Two things.

OK, folks, two things. First,

1. WHO names a dog "Marcy"? Can cats named "Linda" be far behind!?
2. I’d like to make a request to you, the C.O. audience, that we change one of our important C.O. vocab words. The word is:


I’d like to change it to:

"Muzzlepouch" or even "whiskerpouch"

For the following reasons:
A. It’s really not a ‘puff’ it’s a ‘pouch’
B. ‘pouch’ sounds funnier when you say it like this: "whees-kare-pow-che" [cracking self up]

Thank you for your consideration.


Nice pow-che, Marceh! (And sender-inner Britta!)



  1. A thinker says:

    Weell, on *some* animals (including Exhibit A here), it might be more of a pouch than a puff. But I still prefer “muzzlepuff”…

  2. I wasn’t too keen on the changeover from puff to pouch until your hilar Frawnsh transliteration.

    Now, I’m sold.

    And if we have dogs named Marcy and cats named Linda, can we squeeze in…I don’t know…hammies named Walter?

  3. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Can’t we keep both? I like Muzzlepuff too! We could use muzzlepuff for the really furry fuzzy sorts.

  4. “Muzzlepuff” is already established, y’know. Try Googling it (and “muzzlepuffs” too).

    I can add a VARIANT into the Glossary, though, as a note or something. Maybe “Wheeskarepowche” could be a See Also.

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    Muzzlepuff for the smaller species, cats, etc.

    Muzzlepouch for large dogs named Marcy and walruses.

    I love the name Marcy on a dog. I like animals to have people names, as they are people, too!

  6. (Which reminds me, the “Dream Office” entry needs some updating. That whole concept of Post-It hummingbirds is just too good, f’rinstance. And pneumatic hamsters, like at a bank drive-thru.)

  7. I must protest… I only recently incorporated muzzlepuff into a fully-functioning member of my vocabulary! A change now would set me back weeks!

  8. “Whiskerpouch” is DEFINITELY a walrus thing. LOL

  9. MU-ZZLE-PUFF! MU-ZZLE-PUFF! (I’m like one of those football fans, standing here with my shirt off yelling, with MUZZLEPUFF printed on my tummy) No pouch, all puff!!

  10. [ahem]
    [raises hand, somewhat sheepishly]
    Excuse me, Ms. Frost,please…As the originator of the word “muzzlepuff” I’d be really happy if it stayed… Though muzzlepouch is also a good word. For other cases where it applies…

  11. Kittens and pocket pets most definitely have muzzlepuffs. I have asked my cat most seriously if her muzzle is puffed, and she responds in a purringly affirmative manner.

    Big dogs, such as mastiffs, have very moist, drooly muzzlepouches.

  12. We definitely need to see a walrus to really come to a decision. Walrus post this afternoon?

  13. No, “muzzlepuff” is much cuter.

  14. leprechaun says:

    I vote for “muzzlepouch,” as “muzzle” rhymes with “nuzzle” and therefore sounds infinitely cute in a baby-voice.

  15. yes, muzzle puff for the wee ones and muzzle pouch for the biggies!
    and marcy’s muzzle is definitely a pouch! an impressive one at that! such a cutie…so many cuties, so little time! :o)

  16. TookiethePetulant says:

    Actually, as a human named Linda, I’m all for cats named Linda. I would mention my nickname as a wee one was Linda-Cat, as we had a few cats, and my middle name starts with CAT.

    the Muzzle____ issue: Call it what you will – but I suggest to change the catagory of “Kittens” to “Cattens” – that way the still-cute older cats get their props, too.

  17. Hmm…

    1. Marcy – acceptable dog name, I think. Linda (or Brenda or Mavis, etc.) NOT good cat names. Need to stick with “Smoochums” or “Tibbles”, or the like. (I thought this was a name I heard in a Monty Python sketch. In google-ing it, I found an interesting bit about a real-life Tibbles ) VERY naughty kitty indeed!

    2. “Mooz-ahl-poofe”, still sounds good to me!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  18. How about muzzlepooch as a compromise. You know how babies have a poochie, soft little tummy, well, this doggeh has a poochie, soft little muzzle. Muzzlepooch.
    As in “Cheree, nooz-el moi weez yoor soft lee-tel mooz-elpooch.

    Also, I always thought Frank would be a great name for a dog.

  19. And don’t forget how “muzzlepuff” sounds congratulatory, like “mazel tov”, and has been used in place of “mazel tov” already among the Peeps.

  20. Is that chocolate? The treat is cute but isn’t chocolate bad for dogs and cats?

  21. Ok, not on topic, but I tought that chocolat was dangerous for dogs.
    So WTF? Happy birthday/deathday?

  22. That might be tough. I’ve been calling my kitty beasts “Little Muzzlepuff-puffs”. I’m not sure “Little Muzzlepouch-pouches” has the same amount of cute.

  23. The reason chocolate can be dangerous to dogs is, if a dog finds a large supply of chocolate, he/she might eat ALL of it (past the point of satiation). And I’m talking pounds or kilos of chocolate, here. Then it’s dangerous.

    A drizzle of frosting on a biscuit is OK.

  24. er… I think that word is actually supposed to be “satiety”

  25. You know, it could be ‘chocolate’ made of carob.

    Not everyone are set on killing their darling muzzlepuffs. Ha!


    only some rodents have muzzlepouches….dogs do NOT, NO NO NO NO.

    Muzzlepuff FOREVER.

    besides, Jaypo the originator should have a say….as long as I agree….and I do.

  27. The people who name there dogs Marcy are like the people who name their dogs Molly! My kind of people! Definitely need a second category for the pouchier muzzles.

  28. (besides, I thought it was supposed to be ONION that brought instant farty death to anything on four legs, oh noes)

  29. I want whatever he’s eating!!!

    Oh, and I think muzzlepuff should stay, but you could make it muzzlePOOF for extra emphasis.

