Um, thanks for sending this in

Very funny, People.

Sending in a pic with NO PETS in it WHATSOEVER.

Is this your idea of some silly, cow-printed joke?  Well har-dee-har, People. Har.


Ellagirl, I hope you’re proud of yourself.



  1. wait! there it is! I see some pink jellybean toes!

  2. Har de dar, indeed. MOO.

  3. I think I see a wee pink udder toward the bottom of the pic.

  4. herpantsness says:

    there really should be a adaptive pet camouflage CAT-egory…

  5. funnest, fuzziest rorschach test EVAH

  6. That cowskin has eyes!!! AAAH!!

  7. AWESOME! catmoflauge

  8. When rugs attack…

  9. Very very nice!!!

  10. “I bet you can’t see me”

  11. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Dad’s den…

  12. Where’s Waldo? I can’t find him…

  13. I don’t see no cat.

    Anyways, you guys should put up the video of Island In The Sun by Weezer. That video is just too cute.

  14. OMG!!! What beautiful eyes! And looky at the yummy pink toesies, just begging for kissies.

  15. NebraskaErin says:

    They left the eyes in that skinned cow.

    Looks like the cow was eating pink jellybeans when they got her, too.

  16. OMG that rug has EYES!
    I love that it is precious. Im goint to try and make it my background image, but it maybe too small

  17. SilvorMoon says:

    You think you’re clever, don’t you? You think you can hide, but you CAN’T! *tickles kitty’s invisible back toesies*

  18. I bet that’s not even a *real* cow.

  19. “You think you can “hide”, Silvormoon? Verrrry funny!

  20. A thinker says:

    It’s the second installment in the camo-cat series, first of which was:

  21. Maybe it’s a faux pas, T.

  22. A thinker says:

    This also reminds me of a recurring nightmare I had as a child, which at the risk of embarrassment I now share:

    My black-and-white cat would be in the midst of a crowd of thousands and thousands of black-and-white cats. I had to identify her accurately, or I would lose her forever.

    This was a recurring dream. The strange thing is I was talking to my sister about it recently and she used to have the same dream.

  23. Wow. It’s a strange enough dream…..but for your sister to share it. What’s up with that I wonder? Were you both afraid your cat was completely ordinary?

  24. It’s the Gateway cat!!

  25. That is so cute/cool and amazing! My gosh the cat, I mean.. lack of cat.. blends in so perfectly! Like when she blinked I bet she was completely invisi-bull!
    [heh, cow.. bull.. get it?]
    Seriously, I love this picture!

    A thinker… that IS odd, that your sister used to have the same dream..! Wow.

  26. *saving link under “Gateway Cat”* 🙂

  27. whoo, that NON-cat certainly looks mighty innocent!

  28. Man oh man, do I luuurrrve me some tuxedo kitties!

  29. I haven’t read other comments but I’m sure others will say invisible pet web site or CO category is in high order, peeps! I agree!!

  30. “Here I hide, upon this… um…”

  31. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    camouflage ftw!! 😀

  32. Thinker – maybe you and sis read DWJ’s The Lives of Christopher Chant as kids. Where the only way to save Tacroy is to pick his soul from hundreds of identical souls…

    That or Jones borrowed it from some more common tale.

  33. Now, I know those of you who are photoshop savy won’t disappoint me. I need to have a diagram, or two, drawn illustrating just where the hind feet are…or is this a two-legged cat?

  34. Awesome cat ninja hiding technique! 😉

  35. That cat looks terrified.
    “If I don’t breathe… they won’t see me…”

    hehehe, such cuteness

  36. RPennefe — they’re out-of-frame, to the left.

  37. Camokitty!

    I love when kitties do this. 30 years ago, I had a lovely solid black cat named “Nichivo” (Russian for “nothing”, because Nichivo looked like a cat-shaped hole in the fabric of the Universe.)

    I lived at the time in a group living sitch (OK, it was a *hippie commune*! Are you satisfied? ;->), and several of the people were allergic to cats, so Nichivo, the most accomplished lounger-on-soft-things in the world, was technically not allowed in the house at all.

    One roomie had a set of black plush low chairs that sat in the living room and conservatory. Nichivo was adept at opening any unlatched door.

    So … you’d be unable to find him, *anywhere*, but then, if you were, say, sitting on the couch and reading, you might look up to notice that one of the black plush chairs had sprouted little ear-triangles from time to time. He’d lie absolutely still and absolutely flat for hours, and often was not discovered until someone sat on him.

