo.

    Seamus likes to play with popcorn. Whenever I pop a bag he always gets in my lap and stares at me, and I used to assume that meant he wanted to eat the popcorn. I had heard something about popcorn kernels being a choking hazard for cats, so I used to eat the kernel-y parts off and give the good parts to Seamus, until I realized he only wanted to play with it.

    My mom’s cats will honestly eat anything people food- chips, lettuce, anything.

  60. Holy simultaneous popcorn anecdotes, M.

  61. isn’t there some rule about the size of regular things? Lookit the size of the fork and lookit the size of the kitteh.

    Gotta lurve the extremely evil look in the eyes.


  62. NebraskaErin says:

    Our Seamus was particularly fond of American cheese, potato chips, and red licorice. My two now aren’t terribly concerned with people food. They might beg for a taste but are done after a lick. My girl is particularly fond of frozen treats…ice cream, fruity popsicles, what have you.

  63. My cat Waffles (oddly appropriate for this post, no?) also liked popcorn, but he would only lick the butter and salt off of it and then toss it aside. Unfortunately, I never got to see him eat a waffle. 😦

  64. Stephers, I have a feeling he was just waffling around. He probably took one syrup-titiously.

  65. > syrup-titiously

    Lordamighty, Aubrey! Have you no shame????

  66. Never had a cat (yet), so no feline food preference stories 😦 But I did have a large, black lagomorph (Bartleby) who loved peanut brittle. He had absolutely no qualms about jumping in your lap and sticking his head completely into the (sticky) peanut brittle box….

  67. Tiberia, was there any disapproval going on (see link under capy post)? If so – any survivors?

  68. NebraskaErin: I believe that sound would be “GALLLLGH!”

  69. ShelleyTambo: Hmmm…excellent point on the name. In fact I think that’s how Incontinentia got her name. She was a gutter rescue as a small kitten and I believe there were some bodily function control issues in the early days.

    CatFreak: LUV the cat legal technicalities.
    Amber: “And so members of the jury, let us consider the evidence. At no time had the hoomans used this so-called “sideboard” to hold food. It had insted been used as a catch-all for junk. How could any well-meaning cat of my discretion be expected to know that the bird carcass, the so-called “Thanksgiving Turkey” was not more household junk?”

  70. lurkertype says:

    This scene is re-enacted every. single. meal here. Little TK has yet to meet a people food he doesn’t like. We eat a bite, we shoo him out of the plate, eat, shoo, eat, shoo…

    Waffles included. Everything included.

  71. My parents’ cat, Milo, is really well-behaved, never stealing people food from the table (I don’t think he’s ever been on the table at all!). He knows to wait paitently on the stairs next to the table, and he will be given scraps after dinner.

    Well, remember how they used to show X-Files marathons on Thanksgiving? One Thanksgiving, after the family finished gorging itself, I was alone in the living room watching a particularly creepy X-Files episode when I started hearing this awful raspy noise. I totally thought it was an alien in the kitchen. But no. Milo had jumped on the kitchen counter and was *inside* the enamel turkey roaster, lapping up the turkey juices. It was so cute I had to call the entire family in!

  72. Ditto at my house, lurkerT. I have to shut the cats in the bedroom to keep from having to eat with one hand and shoo with the other. Otherwise, it’s this:
    Take bite of food.
    Warn cat to stay off table.
    Read a sentence of book (if Harper’s, read half a sentence).
    Remove cat from table.
    Take a bite of food.
    Read next sentence of book. (If Harper’s read next half of sentence).
    Remove cat from table.
    Get squirter from living room.
    Re-read first sentence from book (if Harper’s re-read etc….)because now you can’t recall how first thing you read flows into
    second thing you read.
    Warn cat sternly you will definitely squirt him if he goes on table.
    Take a bite.
    Thoroughly squirt cat on table. Use napkin to mop up water that dribbled on table from leaky squirter.
    Remove wet, crouching cat from table.
    Ask cat what he expects to gain from this activity, since he never
    gets to stay on table and we went through this whole exercise last night, too.
    Warn second cat to stay off table.
    Viciously squirt first cat off table, getting book (or Harper’s) drenched from leaky squirter.
    Remove second cat from table.
    Take a bite of now-cold food.
    Try to read wet page.