  30. dragonrose says:

    Also, I have seen carob, which is a sort of “chocolate substitute,” used in doggy treats. No harm to the puppy, but it still tastes good.

  31. Actually, the problem is that dogs (and cats) can’t digest theobromine — one of the key elements in chocolate. Their livers can’t process it. Thus, the size of the animal has a lot to do with it. This dog’s pretty big, but that much chocolate for a cat could be really bad.
    Interestingly, dogs and cats both still like the taste of chocolate (like we do) even though it’s bad for them.

  32. I think Marcy is a good name. So CUTE!

  33. What’ve you got against my bromine, hmmm??

  34. …and yes, it’s toxic to four-leggers, but in large quantities.

  35. Aw, jeez, already we got etymological dilemmas…I agree that said in the funny accent, whiskerpouch is cute. But my heart belongs to muzzlepuff, because, well, because I love the word puff. My first cat, who died a tragic death many years ago, was named Esther Puffkitty, because she the most amazing white puffy cheekies. We were ignorant in those days and did not know of “muzzlepuff,” but oh, those cheekies were puffy.

    So, on the front of nostalgia and sentimentality, I vote muzzlepuff, with regional variant muzzlepouch/whiskerpouch.

  36. I like “muzzlepuff”. Puff just sounds more endearing. And I’d be more inclined to kiss a puff over a pouch. Especially when they get “lovepucker”. KWIM?

  37. puff all the way.
    stay the course.
    don’t be a flip-flopper, meg.

  38. Keep Muzzlepuff!! I am thisclose to getting my husband to say it to our baby Shar Pei, who has muzzlepuff for DAYS… I have been slowly introducing CO words into his vocabulary, as much as it pains him. Can’t turn back now!

    Re: the chocolate and what-not. Marcy’s yum-yum looks Xactly like what we buy from Three Dog Bakery. Has CO never heard of such a place?? [The Horror!]


  39. Denise in Nebraska says:

    We are fighting a losing battle, here, because linguistically, the word “puff” is infinitely more cute than the word “pouch”. The end. However, the word “whiskar-poucheeee” has them both beat. I say it’s all in the context. No reason why all terms cannot be used interchangably to reflect variations of descriptive cuteness in a plethora of species. This point of view has been brought to you by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

  40. I love people names for the kittehs and puppehs and hammies and bunnehs etc etc!
    I have a Joey, Arnold, Cletus, Delilah, Molly, Elaine, and Daisy!
    (and — not to slight anyone — a Matisse, Sparky, and Patches too!)

  41. 1. My dogs are named Wesley and Baylor
    B. This treat appears to be from the Three Dog Bakery, where all treats are natural and dog-friendly (this is, in fact, carob). It was started over a decade ago in Kansas City by Dan and Mark and named after their three dogs – Sarah, Dottie and Gracie – and now have franchises all over the US. Visit their website…it’s great! You’ll love it and your dogs will love you for loving it.
    III. It’s my understanding that it takes approximately an ounce of chocolate per pound of dog for it to be lethal. My dog Baylor is a secret binger and I know more than I care to know about what it takes to be fatal for a pooch.

  42. you guys r silly says:

    I used to know a German Shepherd named Frank.

  43. Maybe the dog’s name is Marc T. Or maybe it’s a misspelled Monsieur T. The sender-inner could be French. Thus, the dog’s name is Mr. T – isn’t that fabulous.

    But then… I had turtles named Aaron and Ormond (said the snooty way, not the dorky way).

  44. Marcy is a wonderful name a dog! Sounds so sweet! And I think this Marcy is spoiled!!!! LOL

  45. Bulldogs.

    Are there any cuter creatures on this earth?


  46. BlueFairy says:

    Kayte: I have a dog named Frank. I found him October 3rd (St Francis Day Eve). He was dumped and running down a farm road near where I was pet sitting at the time. I jumped out of my car and grabbed him. He bit me so I had to keep him for ten days, that was five years ago now.

  47. bunnajenny says:

    I have to vote for Muzzlepuff. Not only does it depend on the size of the pup, but also on its muzzle-shape. For instance, my spaniel could never pull off a muzzlepouch, but he has a wonderful muzzlepuff. It’s especially prosh when he pushes out little huffs of pre-whine and the puff, well, it puffs.

    We could also consider that the pup’s treat is carob.

    A tale of dogs and chocoate: Growing up I lived with a dalmatian who, each Christmas, no matter where we put them, would find and devour a box of After Eights – box, cellophane, plastic tray, waxed paper, chocolate, and minty-good center. Perhaps the peppermint aided in the digestion of the not so canine friendly parts. She lived to be 14 and wasn’t done in by the Eights.

    Having appeared blase about the dog and chocolate thing, I’m the crazy person who spent hours on line id’ing toxic plants and eliminating them from the garden this summer just so our pup wouldn’t mistakenly chow down on English Ivy, Yew…

  48. Kittenpie says:

    Marcy is totally an appropriate dog name. Depending on the cat, Linda works too.

    Best cat names in that genre that I’ve ever come across: two cats in the same house, “Bill” and “Joyce”. AHAHAHAHA! Can’t you just see the suburban cat-couple-dom??

  49. you guys r silly says:

    Little rodent critters that store their treats away have muzzlePOUCHES —- NON-treat-storing critters have muzzlePUFFS. (Even though their puffs may seem PAUNCHY, they are still not *regulation* pouches.
    There’s MY say.

  50. My lady cat is named Darryl.

    Keep Muzzlepuff. It’s def. a “puff” rather than a pouch. A pouch implies that the muzzle is holding something, like a kangaroo joey.

  51. That dog cookie makes the picture! Can we have a cute food category? My dog’s name is Holly. =D

  52. This has probably been mentioned, but among cat breeders the “muzzlepuff” as you call it is always referred to as the “whisker pad.”


