Take this job and shove it

Look, I like a well-runnin’ warsh machine as much as the next cat, but this repair job blooooooows! [singsong]

Welp. [unlatches seat belt, turns off Howard Stern Show] gotta go meet a ‘Ms. Nancy Pisula of 23 Evergreen Terrace’ now.

[takes a healthy swig from flask] Yup.

Sparky? nice work, Bebe.  Lots more with funny captions at this site.



  1. Kitty Frown Brow!!!

  2. *huh huh* Breathes on fingernails, polishes them on shirt.

  3. That’s some might nice muzzlepuff ya got there, good buddy.

  4. Don’t drive angry!

  5. ABBYNORMAL says:

    I see a mad case of ROAD RAGE coming on.

  6. Sparky looks different, since the Webbys. Huh.

  7. ABBYNORMAL says:

    I see a mad case of ROAD RAGE coming on.

  8. i think this cat is driving under the influence of CUTE.

  9. The Guy Over There says:

    Bet you that cat REALLY is thinking:

    “grumblegrumble dog moving 10 miles per hour on the fast lane. STOP YAPPING WITH A MOUTH FULL OF COKE AND SWITCH LANES!”

  10. TGOT–precisely what I imagined. Cat is grumbling:
    “Stupid Soccer Lab moms, with their giant SUV’s full of puppies. Damned breeders.”

  11. Redzilla: That’s *so* exactly what that cat is thinking!

  12. It’s Toonces the Driving Cat!

  13. Sparky needs a Pabst Blue Ribbon and a nice big steak from the diner up the road there.

  14. That picture would be perfect with merely the addition of a gun rack holding those feather-on-a-long-string toys.

  15. Kevin — a cat-dancer rack! Beaut! (And we’re all ABOUT the racks, here.)

  16. I’d like to see him in a little utility belt.

  17. It’s Toonses!!

  18. This reminds me of my Favorite Cat Moment. I was moving across the wilds of Idaho one night and I had stopped to repair a flat on the moving van. I returned to my car, but as I was about to open the door, up jumps my adventurous cat (having somehow unzipped her carrier) and looks at me with her MOST EXCITED FACE EVER. She had her paws up on the window and was staring at the stretch of wilderness like a kid at the biggest Toys-R-Us ever.

    Another second and she would have been bouncing across 100s of miles of abandoned brush, with me standing stupidly by the side of the highway wondering how the hell I could ever get her to come back.

  19. A thinker says:

    Grumpy tom face!

    This looks like the publicity shot for a new reality TV show: “Driving With Cats”.

  20. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    duuuude! that cat looks pissed!! XD

  21. I like the slightly flattened-down ears. heh 🙂

  22. michellemybelle says:


    He needs a little hat. And a big belt buckle.

  23. “Breaker Breaker 19 this is the Rubber Duck”

  24. Thinkie, with a “puss” like that the program would most likely be “Not Lost.” What a great tomC!

  25. lurkertype says:

    Oh, now, THAT is a tomcat.

    I agree, he grumbles at SUV’s full of dogs.

  26. lurkertype says:

    Oh, is he going to fix the warsher of the kitten we’ve seen with the clawsies out on top of it? (I don’t know the link, but you peeps know the pic.)

  27. I looooove those big ol’ tomcat heads! ‘Specially when those boys are crabby lookin’ like this guy.

    Next time, I’m gonna get me a tomcat with a big ol’ tomcat head instead of a tomcat that looks like a girl like I’ve got now.

  28. NebraskaErin says:

    Looks like he’d just completed a run to Minneapolis, and then they called in and re-routed him to Denver, so he’s going to have to sleep in the truck and take a shower in a scary truck-stop instead of sleeping in his own nice warm bed tonight.

    At least, that’s the look my dad gets when that happens to him.

  29. A thinker says:

    Aoife: my guess is this guy’s either not neutered, or was neutered later in life. It’s the uncut ones who develop the big jowlies and brow ridges that mark out the “tomcat” face–as with a lot of animals.

    Someone more knowledgeable than me, correct me if I’m wrong?