  73. Ok, my cat-people food story:

    My little Harley, all seven lbs of her, is a FIERCE steak-hunter.

    I accidently left a frozen steak out on the stove. In the dead of the night she apparently stalked the thing, sprung an attack, wrestled it to the kitchen floor. Eventually she sunk her teeth into the plastic wrap, delivering the killing blow.

    Then she rips off a corner and eats a ceremonial amount, to prove that it’s hers and she has first dibs.

    The next morning she’s howling at me, poking at me like she’s out of food or water. So I get up and follow her to wherever the problem is. (She’s smart enough to know to lead me.)

    She promptly parades to the kitchen where she sits next to it as she shows me her “kill” and looks up like she’s expecting praise.

    For hunting and killing a wild-roaming, defenseless steak.

    Of course I praised her peerless skills.

  74. Cat-was-lucky-to-survive story:

    When my brother got married, I was still making wedding cakes, so of course I had to make theirs. As he’s my only sibling (Gratia Deus!), I designed this five-tier monster; it ended up, with the pillars and the topper and everything, being nearly five feet tall. The bottom tier was two layers, one formed of four 10-inch cakes, trimmed and stuck together to form a 20-inch petal configuration, with a 14-inch layer on top.

    With that much cake to bake and decorate, I baked all the layers the day before the wedding, before leaving for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (taking the groom’s cake with me for dessert; we pulled out all the stops for this one…). The cake layers were left, covered with clean dish towels, on the dining room table.

    Decorating the thing promised to be an all-day affair, so I pried myself out of bed early and wandered out to the dining room — only to be confronted by the north end of a south-facing cat, poking out from under the dish towel… Of course, he had been attacking the largest of the layers, and had managed to eat his way slightly better than halfway around the edge.

    I baked a new layer, and worked on other parts while it was baking and cooling. (Fortunately, wedding cakes are decorated separately, and only assembled afterwards.) It turned out fine, but there were some rather unladylike mutterings during the day, and I tend to get snappish when frazzled, so everybody walked on eggshells until the thing was done.

    The cat (Agamemnon, but known to all as Dinky, because he was such a tiny kitten) survived — only because it was my brother’s cat!

  75. Speaking of cat names, mine have their regular everyday names – and they also have appropriate Latin names since I’m a Roman history buff. Charlie, my 21 year old tuxedo (the boy that looks like a girl), is also Felinus Dufus. My 13 year old calico, Tashi, is also Cuteous Gluteous. My now deceased tortie, Suki, was also Vomitus Projectulus. Chuleta the cockatiel recently came to live with us, but I haven’t figured out what her Latin name is yet.

  76. Wait! I’ve got it! Chuleta is also Cantus Dyslexia. I’m trying to teach her a song and she seems to be whistling it backwards.

  77. My sister-in-law’s cat sat on a stool and got in my face while I was drinking orange juice. I told her that cats don’t like oj, but she insisted, so I stuck my finger in the juice and held it out… and she licked it off. So I put a little in a bowl and she drank it. Never heard of a cat drinking oj before.

  78. My very first cat loved tomato soup. We always shared.

    This little kit has a batlike look to him. Very cute!

  79. AuntieMame says:

    I am so gonna get fired!

    I can usually contain my gasps and squees of cuteness, but today I am laughing out loud at all the hysterical kitty anecdotes.

    North end of a south-facing cat! Haw!!!

  80. OMG Sas, me too! The kittehs will climb anywhere, and open cabinets to get the bread and gnaw little tooth mark into the bag. And they are moochers of all foods

  81. see my kitling knows that she only need express intrest in whatever I’m eating and she gets some. she was me trained to the point that whenever I’m eating something like coldcuts, I purposly take extra for her. and yet she is not at all overweight–she’ a TINY little darling!