  53. Madame S. says:

    Yes, “muzzlepuff” must stay. “Muzzlepouch” is an acceptable variant, I’d say. And I have a PhD in English. No, seriously.

    My cousin had a cat named Jason. I’m just sayin’, is all.

  54. ShelleyTambo says:

    I agree that muzzlepuff seems more appropriate, esp for the wee ones.

    Re dogs and chocolate, my understanding is that milk chocolate isn’t great, but dark chocolate is the worst. I know a dog who once ate a whole bag of Christmas Hershey kisses (regular milk chocolate). She was pooping tinsel for a week (leaving sparkly piles in the backyard), but no health problems resulted.

  55. I still like muzzlepuff, too. It applies better to hamsters, rats, cats, etc. How about muzzlepouch for dogs?

    I have a rat named Marcy. Her full name is Marcy Marcella Ratty Rat. I also have rats named Sally and Patty. I named them after the female Peanuts characters. Lucy, unfortunately, died last summer.

  56. Muzzlepuff. Motion fails.

  57. Ariel — [shudder]
    For the record, one phrase which will *never* appear in the CO Glossary is “stay the course”.
    “Cut and run” is right out, as well.

  58. MuzzlePuff all the way, especially with the little ones.

  59. “And don’t forget how “muzzlepuff” sounds congratulatory, like “mazel tov””

    LaurieC, that was exactly my reference to it when it came to mind. Great minds, great minds…

  60. Yes, muzzlepuff is infinitely cuter but sometimes, a pouch is a pouch. So I vote for keeping that as a variant, used when appropriate.

    2 of my cats are Jake and Al. And the funniest names I personally know of are my friend Kate’s dogs, Jeff and Gretchen.

  61. I’m all about keeping both or, all three. English is a growing, changing language and the more decription the better!

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Let’s expand our vocabulary and do both! Variety is a good thing. Choices!

    On the matter of names, however, I tend to be more conservative. It annoys me to go to the suburbs and see dogs named Sally and Fred and children named Remington and Bentley and Topanga.

  63. bunnajenny says:

    Our cats are named George and Emily. Tywyn the Spaniel, is Tywyn Oliver, new puppy, who comes home on Sunday, is Meggan Piper. My parents gave me the raised eyebrows and asked what we’d name human children, if they happen…I replied promptly and politely: Spot and Tigger.

  64. Simple.

    Muzzlepuff for cats,

    and Whiskerpouch for doggies.


  65. “asked what we’d name human children, if they happen…I replied promptly and politely: Spot and Tigger.”

    Beautiful, bunnajenny!

  66. This picture, the presence of the yummy choc treat, implies eating. I would say that a stationary muzzle in such a situation would be impossible. This is the perfect example of ‘muzzle motion’.

    Oh, and I used to know a dog named Elaine.

  67. One of my customers has a cat named Keith. I was talking to her on the telephone and she asked me to hang on. I could hear her yelling “Keith!, get down, off the counter, get down now!! I thought that Keith dude is CRAYZZZZZAY and then she explained that Keith was a cat and he was trying to get a chicken that was defrosting on the counter. But let’s remember I had dogs named Larry-Bob and Hank……. I have not room to talk.

  68. I prefer human names for animal companions. dunno why, just do.
    rooms with teh SO, Steven Elizabeth and Princess Hank.

  69. I knew a dachsund named Barb.
    I *heart* Marcy’s muzzlepouch! Looks like a pair of pincushions stuck to her snout!
    Oh, I have a friend named Shannon, who has a friend with a dog named Shannon. Once she was visiting them and her friend yelled “Shannon, SIT!” whereupon my friend immediately plopped down on the couch.

  70. and btw Alice, teh SO’s name is Keith, so I’m having a pretty serious laugh with your story about “Keith the not-quite-frozen-chicken wannabe thief”

  71. AuntieMame says:

    Ah well, to each his (or her) own. De gustibus and all that.

    What cracks me up about the photo is how delicately Marci (Marcy? Marc!? Mssr. T?) is taking the yummy into her mouth. You expect most dogs to snort the thing whole and be licking up the crumbs by the time the human gets around to snapping the photo.

  72. I named one of my cats Gary. People always do a double-take when they hear that…


  73. Mullepuff rolls of the tongue a little better, although you are the boss whatever you say goes, afterall notice how everyone’s language on this site changes on your whim. I have never seen so many people all of a sudden change the spelling of kitty to kitteh, so quickly, it’s unreal.
    Oh and my two cats are named Betty and Robert. I really like human names on pets, it’s really cute

  74. My dad used to have a pet duck named “Karen”.

  75. No no no! I must insist that we keep muzzlepuff. Sorry, I must.

  76. Awww, Theo, your bromine is just fine… 🙂

    My grandparents have a cocker spaniel who ate an entire container of chocolate covered espresso beans. We thought it was the caffeine in chocolate that was bad for the dog and but since it’s not, the dog was okay. The carpet on the other hand…

  77. hehe, I just sent this to my boss, Marci, who owns a Dobie named BOB! hahaha

  78. PS, my pets names are Calvin, Trent, Suzy, Hide, Emma, Sasha, Molly & Roxie & the bulk of them have normal middle names too, lol

  79. OK, here goes:

    1. Please by *all means* keep “muzzlepuff,” but add “whiskerpouch” as a variant. It works well for some animals, like seals…

    2. I’m bettin’ that the cookie came from a dog bakery, or Trader Joe’s, mayhap… There’s money in dog and cat cookies these days, complete with fancy carob decorations/icing.

    mariser, I’m all for human names for pets, but how did ya come up with Steven Elizabeth? 😉

  80. Bluefairy: Frank apparently thought you were sweet enough to eat!

    The real problem is that my daughter Maggie keeps asking me why I gave her a dog name.

