Lemurs n’ Racks

hmmmmmmm…. yeller eyes starin’ back up atcha.

Nuthin’ better.

‘Cept maybe a Johnny Depp hoodie.


XOXOXOXO, to Fletcher T., and the extry lemur on the shoulder…



  1. I <3 Lemurs. If this were me I could die happy.

  2. Heee, tailio protusion! 😀

  3. gwenchocolate says:

    Normally I would say: The eyes, the eyeeeeeessssss people!
    But in this case I will just say: The floooooof, the floooooooof, people!

  4. Wow, there’s just about nothing that doesn’t go into a “rack” is there! And look good doing it!

    And how did I get to be second post? I guess it pays to get up early.

  5. idk what is cuter the lemur or the girl.

  6. Honest.. when I started typing, I was second!

  7. Ah, but I somehow typed faster, Mary! Better luck next time! (see prev. Otter pic for laughtrack) Muhahahaha!

  8. Lemur, cute.
    Girl, cute.
    Johnny Depp. Muy cute.

  9. buhtterfly says:

    Man. I am insanely jealous. Lemurs are so adorable. I want to be this girl…

    There are some (a lot) of animals I just want to pet while I’m at the zoo. They all look so soft…

  10. Anyone get reminded of Madagascar?

    “I like ta move it, move it …”

    In the voice of Ali G, no less. Awesome, yo!

  11. I want to have a lemur farm….

  12. floofy lemur tailio!
    yeller eyeses!

  13. What’s the shoulder-companion? Is it a coatimundi? I hope so. They are meant to be the snuffliest-nosed creatures in the world.

  14. pugmamatimestwo says:

    That is an exceptionally comfy and exceptionally Qte little varmint. Good for him 🙂

  15. Edward Lemurhands. Be weird making out with that guy.

  16. I love lemurs says:

    Does anyone know, is there a zoo where you can hold lemurs? Or does this girl work for the zoo and that’s why she gets to hold them? I want to hold lemurs too.

  17. A thinker says:

    What astonishes me about this pic is the eerie resemblance between the lemur and the Johnny Depp-represenation on the shirt. All Johnny needs is glowing yellow eyes to complete the coordination.

  18. I have extreme lemur-envy. Why-oh-why can’t *I* snuggle a lemur? I bet he’s got little grippy feet an’ everything. *sigh*

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    I was totally thinking Madagascar, Subhangi.

    I bet that lemur likes to move it, move it, too.

  20. I Love Lemurs: There is a wildlife park in Northwest Arkansas that will let you get up close and personal. If you’re anywhere near, email me and I’ll give you details. I’ve had grizzly cubs in my jacket, bebe tigers and lions chewing on my shoelaces etc.

  21. …or a brandon lee hoodie, for that matter.

  22. Loris

    Just saw pictures of coatimundi, and do look cute, so why hasn’t anybody posted pictures yet, we cuteologist have missed a great source of cute.


  23. Just look at this one


    its a nosicle


  24. “Does anyone know, is there a zoo where you can hold lemurs?”

    Or a zoo where you hold girls? ;o)

  25. Does anyone besides me notice that there are two animals on the girl?

  26. SilvorMoon says:

    Awww, it’s cute! I want one!

    …and since I think the whole purpose of this site is to make you go, “Aww, it’s cute! I want one!”, I suppose we can consider this pic a winner. 🙂

  27. Mike, most zoos are BYOG (bring your own girl)

  28. Hahahaha, you guys are good!
    Dewi, eeeeeee the widdle bebe coatimundi!!! Such a cute schnozzicle!

    And, Mike….um, I am sure there are farms like that…um…internet???

  29. Poor little thing, it cold and cool at the same time.

    Oh yes, the lemur, yeah he is cute to, I think!


  30. foxy bingo says:

    not being kinky but wouldn’t that ear fluff feel great tickling your cleavage? Hem…?

  31. I love lemurs says:

    MamaDawn, yes please tell me the name of the zoo in Arkansas. I’m in San Francisco but I’d like to know about it in case I find myself in the area. Or maybe I would go there just for the animals. Do they have lemurs there? Thanks.

