Look, it’s a kitteh named "Bread Pudding". Can you imagine a better name than that? All warm and yummy? I can’t. OK, maybe the name "Marcy" comes close, but that’s IT.

Thanks for the stamp, too, "Pudds".




❤ to Kaede 😀

P.S., You too can turn your photos in real US postage! with…PhotoStamps.  😉



  1. michellemybelle says:

    MamaDawn, this one’s for you!

  2. pistache268 says:


  3. First off, I love that name!
    Second… squuueeeeeee!!!! What a cute kitty! me want to snorgal!

  4. Oooo! I want to nibble those soft, little toepads!

  5. Paw pads! Paw pads!


  6. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Was the cat made specifically for CO?

  7. ooooh… multi-colored jelly bean toesies!!

  8. ka9q's wife says:

    what a sweet face. I just want to keesss eet.

  9. NICE pawpads—hubba hubba

  10. Allie and Jojo’s Mom, I think you’re onto something. I bet there’s a secret underground laboratory for genetically enhanced cuteness! (It’s probably located far, far underneath Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland.)

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Bread Pudding looks like she’s been swimmming in the stuff. 🙂

    My computer is having a hard time with these photos. Is anyone else’s?

  12. If you look quickly, that paw picture looks like a tarantula.

  13. chet's momma says:

    her coloring is like the aforementioned bread pudding with raisins and cimmanon swirled in! awwwww.

  14. KYLE!!!!! I thought her little pads were cute until I read your post!!! *shudder* ick ick ick…

    I think this little dahling is anerable!!!! I bet she’s got one heck of a purr too!!!

    I have an all black kitty that loves to nose nuggle… She’ll bop you in the nose with her nose, then rub her cheek against your nose…I love it…

  15. A thinker says:

    Very clever and creative name, but what do you call her for short? “Bready”? “Pudding”?

    Owner, please enlighten us.

  16. Get this kitty a serving-pitcher of Devon Cream, STAT.

  17. In the first picture It totally looks like Pudding is posing for a senior portrait or Glamour magazine head shot!

  18. “Puddin”, perhaps?

  19. martha in mobile says:

    I know it’s wrong, but I love to tug the little tufties between the toesies…

  20. Meow House says:

    What a delicious name! I want to eat it. And the BEANS! (Beans is them things on the bottoms of the feets!) In case you didn’t know. Well now you do.

  21. http://www.englishteastore.com/british-store-cream-tea.html

    Puddin’ Pads! Looks like Bread Pudding’s been treading on treacle!

  22. What a gorgeous baby! Love all spots of color…even on the toes! I love to kiss and nibble on my two cats toesies. Kiss and nibble the ears too…especially the soft hair on the base of the ear. Oh kitties! You’ve made me crazy! Ok, crazier.

  23. What a sweet kitteh! And she does look like bread puddin’! I would call her Pud for short, not puhd, but pud (like put with a d)

  24. Mmmm…her feets look like Neopolitan ice cream. Yum–chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Plus, I LURVE the teeny pink sub-portion of her nose.

  25. when trying to get kittens/cats adopted, turning them belly up and showing off multi-colored toes can be used to melt the last resistance….

  26. The fur between the toes! Gah!

    *dies a little*

  27. Tony James says:

    A kitteh named Puddin’?! KittinKapitan Arbed! Fetchen-sie bitte ze Puddinkwerferschnorglekanon zat ve can werfe ze kitteh into unser Ubercutenlaboratorie, und zere make mit ze tests to determine ze Source of Kute. Vonce ve have discovered ze zecret, ve can TAKE OVER ZE VURLD!! Bwa aha ha ah aha ha ah!

  28. OMG!

    Those paws!

    That face!

    Those eyes!

    I want one!


  29. I bet her little eye slits all but disappear when she closes them too!!

    What a doll… I need to go home and snorgle my 4 Kitties….