  82. I have photographic evidence of my old cat, Kit, devouring honeydew melon and gnawing on uncooked black-eyed peas. (He spat those out once they were well-gnawed.) He tried to eat the toothpaste off my toothbrush once, when I let him sniff it. (He sitting on the toilet tank, assisting me in grooming.) It probably wouldn’t have been good for his stomach, but it might have done wonders for his Seafood Surprise breath.

  83. My 12 year old british short hair Coco likes Pringles potato chips. She doesn’t eat the chip though, she just licks the salt. She also loves roasted duck which she shares off my plate when I happen to have it. My other cat Pinky just eats everything….just a few moments ago I was eating some toast with butter and cinnamon sugar with a little maple syrup drizzled…I ate one end as he was chewing and pulling the other end…nyawm, nyawm nyawm…Pinky! it’s mine!!!!!

  84. chet's momma says:

    we need a CO name for the bare shpot in front of the in tears. i lurve that shpot! my cat (chet) likes to be scritched there.

  85. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Nawm nawm nawm! Mmm, syrup!

    Oh, this is SO cute.

  86. Slartibartfast says:

    Samara is a rather evil name for a cute kitty.

  87. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I’m giggling like a ‘tard! So cuuuute!!!

  88. Oh, so cute! Our huge tuxedo cat Milo (once a 21 pounder, but currently on a rigorous slimming regimen, much to his displeasure)is absolutely voracious with people food, and is alternately brazen and sneaky in the ways he pursues it. He recently knocked a pint of blueberries from the kitchen table onto the floor, scattering them everywhere, and devouring as fast as he could… I think he managed to gobble up at least ten or fifteen before we picked the remainder off the floor. If you’ve eaten fruit and let him lick your hand afterward, he’ll gnaw on your fingers like chicken bones. My wife eats breakfast with one hand, using the other to keep the ‘obeast’ away from her oatmeal.

  89. I wish my cats had the manners to eat people food. I came home from work last Friday to find the north end of a south bound squirrel in the tub. Head, shoulders and front legs gone… I’ve checked under all the beds and in the hall closet, but none of the boys are talking.

  90. TastesLikeChicken says:

    My Cairn Terrorist used to drink the milk from my cereal when I wasn’t looking. Am I the only one who has eaten slightly sucked breakfast?

  91. My Cujo will scream the moment she smells chicken or turkey, and will not stop until you give up her share. She also screams for the tuna juice and has trained my husband to provide it to her every time he opens a can of tuna.

    A few years back, we had a friend renting our spare room from us. He was in the kitchen making some food, and I was in the living room knitting. I hear Cujo just a screaming (which, btw, she also does when she can’t remember where I am….) so I start calling out to her. She neither comes nor shuts up, but eventually follows the friend into the living room as he carried a plate with a tuna salad sandwich on it.

    I looked at him. “Did you give her the tuna juice?”

    “No. I poured it down the sink. Ya know, your cat talks a lot.”

    “The tuna juice is her’s. It’s supposed to go into the Wedgewood custard dish and placed on the cowprint mat on the floor for her to consume. That’s what she was telling you. And that’s what she’s still telling you.”

    Needless to say, for the rest of the time he was renting from us, he gave her the juice.

  92. TastesLikeChicken — All around the globe right now, I see thousands of snickering peeps trying their damnedest NOT to answer that question the way they read it.

  93. Me: Um. L’Eggo my Eggo?
    Kitten: DIE IN A FIRE!

  94. (…or possibly, just me.)

  95. TLC:

    With a name like Suckers, it has to be good.

  96. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “No, Samara, I’m not going to finish my waffle. You can have the rest.” Awww…

    I can so see this picture in a Fark Photoshop contest…

  97. SilvorMoon says:

    That reminds me… One time my dad was talking on the phone and eating a powdered doughnut, and our cat Ginger was watching him very intently. He figured she thought his doughnut was something good to eat, so he showed it to her and said, “You don’t want this.” Turned out she did. CHOMP!

  98. I have that happen quite often. I let my cat smell something because I am SURE he won’t like it- and SNAP, he takes a chunk out of it.