  32. Apparently Foxy Bingo wants a date with Edward Lemurhands.

    Oh, and on the zoo front–the trick is to find a nice zoo in a small town. I volunteered at a nice little zoo in a town of <40,000. In 3 years I got to snuggle colobus monkeys, snow leopard kittens, a bison calf, meerkats, binturong babies, and yes, yes, my friends, for a whole week, I spent the night with a pair of red panda kits. You know I totally snorgled them once left alone.

  33. Maus — I was originally thinking The Crow, too. Except, then I thought it might be Robert Smith (of The Cure). Or even J. Depp as Edward Lemurhands.

    Heck, it’s generic enough to be that Green Day dude, if he threw some cornstarch on his face.

  34. Whoa, you are one lucky zilla! 🙂

  35. Speaking of lemurhands….do you think “they” are the reason for the sly smile on her face?

  36. Just beware that at a zoo where they let volunteers snuggle with rare animals, they also let you do things like spend 4 hours in sub zero temps, trapped on the roof of the chimp exhibit, with a tranquilizer gun frozen in your hand, lying in wait to tranq an excaped puma.

  37. Pffft. We’re still jealous, RedZ.

  38. Whoa..that story is not a deterrent, Red!

  39. Hmmm…yeah, you probably should be, Theo. ‘Cause although that was one miserable, scary night, I kissed those red panda kits like eleventy billion times to make up for it. I even kissed their little paw pads.

    Too bad we didn’t have any leapin lemurs.

  40. OMG I want one.

    “Just beware that at a zoo where they let volunteers snuggle with rare animals, they also let you do things like spend 4 hours in sub zero temps, trapped on the roof of the chimp exhibit, with a tranquilizer gun frozen in your hand, lying in wait to tranq an escaped tuna.”

  42. Said tuna was later enjoyed with some mayo and relish on melba toast.

  43. I love lemurs says:

    Okay, I found the website of a zoo in Halifax, PA that says they have Brown Lemurs in their petting zoo. The picture above looks like a Ring-Tail to me but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a Brown Lemur too. The zoo is called Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. 126 miles from Philadelphia.

  44. Awww, cute bebeh! And the lemurs are nice too. 😉

  45. OK, how about “…lying in wait to tranq an escaped tuba”?

    I sooooo don’t want to be at work today.

  46. This is sort of scary looking.

  47. Said tuba was later enjoyed as part of an Oktoberfest oompah band.

    I don’t want to be at work today either, Theo, but in my case it’s because class is out of session at the university and it’s a fricking ghost town. [insert tumbleweed music from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.]

  48. Teho – I empathise. The same thing happens when you’re a teacher’s pet (in COLLEGE! How embarrassing!) – you get called for EVERY damn silly errand. GAH.

    I need to get some sleep. G’night, peeps.

  49. Night, Subhangi! Dream of snow~!

  50. “….an escaped pe-tunia”

  51. Said petunia was later enjoyed in the band of an outrageous floppy hat, at high tea.

  52. Harrumpf…beat me to it.
    [thinking, thinking, thinking]

    “an escaped poobah”?

  53. The escaped poobah was later enjoyed was later seen floating on a raft sipping an appletini.

  54. Oh criste. That didn’t come out at ALL. Lol.

  55. LOL, Lauri. I like it that way.

  56. That look of total admiration in that lemur’s eyes…*sigh*
    Lauri, the “lemurhands” joke–*snort*!
    And the *first* thing I thought of was Madagascar. Earworms, anyone? LOL

  57. NebraskaErin says:

    Does anyone else think Mr. Lemurhands is up to no good under that hoodie?

    Naughty lemur.

  58. Lemurs rock!

    I’m starting a gang called “The Ringtails”. Anyone want to join?

  59. Absolutely precious! Thanks for the smile, as always.

  60. The Rockin’ Ringtails? Will you sell Ringtones?

  61. Cute! Cute! Cute!

    What makes it even way cooler? EVERYONE OF YOU recongnized the Edward Scissorhands hoodie!!!! WELL DONE!!!