  30. army_kitten says:

    i’m only posting this because i’m delirious with lack of sleep, elsewise embarrassment would prevent me.

    i had a kittie named pudding, too–short for pudding bean. i made up a song for him, which he loved to hear (probably because it had his name in it so much). you’ll just have to imagine the tune:

    pudding bean
    pudding bean
    puhhh-ding bean!

    oh, your belly’s made of pudding
    and your paws are made of pudding
    and your butt is made of pudding
    but your nose is a bean!

    pudding bean
    pudding bean
    puhhh-ding bean!


    i miss my pudd. he lives in oregon with his sister, wolf rabbit (who has her own song, but now is not the time to share), and i am far away in chicago.

    <3 cats named pudding <3

  31. ToEs!!!!

  32. lol patc! There is no human who can resist the urge to adopt a cat when confronted by a belly-up cat and its multicolored toes.

  33. Waiter! There’s a cat in my pudding! What a sweetie. If I didn’t have 5 already I’d swipe her in a second!

  34. got TOES! Got toes? *amusing self while taking a lunch-break from un-randomising her house* Kitty toes! Kitty toes!
    Must tickle….

    A better name than Bread Pudding. Hm.
    Welll…. I dunno ’bout ‘better’ – but my parents have a black cat (nearly 18 pounds of vibrating lap-cat) called Fetish – and my tux-cat is an Omen. ^^

  35. toe beans!!

    I want kitties n’ cream for breakfast.

  36. hrh.squeak says:

    Army kitten – you have made me so very happy, I thought I was the only one who made up silly songs for my kittehs. (My husband just shakes his head dolefully.) I think your song is Wonderfuls.

  37. Squeak – and you’re not going to share?

    And what about this BP-kit’s blue-jade eyes? Does such a color exist?

  38. Omg! Finally I am BACK. My wireless tower got hit by lightnin’ last week and killed my router! And, geeez o pete, Meg, this is the BEST bunch o pics and captions YET!!!

    I can’t even begin to go thru the comments…but armykit..love the song! Nothing makes me laugh harder when I sing and dance with my dogs and they get all excited, but still have this “what in the heck is she doing?” look on their faces!

    Keep up the fantastic work! The Cute just gets Cuter and Cuter!!! Ya woudln’t think it were possible, would ya! Oh da bebe bunnies!!!! *klunk*…and da weesker pow che! Lol………*plop*

  39. Army Kitten, that is the BEST SONG EVER.

    I used to sing “Ride of the Valkyries” to my cat Brit, but the only lyrics were, “Brit brit-brit BRIT brit, Brit brit-brit BRIT brit, Brit brit-brit BRIIITT brit, brit-brit-brit Brit”

    Actually, at the risk of instigating an earworm, I’ve been trying to re-write the lyrics to a well-known TMBG song. All I have is the one line so far, “Put a bunch of Friskies in my bowl” (Not to put to fine a point on it, &c.) Can anyone help me?

  40. Now, I sing to my cats as well, but I’m not nearly so creative. I use the tune from the Also Sprach Zarathurstra (Sunrise) by R. Strauss. You know, the one that goes:




    Well, you get the picture. Anyway, I use my cats’ names in the song:




    It’s odd that the cats hide under the bed when I do this.

  41. bunnajenny says:

    Army Kitten you are among friends…busband and I, too, have songs for the mittens and the moopy.

    George and Emily have a supper song that pulls them in from anywhere….here goes

    “george and emily and emily and george, my little kitten mittens with whom I so very smitten. Your supper is ready, it’s in its dish right now. Where are you my babies, it’s really time for chow.”

    and the puppy’s:

    “Tywyn Oliver Weir-Puppy Sunggle, what have you been up to today my little pup?
    You’ve chased a few squirrels a little bunny rabbit…”
    after that it gets into whatever toy has been his favourite for the day…

    It’s all very silly and I’m blushing horribly, but it’s all for the love of puddin’ kitteh right?

