Only 22 days ’til Halloween…

I’m just sayin’.


Mr. Sams, always a pleasure. 😉



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Whoa! Puppies appearing in the middle of the page, materializing out of nowhere!


    And sing us a song, Mr. Loungelizard Chi-wa-wa! (Or is he supposed to be an angel?)

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    I can’t tell what the costume is but he is cute, v. cute.

  3. doood, it’s the monkey king!!! xD i did not know they made a costume like that for dogs.

  4. OMG! that is so adorable! me want the puppeh! I must have the puppeh!

  5. the look on his face is like “I’m a wah wah, aren’t I funny looking enough WITHOUT the darn clothes?????”



  6. (Puppy, in a shouting whisper) CALLLL THE POLICEEEEEEE…

  7. Apparently, an overload of cute addles the math part of the brain (which I think is almost as cute as the pic!).

    I’m going as Little Red Riding Hood and the BF’s going to be the big bad wolf. I can’t wait to see what my nephews (who are the most adorable pugs you’ve ever SEEN!) are dressing as!!

    What are y’all going as this year?

    (Odd that I have only found a passion for Halloween in my 30s.)

  8. A thinker says:

    Gah. It’s a monkey dressed as a chihuaua…or a chihuahua dressed as a monkey…or something.

    Either way, completely redonkulous.

  9. AWWWWWWWWW. I wants the wahwah!!!

    (And yes, I can’t figure out the costume either. Monkey angel?)

  10. it’s the newest beanie baby!

  11. I actually had to shut my eyes against the cuteness and then look again 🙂

  12. My receptionist just came in to see if I was okay, because she could hear me sobbing. Poor embarrassed dog–dat’s too funny.

  13. Teughcats says:

    A friend sent me an email yesterday titled “Why Dogs Bite People” and it was full of pix of dogs in redonk costumes like this. Still cute, though!
    One of my cats is all black (fur, nose, whiskers, everything but the golden eyes) and I would love to get her to wear a little Halloween costume. Somehow don’t think that’s going to happen though!
    On the subject of names, my cats are Katie Sunshine (named for and by my niece) aka Katie-cat and Alexandra aka Allie or Allie-cat.

  14. **small squeees and gaaaahs**
    [head splody]

  15. Somewhere, the mighty Hanuman is crying right now.

  16. Oddly, this picture reminds me of an ewok…and I know that it can’t be that…can it? I just don’t know….

  17. Lookit the red vest! Dear gawd!

  18. sheteriously, what is that outfit supposed to represent?

  19. I think they’re right above. i think it’s like a winged monkey a la Wizard of Oz

  20. ok, Miette, but what is that baby blue thing on top of its head?

  21. The costume is supposed to be the ‘Monkey King’ from a chinese mythology =) He’s supposedly a real trickster, so that blue hoop thing on his forehead is supposed to control him. (The monk that he’s travelling with would do a chant that tightens the hoop around him painfully, forcing him to behave)
    And that little pole thing is his weapon =)

  22. The Wizard of Oz winged monkeys wore fezzes, didn’t they?

  23. bunnajenny says:

    [Breaking out in cold sweat and rocking] don’t talk about the flying monkeys, please don’t talk about the flying monkeys…

  24. Pillow,

    This is the mighty Hanuman.

  25. *sprays tea all over the screen* My friend thought I was crying… way to KEEEEEEL me, CO. Sheez.

  26. definetly not a ewok. Altho that be cool cuz I wouls so steal the ewok ^.^

  27. Definitely cute but also a little sad. He looks so worried like he’s thinking “i hope none of my buddies see me dressed like this!” 😦

  28. I love this site, but to clarify for everyone, that is not a chihuahua, it’s a mini pomeranian, dressed as the monkey king. Fist time i saw that picture, I thought to myself, if that were my babeh, I could just hear him saying…”Mommy, what did I do wrong,, I was a good puppeh, really I was!” (loves pommies)

  29. Jackie31337 says:

    Dogs in costumes are just too cute. I have to admit that I also thought it was a chihuahua, but now that several people mentioned it, the face definitely does NOT look very chihuahua-like.

