Red pan-daaaaaah [trails off]

Look, People, red pandas must be stopped. Their tiny ears, petite schnozzles, sniffling whiskers—please—someone stop the 1.51-kilogrammed-madness.


The right-hand guy ducking behind the other guy is ESPECIALLY bad, Zoe H.

^—^  <—ears



  1. The almost look like raccoons. They are too cute! Snorglicious!

  2. floofy floofy earses

  3. hrh.squeak says:

    Any minute now, they will headbutt the person who is weighing them.

  4. Yup. Head is now officially exploded. Too cute!

  5. misscrisp says:

    not only do I get the suspicious thrill of an early comment, this KILLS me.
    teh eyes! fur! sleepiness! curled paw/claw!
    not to mention the totally sexy digital number font/color combo (!!)

    le sigh.
    that was fantastic Meg.

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    That’s two fluffy cutebodies weighing in at 1.51kg–so .75kg each? Itty bitties!

    I think they want to come to my house and be my friend and steal my cookies.

  7. misscrisp says:

    p.s. I can’t help but get a spooky techy cosmic unconscious feeling when I picture the several peeps who are physically and mentally united in a comment time-space-continuum.
    note the 3 (!) posts at 09:52, and when I began my rant, there was only one comment up, so really four of us forming a fearsome cute-minded gathering of neural sparks.

  8. Check out the kitten composer:

  9. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Aww, the one in the back looks shy… ^_^

  10. Check out these Red Pandas…too funny:

  11. *squeeeeeeeals!*
    *faints from the cuteness*
    aaaw! Now I can go to bed and have lurvly dreams <3

  12. Pandas for Peace. It’s so simple – picture it: The Dream U.N…at each representative’s seat, there will be a wee red panda. And suddenly all arguements, all misunderstandings, all cruel stupidities, all…RingRingRingRingRingRingRing…wait: it’s the BANANAPANDA phone!!!

  13. Okay, not to turn you guys off or anything, but on the very left of the scale says (in Chinese characters)–skin removed (peeled). That sounds somewhat amusing if it’s not for real, otherwise, it’s just pretty disturbing. I think the scale happens to have an option that you can use to measure what certain things (such as pistachios) would weight after its skin has been peeled. They better not use that option for those red pandas.

  14. I saw a red panda chow down on a chipmunk once. It was. . .strange, to say the least. To have one cute animal eating another cute animal seemed to be breaking a million different rules.

    I still love red pandas, though.

    cuteies *sigh*

  16. jeebus! i just made an audible gasp at those two. i love the snuggly peek-abo action from the shy one. aw man, too cute!

  17. My favorite! I just died and went to cuteness heaven. I love red pandas! 🙂 🙂 🙂 *squee* *thud*

  18. chet's momma says:

    the red panda video is sooo cute, like these 2 widdle guys! i need red panda roomies. i also need to smoogle the spot right where their head turns into ear!

  19. chet's momma says:

    they don’t eat red pandas, do they????

  20. no, they dont eat pandas.

  21. Schmall pandas!!! My all-time-favourites, too cute to be true! I want to squish them so bad… Probably would bite me in the nose, but that’s a small price to pay…

  22. Snorglé!

  23. I’m sorry, but red pandas are eleventy billion times cuter than regular ol’ black and white pandas!!!

    *snorfles the wee fuzzlets*

  24. Those ears are just about mouf sized! Poor sleepy babies should come to my house and I will tuck them in snug in my bed, waking them only to kiss their prosh black noses.

    As for the video- TOO MUCH CUTE!!! I had to shield my eyes. There should have been fair warning.

    Anyone know what that show’s about? Spend a night with exotic critters and win a million bucks?

  25. I love red pandas!! Ow my poor heart strings!

    The ones at Chester Zoo are brilliant. They just hang out in their massive tree looking down on everyone, obviously thinking ‘Yeah, we know we’re beautiful. Whatevs. Move on, puny humans.’

  26. Saw some at the Bronx Zoo in NYC several years ago. It was one long squeeeee until I could finally pull myself away from their enclosure.

  27. Pam, “eleventy billion?” I LOVE that. Can I use it?

    And, boy oh boy are those little red babies cute as can be. DE-LISH really! I wanna bite me one.

    And since I pretty much suck at math, can someone tell me what 1.51 kilograms translates to in pounds?

  28. Oh Cuteoverload… dearest, loverlierst, wonderfulerist CUTEOVERLOAD. I am obsessed with you – cause you are simply THE CLEANEST CRACK TOWN. And I am proudly ADDICTED…. must get more! MORE I say! BAROOOOOOOOOOOO! (twitch, twitch)

  29. Oh look at those ears! Those wonderful, fluffy ears!

  30. MissMichelle says:

    Oh my Lanta! Those red pandas could get me to do ANYTHING just to cuddle one of them! …must…not…obey…PANDAS!

  31. Liddle bebehs!

  32. little miao says:

    Awwwww, so cute!!

    Just a couple things:
    1) 1.5 kilograms = approx 3.3 lbs

    2) the “skin peeling” function noted by some observant viewers corresponds to the “tare” function in English – you may remember from chemistry class that you have to weigh the container before you weigh its contents. It thankfully doesn’t apply to red pandas.

