It’s Stu, the newly egotistical pocket pet!

Sender-inner "SJ" writes: "Stu has become quite full of himself since appearing on Cute Overload … he’s no longer willing to sit idly by and let the cats hog all the racks.  He’s on a mission and may soon be popping up at a rack near you…you’ve been warned."



SJ—promise us you’ll share your rack with cats too…and nice touch with the ear-bending.



  1. Cute hammie.

  2. AWWWWWWWWW. Lofs to the teeny tiny mousie!!!

  3. Cute rodent, whatever it is. Mouse? Hamster?
    Why is the sweater insideout? I’m confused. {No pull-thingy on the zipper.}

  4. EntreNous says:

    his leeetle pink paw matches the pink of the sweater! <3

  5. Wait a minute – that’s a HAMMIE??? It’s hard to make out when I can’t see their butts …

    And the BEF, the BEF!!!

  6. TastesLikeChicken says:

    The sweater matches the colour of the nose! Bit too much BEF for me. Sorry – Trying not to be a ’nuff.

  7. He’s chewin on the zipppperrrr!

  8. A thinker says:

    Oy. Now *that* is Qte. I’m liking the colour choices on the knits, there, too…

  9. This is most lucky mouse 🙂

  10. you guys r silly says:

    YIKES! — That beady eye on the left looks like it’s gonna *POP* right out any second!!!!!!

  11. lol rats n racks *shakes head* gosh I miss my Tinkerbell…not that she ever went in my rack o.O

  12. All right, I know this is a weird thing to notice… but that zipper is inside-out. Like, the zipper-pull thing is on the inside, BEHIND the “YKK 3” stamp. In fact it looks like the whole sweater is inside-out.

    I think Stu’s been messing with your wardrobe, SJ.

  13. ‘Stu cute! Color coordinated hammie nose + paws + sweater = gaaah factor X 10.

    And his little fingers wrapped around the zeeeper. Me wuvs him.

  14. teho, it is inside out. But Stu likes it like that.

  15. Positioned on a sea of green,
    Tiny hammie, Stu, is seen.
    Delicate paw on tender pink,
    On overload, eyes start to blink.
    Hammie snuggled in a rack
    We’re held captive – no looking back.

  16. eeensy weeensy pawsicles and big beady eyes and eeEEEEEE

  17. chet's momma says:

    tiny nostrils!

  18. NebraskaErin says:

    Wee fingers! I love his calico coloring, too!!

  19. Teughcats says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who looks at these pix closely enough to notice that the sweater is inside-out! When did Stu appear on CO before, though? I can’t find him.

    [quick threadjack]
    Theo – did Artemis go back to the shelter since there were no bebes? And do you have/are you getting more fosters?

  20. A thinker says:

    Nice little bit of Pometry, Mook.

  21. Love how the whiskers on the one side are blurry – that nose is a-twitchin’!

  22. 2Cats — Stu v1.0 is here:

    Artemis updates (and other Catcave adventures) are here:

  23. …and Mook, nice. “No looking back” — [snicker]

  24. Glad I’m not the only kook who noticed the inside-out sweater. I noticed it FIRST though.. ;P~

  25. :P…. what a weird thing to notice.

  26. you guys r silly says:

    So the little dude is a deermouse, correct???

  27. The little dear is a dudemoose, correct.
    [googly crosseyes]

  28. oh hey! Maybe the ear-bending is a doodmoose way of saying whytf is this sweater inside-out!!??
    😀 ha. I crack myself up sometimes.

  29. Say it with me:

    No More Pokemons!
    No More Pokemons!

    (PokeLoveMons™ sound good, though.)

  30. [quick threadjack]

    Hey Theo,

    I have something I need to confess…and request help with…so, when you mock me, don’t mock me too hard.

    I just started a blog on VOX, and, um, I can’t seem to find how to put people in my neighborhood. Now I know it’s probably right there, staring me in the face…but for the life of me I can’t find the instructions…

    …could you, maybe, give me the clue that I’ve been missing?


    I don’t think the beady-eyes are too much. Stu, you are such a little cutie.

  31. Pink nose + Pink sweater = PERFECT PIC.

    Love it!

  32. rfpenne – what I do is go to someone else’s site, find their neighbors and add them. I think it’s the right-click trick with the mouse. (Will the CO Dream Office have real mice to run the computers? Just thought I’d ask.)