  30. Aoife- ROFL about the girly-looking toms. I like the big burly-lookin ones too, ROFL! Orange is my fave. 🙂

    NebraskaErin- I totally agree with that entire scenario.. my husband drove truck for 13 yrs, and this cat totally has the look! 😉

  31. A thinker: not always.. some toms are just that way hereditarily.
    [egads, did I just make up a word?]

  32. A thinker says:

    No, methinks ’tis a valid word–and thanks for the refination of my statement (now THAT might be a new word…)

  33. I dunno. I don’t think that the cat looks so much angry and annoyed as he looks just doooooog tired.

    Doncha see the droopy eyelid over the right eye? Buster had better pull over into the next wayside and get himself some caffeine from the vending machines.

  34. My tom Bluto had a big hard head like that! Lotsa scars all over the place, nicks in his ears. Hims was a ma-an cat! But then…not. The fixings keep them outta trouble and healthier.

  35. Look at those flattened ears…

    “Yea Yea I hear ya lady, but ain’t no way I’m moving outta this here lane. I’ve got things to eat, places to sniff, people to scratch.”

  36. A thinker: oops.. misread what you said. Sorry! Jeesh I’m not makin many points with you today, am I? 😦

  37. What a sour puss 😛 That’s quite the surly face there!

    michellemybelle: LMAO

  38. aww my dog sandy used to do that. cute.

  39. blueberries4me says:

    The cat’s face reflects what I’m feeling inside today but he’s much cuter.

  40. A thinker says:

    Not at all, jenne, no offense taken.

    I think you understood me perfectly…

  41. Tony James says:

    Dat’s one handsome kitteh! With undersized earses and accompanying eartuftses!
    “Ok lady, I’m gonna give you a choice hyeah: eider you move yer car or I’m gonna move it for yerz. I gotta get dis puppy into dis parkin’ space, and if you don’t shift it I’m gonna toyn your minivan into a compact, ya dig?”

  42. “They laughed when the foreman said he’d be putting a cat in a cab.

    (spits wad of cat nip out the window. starts switching radio stations)

    Why don’t they play any good stuff anymore – I could sure use some Catsy Cline on these long runs.

    Wonder who won at Tail-adega?”

  43. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    TJ – the undersize ears thing made me think of Duma. I just watched that FAHHBOOLAS movie this weekend & when they showed Duma straight in the face I kept thinking how little his earsies were compared to the rest of his Cheetahness. Any other peeps around here catch that movie? All good mojo for the kitty in the end. 🙂

  44. NebraskaErin says:

    I printed this picture out. My mom will love it. If I remember to take it with me to her house on Saturday! (D’oh!)

  45. Boxcar kitten update: little calico M is apparently purring up a storm at the vet’s today, even after her spay. This has convinced the cat rescue group that she should go into their adoption stream and not go back to the boxcars. Yay! They’re trying to line up a foster home for her. I’ll keep working on her gray brother when I get them both home tomorrow, and maybe he’ll get to be a housecat, too, with all the luxury that affords.

  46. Oh my god! That’s just like a dream I had years ago. I was riding in the cab of an 18-wheeler while my cat Tippy, the absolutely grouchiest cat in the whole entire world, was driving, her two white paws up on the giant steering wheel, feet on the front seat. (No, I’ve no idea how she was reaching the pedals, it’s a dream, okay?) But she was going waaaay too fast around the corner of a mountainous highway off-ramp, and I screamed, “Tippy, slow DOWN!!!” but she didn’t, and as we careened off the cliff I screamed “Tippy, NOOO!!!!!” and we crashed…

    It was quite a nightmare at the time, but when I woke up, it was the *funniest thing ever*. Oh man.

  47. (To Thalia)

  48. The pic’s a cropped and flipped version of the one from here:
    I love all the captions on these, especially the cookie one!

  49. THALIA! I’m laughing so hard, out loud, at work, with all sorts of important visitors wandering around. I may have lost some credibility, but boy, it’s worth it.

  50. “Tippy, slow DOWN!”

    Stuh-op. Ya killin me.

  51. CattyDriver:”How a loath traffic and tourist with cameras!”

  52. Thalia, were you flashing back to an episode of Purr-onica Mars?

  53. Aubs – sing with me now!

    “A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all….”