  42. Ok, is there a Neopolitan pudding?

    I like to flick the little bean fuzzies to tickle my boys. Don’t worry, they sufficiently get back at me.

  43. ringringringringringringringring ELVIS-PHONE!

    That’s not really one of the song I sings to my cat, but it’s all I could think of under pressure. And someone said earworm…

    Okay. I do sing that to Elvis. I’m pathetic.

  44. And my entry is riddled with typos. That’s what the Bananaphone song has done to my brain. Be warned, peeps.

  45. BlueFairy says:

    Oh my gosh, I used to make up silly songs and sing to my cats but I didn’t realize that I had stopped until I read this. Thank you for reminding me to make time for fun and silliness.

  46. OMG! I want to eat him with a spoon!!!!

    Hey Meg–did you see Cute Overload is mentioned in the new Bruni Digest? http://brunidigest.blogspot.com/

  47. The Bananaphone song will do that to you every time. I think that the mindmelting power simply adds to it’s a-peel.

  48. Okay, peeps, time to ‘fess up:

    Does anyone else like to “play kitten”? This is the favorite thing ever of my kitties. For their amusement, I run around the house. I leap up onto things, knock things over, yowl loudly at the closet door, claw at furniture that is a NONO. Then as the grand finale, I jump onto the bed, tussle in the covers crazily and then use my back paws to give the comforter some Mad Rabbit Kick Action (TM).

    That is their cue to leap on the bed with me and frolic. They love it!

    You peeps do this too, right?

  49. Am I the only one that likes to stick my face into cat paddy paws? When I saw the paw close-up, I immediately wanted to snorgle it. I love the little hairs that come out between the toes . . .

  50. of course we do Redzilla *whistles* *gently walks out of the room and calls the loony bin* =P

  51. Elvis and I play hide n’ seek. One time he tricked me into playing by making an odd and never-heard-before howling noise in the living room. When I entered to investigate, he leaped at me from behind the couch. I screamed a little scream and then fell on the floor laughing. Then I ran to another room and lay in wait… Great fun!

  52. Oh gawd, these stories and songs are hilarious!!!

    I always sing “Wipe Out” to Calli the Great Dane whilst I am wiping eye goobers out of her eyes. She hates having that done, but the singing makes it better!

    And Reuben gets sung to with “Ruby Tuesday”.

  53. Redz, of course – we do this hourly. (in a piercing whisper: “Security! SECURITY!”)

  54. [nervous laughter, smiling, nodding]

    SURE Redzilla. ALL the time…

    [lalalalala…run away!]

    But really, yes, I do do Mad Rabbit Kick Action ™ (though here we call it “Bunny Thumpers”) every once in a while. We also love playing Bed Mice and the Walking Game (must supply own string).

    This kitty is boo-tee-ful. Love the calico action (Calicaction!) and the toes – just like my Snack’s!

  55. Karen in Toronto says:

    Isn’t there a rule about curling the paw and eyes the same colour as the carpet/blankie? There a loverly streak of turquoise around Puddin’s pupils…

  56. michellemybelle says:

    I’ve always made up songs for my pets (the guinea pig was a good muse), and kiki gets her share of crooning. I have noticed though that most of the songs about her have the word “butt” in them. Veddy interesting…

  57. One of our favorite games is scratching the shower curtain from the outside whilst a kitteh is in the tub. Although… be careful if “sitting” next to tub with full clawed kitten in lap…

  58. Wow I would have never noticed the blue in her eyes if you hadn’t pointed it out Toronto Karen. That’s amazingly beautiful. Well she’s just a beautiful cat all around, And I’ll usually take a tabby over a calico any day!

  59. Karen in Toronto says:

    “scratching the shower curtain from the outside:” zefrank has some great videos of his cat Annie:


    and click Halloween.

  60. WOW!! WHAT A CUTE CAT!!!!!

  61. Every one of those Annie videos is great!

  62. How did Pud’s nose get that black? Awesome!

    Thanks for the link to “Annie,” what a great cat! Love the “good idea” story.