  99. Hey Tasteslikechicken, my cat Coco used to do that when she was younger…I wonder if it’s because I’ve switched from Lucky Charms to basically eating twig and sticks cereal….

  100. My troublesome tabby, Macaroon, has decided that just sticking her face into my plate only gets her a mouthful of whatever. But if she knocks the whole plate down, the entire meal might fall and that way, she stands a good chance of getting more before I can clean it up. Consequently, she tries to hurl her whole self at anything I’m trying to eat.

  101. Back to “Incontinentia Buttocks” for a sec — in the filming of that scene, the actors playing the guards were not told what was going to be said. They were just ordered not to laugh no matter what. So those are genuine “please god don’t let me laugh” reactions. That scene, no matter how many times I see it, STILL cracks me up.

  102. Oh, and p.s.

    My late cat Berkeley loved bread. She once stole and demolished an entire loaf of French bread from the top of the fridge. What wasn’t eaten was shredded and scattered over the entire house. Food AND fun!

  103. nightbird says:

    Zhu-Zhu (aka: Wiggybutt) will make off with the broccoli out of my Chinese food. I once had a cat that luuuuvvvveeeed watermelon. When I’m eating both Chuckie and Wiggybutt just keep creeping closer and closer to my plate. They get over half my meals at a time…no wonder I’m losing weight….

  104. acelightning says:

    Oddly enough, I just had waffles for a late supper…

    I cured my orange-stripey-cat Loki of begging for people food when he was still young. I had made kung pao chicken for supper, and the diced chicken looked very much like his canned cat food – small pieces of meat in gravy/sauce. He was nosing around my plate of kung pao chicken, so I took one little piece of the meat and set it out for him. Did I mention that I like my spicy foods *VERY* spicy? He began to chew on the morsel… until the hot pepper in the sauce made itself known. He spat out the chicken, then meowed and rubbed his mouth with his paw several times. Then he trotted off to his water dish. He’s never begged for people food since…

  105. Cats eating weird people food are too funny. My cat, Anna, has eaten (among other things) rice cakes, peas, mayonnaise, English muffins, and the peanuts that I feed to the squirrels in the backyard. In fact, whenever she hears me opening the bag, she dances around on her hind legs begging for a nut…and who can resist a floofalicious dancing tabby?

  106. chet's momma says:

    nope, Theo, it wasn’t just you! 😉

  107. Lucky Momma.

  108. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *looks at the “Mine!” look on the kitten’s face*

    AAAAAAAAAA *dies*

  109. Somekitty in my house lurves graham crackers. My teenager has yet to master the concept “put it back when you’re through with it” so the package tends to stay on the counter. I’ll come into the kitchen and find a crakerpalooza in the floor. I suspect Lucky, the newest black cat brigade member, but I haven’t caught him yet.

  110. He he, looks like my cats. One of them adores butter, and we’ve had to take to keeping it in the fridge if we don’t want him on the counter licking it. We’ve had whole litters attack our food before…

  111. ka9q's wife says:

    I am in love with this kitten. He looks like my Gomez did at his age.

    My Cat Sam used to love butter. When he was alive, no butter dish was safe. He would knock it over and steal the butter. He really was my baby. I miss him every day.

  112. I loved the way my dad named our family pets. We had a basset hound named Gladys Happybottom (say it out loud).
    We also had 2 Siamese cats. One named Ring a Ding, the other named Ding a Ling. There was a dachsund named Clem Kadiddlehopper. Oh, and a gerbil named Arwe Thereyet.

  113. We call one of my cats Voluminous Stool, although I really think that sounds more like a name for a racehorse.

  114. ka9q’s wife – I miss my Sam, too. I just lost her about a month ago. She was a tuxedo kitty I named Samsonite, because she liked to be carried around. Sam for short.

  115. One time when on of my cats Yammie was still a little kit kat, she ate an entire length of trussing string…it was about a foot long. Well i didn’t know about this until I was pulling out it out from her poop shoot… To this day, I don’t know how she got ahold of the string, she must’ve snuck up on the counter and opened one of the drawers where it was stored and nyamwed it.