  81. I vote for ‘muzzlepuff’, on the grounds that ‘puff’ is inherently cuter than ‘pouch’. Was it Mel Brooks who said that words with an ‘f’, a ‘ck’, or an ‘er’ at the end are guaranteed to be funny? (Words with an ‘f’ at the beginning are _not_! — Emc^2)

    And I’ll see your Marcy and raise you three cats named Brendan, Montgomery (Monty), and Doratea (Dusty). I’ll even throw in dogs Joe and Robert (Robbie) for lagniappe…

  82. I’m with Teho – Muzzle-/whiskerpouch could be a See Also variant in the Glossary. As so many have already stated, there are some animals (walrusesesesses) who would have the pouch, and some (kitties, hammies) who would have the puff.

  83. anneelizmary says:

    I’m just not feelin’ the pouch options. Muzzlepuff is already a part of my own lexicon now. You can’t just remove it from use. Its the muzzle-puffiness which makes it more-than-muzzle. Once one has correctly identified the part of the pooch (the muzzle) one may be fanciful with the descriptor. Oui?

    I think also of the various other places a pouch might be (under the eye, as your guest cuteologist notes), in the area of the ‘tocks, in the belly below the button, and so forth. If you begin to designate other pouches, perhaps you then might use whiskerpouch as a variant.

    Sorry about Lucy, Robbie.

    From Anne, and Lizzy (she iz a poodle Amamzonne, oui?), and Ivan, Minnie, and Seamus (kittehs).

  84. For the rec, I still like muzzlepuff.

  85. Marcy is a much more normal name then my kitteh’s.. she came with the name of ‘Vivian’ and it took me a really long time to not make a discusted face when pronouncing it.

  86. brownamazon says:

    I liek pets with incongruous people names. My friend has 2 boxers named Miranda and Michaela. And A guy I know named the 2 kittens he got from the pound Mohammed and Rashid because those were the names of the two Muslim guys who lived in his apartment before him, which he knew because he waas still getting mail for them all the time.

  87. “The stockmarket goes ‘Baroo??'”

    How dreamy is THAT?

  88. lunacydress says:

    Sorry, I like “muzzlepuff”- while it may be anatomically incorrect, it sounds like something J.K. Rowling would name a wizard in a Harry Potter book! So cute.

    I don’t think Marcy’s a horrible name for a dog- sort of a cute, girly name for a non-girly dog.

  89. In this case, where the subject in question is a Frenchie, “snuzzlepuff” might make more sense. They are constantly snuffling around…

  90. I’m quite partial to whisker humps. 🙂

  91. I had a hammie named Hank. All my pets had real names. Geez, they’re real people aren’t hey? Would you name your kid Fido?

  92. Muzzlepouch. Hmmmm… It’s ok. Go for it.

  93. I would totally name a cat Linda, but then, my family history includes cats named Matthew, Norman, Lily, Rose, Troy, Robin and Meg.

  94. Linda is tame compared to my mom’s cat Prudence and her dog Olivia. And I have a cat names Archie. Nothing wrong with that! :^P

    Oh, and muzzlepuff forever!

  95. jack and roscoe!

  96. My bully is named Ada Mae–a good human name for a dog, and especially fitting for a bulldog. My parents’ Westie is named Julie…a name frequently judged to be weird for a dog by anyone who hears it.

    Incidentally, I prefer the technical term for the bully-kind of muzzlepuff–flews. Bully flews are the best!

  97. Well, it took all of 21 comments before someone ass*umed that the DOGGIE bisquit had chocolate on it. But I shouldn’t be so smug. Didn’t know my cats shouldn’t eat chocolate, either. Jessica, thanks for the info.
    Theo, ‘your bromine’ tee hee. You’re so silly.

  98. HECK NO!!! Muzzlepuff WILL NOT GO!

  99. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m just so glad i’m not the only human who gives her pets first AND middle names! I have a Normina Belle (kitteh), Riley George (kitteh), and Ruby Josephine (black bear hammie).

  100. I named my bunny Patsy because…well…she asked me to.

  101. All our dogs have had middle names. Pepper Michelle, Cookie Marie, Ada Mae…usually french middle names. Weird.

  102. Im 100% for “muzzlepuff” its so much more cute! puffs always win

  103. Karen in Toronto says:

    My current pwners are Bwai and Gril (sisters, aged 6 years, black) and Fiasco T. Peabrain (male, aged 1/5th year, grey and white). The T is for ther (as in Winnie ther Pooh).

    Previous pwners (going back to 1960) were Fluffy (male, creamsicle), Chester (female, tortie), MacIntosh (male, black), Tuktoyaktuk (male, tuxedo), Gilead (male, grey and white tabby), Sandy (female, brown tabby), Figaro (male, black).

  104. Venabambina says:

    I agree!! Don’t change muzzlepuff. The word muzzlepouch makes me think of a big, scary, drooly dog carrying something in his “pouch”. Ooo, like Cujo. I do, however, think it’s appropriate for the use of kangaroos.

  105. Venabambina says:

    BTW, all my animals have human names. It makes me laugh. My cat’s named Carmen. My birds are Molly, Mandy, and Misty. My uncle used to have dogs named Norman and Mike. Cracked me up, I tell ya.

  106. Well OK, since we’re sharing pet names… my sister & I grew up with a male Siamese named “Ching” (her idea). Ching was afraid of a mallard duck we fostered for a while (“Ducky Lucky” — also her idea).

    Much later, Le Schmoop & I adopted Zeitgeist and Spot from the Golden Valley Humane Society. “Z” is no longer with us, but Spot still jumps up into the sink every time we brush our teeth.

    Others: Samantha (Maine Coon), Catastrophe Goldfish (long-haired FEMALE marmie), Spot’s kittens: Cub, Detour, Yin, Yang, and Ariadne; Tidbit (hutch bunny, R.I.P.), Willow “The Pillow” Wabbit (still disapprovin’); Lorna, Leroy, Nimbus, Fuzz, Popkin, Moop; and most recently & briefly, Artemis.