    3) Look at those fuzzy-wuzzy ears!

  33. The Right Panda seems embarassed about his weight, perhaps? The Left Panda seems too sleepy to care.

    Anyway, I lubs dem.

  34. #2: Ohhh, don’t tell me we’ve put on .2 of an ounce…

    #1: What’s with the “we”?

  35. Mother of all that is holy – WHEN is it cute enough? Is there such a thing – cute enough?

    Just when I think it’s safe and Meg has found the cutest *whatever* on the planet, then we find these RED pandas. Not just any panda, but RED ones. And teeny tiny ones – the floofy fur people!

  36. Hahahah, jaypo, and thanks little maio for taking care of the concern with the skin removed! Ack and hee!!!

    I love Lefty’s curled lip!!!

    And, misscrisp, the number of times that peeps have been in time/space continuums together around here is scary (and awesome) ! Great minds and all! 🙂

  37. Lovely white eyebrow action, too….

    But….crunching on a chipmonk? *snort!!!*

  38. Enough! Enough with your propagapanda! Your benevolent red panda overlords have only your best [headbutt] interests at heart.

  39. Oh, and as for red pandas eating chipmunks…circle of life, peeps. How did you think the higher orders of cute animals got SO cute? I mean, you are what you eat, right?


  41. So true, and so sensible, Redzillapanda! 🙂

    And, I spelled chipmunk wrong. Dammit, my best days are behind me.


    And, if we are what we eat, I am now a Pumpkin Peanut M&M ™.


  42. NebraskaErin says:

    Awwww! Shy red panda!! *melt*

  43. O M F’g G! Kill me! Kill me now! Trying not to squeee in office . . . must not squee . . . grrrgghhhh! **SPLODE!!**

  44. You know, I always wondered why peoples’ heads sploded, but I think carolina has just given me a clue. Is it from trying to contain the socially awkward SQUEEEEE?

  45. Lol….that’s only one component, red!

    Also, the sheer volume of Qte, streaming in through the eyeballs…building pressure….rising rising until…*plurp* the eyeballs blast out, the ears shoot out sideways and the whole melon splatters out into fragments, making der royal mess of the entire area.

    Reassemble and repeat.

  46. I vote these guys Number 1 for sheer densitude of ear floof!

  47. if this was the zoon-iverse, Fossil would be calling these the red floofie bandits.

  48. badkittie2021 says:


  49. Awww! These guys are so FUZZY!!! 😀

    Lauri: chipmunk/chipmonk, heck my kids still say chickmunk. [they’re 6 and 10]

  50. Well, big hooray for chickmunks and flutterbys, too! 😀

    Happy Birthday, Dbo!!! There are SO many October birfdays!

  51. badkittie2021 says:

    Lauri you have to help me to get as many people as we can to tell David happy brithday.

  52. Posting it here, like you already did is the best idea I can come up with! You done good, kittie! 🙂

  53. Red Pandas so rule. They’ve got this racoon rascalness, fox intelligence, fennec adorable ears and a giant panda charisma.

    Anyone remember the one that walks on his back legs?

  54. What fun ages for kids, Jenne!
    Mine are 23, 21 and 20 in 8 days! Also extremely fun ages, but they are very busy! 🙂

  55. Whoa, talking about my kids….sorry, that was really a threadjack…like, bigtime with no relevancy to redpandas or chickmunks. Um…my kids eat chipmunks???


  56. Oh god… the second one with its head tucked behind the first just kills me. Aghghg!

  57. Tony James says:

    Cipher – I think it’s ok. It’s normal for scales to have net (the weight of the thing) tare (the weight of the wrapping), and gross (combined weight) settings. No-one is skinning da pandafloofs.

  58. Weird. If the comment count were correct on my screen, this would be comment #7.

  59. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Red Pandarlings!!!!


  60. michellemybelle says:

    It’s snowy and cold and G.W.B’s here in town today which is yicky- I sure could use these little guys to make the morning more snugly.

  61. marsmannix says:

    FIREFOX cuteness!!!!! i have loved Red Pandas (are they Commies?) since the late 70’s.

  62. I think we need a new rule of cute: Peeking out from behind someone or something is always cute.

  63. I have noticed many many times, lately..well, within the last two weeks where the comment count is in no way correlATEing with the actual count. Weird.

  64. So cute. So cute. So cuuuute! Meep! *thud* x.x

  65. Lauri!!! NO!!!

    But yes, I, too, have noticed the non-correlating comment count lately. I thought it was just my computer being stupid.

    T.Comfyshoes has a good idea with the peeking rule.

  66. Uh, yes. I’d like to purchase 3.3 lbs of red floofy snarfable cuteness, please. Thank you.

  67. Wait wait wait. Did someone say “Pumpkin” peanut M&Ms? As in, an actual product that I can leave work to go purchase right now even though I haven’t had breakfast yet? Or are you just teasing?