  116. Lol! It was you, Danielle who posted “Gladys Happy Bottom” on my blog! That is so cute!

    And Arwe Thereyet. Your dad is a hoot!

    Um. Voluminous Stool. Pretty self explanatory.

  117. Lauri – guilty as charged! 🙂

  118. musicchick2 says:

    One of my little feline children, Tipper, favors raspberry Nutri-Grain cereal bars, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, any flavor of yogurt, and pudding. Oh yeah, and toast too. Now I read somewhere that cats don’t have taste buds for ‘sweet’. But I don’t believe it ’cause all of Tipper’s fave people foods are sweet! ;-P

  119. possumpiratess says:

    Cross-eyed with greedy excitement!!!

    Hey, name-wise, try Greediguts. I have one. Perfect name for overeaters.

  120. So that’s one of the Doonses?

    Wonder where she picked up that waffle-stealing habit? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Theo?

  121. About “tuna juice” — the saddest moment for our family this year happened on September 26. I opened a can of tuna, dutifully poured all the juice into a custard cup for Amber … and then remembered that Amber had been peacefully euthanized the day before.

    OUCH! Man, I started to cry.

    I went outside and poured it on the ground in the place I intend to put her ashes later. Here’s one for da homeez, huh?

  122. My old roommate had a cat who loved fruit and hot dog buns. She completely ignored the actual hot dogs and tried to steal the buns. She also loved grape popsicles (only grape), tuna juice, and ham.
    One of my favorite things to do was sit down in the kitchen late at night with some blueberries and share them with Fizgig.

  123. lurkertype says:

    CatFreak, that is so sad and so funny at the same time.

  124. Catfreak…I can totally see myself or my husband doing just that one day down the long road. *hugs hard*

  125. Lemura — not really… they’re bound to be way bigger than that now.

  126. My sister used to have a crazy (and brilliant) Siamese named Zero.

    Zero was crazy about roses. Any time they had a flower arrangement with roses, he’d manage to sneak one out of its vase, and you’d see him slinking away, belly and chin really low to the ground, as if he were carrying prey. If you approached him when he was traveling with a rose in his teeth, he’d growl.

    Then he’d take the rose away to his Mountain Fastness (a refuge behind a box on the top shelf of the record collection) and enjoy his prize, eating every petal, right down to the hip.

    He also used to pee and poop in the toilet, and could flush it.

    Little loon.

  127. Cat Freak, That’s so funny. I’m jealous he could pee and poop and fluch the toilet. My hubby and I tried to train all our 3 cats to just pee and poo in the toilet. We bought the “Teach your Cat to Do their business in the Toilet” kit and followed the instructions. Everything went okay, they were pooping and peeing in the thigamajiggy that we put on top of the toilet seat with cat litter in it. As the cat litter dwindled down, we eventually cut a hole in it. I was seeing yellow and brown everyday, so we thought, okay it’s working…..then one early morning, since I am such a light sleeper, I heard Coco peeing on my hubby’s clothes that were on the floor! I imeediately picked her up and put her on top of the toilet with the thingamajiggy which has a hole and a dusting of kitty litter, but nothing happened. So we cleaned up and went back to bed and a few hours later same thing happened! Except this time, while we were trying to clean up Coco, Yammie, who I guess was sitting very patiently as far away from us but still visible in our two bedroom apartment, started to do the tail shaking up in the air thing and I knew she was trying to poop. My husband rushed over to her in a panic and picked her up but she wouldn’t stop and just trickled poo on the carpet as my hubby carried her to the bathroom. Somehow I felt that day I was secretly filmed for an episode of Three’s Stooges except that there was only two of us with 3 cats who were staging the world’s most successful Coup D’etat ……one we shall try again….

  128. shartheheretic says:

    musicchick2 – I have a cat named Tipper also (she’s black with just a white tip on her tail…but it’s also short for “Tipperary Annibel”). She is a fan of all things salty – when I first brought her home from the shelter, I had McDonald’s fries and left them on the coffee table while going to get ketchup in the kitchen and came back to find her halfway inside the box of fries. She ran off with one in her mouth, growling. 🙂 She also ate half of a KFC biscuit when I wasn’t looking (I was watching a really close-scoring football game and just set my plate down for a couple minutes). She also loves popcorn (without the kernels), Doritos (cool ranch is her favorite), potato chips, etc. The only non-salty item she likes is graham crackers.
    My other cat, Buku (the large and in-charge torti) loves mozarella cheese.