    Yes, there were many other chairs, many of them equally soft. But he knew to sit only on the ones that looked just like him.

  38. “Nichivo looked like a cat-shaped hole in the fabric of the Universe.”

    That is an *awesome* description. Very Schrödinger.

  39. Look…it’s ca-MOO-flage!

  40. Such a cool story, CatFreak!

  41. Oh,here is a diagram?
    < -----

  42. *Animal Planet voice* The urban cat has developed highly specialized survival mechanisms. Here, we see a felis domesticus in full camoflage as it lies in wait for bare feet to attack.

  43. Gee, that rug looks just like my cat’s belly.. (it really does, too!)

  44. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  45. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  46. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  47. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  48. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  49. chet's momma says:

    she has what I call Lemon Lifesaver eyes! Tewtally round…and yellow!

  50. “Here I lie upon a cowskin,
    Jelly toes all pink for nibblin..”

  51. Whoa, my first thought was, “What’s Mewton been doing when I’m not around?” since this picture looks almost exactly like him. But then the muzzlepuff coloring is not quite the same. Still, weird.

    Thinker–I had a dream like that just the other night. Sir Isaac Mewton had run off and I had to find him. I kept finding other black and white tuxedo cats who were close but not quite. (I kept looking under their chins to see if it was him–he has a white mark there, shaped just like a hoodsie-cup wooden “spoon” thingy.) It was rather distressing, and I was afraid I’d never find him. 😦 I wonder what it all means?

  52. caMOOflage… GOOD ONE!! 😀

    I liked the “hole in the universe” story. My son just acquired an almost totally black kitty.. she has just a couple white hairs.. kinda “down there”, lol.. he named her BOO.. since its almost Halloween and she’s a black cat 🙂 He was going name her Halloween but decided that was too long 😉

  53. Oh how cute, Jenne! My son’s roommate got a solid black kitten last week! My son named him Bones.

  54. …because Nichivo looked like a cat-shaped hole in the fabric of the Universe.

    To me, all black cats look like that. No insult, just perception that the space where they are is occupied only by a void in the vague shape of a cat.
    Especially when they’re all smooth and well-groomed and not left to get fat/go to seed. They’re so *elegant*.

    “you might look up to notice that one of the black plush chairs had sprouted little ear-triangles from time to time”

    Oh, and bwah! Just the phrase “sprouted little ear triangles” is osaehfposae…too cute! *plodes*

    And by the way, this pic is hiLARious! I, too vote for the “cat-mou-flage” cat-egory here on CO!

  55. You do realize that this picture is going to greatly exacerbate the dislocated tuxcat nightmares that folks are having…..

  56. It just amazes me, if you use your fingers to cover up the front paw/leg and .. well pretty much the entire head.. then the rest of the cat is LITERALLY NOT DISTINGUISHABLE!!! That just flat knocks me out!!

  57. A thinker says:

    Re: the dream, yeah, it is weird. I think we just loved our cat a lot, and were afraid of losing her. Also, maybe because black-and-white cats have very distinctive patterns, there is some kind of subtle thing about being able to identify our cats by them? I dunno. I just thought it was pretty funny my sis and I both dreamed it…and now Thalia, too 🙂

  58. Wow, that is the cutest thing ever.

  59. When cats go rogue…

    “Did you get the stealth pads?”
    “Did you get the catoflage?”
    “emergency catnip?”
    “ok, we move out at purr five hundred”
    “roger that”


  60. We’ve a solid black cat, Bear, who likes to lay on the bed. Our comforter is faux mink, very dark, and when the room is lit at anything other than full brightness, he just sort of melts into the fur. Until he yawns and the comforter sprouts a little pink tongue and shiny white teeth.

    What makes it worse is that Bear is a…large cat (all muscle, as well) and a longhair. Sitting or walking, he looks like a huge furball on feet. You can *feel* a cat-shape under the fur, but you can’t really *see* it. So his outline remains indistinct.

  61. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Imagine if kitty had his (her?) eyes closed! Completely invisible!

  62. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Is that cat named Waldo?!
    If not for the eyes I’d never find that there cat.
    Neat pic!

  63. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Good one!

  64. “…and the comforter sprouts a little pink tongue and shiny white teeth.”