  54. pinkle:

    Nice pics, I could not stop laughing!

    Specially this one!


  55. I liked the “invisibles” best — invisible sandwich, invisible bike…

  56. Even *more* breaking boxcar news: I just got a call two minutes ago that both kittens are now destined for fostering, not just the calico. The cat hospital insisted and even said they would foster them if the cat rescue group didn’t have available foster homes. People just love these kittens!

  57. How could they not??
    Way to go, LC.

  58. BlueFairy says:

    Laurie C Thanks for all the work you are doing with the boxcar kitties. I look forward to reading your updates. Yeah for getting two more away from the boxcars!

  59. (To Theo)

    Takes one to know one. 😛

  60. Yay for LC – adding to the foster roster!

  61. You go girl, Laurie C!!!

    Love the pics, pinkle!!!

  62. Tony James says:

    Hmmm…right-hand drive – got to be an English cat – I think we’ve finally tracked down the source of the White Van Man phenomenon…
    …”Awwight darlin’! Phwoar, you’re a tasty bird and no mistake! Come over ‘ere, luv, and I’ll give you something to keep yer ears warm – hur hur hru hur uhruruh.”

  63. It’s Toonces!

  64. Most of the big ol’ punkin’ headed toms we get at the shelter where I volunteer are non or late neutered males. But we have a few that were neutered quite young … and we have some big ol’ punkin’ headed girls, too. My boy was the runt, has never gotten over 6 pounds, and I’m tired of people asking, “What’s her name?”

  65. I bet this guy’s got a plumber’s butt problem:


    It’s ^&$!%&#% SNOWING here.
    Don’t think it’s going to stick, though.


  67. Tony James says:

    Yay for Laurie and the BoxCarKits! All The Mews Thats Fit To Print! 🙂

  68. For once I’m not getting sentimental about living in the Great Lakes region. Thanks, Teho! I think our high today in Phoenix is supposed to be 85. Of course, we were back in the 90s and 100s for the last couple of weeks. Our summer is when we hibernate, now we can start venturing outside again.

    /threadjack continuation

  69. omg pinkle. those are AWESOME. I LOVE ‘invisible bike’ and ‘i made you a cookie…but i ate it’. who made those? i want to know them.

  70. We’re supposed to have snow tonight-tomorrow a.m. in Chicago, and I can hardly wait. ‘Course, I’ll be sick of it by February…

  71. yeah, the made you a cookie but eated it was a fave for me too – some of the pics (with or without same sayings) were in a link from my last post ( http://snuffleguppy.vox.com/library/post/nothin-to-see-here-but-a-wicked-yeem.html ) so they must make the rounds on the intarweb – GASP!

  72. Hey Meg – we could have a Critters In Cars category if we wanted, I think. Between the cat here and the dachsund below there’d be two right there, and I seem to remember a puppy in a cupholder once, too… 🙂

    And (probably)…totally non-controversial! (Although the Nuffs, they are persistent…)

  73. this post is really weird b/c we just had a guy come look at our washing machine – it was leaking water all over the floor. too bad our repair man wasn’t this guy! <3

  74. NebraskaErin says:

    We’re supposed to get the snow late tonight. Parts of the state have already been hit.

    I guess I should finally turn on the heat, huh?

  75. I’m in north central Nebraska and we had snow flurries this morning. Didn’t stick of course. But its still windy out and only about 30*.
    😡 ick.
    So.. to those East of me.. its headed your way!

  76. I love his giant bell around his neck, too. I just know it jingles when he walks up to the door.

  77. NebraskaErin says:

    Jenne: Another Nebraskan! I’m east…Lincoln. I heard you guys were getting snow over there already. We’re at 47, but it’s supposed to drop to about 20-something tonight. I just hope we still get the mid-60’s this weekend!

  78. It’s 75 degrees, sunny and clear in Los Angeles. And IT’S OCTOBER. And it’s an insult to my holiday looking-forward-ness.