  107. hrh.squeak says:

    One rat named Bert. Refused to name the other rat Ernie; he’s Nugget.

    One cat named Maxine, who usually gets called Max, and one cat named Susie. One cat named Bubeleh; he gets called Boober for everydays.

  108. …and of course, I can’t forget Teh 0wch himself, Mr. Bounce (aka “Aslan”).

  109. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – Is it that you are referrin’ to Spot the Satisfactory? I always thought that was one of the best pet names Evar!!

  110. Yep! And I note your “Ratbert” too.

  111. AuntieMame says:

    Re: the Dream Office

    After a diet of catnip, suet, T-bones, broccolis, Milanos, burger-cakes (no onion), etc., I daresay our output would be sublime.

    Or something…

  112. I have a cat named Linda =P

  113. Those are options, AuntieM. OPTIONS. (Yux0rs.)

    Hmm, there really ought to be pocky, too…

  114. AuntieMame says:

    Yeah, but you know. Does anyone ever have just one thing at the buffet? Or do they sample a little of everything?

    And this is surely a free buffet and not a snack machine you have to *pay* for. Right?!?

  115. can there be veggies for the humans?

  116. also for roscoe the hound-dog, who loves sweet taters and corn on the cob. he nibbles it right offa there!

  117. Well geeshe I can’t put EVERYTHING in a Glossary blurb. I expect there’d be plenty of subsidized yums for everybodys, though.

  118. Dangerkitty says:

    I prefer muzzlepuff:)

  119. Mame, I think the output would be more slimey than sublimey. (Sorry.)

    T., my cat friend who runs after me on my walk home from work, caught up with me, and – as usual, produced her Affection Arsenal: she rolled over on my foot, gave me head bonks, but then tried to crawl up my leg, and then she BIT MY TOE! I experienced Teh Ouch and it was swell!

  120. Only if I can say:

    Muzzzzhhle POW – WICH

    (I still reserve the right to say “Muzzlepuff”)

  121. Holy crap, CosmiqueMuffin — ?!??

    (Peeps, ith time for tie-tie… )

  122. I don’t think I have ever lol’d so many times in one thread.
    Thank you to all for the pet names and stories.
    Even tho I haven’t been able to drop in too frequently lately, you peeps just make my day. Espesh after a lousy couple weeks here… sniff… I lufs you peeps…

  123. useta hada kitteh says:

    Nope. No pouches for me. Puffs all the way. Muzzlepuff, muzzlepoof, nope no pouches. Pouches are the handbags that kangaroos carry their joeys in. Pouches are not receptacles for whitskers even on a big dog type aminal. No pouches, I say!

    Muzzlepuffs all the way! (have I made myself clear on that?)

  124. kk, I know I’m late, but:

    My kitters are named:

    O (he’s a marmie…in fact, he’s the BEST marmie in the world!)



    On the flip side of the coin, my sister named her two cats:

    Ciate (pronounced: see-A-tee) and Catu (pronounced Ca-two

  125. My can’t name is Liz! (holding head high)

  126. Oh, and:

    What do we want?


    When do we want it?


  127. NebraskaErin says:

    I love the pet name stories!

    Past pets: Frisco (kitteh named for Jack Wagner’s character on General Hospital), Dakota Belle (Kody for short, black lab/golden retriever mix), Seamus, Sinbad, Simone (Sam for short), Sierra (we had a thing for S names for cats, apparently). My mom has a golden retriever mix named Abby, and an Abyssinian kit named Namir (Persion for “Lion”).

    The only pet we had with a non-pet name was Snoopy, a cat we inherited from a little old lady who had gone into a nursing home. Snoopy only lasted a couple of months with us, though.

  128. NebraskaErin says:

    ^^ Should be “only pet we had with a non-HUMAN name”

  129. I once had a pair of very very small mice. One was named Shroom Pup, owing to her hallucinatory behavior. The other was named Dorito Magoo, because 1.) she smelled like a bag of Doritos and 2.) I think she was mostly blind.

    They were lab mouse “rescues.” Basically I rescued them by reaching into one of the lab’s mouse bins, grabbing two and sneaking them out in my pocket. I hope the second half of their lives was happier than the first.

  130. Human names are the funniest!
    You can get really creative with fish names cause you don’t have to call them or give them commands. I named my siamese fighting fish “Roberto”

  131. was traveling all day and attempting to catch up with all the CO-work to be done in my dream office…

    I know a cat named Timothy and a WA-WA named Phaedra. Phaedra wears dresses and tiaras (obviously).

    My dog (choc lab) is named for a russian scientest (Pavlov) because she rings a bell to request to go outside.

    After pav though, my husband and I made a solemn promise to each other: every other pet that comes into our life will be named for beer, based on their color/personality etc.

    For example my next chocolate lab (shopping for a boy that needs adopted) will be named Porter and should I stumble upon a yellow friend…he’ll be named Pilsner. now if I find a mutt I can’t get enough of, he’ll probably be called “high life”

    Re: muzzlepuff. To quote Garth Algar “we fear change.” However, muzzlepouch is perfectly acceptable but I think we should attach the rule that it must always be said in the FRANCH ak-son. (or is it italian? scusi?)

  132. Oooooo, I love, cosmiquemuffin! 🙂


  133. This is definitely a carob covered treat, not chocolate. Carob is very common as a chocolate substitute for dog treats. Its less likely to melt all over the carpet than chocolate too.

    While this dog may have a whiskerpouch instead of muzzlepuff, both words should stay in the vocabulary for appropriate situations.

  134. I love people names for pets. My oldest cat is Felix (which could be kitty or person), then I got into naming them jazz-musician names, so I had Ella (Fitzgerald) and now have Maxine (Sullivan) and Fletcher (Henderson).