    Btw, I saw the cutest thing last weekend when I was shopping: a winter coat for a small dog. It sort of looked like a quilted vest, but if I remember correctly, it had “sleeves” for the front legs. The back was more open so the doggy can do its business. And here you do see a lot of tiny doggies (chihuahuas especially) wearing sweaters or coats in the winter because it’s just that darn cold. 🙂

  30. That pup’s expression is sooo Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”! He’s like, “Mooom, I look stoopid! Can I take it off now?”

    Best dog costume I ever saw: this tripod mutt (not sad–you seriously could not tell she was missing a leg when she was running, she moved so fast) won a costume contest at “Nuts for Mutts” dressed as a pirate, complete with peg-leg. She looked so proud of herself!

  31. Oceanic Aura says:

    Oh Em Gee – that poor pooch!

    Look at the expression on his face! He’s all “What did I ever do to deserve this?!”

    Still – bwa ha ha ha ha!

    That might be my new wallpaper.

  32. To Jaypo:

    Really? Man, he’s really let himself go these past coupla years….

  33. LMAO!! How cute!!

  34. I dunno. Looks like a wah-wah to me. He/she look like what I imagine my wah-wah looked like as a pup (no baby pics – he’s a rescue).


  35. Monkey King? Why don’t I see monkey at all in that costume? Well, except for the roundy ears, but lots of animals have ears like that. And it looks like he’s holding a microphone, all ready for karaoke. Hee!

  36. Duuuuuuuude.

    Okay. Go to Google, type in “Hanuman” or “Wu Kong”, then tell me you don’t get it. Hehe.

  37. It’s too fluffly to be a chihuahua. Look at all the neck hair! I agree it’s a pomm.

  38. That was supposed to be “fluffy,” but I guess “fluffly” is a good word, too.

  39. NebraskaErin says:

    I always thought it was an “Abu” costume, from Aladdin.

  40. Chihuahua abuse! Chihuahua abuse! Set that puppy free!

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    Heehee, and here I thought it was a little scuba outfit (goggles, floatie vest, and snorkle), but why did the puppeh want to snorkle when snorgle is so much more fun??

  42. hehe, so cute!

  43. Add me to the votes for “Cute or Sad?”

    “What did I do to deserve this???”

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    Sad, definitely sad. Poor baby!

  45. Oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait to put Sheldon’s Lobster costume on him!! *rubs hands together with glee*

  46. lob…lob…lobster costume?
    oh this I must see o.O

  47. Lauri — add a pinstripe seersucker suit, a seedy bowler hat, and a violin case.
    Mobster Lobster.

  48. Baaaahahahahaha!

    Big tears running down his cheeks, Sobster Mobster Lobster.

  49. That is insane. I have now officially entered madness.

    (Captain Kurtz voice):
    “the cute … the cute …”

  50. AlbertaGirl says:

    Snork! Cough… choke… Now there’s coffee all over my keyboard & monitor. Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

  51. Goku-pup is adorable!

  52. I swear I only looked directly at this puppy for a second, just one second, and now I think I’ve gone blind from the massive dose of cuteness.

  53. GRAH!

    Now I want a Chihuahua just so I can put it in that costume. I mean, in the winter when it’s cold, it will need clothes ANYWAY… 😛

    And I don’t think it’s face is very Pom-like… (But the debate will go on anytime it’s not really obvious, so why debate so?)

  54. This photo makes me want to drink a glass of gasoline and light up a cigarette.

  55. Take video!

  56. shuranoko says:

    yep its the Monkey king alright. AKA Sun Wu Kong from the famous chinese story, Journey to the West. Its a story well known in Japan or China but unfortunately rarely retold here in the US. =P

    Look he’s even clutching the staff. Awwww..

  57. Very funny! I wonder how my cat would take to being dressed up for Halloween.

  58. cute lover says:

    omg!!!!soooooooooooo adorables!!!

  59. cute lover says:

    omg!!!!soooooooooooo adorables!!!

  60. It’s a Cupid outfit.

    And that is the sweetest little puppy pup…

  61. GAAAAAHH! That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more! (in Popeye voice)

  62. Dude! Where can I get a Monkey King outfit for my boyfriend’s dog?

  63. nancythetall says:

    IT’S AN EWOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. It is an Ewok, I don’t see it as a cupid or monkey king costume at all.

  65. shuranoko says:

    obviously haven’t read journey to the west if you think that thing is a ewok or cupid or some other. Honestly haven’t heard of Son Goku?