Alert reder Simone T. saw this pupulence in Harajuku Japan and snapped a pic-ta-ru! [Say in Japanese accent]



Love the paw up, but goo’ lo’ that shirt has gots tah go! oh!



  1. KA-WAI!
    I love how adored and pampered dogs and cats are in Japan.

  2. He sure looks happy even if the shirt is a bit much.

  3. aaaaah!
    prosh prosh prosh!
    happy puppy!

  4. there’s some sort of matching flowers on his head! oof!

  5. NO WAI

    That ain’t no pooch, that’s a Muppet!

  6. That’s a muppet. You can’t fool me!

  7. Wow, that dog’s lovin’ the attention. I love how he’s all 😀 at the camera.

  8. I kinda like the shirt on him. It’s good with his coloring.

  9. EGADS! He looks like a stuffed toy!!!

    Gotta love that Hawaiian print.

  10. I seriously thought it was a stuffed animal before the rest of the photo loaded.

  11. YAY Muppet puppy!

  12. A thinker says:

    Oh My Goodness.

    I think it’s another for the “stuffed toy” category. That ain’t no dog!

    And at least his shirt matches his red fur…

  13. kawaii!!!!

  14. Gah! Blinded by the brightness of the fluorescent shirt and tongue!

  15. Happy happy poodaru! Bubblicious.

  16. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Sweetness! Surf’s up! Is there good surfing in Japan?

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppeh quite so happeh before. Widdle poodle-woodle! My gran used to breed them and I’ve always had a soft spot for the little guys.

  18. SPRIGHTLY is the word for this muppy.

    Also, Theo, “muppy” (short for muppet puppy) should go in the CO dictionary!

  19. For some reason this dog reminds me of wierd al yankovic.

  20. Does anyone else think he looks like Rolf, the muppet?

    Apricot poodles are definitely the redheads of the canine world.

  21. I think he is wearing barrettes.

  22. Just for future reference Meg, ‘picture” in Japanese is Shashim.

    *ding ding ding ding* The more you know…..

  23. firefinch says:

    He could work at Trader Joe’s wearing that shirt.

  24. the shirt rocks!


  26. That dog looks like a stuffed animal, not a real dog! You had me fooled me for a minute.

  27. That is one happy dog. Yay. 🙂

  28. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Thank you. It has rained all day here (it’s 4pm) and it’s really miserable and that picture has brought some colour into a nasty grey day. Feel better already! Puts sunglasses on….

  29. “Pupulence”??? That’s a new one that surely must be added to the C.O. dictionary…

    Oh and the pup – adorable but I agree, lose the jacket and barettes.

  30. LOL, firefinch!

    I wish I felt like that puppy.

  31. NebraskaErin says:

    I think “muppy” is a good word for the muppet puppy. He knows he’s handsome!! He’s all, “Look at how cute I am as I raise my paw and pant with my bright pink tongue all hanging out…”

    I think there is a place for him among my stuffed animals.

  32. Kar — I definitely think the pup looks like Rowlf from the muppets.

    This picture made my morning!

  33. Ever since I showed my dog that picture, she’s been begging me to take her to Japan so she can ask the little muppy where he got his cute shirt.

  34. Since he’s got flower barettes on his ears to match the shirt, maybe puppeh is a she-pup?

  35. Aw.. I was feeling really bad at work but remembered to check CO and now I’m smiling again. Thanks Meg and everyone for their cute comments.

  36. Most DEF a muppy. I love the curly muppy fur.

    If you wanted proof that dogs can smile…here it is. I don’t mind the shirt, because it fits her attitude.

  37. Pillow- Picture in Japanese is actually “shashin” or “写真”.

    Oh, how I want to snorgle that 小っちゃい犬!

  38. I apologize–that should have been “mos def” not “most def”… that spell checker thing doesn’t catch my use of alternative linguistics, if you will.

  39. Is that Rolf’s grandson? Someone put that dog at a piano!

  40. Maybe the shirt is just because the dog is a fan of Weird Al. They both have the same hair, too! 😛

  41. I didn’t realize till now she has barrettes in her ears! Even happier!

  42. Birdchick — “You shake my nerves & you rattle my brain…”

  43. かわいい!

  44. I think the shirt kind of makes him look all Tom Sellick-ish.

  45. OMG That tongue! That tongue!! It’s PERFECT! haha

  46. That muppy is truly beautiful. Perfect floofulence!

    And, she does look like Weird Al! 🙂


    It is the rainiest dreariest day ever, here, too…but…meh, it’s midOctober in Meeshigan!

  47. Her muzzlepuff/whiskerpooch is wearing a wig!!! Squeeeeee!

  48. I don’t know how to do kanji in this thing >< ;;

    Actually Caroline, in many places in Japan the “n” sound is pronounced as “m”, and that’s how I learned it.

    ^-^ So cut me some slack, Japanese ~ English translations are often skewed.

  49. ka9q's wife says:

    oh my god I am so totally in heaven. I want a dog so much.

  50. Oh my…I don’t know if anyone else noticed but this muppy has little polka dotted bows behind his/her ears!


    She/he has a better hair cut than most humans I know 😛

  51. Pillow-

    Yes, the “n” is often pronounced & romanized as “m” before p’s, m’s, or b’s (labial consonants): eg: sempai (せんぱい)or kampai (かんぱい). However, that usage does not apply to words ending in ”ん” such as ryokan (りょかん)or kantan (かんたん).