    You can go to my account, if you want. Almost everyone there is a CO peep.

  33. Wow – I really screwed your name up, rpennefe. Sorry. I’m still blaming all my typos on the brain-melting properties of the Bananaphone song.

  34. Little…teeny…nostrils…can’t…handle…the nostrils……gack.

  35. BEADY EYES… !!

  36. And no one has brought up the fact that this mouse is LAYERED in sweaters? Can’t you hear this little guy trying to sweat?

    I once heard this little rhyme and I am worried!

    “A Stu boiled
    Is a Stu spoiled.”

    Remove him from said rack and put him in an ice pack…stat!

  37. rpennefe — what AmyH said is the way I’ve done it too.

    To *find* folks’ Vox pages, you can go here and use the “explore vox” box (set to “people” in the dropdown menu). Try using “Teho” as a search term.

    THEN, once you find the right Vox page, just hover your pointer over its icon until the neighborhood options window pops up. And there you go.

  38. Aubrey — why don’cha just dump a cup o’crushed ice in there?

    [what, me instigate?]

  39. Hey, T:

    I’d prefer that you’d abdicate.

  40. Not to be a nuffer, but where is the rack in this pic? Oh, I get that this little bulging-eyed beauty is in the front of someone’s sweater, but “rack” implies some cleavage. This could be a man (wearing a pink sweater). Standards, people.

  41. Redzilla – good point, but the mouse is snuggled in cozily and partly UNDER the rack.

    Aubrey, Theo – would you guys care to extrapolate? Sometimes, y’see, ya just gotta deviate.

  42. [humming INXS] “Like pretty Kate…”

  43. Yup, yup, I am partial to the smooshy ear!

    You two gotta negotiate and sublimate, not defenestrate!

    Cuz you twos are da potentates!


  44. The worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle?
    Inebriate invertebrate!

  45. Lauri – are you ok? You sure you not gonna asphysxiate?

  46. Theo – Enough! This must NOT escalate!

  47. Yes, my master.

  48. Much much much too late!

    But, it’s all great! Don’t self immolate!

  49. What kind of a camera did the sender use? I must know… the detail on the texture is amazing.

  50. Man, I was staying away from that one.


  51. Lauri – One must not procrastinate inordinate.

  52. Pink pink, tiny nostrils and toes,
    Soft furry ears, one folded close,

    Beady eyes about to pop,
    Means there’s a rodent in your top.

  53. Perhaps I should self-medicate,
    The better to ameliorate
    This thread, which is in sorry state
    For which I must apologate.

  54. Now THAT’s more like it.

    Nice one, Lauri.

  55. I find it inconsiderate to subjagate one who portates to procrastinate.

    Ok, I made most of that up.

  56. *Bows to Theo*
    You ARE the master.

    *corner of mouth* baiter

  57. Wow. I was silly enough to leave here to do some work and look at this! Too much of this kind of chat threatens to obfuscate.

    Now I’m gonna have to ruminate.

  58. I’m going next door to masticate a soft taco.

  59. Lauri, this silliness you must eliminate (as well as the taco – or else your condition might be constipate)

  60. LOL (yuck) LOL

  61. I went out to get some lunch and missed the whole thing.
    Darnate all.
    (sorry.. best I could do..)

  62. HEY! my previous comment was made at ten fifty EIGHT!!! (twelve fifty eight here)
    I’m THAT good.

  63. I laughed so hard
    you made me micturate.

  64. At least you didn’t defecate…

  65. RedZ — on no account should you ever allow a Vogon read poetry to you.

  66. Check out this hamster in a sink:

  67. -ate has got to be one of the most populate syllabyllates.

  68. Suffixuates?

  69. I do not want to castigate,
    or emulate or constigate,
    so I will just commiserate
    with all yas who congregate!

  70. Lauri, must you continue to belabor and exacerbate?
    (Bwa ha.)

  71. I’m finding that I suck at this game, which makes me really irate.

  72. Ha! You guys are nothing but rejects from ‘Elimi-date’!

    (continues with late breakfast, possessing a hunger I need to sate)

  73. And this is comment 68!

  74. (wine me, dine me…)

  75. NO WAY! No FAIR! Theo you suck-ate!

  76. Theo is a reprobate.

  77. In all seriousness, the hamster in the sink cracked me up. Poor little guy!

  78. cripes. I just ‘got’ Theo’s next post.. the one after #68…
    What a degenerate.
    [okay so you have to say that a little bit funny.. work with me here, people.]