  63. I thought I saw a puddin’ cat..
    I DID.
    I did, I saw a puddin’ cat.

  64. army_kitten says:

    whee! i’ve just had a lovely cat-nap and now look at all the sharing of wonderful silliness! it makes me strangely happy… not to mention, being so silly totally lowers the blood-pressure, doesn’t it?

    to your health!

  65. AlbertaGirl says:

    What a beeyootiful kitteh! He looks so thoughtful.
    I sing to my cat too: “Hey there, Buster bear, sleeping on the bed so peacefully”. And so on. Blush.

  66. *petpetpetpetpetpet* pretty pretty pussy *petpetpetpetpetpet* pretty pretty pretty pretty *petpetpetpetpetpet* Is it possible to get petter’s wrist? *purrrrrrr*

  67. ahah! That Annie is great..and her human cracked me up when he was dancing around her

  68. I call my marmie kit Chuckie “Chuck-a-Luck
    Who Runs Amok” and Zhu-Zhu “Wiggy-Butt”…Do these count as silly?

  69. Oh, the TOES!
    nauwm nauwm nauwm

    And the purdiest ighs evar!

  70. Awww… this reminds me so much of my late Ssspice (Princessss of the Indiesss)-always spoken of with at LEAST three sss in her name, b/c it drove her crazy. She would lie in wait for us and when we turned a corner, she’d JUMP up to waist height with arms outstretched, attacking. The proper response was “EEKKK, it’s a CAT!” This was known as “catting” her people. Must be a calico thing.

  71. Bad Little Otter says:

    Tortie Paws! Tortie Paws!

  72. little miao says:

    oooh, those eyes are just indescribably beautiful.

    As is the rest of her, but those eyes… simply magical.

  73. this is great…just great. I myself refer to the toesies as “puddnins” so this Puddin wif da puddnins makes me wanna implode. you guys are a hoot tonight…I sing to my Poobee and Smooshie kitties quite often and I think they thinks I am a looney.

  74. *whispers* Emma, she sings to her Poobee and Smooshie and they thinks she is looney…….

  75. oh an i forgot to mention that those puddnins look like JellyBellys. too much!! *thump*

  76. lurkertype says:


    It be a tortie/calico with a faboo name!

    I am slain with the Qte, I tells ya.

    HRTortie nearly got a pudding or fudge or confectionery name.

    I still call her “Puddin’ Tat”. (even before CO)

    There, my secret is out. Although I feel less weird than Redz. 😉

    I make up songs about the katzen all.the.time and sing them. Hubby looks at me strangely but he hasn’t called the authorities yet.

    HRT is 6 today.

    Okay, I think I can bear to look at the photo again.

  77. I don’t sing original songs, but I do sing to my wah-wah, Diego. I put his name into various songs. The Killers’ “Somebody Told Me” becomes:

    “Somebody told me
    Diego had a boyfriend
    That looked like a girlfriend
    Diego had in February of last year…”

    And my favorite, that song from Night at the Roxbury:

    “Where did you go, Diegoooooo?!”

    He just looks at me with his huge ears up and his little pup-brows furrowed. “Mom, really??” I swear, sometimes he shakes his head a little.

  78. That’s the nice thing, lurkie, there’s always someone weirder than us! *looks at redz*

    Actually, I have much admiration for that degree of catplaying!

    MiniHeath bars to all!! (hooray for Halloween!)


    Lauri, I am armed and hungry. I am not beneath begging for a bar of the Heath.

  80. Mmmm, *smack smack*. They are delicious indeed!

    *velcro ripping. MiniHeaths into minibag on hummingbird leg*


    Fly little birdie, fly to Aubrey!

    (the Miniheaths are really mini!)

  81. *pokes Theo* That’s a maxiHeath.