  129. Sandy P. —

    Poup D’chat.

  130. Theo,
    Oh no.
    I knew there was a name for it.
    That’s what my tortie is trying.
    I’m not sure what her non-negotiable demands actually are, but whatever she wants, she’ll get if she’ll just leave the rugs alone.

  131. Teho, Right, I meant Poup D’Chat!

  132. Hmmm … so that’s *3 cats* mentioned here who are wild about graham crackers.

    Who knew? I thought it was only an Amber Thing.

  133. lurkertype says:

    Oh, a kitteh I had as a young’un loved graham crackers and ginger snaps.

    A tortie insisting on being the boss? Really, whoda thunk it? So surprising… NOT.

  134. “muzzlepuff pouch” is a fair compromise. “muzzlepouch” is simply not cute compared to “muzzlepuff” but “muzzlepuff pouch” is accurate and cute. maybe even cutest.

  135. CatFreak… speaking of roses: a lady I work with had a significant anniversary last week. Hubby left 2 dozen red roses on the table for her to find in the morning. She came out to discover her marmalade Potsie had romped them to pieces… red roses in 5 rooms and Potsie sprawed belly up on the couch (looking like he’d had a serious nip bender)with a red rose stem clutched in his paws and red rose petal shreds in his teeth. It’s a good thing his people have a good sense of humor.

  136. lurkertype, you said something about torties being boss – do you have one? Please share! I need support! Help.

  137. My Ayssinian kitty Miss Puma loves Ritz crackers, strawberry Yoplait yogurt, and bananas! And years ago I had a kitty who would yowl for asparagus. So funny.

  138. Torties the boss? You betchum.

    My husband also used to call this one “She Who Must Be Obeyed”:

  139. OK, kitten-raisers, I have two bottle-baby-kitten questions:

    Our new bottle-baby, Xena (the one Amber sent us, cosmically, to give us something to do in her absence) is absolutely perfect at pooping in the litterbox.

    However, she thinks the rules for pee are different, i.e. go for it, absolutely anywhere, at any time, with no warning. (Yes, I place her in the box after she wakes up, and after each feeding. It just seems to confuse her.)

    She also doesn’t give a damn about solid food yet (she’s 4 weeks old, we think). When I try to feed her *anything* but her bottle, she gives me this sad bottomless stare, as if to say, “What are you trying to *DO* to me??”

    Every other kitten I’ve ever shared living space with either had a Mommy, or was already weaned. I’ve never had a Stealth Piddler before.

    Thoughts? Tips?

  140. CatFreak, do you have just one litter box for your baby? Some cats like separate boxes for pooping and peeing, so you need to provide one for each function. Xena might be one of these puddins, so give multiple litter boxes a try. This worked with my boy.

    Also, it’s good to start with a visit to the vet to make sure nothing physical is wrong since cats often will not use the box if they’ve got a bladder infection, kidney issues, etc., and a round of medication could solve the problem. If that’s not the case, the vet could advise some behavior modification activities.

    As for the bottle, I’d say just let her keep using it for now and try the solid food again in a week or two. Also, one thing I’ve found to be a sure cure for a non-eating cat: human baby food. Maybe put out a dab of chicken or turkey and see if Xena likes it. Then progress to real cat food.

  141. P.S. I had a tortie for 16 years named Suki, AKA The Queen Bee. She was the boss, everyone got along when she was around, all was well. When she died last year, all hell broke loose. The remaining two both want to be top cat, there’s lots of snarling and hissing, lots of fighting and jealousy. We need another tortie boss to restore order.

  142. I just about choked laughing so hard at this picture. It’s the manic look in that little guy’s eyes….

  143. Thanks, Aiofe.

    Yeah, I have two litter boxes — one I put in the secluded corner where she really used to let go. We were calling that corner “Lake Urine”, and I decided it made sense to put a small “satellite” litter box there, for now.