  135. I haven’t read all the comments on the puff-pouch debate but maybe we can all agree that Pouch can be used on the bigger cuties and puff can be used on the wee ones…..truce????k?

    On another note, my hubby refuses to look at CO whenever I ask him to “come look at this!” …”I’m not looking if it’s from CO!”…do you guys think he is feeling like his manhood is being threatened? Although, that’s not to say I haven’t tricked him into looking…and he always agrees that it’s sickeningly cute!

  136. Oh and since everyone is talking about their pet’s names, my cats names are Coco-Butt, who’s the grand dame in my household as she’s 12.5 years, There’s Emily who we call Yammie and Pinky the gay cat, also known as Hard boiled egg as he’s white. they all traveled with us in a U-haul from Torontoto San Diego in 2003 and in our old beat up Maxima from San Diego to San Fran this year. My sister used to have this dog she named Mandy…her name is also Mandy. She was 10 at the time so whenever we talked we had to refer to Mandy-dog or Mandy-sister/human….

  137. skyla'sauntie says:

    I had cats named Frida and Jackson. she had cat brows so she was Frida Kahlo, and he was a bit of a nut so he ended up Jackson Pollock. She actually did a bit of art once!! I painted a half-wall in the living room and Frida jumped on the wet paint and walked all over the room. I was upset but it was my fault(kitties in the bedroom, then paint) Also the itty witty white paw prints everywhere were kinda cute. DHubby not so happy about the Late 20th century art on the leather couch, the carpet, top of the TV…..

  138. For what it’s worth I also let my cats eat off my plate usually, except if it’s shellfish. For some reason I’m afraid of someone having a bad allergy and going into anaphylactic shock.

  139. Sandy, if he could see the teeshirt girls in the ads along the side, he wouldn’t mind looking.

    Everytime I haul my hubby over to see the cute I hear….”nice boobs”. I never have even SEEN the darn boobs until he points them out (so to speak).

  140. skyla'sauntie says:

    Oh and the paint was oil based, so it was not coming up easily. oh YES AND!…. I know I know I know that it might have been dangerous for dear kitty if she liked the taste or whatnot, so let’s not go there (everyone off the soapboxes!, nothing to see here!!)…. Lesson learned. and scene.

  141. As for beer names for dogs, I have Moosedrool and Troutslayer Ale in my refrigerator. I guess those would be good dog names. 🙂

  142. Laurie, now that you’ve mentioned the boobs…oh there they are! Right, i’ll try that tactic next tim……hey maybe that’s what he’s been staring at and just saying cute! when he really meant nice hooters!

    Ha ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with their pet’s names….oh a few other names…I had this dog when I was still living in the Phlippines that my dad named in chinese…I didn’t find out until much later that the name meant “Dog Food”.

  143. Ooh, don’t forget Leinie’s Big Butt Doppelbock! (For a Newfie, natch.)

  144. re: cute overload terminology.

    I think that what you lot really need to do is GET RID OF THE RIDICULIOUS TERMINOLOGY and talk like adults again. I hate it about your site. I try so hard to steel myself against reading the rubbish that you write, but cant help myself. Its like looking at a carcrash.

    Case in point:

    “OMG that is so anerable in its proshness. POP!! oh did you hear that? That was the sound of my head exploding because I cant handle the kee-you-tee-ness!! Dont do it, senor nauughty pants! dont show me anymore, my eyes will melt! oh luk at tis teensy wittle taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail. ooooh I just wan 2 lik my tong all up n doon it”.


  145. That had to be the silliest bit of trolling I’ve read in a month.

    If that’s really how you feel, Emma, then quite frankly this isn’t the site for you.

  146. Sorry, Emma, but that is hilarious!! I laughed really loud at your “parody”.

    After you’ve been an adult long enough, you will get tired of it, and will want to have some fun again!

    Don’t wish your life away.

  147. Leinie Bigbutt Doppelbock is the best name for a Newfie ever.

    Our Great Dane, Calli, is often called Kerthunkafeet, and Horsebutt, in the most affectionate manner.

  148. I fink Emma is yust adddoooooooooorrrrable! I wants to snuggle all ups to her.

  149. *thinking thinking* Someone on my blog told me what their dad had named their bassett hound….
    Gladys Happy Bottom. (gladass) how CUTE is that???

  150. Hahahahaha, nim! 😉

  151. Our terrier came with the cumbersome name of “Chenille” which we transmorphed into “Nellie” (rhymes with “Smellie”). And didn’t Anne Tyler write a book called, The Accidental Tourist in which one of the main characters was a dog named “Edward”?

  152. Oh, yes indeed, Nell, I loved that book! And Edward fit that dog perfectly!

  153. My boxer-pit is named Maya Danielle. Danielle is only ever used for those expectionally naughty occasions when she’s doing something that she knows she’s not supposed to. That’s how we’d always know that we were in trouble growing up, when you heard the middle name.

  154. I got a Scottish Fold from a shelter that came with the name Tam O’Shanter. That was NOT going to stay. What are you going to call him — Tammy? Shanty? The first week, he holed up in the kitty condo, just watching me with those enormous blue eyes. His whole round white-and-silver face looked like a barn owl, down to a little black spot where the beak would be.

    So his new name became Nester. E-R, not O-R.

    Addendum: He had been surrendered to the shelter because the wife, whose cat he really was, had gotten sick and the husband, the jerk, gave the cat away. About a year later, he was at the groomer, and a former neighbor said “That’s Tam O’Shanter!” The groomer looked at the card and said, “No, he’s Nester.” Confusion ensued.

    At any rate, he was the sweetest cat imaginable. He was 10 when I got him, and we had the best 6 remaining years together.

  155. Y’all wouldn’t enjoy people names for pets once you know one with YOUR name… a younger cousin once named her dog after me, thinking it was flattering… NOT.
    I prefer “organic” pet names (Otter, Biscuit, Tulip). Although friends have a cat named Steve, and that’s just funny. Because, of course, MY name isn’t Steve.
    Thank you.