  62. You’re spoiling me. Cats, hammies, whatever, and now lemmies.

    I’m expecting not less than otters-n-rack now.

    otties <3 (I'm still trying to recover from the previous post)

  63. ABBYNORMAL says:

    MamaDawn,, the place in Arksansa no longer lets you go in the Lemur cage since some nimrod got bite by one. They even have wire around the cage so you cant ever pet them from the outside. Ticked me off to no end as I would drive up there every other weekend just for the Lemurs.

  64. Rich Fader says:

    Lemur in the hoodie: “All hail…the New York Giants!”

  65. Fletcher T says:

    It’s was a place in North East Texas, due to Texas law the owner can’t let you into the cage any more though :(, but she will sit one on your shoulder for pictures!

    They are amazingly floofy! And so affectionate!

    I’ve plenty of more pictures, but this was by far the cutest!

  66. mommy24bunnies says:

    I can’t help but wan’t to sing “I like to move it move it!” (From Madagascar)

  67. Otters Wule says:

    Lemurs hooray! I’ve been looking into them lately for art purposes. I want a pet lemur…

  68. Speaking of lemurs ‘n’ racks, I was at the Santa Ana Zoo last month, and there was a female lemur with giant boobage. I mean, it was totally the big jugs lemur. Kinda frightening.

  69. Enough with the ” ‘n racks” crap. You can bearly see the animals.

  70. Well, at least we can’t see the racks barely! (I mean, it’s a good thing we can’t see bare racks…I mean…nevermind. )

  71. “The Ringtails” will give away ringtones that sound like contented purring. And we’ll jump on objects that please us anytime, whether those objects are animate or inanimate. And we’ll cuddle and sleep in the sun. We’ll work, at most, one hour a day. And we’ll make people laugh with our lemur gymnastics.

  72. So the lemur and Johnny Depp look freakishly alike.

  73. I’ll bet that lemur is actually lying in wait to prank an escaped vicuna.

  74. sugarskull says:

    Last time I was in Brazil, we were hiking near Iguacu falls and a bunch of Coati’s came down from the trees to sniff us and check us out. It was rad.

    Public Service Anouncement:
    Hmm..these zoos with wild animal snorgling don’t sound so good for the wild animals. Hate to be a downer but I think wild animals no matter how cute should not be pets, or snorgled in zoos if it can be avoided.

  75. foxy bingo says:


    Until I read the comments I thought the pic on the t-shirt was Siouxsie Sioux :-0

  76. lutraphile says:

    Ol’ yeller eyes is back…?
    (please tell me someone gets this reference :D)

  77. I have the same hoodie!

  78. Aluriaphin says:

    I keep comin back to this pic just to read the “mmmmmmm…. yeller eyes starin’ back up atcha”… Heh, yeller!

  79. Are you trying to play Darwin to the lemurs in your head?

  80. [huh]

    Did I ask too much, more than a lot?
    You took my picture, now it’s all that I’ve got

    (well, I tried)

  81. Oh. Mygod.
    I recognise that cage. And the background. AND THOSE LEMURS.
    That’s Colby’s Extreme Pets (Now Colby’s Zoo to you) in Texas!
    The brown lemur on her shoulder is Romeo, and I believe the one in her shirt is Spidey.

    Wow. Seeing those 2 again, espepecially on a random site, is just amazing for me. God, how I miss them..
    I used to volunteer there for a while. Got to do stuff like this with the Lemurs all the time. For a Lemur freak like me, it was like heaven. <3

    And, Lemurs are as soft as they look; They groom their own fur, too, so no brushing is needed. Serously, if they weren’t a little wild at times, they’d be awesome pets. We should totally domestcate them.

  82. ya, my name is Elissa and that is me in the picture with that lemur, his name is velcro…. i don’t remember giving anyone permission to use this photo, and i don’t know how ya’ll got it… if you don’t believe its me go to my my space http://www.myspace.com/33622599
    i’ve dyed my hair since then….