  82. Hey LT – since it’s HRT’s birthday and all, did you get her one of those birthday hammies?

    [plays hide (but not seek) from the hammie lovers]

  83. I’m hedging on that Ledger.

  84. Redzilla – to make you feel a bit better my BF plays chase with Mister Snuffles (BF leading & Mister chasing) then BF lays on the lounge carpet & does “kitty stretches” & Mister copies him.

    First time it happened I thought it was a fluke but know Mister waits in the lounge for BF when he’s had enough & demands yoga session.

  85. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This kitty is unbelievable! Look at that beautiful marking, and look at the adorable little jellybean-toes!

    I’ve been known to sing “What’s New Pussycat?” to my tux cat, Moxie. He always looks extremely put-upon when I do so, probably because I ain’t no Tom Jones.

  86. What’s new, Puddycat, lalalalala, what’s new puddin’cat, lalalalalala la!

  87. Yup, that’s what I’m good for–making people feel less weird by comparison.

    [happy with niche in life]

    Jessarakitty: this is known as a Drive-by Hugging at our house.

  88. Lol…Driveby Hugging. I love it.

    Redz, my role in life has also had a large component of “making other people feel more normal”.
    It’s really a wonderful way to be! 🙂

    I had an acquaintance ask “What is it like to live in your head?”

    Meh….it’s quite entertaining actually.

  89. lurkertype says:

    I didn’t see CO till late, so I didn’t know birthday hammies were available! She’d have liked it, I’m sure!

    The husband used to chase our Coonboy around the house, both of them yelling. He was so disappointed HRT didn’t like this, and is hoping TK will grow up to like it.

    Nope, Bread Puddin’ Tat still too Qte to look at.

  90. oooh! my kitteh has pads like that too! KITTY!

  91. bunnajenny says:

    busband now makes the bed because the kittens like to play duvet monster…duvet monster basically involves some kind of rasslin’, whumpage, and bunny kicking on each layer of bedding…best of all though, is when you fold the top sheet over a kitteh tunnel appears and George and Emily run through it wildly and fall out the other side.

  92. Theo:
    THIS was what I was referring to in the Ehn!”ch-worm thread. Must have been a case of premature post-ulation on Puddin’s part. Glad she’s here! She is one tasty-lookin’ tabby! So to speak….

  93. To whoever’s still up and around, major boxcar breakthough tonight. We trapped two kittens, the love bug M and her gray tux brother O and within a half hour, I was sitting in the recovery space with M lying in my lap purring up a storm, and her brother crawled in beside her to snuggle and purr, too. If this keeps up, they could both become adoptable, despite being 5-month old ferals. It would be *so* much nicer than returning them to the boxcars.

  94. bunnajenny says:

    Laurie, that news makes it worth being up at this late hour! I’m so exicited for you and for M and O. Feral kitten love is just that little bit extra special…sshhhhh, don’t tell the other kitties I said that.

  95. That is SO fantastic, LC!!
    Blast I wish I could get one. Kittiebug M is the purrtiest thing ever!!!

  96. We once had a calico named Kitty Kisses (so called because as a kitten she was always licking or “kissing” everything) who LOVED to play “Where’s the cat?” with my mom while she made her bed. Every morning, she’d dive under the covers as mom straightened the sheets and then patted them heavily, saying: “where’s the cat? wheeeerreeeesss the pussycat? THERE SHE IS!” and then rub the silly cat all over through the sheets. She could NOT make the bed without her ‘helping.’ (this same cat liked to be spun around on desk chairs. She’d butt her head against the chair back, trying to make it move, if we didn’t turn it -slowly, of course!- for her.)

  97. LC:
    This morning it was cloudy, and on Monday in Nevada there was lightning in the sky – all hints (that I was too foolish to read) that there was a genuine purr storm to come – congratulations!


    I used to have a cat named Moonbeam…seal point, blue eyes, the most beautiful and sweet cat in the world…well, she WAS….and I used to sing to her all the time…stuff like,
    “Moonster is da boonster, she’s a silly swoonster, she is such a noonster, she’s a pretty spoonster, Moonster is da boonster, a goonster of a moonster…”

    Eek, now the secret’s out, I have to change my name and move to another town, ay ay ay ayyyyyyyyyyyyy……

  99. OMG – what a GORGEOUS kitty!!! And those eyes … [sigh]

    Someone ought to bake a cake in the shape of this cat!