  156. One of my dogs is Ruth, which really irked a fomer co-worker named Ruth.

    But that’s how she barks: “Ruth! Ruth!”

  157. Obviously me thinks my sister was the only one who relished the thought of naming her dog after herself…..Oh maybe not, didn’t Steve Irwin name his daughter after his dog and his favorite croc?

  158. michellemybelle says:

    Eric the Bee!

    (Sorry, it’s been a while since a Monty Python reference snuck in)

    My former ham was named Sideshow Bob due his excessive fuzziness, and I have dreams of naming a pug “Pagoda” after the character in “The Royal Tenenbaums.” Olivers I & II were my goldfish.

  159. WickedWendy says:


    Need I say more??? Sorry Meg!

  160. MMM:


  161. Dimsdale?

  162. More Troutslayer!

  163. We had a cow named Tracy (shortened from her full registered name, of course) back when I was in college. My college roommate and good friend’s name is Tracy and she would always ask me about the cow. One day I had to tell her Tracy “went on a truck ride” and then had to explain it was a euphamism for, um, going bye-bye. She didn’t eat red meat for a week as a tribute to her namesake.

    I pointed out Tracy was a dairy cow and not good for eating anyway. She told me she wasn’t about to give up milk and ice cream so the beef ban would have to do.

  164. 1) I like muzzlepuff, but it’s not really up to me, now is it?

    2) One Christmas my aunt’s dog went and ate the chocolate from every stocking while we were out. He was just a little guy, but he didn’t get sick somehow. I think the durability of the dog has a lot to do with it. And as someone has mentioned, carob is A-Okay for dogs!

  165. My cat’s name is Rupert. D’awwww.

  166. Time to share pets names with the peeps

    2 catters – Mister Snuffles (had mild cat flu when we got him) & Princess Marmie Kitty (marmalade & white ruler of the roost)

    2 Guinea pigs – Buttons & Zipper

    1 Eel-tailed catfish – Fluffy (well she is a CATfish)

    1 yabbie (freshwater crayfish) – Spike

  167. Chilli – you have a yabbie? That is the coolest!

    I think it’s the name – yabbie.

    The first time I ever heard of that kind of animal was from the mouth of the cutest Australian child. So…maybe it was the combo of the word “yabbie” and the Aussie accent.

  168. ka9q's wife says:

    I like them all but i prefer muzzlepuff or mooslepoof (in outrageous accent)

    My sister always has great animal names. Manny Patrick was her cat. Maxwell and Molly B (the b stood for bitch). Also her lab was Murphy Louise.

  169. Our girl beagles are Phred, Sammy, and Charlie. The boys are Wilbur, Roscoe, Rufus, and the latest rescue is Billy Bob. The cats are Nermal and Pooky.

  170. rpennefe – yes yabbies are cool, I freaked out the first time he shed his skin. I thought he was dead coz there was what appeared to be a very pale yabbie in the botton of the tank, it was just his old coat & he was quite happy sitting under his rock watching me freak out

  171. Hahahaha! A happy yabbie under a rock watching Chilli freak out. Such a nice mental picture!

    I have two hermit crabs, Claude and Hermie. They climb into the plant pot in their aquarium when they want to moult. Then climb out and pick a bigger shell. They are so cool!

  172. Molt. Good grief, did I really type moult????

    Well, I just looked it up. Moult is the European spelling of molt. I was being European. 😛

  173. That’s not chocolate. That’s a dog safe sweet. there’s a bakery here in Houston that makes cakes and such for dogs and they have “chocolate” like stuff they use. Totally dog safe. YOu can find many commercial treats that mimic chocolate but are not even remotely related. I know Britta… she’s not giving Marcy of the Muzzlepouch chocolate. No matter how much she puffs her muzzlepouch

  174. I bust out laughing at Emma’s little parody! Very good, you’ve got the hang of it. BTW, that’s “weirdos,” not *wierdos*. Might want to pay attention more in school.

    Sorry to bore you with more names, but just to honor them in print–
    Yankee–my dearly beloved kitters who died at 19yrs. a year ago.
    Patsy–or Pootsie the bunbun
    Bluto–16 lbs of pure streetwise muscle cat. Aka, boyboy, maomao, earth wizard, and hunkamunka.

    Aquariums of the past:
    Lucky–the one-eyed betta
    Dash and Dot–tetras
    Elmo the golden mystery snail
    Potty Monster–bottom feeder plechostachus (SP?)
    Mr. Big–betta
    Casper–white tetra

    Chuchi/Chewy, Kiki, Andy

    Mr. Gulpy–betta


  175. Egads, how could I forget my parrot Punch?! There.

  176. Linda and Marcy says:

    LOL – ok you are FREAKIN’ us out here in Canada. I mean a dog named “Marcy” and the potential for a cat named “Linda”? OMG!!

  177. Lol, jaypo! Mr. Gulpy! Heeeeee!

  178. Rofl, Linda and Marcy!!!

  179. Funny fish story:
    Lucky the One-eyed was my first betta. I put him in a one-gallon circular tank with a tetra. Tetras are fast. Bettas are not, but they’ve got the aggression factor going. Lucky always swam with his good eye to the inside of the tank so he could keep his eye on the food, chasing the tetra away. But as soon as the tetra swam to Lucky’s blind side, he’d just forget about him and “oh,doopdidoo” till the tetra came in sight again. Then he’d work himself all up again. :-p

  180. Haha Kayte [waaaaay up there…]
    My best friend actually DOES have a dog named Frank… well, he lives with her dad in AZ, but I digress. And it’s not like he was a weiner-dog or anything [though my neighbor has a long-haired one named Oscar {Mayer)]… his a big ol’ boxer.
    They also had a dog named Katie, but she had social issues and attacked dogs so they had to give her up.