  79. I grew up in southeast WI [and have been in NE Nebr for 13 yrs], you’d think I’d be used to the snow and cold, but nope, I don’t like it much. Would rather be in Los Angeles right now, I think.. hibernATE-ing. 😉

  80. ROFL just checked out that link from pinkle… *SNORT* invisible bike made me LAUGH OUT LOUD AT WORK! 😀 Too too funny.

  81. what kelz me about this pic is the *vast* expanse of flattop in between the ears…the perfect place to keep a drink.

  82. Poor Theo. I’m in NM, but we already have snow in the mountains and are expecting it to move lower in the next week or so.

    I love it, but I get paid snow days off. Let it snow, let snow, let it snow!

  83. Hmmph. The more I look at this picture, the more it reminds me of my Uncle Alva.

  84. That bell looks big enough for a cow! It probably clangs rather than tinkles.

    Yay for Laurie C and the boxcar kitties!

  85. Hey! Somebody stole my name!!!!

  86. has no one really mentioned Toonses the Driving cat from SNL back when it was awesome?


    *car goes over the cliff*

  87. Marcy (not the dog) says:

    This guy looks JUST like my Sidney, who we all call Fatboy since he is obsessive about food. The only truck he’d drive is the ice cream truck, and he’d probably give that up if he could just fall into the freezer and tear into the Bomb Pops. Maybe a hot dog cart, too. He’s made a habit of waiting until I eat cereal so he can bump the bottom of the bowl, spill the milk and drink it off the couch. When I got wise to that trick, he started waiting on my shoulder so he could use his fast paw as a milk dipstick. He can smell sliced turkey from the other room, and thinks the sound of the refrigerator opening is his dinner bell. And lunch bell. And mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and midnight snack bell. The baby locks keep him out of the cupboards, for now. I’m pretty sure he’s missing a gene.
    And don’t worry, Theo, you’re not the only one whose plants are all going to die tonight.

  88. Rachel don’t be disappointed, Toonces (Toonses) the Driving cat was referenced here, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/10/take_this_job_a.html#comment-23765700
    here, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/10/take_this_job_a.html#comment-23766359
    and here, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/10/take_this_job_a.html#comment-23772126
    this crowd is pretty up with their cultural references (even if from SNL)

  89. NebraskaErin mentioned it was time to turn on the heat. Just this morning I thought it might be time to turn off the A/C. Not that it matters. When I’m gone, my auto-temp setting is 85 so my A/C won’t kick in if my condo doesn’t get that warm. But it still does.

  90. haha, reminds me of the scene in “groundhog day” when bill murray has the groundhog driving on his lap! “don’t drive angry. do not drive angry!”

  91. chunkstyle says:

    Yesss, I was just thinking that same thing, Penguin!
    Also, unseen in the truck:
    1) A delicious Yoo-Hoo in the cupholder
    2) A McD’s Fish Sandwich wrapper clawed up on the floor
    3) A “Hot Tuxedo Kitties of 2006” Calendar

  92. don’t forget about the catnip tucked away in the glove compartment. looks like he needs it

  93. oh lawd, the Greebo death scowl and behind the wheel of several tons of steel.

    This will end badly.

    Brings a new meaning to hissy fit, donit?

  94. \threadjack: Aubrey…never fear snow is here… in Mammoth Lakes, CA that is. I may be stuck in Tulsa, but my brother is a professional ski bum at Mammoth. They never lost all of last year’s snow, so if you need a weather fix, drive on up. end of threadjack.

  95. Thanks, MamaD – I can sometimes see the snow in the mountains, and it’s kind of comforting. Could that be where driving-kit is headed? If so, I hope he has his tire treads on!

  96. Congrats on the boxcar kits! I’m so happy for them and you.

    Theo, here in NYC it’s raining. Not as bad as it was a few days ago, but it’s not a pretty night. Still, it’s better than when I came home and found that an airplane had crashed into a building uptown. The ppicture of this kitty really cheered me up.

  97. Michele — yeah, I read that. The Yankees pitcher. Sorry to hear it.

  98. Aubrey: 75 and clear *does* feel like October in LA. I was just thinking that it started to feel like fall right when October hit. When you’d rather wear pants than shorts, it’s fall.