    Speaking of nightmares… [shiver]

  65. I have that blanket! and pictures of my cat on that blanket! hmmmmm…i’ll have to make sure it’s not missing when i get home! 🙂

  66. My black cats, Ratsy and Lucky, love to blend into the shadows then spring out in a ferocious display of mighty hunting prowess. Be very afraid.

  67. Sillygirl says:

    DEWD, how about a pink-jellybean-toes category?? I lurrrrrrrve pink and black and other colored toesies. I want to eat them. Then again, I like the way my cat’s breath smells too.

  68. I lurv cat breath too!

  69. Awwww! She’s centerfoldin’! Lookathagirl!

  70. Take that lil extended white paw and smoosh it just a lil bit, smoosh paw pad, smoosh paw pad

  71. I meant smoosh it twixt your fingers just teeensy bit, not hard. I likes to do dat to meh kittuns.

  72. snapesworst says:

    thinker, i had the same dream, only the only way i could identify my cat was by the color of her hard plate (aka the roof of the mouth)

  73. lurkertype says:





    I lurves this cat, and the camo of it all. I wonder if there’s a pic anywhere with those eyes closed.

    Love the Nichevo story.

    Speaking of tuxes, our lil’ TK is getting The Snip tomorrow. Wish him luck.

  74. oh, geez, I just came back from the eye doc with my pupils dilated and…am I seeing straight? Is that really two yellow eyes rolling around on a cow’s back?

  75. lurkertype: Emc^2 posted this above.

    Good luck to TK and the snip-snip. With the little boys, it is noooo problemo usually!

  76. p.s. I hope LaurieC sees this!

  77. I see it jaypo. Here’s my contribution to camo-kitties (little fuzzy, still working out the doohickeys on the new digital camera).

  78. lurkertype says:

    oh, LC, congrats on the Boxcar Kittens — and why are you still at work instead of snorgling?!

  79. Y’know, lurkerT, I probably would have gone home sick by now, and legitimately, too, since I have a bad cold which is moving into my chest, but I have a meeting a couple of blocks from work tonight (volunteers for the Toronto Marathon) that I would just have to come all the way back for. But, oh, how I’m thinking of those kittens!

  80. LaurieC, hope you feel better!
    The camo kit shot is so cute!

  81. The story of Nichivo made me realise that cats indeed are holes in the fabric of Universe. Or rather teh Black Holes, despite of the colouring of the cat in question.

    Sirius is a marmie, and I feel that it’s forcing me to approach it. Slowly, but certainly. And suddenly it’s sucking me into completely another Universe. ah.

  82. Emc^2 / serenpoly,

  83. bunnajenny says:

    Poor LaurieC you’ll just have to stay home tomorrow with the therapy kittens.

    LurkerT: good luck tomorrow. Cautionary tale…when George had the snip, he decided to take revenge on busband’s side of the bed…only there and nowhere else.

    Speaking of whom, I need to go and pick Geeg up from the vet, poor boy has a UTI.

  84. A perfect blend, except for the lovely gold eyes.

  85. Here is my contribution to the ‘Hidden Kitty’ theme:

  86. Brak_Silverbone says:

    In my experience, tux cats have the greatest sense of humor!

  87. Ohmigod, they’re making carpets with eyes!!!!!!

    … *giggles incessantly at carPETs!!!*

  88. That’s it my coworkers are now convinced I’ve lost my mind………. between the AWWWWWWWWWWW & the OMG & giggling like a schoolgirl CO has finally done for me!!!

    *skips away singing “they’re coming to take me away hee hee ha ha”*

  89. Chilli, we’re all Napoleons over here.

  90. Tuxedo kitties RULE. I have two, one of whom is getting a bit old and creaky but otherwise looks just like the centerfold here. She fell asleep in a pile of my black and white gothy clothes when she was a kitten, and my roommate almost stuck her in the washing machine.

  91. If you lean up close to the screen that rug is purring.

  92. Chilli, Aubrey — You laughed and laughed and laughed, and then you left…

  93. Very, very pretty.

  94. Hm.

    I give up, I can never see these magic eye things.

  95. Title of my next novel*:

    A Cat-Shaped Hole in the Fabric of the Universe

    Title of new C.O. category:


    (*should I write one…)

  96. Even cats are wearing camo these days!

  97. (weaves basket)

    (looks up at chirping birds)

    You’re the nice young man with the clean white coat?