  100. acelightning says:

    Beautiful coloring – yes, white-bread-and-tan-custard-and-dark-cinnamon-swirls bread pudding colors! With toesies to match! And blue eyes! And you can tell by the look in those eyes that she knows exactly how gorgeously adorable she is, too…

  101. kaizoku_kaede says:

    . Oh, WOW. I had no idea my Pudding would get this many comments! -:D This is the Kaede! Uhm. Let me scroll and answer comments …
    . Phew, too many! But, we usually call her “Pudds” for short. She’s actually a Snowshoe, which is a mix between siamese and white american shorthair. Her purr, yes, is QUITE mighty and INCREDIBLY demanding in the mornings; Her personality is mellow, like no cat I’ve EVER met before in my life. Nothing, but nothing, phases this cat.
    . Her eyes are ridiculously blue, and the picture hardly does them justice. When she looks at a clear sky, I swear, they glow aquamarine. O_O;;
    . Haha! She just pushed open my door and flopped down on my comforter, which is her sign that it’s time for me to go to bed. -xD She’s my baby, guys, and I’m glad everyone enjoyed her!
    . Thanks for the comments. I’ll answer more questions, if I find them. -xP Night!

  102. Woohoo for LaurieC!
    Woohoo for Love Bug M!
    This happy kitty story has distinctly improved my lousy Tuesday morning. (Filing travel expense reports for faculty members. *sigh)

    Jennabunny: we have duvet monster at our house, too, but we call it Bed Circus.

  103. NebraskaErin says:

    She is so gorgeous!

  104. Ok, she might just be the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen.

    I sing to my cat Seamus too… nothing so creative as some of the ones you guys have been talking about, but Seamus is hard to rhyme too 🙂

  105. NebraskaErin says:

    You have a cat named Seamus, Rorye?? I had a cat for 18 1/2 years named Seamus, and my parents had a Seamus before I was born, too. Best cat name ever.

  106. [hoists a flagon]
    “We are the cats named Seamus
    “They try and try to tame us
    “Our actions ne’er will shame us
    “And you can’t hardly blame us.”

    Hard to rhyme to, my eye.

  107. Well played, Theo. What’s the tune, so I can serenade my Seamus?

    NebraskaErin, what did your Seamuses (Seami?) look like? My Seamus is a big fat marmy.

  108. Tune? I dunno, it just always seemed to sing itself, once the flagon was empty.

  109. YAR ta da Teho! He’s da MAN!!!

  110. I loves me some bread pudding! And this one looks good enough to eat 🙂

    Spesh those pawpads! *kiss kiss*

  111. lurkertype says:

    Oooooh! LC! I am sooo excited for the kittens!

  112. awww, the paddies close-up

  113. hrh.squeak says:

    Hahaha, on the bedmaking stories, Max gets furious when we make *her* bed. She runs around pouncing on the layers, trying to get them to stay right where she put them. If she gets under them, or Boober does, that’s known at our house as a “kitty burrito”.

    Re: songs – Mostly they get their names sung to the Hallelujah Chorus, but Boober has a special song for the pre-crazies:

    “Boober runs around with his tail in the air,
    with his tail in the air,
    With his taaaiill in the aaaiiir,
    Boober runs around with his tail in the air
    But he just ain’t gettin’ nowhere!”

  114. a friend of mine had a super-sized kitty named “madam puddin’tat”. i thought that was the best name ever (appropraite also), but lil’ bread pudding here is pretty sweet too (she’s cuter anyhow).

  115. MissMichelle says:

    I LOVE the paws! Must touch…cute…little…baby…paws! I love when cats stretch and their paws spread, I just go gah gah, haha.