  99. LOL about the caption! Great one Meg! However, I also saw…

    Gotta make the donuts, gotta make the donuts, gotta make the donuts…

    Of course, it would have to be dark out. But it totally reminds me of the sleepy dunkn’ donuts guy!

  100. In Tulsa we’ve go low 60’s and falling leaves… the cats are going crazy chasing what I can only imagine they think are parasailing mice.

  101. Rachel i mentioned it! Toonces rocks! it was lost in a sea of other comments…so sad.

  102. Down here in Melbourne Aussie we’re expecting 33deg Max today….. That’s 33degC of course (92ish F)
    Too dang early for that sort of heat here!!!!!

  103. Phew, Greebo AND Toonces references. Now I can sleep peacefully.

  104. Thalia-
    Figure that dream shows you maybe have an oepipussy complex.

  105. lol…and “gotta make the donuts”, geenighs!

    All is well!

    And, we are supposed to get snow here tomorrow in SE Michigan. I love ALL weather! 🙂

  106. “Will you let me out of this freaking truck now please?”

  107. Pinkle :I loved the pictures
    LaurieC: congrats on another “save”, by the way you(and the box car kittens of course) have motivated me to volunteer for the same Cat Rescue group you work with – thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of box car cats!

  108. Lauri:

    That’s why I don’t miss MI, especially Lansing, MI.

    Now back to maddkitties running down old ladies with big mack trucks!

  109. Yay, browngrl for volunteering! What will you be doing?

    On the weather front, here in Toronto, it’s been the classic Pooh-type Blustery Day.

  110. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “I’m east bound and down.
    Loaded up and truckin’.
    We gonna do what they say can’t be done…We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there…”
    Song from: “Smoky And The Bandit”

  111. lurkertype says:

    Yay for the boxcar kittens!

    I got plenty of snow in my younger years… I don’t miss it at all now.

    Big-head tomcats are great as long as you don’t keep them inside — spraying, y’know.

    TK’s daddy has a big ol’ flat head, but he isn’t as furry as this dewd.

  112. So cute…and looking like an incipient case of road rage. Also, it reminds me of the first time I was in England. I was riding in a car behind somebody who had a very large dog sitting in the passenger seat. But, being an American and driving on the opposite side, it looked just like it was the dog that was driving. Talk about doing a double take.

  113. “Oy. I know I’m cute. So quit yer gawkin’ and move yer butts, and gimme some parkin’ space.”

  114. MissMichelle says:

    He looks all crabby, I LOVE IT!

  115. ROFL at Thalia’s Tippy Nightmare from waaaay back! Too too funny!!!

    This guy is driving a truck full of Crabby Cat Ale over to Roofee’s house.

  116. “..and this is my cat, Wilford Brimley.”

  117. Rofl, RevWaldo!

  118. In defense of big ol’ punkin’ headed toms, not all of them spray. At my shelter, most of them don’t (including the one with the most ginormous head I’ve ever seen).

    Wheeee! It’s snowing in Chicago!

  119. Any frosting on the Bean, Aoife?

  120. pics of frosting on the Bean, please!

  121. *deep voice*
    Ah’m Scruffy. The janitor.

  122. Get out of the freakin’ passing lane!

  123. Hi-frickin-larious. Luuurve it. Made me laugh out loud!!!!

  124. Alas, no frosting on the beans, Theo. The snow melted as soon as it landed. But the National Weather Service predicts for Friday, “Chance of measurable precipitation 30 percent”, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  125. Aoife, I’ve never been to Chicago, so I wasn’t sure about the significance of the Bean. But I did think that was an interesting recipe idea.

  126. Bleh. All my beans have an inch of frosting on them.

  127. There’s a sculpture in Millenium Park in downtown Chicago that’s been nicknamed The Bean because that’s what it looks like – a giant silver bean. It’s real name is something like Celestial Cloudgate – which is just too fancy for us Chicago folks. I’m guessing that’s what Theo’s referring to.

  128. Ayup.

  129. I’ve seen this cat before. He needs to be stopped before he hurts anyone else.

  130. (Singing) “It’s Toonces, the driving cat, the cat who could drive a car!”

    (I know it’s been done to death but I couldn’t resist)