  98. lurkertype says:

    +1 for Shep.

    TK napped with me this afternoon… eventually… and taking the whole pillow.

    Pile the kittehs on your chest, Laurie C! That’ll help.

  99. LurkerT, did any catnip accompany that catnap?

  100. Aubrey — I think y’all have covered all the lyrics, but can I do the handclaps and sirens?

  101. Maniacal laughter too? Let’s go!

  102. I called my dad in to show this to him.

    Me: Hey, look at this. Isn’t it neat?
    Him: *tilts head* Yeah… what is it?

    Granted, he was standing about 10 feet away. But it was still funny.

  103. lurkertype says:

    No, Aubrey, as TK is getting Teh Snip tomorrow, I thought it best not to have him all herbed up. 😉

    Just showed this picture to Mr. LT. He LOL.

    Listen… you can hear HRT growling, can’t you? It happens all the time.

  104. No nip ’cause of the Snip. Understood.

  105. Ah, but can you do the FLIP SIDE of the 45?

    !yaway em ekat ot gnimoc er’yehT

  106. !dam yllatot m’I ecnis ,nac I eruS

  107. “R2-D2, is that you?…”

  108. Oh man I’m down with a miserable cold and I need a nap … hey, nice cow print bedsheet ….

    [snuggles in]

    [eyes meet a pair of bright yellow ones]


    [falls off bed]

  109. CatFreak, love your Nichivo story.

    AIEEEEEEEE!!! My bed has eyes too!!!

    *cowering in a corner*

  110. New desktop wallper – tiled! I think I am going crazy!!!

  111. HOLY my gawd- are you kidding me with this? HOLY wow.

  112. this could be MY tuxedo’d kitty! love this photo– quite clever.

  113. > felis domesticus

    I like to call cats, when they’re in one of their wild turbokitty batty-bitey-scratchy moods, “felis horribilis”.

    My new young one, Xena, now 4 weeks old, just earned herself this sobriquet yesterday, for the first time. She has gone from crawling and shaky toddling to mad bursts of explosive hopping energy, paws out, claws out, brandishing those brand new little needle-sharp teethies.

    She’s absolutely darling, with her itty-bitty eyes spinning psychotically around in her smaller-than-ping-pong-ball -sized head.

  114. luckycliff says:

    Somewhere in the lonely night a cat was heard (but not seen) purring….

  115. natural selection at its best!

  116. stagewench says:

    ballgame: Not if I beat you to it. ^_^

    Muhahaha…*starts writing like crazy*

    That cat has the same expression my own little furry pyschopath gets right before he decides to scale the shower curtain or the blinds…

  117. luckycliff says:

    Somewhere in the lonely night a cat was heard (but not seen) purring….

  118. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Cows with eyes, chairs with ears, comforters with mouths…..walks away backwards keeps eye on the peeps until safe distance away. Runs very fast….

  119. Freaky! This cat has almost exactly the same markings as my cat Julie. Her paw pads are all pink, though. And super smoochable!

  120. lutraphile says:

    Once again, Meg’s caption *makes* the picture. 🙂

    speaking of a “camouflage” category… wasn’t there a pic of a cat or something hidingk behind or in a potted plant?

  121. ScorpioSpirit says:

    I think this calls for a C.O.X.C.U; someone dropped some seeeerious pink pawitude on teh cowprint carpet!!!

    (I’ve been practising my C.O lingo – how did i do? I think it almost needs to be, like, an official language that is taught at night classes or something. Maybe a kind of classroom at the Future C.O Dream Office??? )

  122. Heck, Scorpio, we’ll probably have SOME kind of community-outreach program.

  123. Just a few more and there’ll be a whole HERD of Holdstein cats at C.O…

  124. Make that HOLSTEIN.


  125. um.. people, it’s caMEOWflage.

  126. J.Bo — make that RAMMSTEIN.

  127. Oh, what a master of disguise! I would believe you were beautiful if I could see you! 😉

  128. This is absolutely ridiculous. I must own this kitty-cow, now.

  129. Okay, Theo, that was easily the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a cow’s age… A VERY OLD COW.

  130. Veitch is my muse. Muehehehehhhh.

  131. Man, as soon as that cat closes his eyes, it’s pretty much game over. ; )

  132. klaatuniktobarada says:

    Haunted houses are known for their rugs whose eyes seem to follow you wherever you go…