  79. [bowing deeply]
    [letting ego inflate]

  80. < -falls to the ground, insensate.

    [It’s the firkin puppeh in the other post. It is killing me.]

  81. Lol!
    Jenne, I must congratulate, for though irate, she still blovates!

    And, Theo did enumerate,
    myself, I must now obliterate.

  82. I think it’s that way, red 😉

    Don’t over-caffeinate.

  84. Mindblock.

  85. ABBYNORMAL says:

    Not to discriminate, but Aubreys puns are first rate.

  86. The sweater in this picture reminds me of the cooler, drier weather that’s to come. Know what that means? We gotta exfoliate. And guys don’t feel too effemin-ate – the weather it will necessitate.

    Just you wait!

  87. That’s no joke, Aubrey.
    I’m in Nebraska, the north-central part of the state.. we had snow flurries this morning.. snow is something I hate 😦

  88. Sorry, Jenne. So I guess this flurry of commentary hasn’t helped much. I hope your snow problems are something to which you’ll be able to acclimate.

  89. CURSES! *shakes fist* Durn you, Aubrey!
    GOT IT!
    Acclimate, Shmacclimate… I’d rather just hibernate!
    [take that!]

  90. With the amount of sheer effort y’all are putting into your rhyming, I do hope the gratification is at least commensurate.

  91. Someone more clever than I (Aubrey, Theo?) needs to adapt Godley & Creme’s “Snack Attack” for CO’s use as “Rack Attack”. (Urk! I’m giving away my advanced age!)

  92. Drawing a total blank… Aubrey?

  93. I remember the “Mac Attack” commercials (not one of the better ad campaigns, tho)…

  94. Um…I’m not even going to attempt to play along, seeing as how my mouth is agape with wonder.

    Thanks AmyH and Theo! (and you didn’t even mock my ignorance! Bless you!)

  95. “I feel like Kojak sitting in a Cadillac
    “I gotta eat, I gotta eat a Flapjack”

    …dub tee eff??!

  96. A thinker says:

    All these rhymes only irritate.

    Guys, you’d better remediate.

  97. omg don’t tell me we’re doing *ack* words now…

  98. ruhroh. Got in trouble.

    I digress. well.. guess we’ve already done that.

    Back to main topic.. REALLY CUTE DOODMOOSE!

  99. ‘Snack Attack’ is completely new to me.

    I guess I just don’t have the knack.

  100. [suddenly have “Muh-muh-muh-myyy Sharona” in my head]

  101. … ROFL! …
    at least it replaces that dang INXS song…! 😀

  102. OMG ROFL What are those Clanger things?? CUTE!! LOL!

  103. Has no one notice the whole ear situation?!?! I mean the ear to body ratio … priceless ….


  105. B. E. F. UNREAL!!!!

  106. ok – mysteries cleared up – Stu is a Deer Mouse (he’s also in the archives on the pocket pets page)… and the sweater IS inside out (good eyes) because his teeny toenails get caught on loose threads on the seams on the inside. The sweater and shirt are his – I only wear them for the hour a day when he’s out in my shirt/sleeve. Then he can chew on them etc and I don’t lose my snazzy couture…all that chewing means I hace to mend holes which leads to loose threads which (you guessed it) leads to and inside out sweater! Ta da!
    Thanks for the feedback,

  107. Stu is The Deermouse!!!! Yeah, yeah, Stu, is, Stu is….

    Ok. Yeah.

  108. Is that anything like a “dormouse?”
    [brandishing teapot]

    Love and twinkly bats,
    – M. Hatter

  109. Don’t know, T. – wake it up and ask.

    Time for my dinner – which should I have, a ham sandwich or hay?

  110. MissMichelle says:

    Chubby cheeks- love’em.

  111. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mice are Nice. But especially deermice. I mean, just *look* at those whiskers!

    Also, you don’t get the full cuteness of Clangers until you’ve heard ’em talk.

    All together now:

    Woooooowooo woooo!

  112. really the smallest of paws but com’on peeps, beedy eye factor!!!!

  113. PS. my names not bob, im not even a guy

  114. Yay for all non-Bobs!