    She *has* used that one, for pee only, but this morning, she used the top of my desk. Yesterday, she went in that box twice, and then let fly on my nicest throw pillow later. Sigh …

    As for the human baby food, I had a couple of unopened jars of chicken left over from trying to get Amber to eat in her last days.

    I have offered it to Xena, both with and without formula mixed in, off my finger, in a saucer, warmed, and … she will have none of it!

    One site I just found says that rescue kittens who’ve been emotionally traumatized may take a couple weeks longer to switch to solid food.

    Considering that she spent the first eighteen hours of her second week trapped under a deck, alone, shrieking and freezing, maybe that’s it. Maybe she just needs the extra care and cuddling and security of bottle time with Mom. I’ll raise the issue with her again in a few days or a week.

  144. Sounds like Suki was the Saddam Hussein of the Aiofe household — a tough merciless ass-kicking tyrant, but she kept the different factions away from each others’ throats while she reigned absolute.

    My cat from 30 years ago, Katisha (one of those grayish speckled “paintrag” torties) was like that — tiny, intense, with a goofy screwed-up kink tail and crosseyes and a severe overbite causing Visible Fang at all times. Any of the other cats in the house or on the block could have kicked her ass, physically … but *they* didn’t know that, and neither did she. With her sheer Presence, she reigned supreme. Cats three times her size would lower their eyes and back off when she approached.

  145. CFreak:

    I have this image of Xena curled up inside a chakram that’s been covered in blankies.

  146. > Xena … chakram … blankies …

    Good idea! She’ll never be able to hurl it, though. She’ll just have to use her wicked little claws, which she’s learning how to use, this week.

    At the moment, she sleeps in Amber’s old cat carrier, the floor of which is covered with blankies, nestled against a Blankie Hill. She really seems to love the enclosed space. I even suspect a little lingering Amber-scent comforts her.

  147. \threadjack:
    CatFreak… while you’re on piddle patrol, try UrineGone. It may save your nose. It comes with a little black light so you can find all Xena’s hidden “gifts” and then spray the living daylights out of them. Our tortie Annie was incontinent her last 6 weeks, and this has really saved the day. It keeps others from marking the same place, and keeps the culprit from returning to the scene of the crime. It can be found at Walgreens, Eckerds, Walmart etc.

  148. I just wanna say, bless your heart, catfreak! For putting up with all the oops! messes. They really don’t mean it, and will return your love a hundred-fold.

  149. lurkertype says:

    CatFreak, we salute you for taking care of the itty bitty kitty.

    Anyone who has a tortie knows: you just give up and give in. Do what the tortie says and everyone will be happier. If tortie ain’t happy, nobody ain’t happy. Learn to anticipate her whims, and read her little mutant mind (hey, that color pattern IS a mutation). Even with TK in the house, Her Royal Tortieness is still the semi-benevolent floofy despot.

  150. My tiger striped kitty Sage used to beg for Mike Sells cheese puffcorn. He loved the stuff. He also figured out how to pop the plastic tops off his cans of cat treats so I had to start putting them in the cupboard but he figured out how to open it. I eventually put a child lock on it.

  151. As cute as this looks, I found out the hard way how damaging food like this can be for kitties. One of my cats is called bob and she’s just mental about human food. She gets totally anguished whenever she sees us eating, so of course we used to give her odd bits & bobs, like letting her lick out the bottom of a bowl of custard or having ickle bits of cake or pizza here & there.

    Unfortunately though, bob now has feline diabetes. Exactly wether or not it was down to the high sugar treats is probably impossible to tell, but it does seem likely that it was a contributing factor.

    It’s not all bad though, bob loves her insulin jabs and will sit down flat on the floor waiting for me to jab her. I think it’s cos I give her a proper headrub afterwards & she loves pple rubbing her head 🙂

  152. gabrielle says:

    this picture remind me of my cat max…who is a girl cause they mistaked her for a boy

  153. you could have named her sue…