    For reference:

    But what of linguistics and standardized romanizations: Puppy barrettes! 🙂

  52. *sigh* Caroline, I love you, but don’t ruin this post with your matter-of-factness and attitude, ok? You’d think you’d be happy that someone else speaks Japanese, so don’t act like my mother and try to anally correct every little thing like that. Just enjoy the cute puppy, already. ~_~;;

  53. aw jeez Pillow… let’s not get peevish about that, please please?

  54. This morning’s lousy, and I don’t know when this computer’s going to blink out again, so I’ll be brief: THANK YOU for this sweet, smiling pup! The shirt’s atrocious, yeah, but you can’t argue with a dog who looks so happy.

  55. I love seeing a bark out on a lark.

  56. Self-confidence is the one fashion accessory that is NEVER out of style.

    Look at that pup WORK that shirt!

  57. FionnaCathyLizzie says:

    anyone else getting a Don Ho vibe from this little pooch?

    tiny curls, on my pup
    make him happy, make me perk up
    tiny hairclips, overcome the rain
    with a feelin that i’m gonna love him til the end of time!

  58. Aubrey — ever seen “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”? I’m reminded of a line…

  59. Poodles—I hate’m! 😦

  60. T., I saw it years ago. I am going to regret (or enjoy) this, but…what was the line?

  61. OK. Background: clever Aussie road movie featuring drag queens. Guy Pearce’s character makes it known that he wants to put on the most elaborate drag ensemble possible, and then climb to the top of Uluru (fka Ayer’s Rock). Hearing this, Terence Stamp’s character has this to say:

    “That’s just what this country needs… A c**k, in a frock, on a rock.”

  62. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo-loved the piano. I can hear him now. “Baroo. baroooo. Baroo!”

  63. Is it just me, or does the dog’s mouth looks like it goes all the way across its head? Cute, but also kind of bizarre!

  64. T., I enjoyed, and did not regret.

    (wearing Texas Chainsaw Mascara as I type this)

  65. I took this picture in Harajuku in june 06. I seriously thought it was a toy until I got closer and asked to take a picture, and the thing barked. that was just as cute as it… it is real folks. it was very strange

  66. You really *are* a loon, Aubrey.
    (…and the “mascara” reference reminds me of another creepy-a$$ movie with Chris Walken and Rupert “Teh Stick” Everett)

  67. Thanks for the background, Simone.
    (Just because it barks doesn’t mean it’s NOT a toy, heh…)

  68. funny thing is all the dogs I saw in Japan were about as cute as this one. they were all dressed better than me…

  69. Well, I’ve been waiting all day for someone to make a “Hawaiian shirt Friday” reference, but nooooo … so I gotta do it myself, and then finish this @$%&# TPS report …

  70. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I’m not a fan of poodles myself, but I can’t argue the appeal of a smiling dog, and this little red devil has definitely got his grin on.

  71. Oh baby, rocking the shirt. And the little dealy bobs on the ears too. This clearly is a K=9 clothes horse. Would prolly pitch a fit if you tried to take the outfit off.

    Rock on stylin’ pup.

  72. I was wondering who stole my car seat covers. I see it was this dog who made them into a shirt.

  73. This poodle reminds me of ALF

  74. It looks like a dog version of a ganguro girl! Mae-ken would be proud.

  75. Rolf is the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture! Then, of course, of how cute he is. 😀

  76. how embarassing…i don’t think i have any shirts that are that well-pressed.

  77. Iiiiittt’ss Fooozzzyyy Bbbeeearrrr, yaaayyyyyy, in frantic Kermit Voice.

  78. This pic is SO CUTE.

    Demo, you spelled “kampai” wrong…

  79. I was once walking up the steps to the sacre couer in Paris and I thought the man in front of me had a teddybear in his leather backpack, then the teddy turned around and looked at me!! and it looked just like this muppy!!

  80. Colpuz, I just had a ‘Brideshead Revisited’ flashback…

  81. Harajuku,so famous for outrageous fashion. This pup should be on tour with Gwen Stefani.

  82. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Adorable doggy but that shirt is uguly buguly!

  83. LMAO
    Cute puppy and cute typo of Japanese =D

    You wanted to say “Cheers”, rigt? It should be K”A”MPAI or KANPAI.

    KOMPAI means Exhaustion
    in Japanese lol

    Anyways, CuteOverload always makes me smile, thanx a lot!

  84. MissMichelle says:

    What a cutey! I love how the pup looks as if she has pigtails, but really, it’s her ears! …hmm, is that an orange harness on her around the hawaiian shirt? It’s pretty…

  85. I’m not even a dog person and one of my pet peeves is dressing up animals… but I LURV that doggie. What great puppitude! I love the shirt and matching ear ribbons/barrettes! Hall of Fame!

  86. Ahhh he is sooo cute! He looks like a stuffed animal!

  87. This is obviously a dog who is *REALLY* happy to be going on a trip! Even the shirt is cute! (And horrid at the same time.) What a dolly!!!!

  88. Espilonarge says:

    They may look cute and friendly when they’re all happy but the instant they go feral, they are seriously uggggg-ly! o.o;

  89. I had to say goodbye to my beloved kitty five days ago. I have been looking at this picture every day to cheer myself up. Thank you.

  90. My god, its a muppet!

  91. OMG! Is that real? It looks just like a stuffed animal (except the tongue). Too cute.