  68. Ah, Mook, what a great idea for a business! Squeegrocers! Cuteness by net weight! I’ll be taking a pound of bananas, half a pound of green beans, and three and a half pounds of KAWAII! please. What’s that? Only come to 3.3? No, that’s okay, just make it up with a scoop of Roborowski hamsters from the barrel there….

  69. Red pandas are one of my favorite zoo animals. Especially to photograph, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in an uncute pose.


  70. michellemybelle says:

    completely off the subject, but are any other foxy voxies having trouble logging into

  71. hmmm, my scale only ever shows “gross”


  72. A thinker says:

    I believe that would be an average of .755kg of cuteness, each.

  73. foxy bingo says:

    Their noses squeak when you squeeze them.

    Or, at least, they *should*

  74. I LOOOOVE the red pandas they look like something out of a cartoon. I remember yall used to have a video on here of a girl with 2 red pandas and they tried to take her food and when she was sleeping they head butted her it was awesome.
    I love how the one on the right is all “OHH NOESSS! 1.51 kilograms! Must… diet…”

  75. Michelle, my vox has been fine. I haven’t noticed any problems.

  76. Another award these babes could win:
    “Most Like Stuffed Teddy Bear Ears.”

  77. Oh yes, indeed, shanchan, Pumpkin Peanut M&Ms are real. But the only pumpkin component is the eyes and mouth on the candy shell. The inside is pure peanut m&m!

  78. A group of pandas is called a sleuth or sloth – but after looking at this picture, it should more rightly be ‘a cuddle of pandas’.

  79. or a headbutt of red pandas?

  80. eeeeeeeeeeeee! red pandas are extra adorables!

    and yeah, they probably use the “skin removed” function to weigh other cute things that need to stay in a container, like if they’re too squirmy and won’t stay on the scale. but these red pandas are too busy peeking and snuggling to squirm much. snorgle!!

  81. Thanks Lauri! I may need to get out of the office for lunch for once.

    I just can’t look at that picture anymore. I want to snorgle them sooooo bad.

  82. Yes, I’ll take 1.5 kg of red pandas–no, I don’t mind the extra .01 kg. Shall I pay for these here or at the front? No, no need to wrap them. Thanks!

  83. bunnyfriend says:

    Ooh… this post is so cute but it makes me sad… my first date w/ my husband was to the National Zoo to see the Giant and Red Pandas. A year or so later the Red Pandas died of pesticide poisioning! I miss them! They were so cute and up in the trees and such.

  84. Red Pandas, my favorite.

  85. anonymous addict says:

    Its just…too much…its so cute it hurts!!! augh! stinging! burning! clutching heart and collapsing under my desk!

  86. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – pandas (and red pandas) are one of the few animals that have multiple collective nouns:
    2 pandas: a cuddle
    3 pandas: a snorgle
    5 pandas: a flooful
    More than 5: a splode

  87. To Redzilla re: the socially awkward squee. It is also a professional no-no to squee within earshot of one’s boss whose office is inconveniently located directly next to yours. Hence, the a.m. splosion of my head. You can try squeeing into the trashcan, but seldom works. Of course, being the masochistic fool that I am, I returned for another look at the lil floofster pandas here and . . . grggh . . . smmmump . . . squmph . . . squ . . . . . . . .



  88. just wondering if a red panda and a hedgehog would make good roommates.

    I want to snorgle the red panda tums.

  89. lol, carolina, squeeing into the trashcan! man, you really over did it with teh cute!

  90. TJ:

    Less than 1 panda: a waiting

  91. Kevin Chow says:

    There are entirely not enough red pandas on cuteoverload. While this picture pushes me pretty close, I’m not overloaded with red pandas yet. I petition for an overload of red panda pictures. Especially red panda baby pictures.

  92. michellemybelle says:

    It’s awfully convenient to be able to buy pandas in bulk – anyone up for a trip to Costco?

    Lauri – thanks for the vox answer – it was some weird thing with the cookies on my work compy.

  93. Wendy, feel free to use “eleventy billion”. It’s my favorite number ever! It’s just…cute! 😉

  94. Aren’t they sweet? If I recall, they are not really closely related to the giant pandas with the B&W color scheme. Anyone know where they do fit in, in the grand biological scheme of things?


  96. they look sad but very cute!!! yeah cute..! very cute!!

  97. kim: i think they’re distantly related to both the giant pandas and raccoons (as you might guess from looking at them). it’s actually a bit of a mystery where the pandas–both giant and red–fit in the evolutionary scheme of things, but somewhere between raccoons and bears is about all anyone can agree on. they are also *super adorables* (snugglesnugglesnugglesnuggle). that is something everyone can agree on! 🙂 i showed this picture to my mom and she agreed that was the case.

    my next move will be to find a girlfriend who is equally super adorables. 🙂 aww, less than three.

  98. little miao says:

    i love the Chinese word for panda, which could be translated literally as “bear cat” (not to be confused with the bearcats of southeast Asia, though). these cute little fuzz-balls seem more like a cross betweeen raccoons and foxes, though.

  99. Rachel and Kayla Holmes says:

    That is a load of crap! Red Pandas NEED to be SAVED, not killed off.