Rufus does some surfin’ and checks his comments on CuteOverload






"The ladies are really into muh profile theeese dehs." – ROOFEES


  1. Whee! Luvs me the Rufus!

  2. heh. are you guys dogsitting teh Rufus again?
    lucky dogs, you are.

  3. okay, that’s kind of cute, but not really up to co’s standards

    then again, i just spent 45 seconds watching a dog using the computer, and then posted a comment about it

    so we’re even

  4. I looooves the Rufus. He is the bestest of hanzoumm lahteen louvairs!



  6. TastesLikeChicken says:

    One of my dogs used to watch every episode of “One Man And His Dog” which showed sheepdog trials. When they went out of sight she would check behind the television.

  7. TastesLikeChicken says:

    PS she was that well known herding breed – a pekingese!


  9. blair, LOL—hot damn that was funny.

    ROOFEES can do whatever he wants, since he is the unofficial C.O. mascot…

  10. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Awww, cute little Roofees. I want an Italian Greyhound.

  11. sandra_nz says:

    heheh…that dog has the longest neck!

  12. ka9q's wife says:

    sweet Rooofeeez. Come to my house. My husband is away. *shoves the cats into the closet.*

  13. Rufee’s earflap is ALWAYS up to CO standards!

    Luvs heem!

  14. fawn lust says:

    more roofees, please!

  15. bunnajenny says:

    Roofees, so glad you’re back and in video format, to boot. It’s a very nice!

  16. Egads. My two weeks ran out and I forgot my signin name. Whew. Tough Life.

    Sorry misspelled Roofees, too.


    Love the sideways BEF.

  17. michellemybelle says:

    I think that Roofees was waiting for the Trucker Kitty to arrive at his house, and was online checking the status of his service call. They would stand around all “Yep, sure is cute.” “Yep, sure is.” “Cute, alright.” “Yep.”

  18. Three cheers for the return of Roofees.

    Heep Heep Hooray! Heep Heep Hooray! Heep Heep Hooray!

  19. Less computer, more Roofeeeeeeeees!
    More Roofees!
    More Roofees!
    More Roofees!

    (sounds suspiciously like a fraternity chant)

  20. I liked the progression of attention: at the beginning Roofees was a little diffident, but when his picture came up he was utterly alert. Happens to all of us.

  21. I certainly hope you have a profile on Dogster too Mr. Roof.

  22. Ru-money is a rock star

  23. i thought that was ru-monkey. maybe i just like adding monkey to animal names: lily-monkey, sally-monkey, puddin-monkey, whathaveyou. anyhow, ROOFEES is adorable.

  24. lurkertype says:


    Prosh pupitude.

  25. Oh la la, ‘e cannot keep away frahm de luzadees, non?

    Un chien douce, certainment! ;-)

  26. MissMichelle says:

    Awww… I wish my pup surfed the web! haha

  27. Rachel Nell says:

    ROOFEES!! You adorable Pup, you!!

  28. Ho my god!!!! At first I thought it was a pinky Pig!!!! I swear I’m all clean! Just Belgian (no link with that, but just to mention it and put Belgium out there, *gnark gnark* :-D ).

  29. the ear floppage is TOO MUCH!

  30. roofies?
    this dog loves ladies and roofies?
    mom you better set your pup right!

  31. Hahaha, yay Belgium, Lex-Be!

  32. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    Hey! Did anybody else notice that the onscreen cursor moved wherever Rufus’ nose was pointing???!!!

  33. I LOVE how dogs pay rapt attention to things like these


  34. I love his Origami ears….

  35. “heheh…that dog has the longest neck!”

    You know it’s for theh neckn’ with theh ladies.

    I loove you all so much muh sweeties. Muah!

  36. Roofees, you dog, you!!

  37. Just wanted to add that Roofees is my fave too!! He makes all the girls swoon. :)

  38. lottebelice says:

    Hey Lex, I thought it was a pig as well! Sorry Roofees, but pigs are cute too of course. And I’m from Holland, maybe Western Europeans have a love deep down for piglets? I know I do!

  39. Thanks Lauri.

    LOLL Lottebelice!! You reassure me, because I really really thought it was a pig. I was like ” !!! *big eyes* It’s a dog! Woops.” And Hi to the Netherlands from Belgium, through the Usa. :-p

  40. Anyone notice how long his neck is?

  41. Ha ha ha, I thought it was a pig at first, too!

  42. I thought it was a pig until I clicked on the vid link and I saw the dog turn around. :(

  43. Meg Meg Meg… *sighs*

    When are you going to create a Rufus category? I need to have his cuteness in one easy click. None of this scrolling through puppies crap…

  44. This is not cute….not in the least.

  45. Since your comment is ambiguous, Kutulhu, I’ll just assume you’re referring to the comment itself. Makes more sense that way anyhow.

  46. robotslave says:

    I see Rufus is having some scabby-skin problems in his scratchable neck area.

    It’s a de-cutifying problem that’s sadly all too common in your smaller, wigglier, more cuter dogses. There are a bazillion things you can try for it, none of which have very high success rates, other than “spend 24 hours a day monitoring teh dogse, and stop teh dogse from over-scratching everah time it happans.”

  47. I don’t have any scabs on my neck, those are my love freckles. I don’t require any of your hair product. I thank you.

    As for the Rufus category, yeeeesss! there is an idea muh lady friend.

    Grazie, arrivederci!

  48. I thought this guy was a pig until I started watching the video…

    sorry puppy!

  49. yay! Rufus is back! I am all for the RUFUS CATEGORY.

    I love how his long neck makes him look the Loch Ness Monster, esp. to the end of the clip.

    Oh Rufus. . . . sigh. . . .you’re just so Rufussy!

  50. “I love his Origami ears….”

    In even cuter news, the breed terminology for this is “rose ears”.