    And there was one last puppy named Wally… because he was abandoned outside of a Walmart.
    Very creative, her dad.

    Then one of my other friend’s dogs all have Hawaiian names [’cause her mom’s Japanese-Hawaiian] like Makana and Kalani (not too sure if the spelling’s right, though).

    And then there’s my dog… Pepsi.. who was named after a gas station vending machine because I couldn’t think of anything better.

  181. I love all these animal name stories!

    I had a betta and I named him Ghost because he was white and had blue eyes. So pretty! But, I realized over time that his name was really Lucius, and I had been married to him in a previous life. 😀

  182. I have a thing for giving my pets paired names: my hamsters were Iliad and Odyssey, my cats are Tigris and Euphrates. You can imagine how many times they ask me to “spell that again?” when I call the vet’s office. 🙂

  183. Boxers are god’s gift to an undeserving humanity.

    “Muzzlepuff” is IT.
    BUT also,

  184. I might be wrong but is this a boxer dog? It looks like one to me

  185. I’m all for pets with people names. I have a cat named Jane, a fish named Mick, and two chinchillas named Fred and Patsy.

  186. Oh, and to Jessica: I have another cat named Circe! I’d bet she’d get along great with your hamsters!

  187. i use the term “beef drapes” for the muzzle pouches of my great danes, otis & carla. just so you know.

  188. OMG!!! How could I forget my aquarium tenants? I had a betta named Bronchitis Bob since I got him from my sister when I was suffering a bout of bronchitis, and I had a goldfish named Orangina! Then I also had another betta who had no name. I also had two african dwarf frogs named Paul and Mike….I named them after two people I know who didn’t mind having frogs named after them!

  189. Muffin – my poodle when I was little… had to get rid of it because it bit. Go figure.

    Sniffles – my rabbit… got to big for his cage so we had to give him away. 😦

    And mah fish… Fugly (he’s the aquarium cleaning fish), Tetra 1, Tetra 2, Tetra 3, Tetra 4, and Bob. Since they don’t really have any defining characteristics, we just pick a new Bob every day.

  190. foxy bingo says:

    Is nosecheeks allowed?

  191. *giggling* beef drapes and nose cheeks! Yes!!!

  192. As far as the muzzle, some animals are more puffy and some are more pouchy. I’d say it should depend on the animal in question (although in general, “muzzlepuff” is MUCH cuter!)

  193. “I had a betta and I named him Ghost because he was white and had blue eyes. So pretty! But, I realized over time that his name was really Lucius, and I had been married to him in a previous life. :D”

    😀 indeed, Lauri! You must have noted my white tetra named Casper….hhmmm–separated at birth? Reincarnate? OMG, that sneak!! That’s figamy, y’know, and it’s illegal.

  194. My mom has a cat named Lois Love.

  195. NebraskaErin says:

    How could I forget my fish? Along the lines of thodes’ “Roberto”, I had two named Phil and Gustavo. They were the George and Lenny of the aquatic set. Phil was little, smart, and quick, Gustavo bigger and slower. They were great pals. When Phil passed, Gustavo was not far behind. 😦

  196. Oh, and the toitles –

    My mother and her twin brother, when they were kids, found some turtles down by the creek behind their house. Taking one each home with them (this was in th 1950’s – so I don’t want to hear anything from you trolls…got it?) they named them “Oscar” and “Esmerelda”

    Pretty awesome for two seven year olds, yes?

  197. Muzzlepouch sounds like it should be for a kangaroo. If someone already said this, sorry, I ain’t reading 186 other posts!
    Elvis got a bone this size or bigger when he was only a few months old, it had his name in white icing. I gave it to him and he licked all the icing off and proceeded to eat the entire big dog bone. I swear the thing was half his size! He probably wouldn’t touch the thing now. (he’d probably break all his teefs on it anyway)

  198. Slartibartfast says:

    None of this comments thread has sunk into my brain since Laura said she had her shirt off.

  199. Wait, what?? [scrolling furiously]…

  200. *Cackling* Whoa, way to get the guys scrolling.

  201. LOL @ Suda nim re: Emma (he Emsmsy, here’s something: DON’T READ THE COMMENTS
    But…suda nim. My name IS Ruth and people used to bark at me anyway growing up when they’d say my name. Or maybe I am just a dog. I wanted to be, anyway. I called myself Ruth Margaret Dog for a while.

  202. I have a cat named Linda

  203. When I adopted my dear departed kitty from the animal shelter, her slave name was:

  204. I had 2 cats, Paul & Linda~they loved to go on LONG dog walks!

  205. I’m behind as usual, but oh wells…and in a decidedly semantic mincing mood. So, I offer:

    muzzlepuff — furry whisker pad area on critters with longer fur
    whiskerpooch — what them whiskers and fur do when the kitteh (or other critter) is all interested in whatever toy you’re waving in their direction (syn: muzzlepooch)
    whiskerpouch — the whisker pad area on critters that have shorter (e.g. flocking-like) or no fur on teh muzzle

    So, IMO, a Cornish Rex kitteh has whiskerpouch and can exhibit whiskerpooching, but cannot be described as having muzzlepuff.

    As for teh name game…my adult-owned critters have had “descriptive” names. Meaning, top-dog kitteh was named Jupiter b/c she had a big old red spot on the back of her head, while being otherwise grey tiger tabby (that Jupiter was a ‘she’ always confuzzled the vets). 2nd in command grey tiger tabby manx was “Jack Rabbit”, or Jack for short. The laid back calico was named “Shinerbock” due to the big black splotch covering one eye. Most amusingly, at her first visit to the vet after rescue, the doctor came in and had a nice big shiner.

    All of ’em are chasing butterflies over Bifrost; I am currently unpwned.

  206. Wisconsin says:

    My friend and I call them jibbers. But you have to say it out of the side of your mouth with a lateral lisp.