Happiest of birfs

Here’s what you should do today. Think of EVERYONE in your address book. Young or old. Could they be having a birthday today? Why, yes! Yes, they are! So:
1. Print out this hammie image and present it to them or
2. Send them this URL.

Good deed DONE, PEOPLE!


Way to go, Alice the Ham and Grace H. (milliner extraordinaire)



  1. Tiny sugary pink nosie! *swoon*

    Missed my b-day by a week but I’ll take it!!!

  2. drop dead cute. gark!
    I am slain.
    the little hat completely rocks. and *Alice the Hammie*? beyond adorabubble.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    It’s spot on for me!

    Happy birthday to me and to Alice the Hammie!

  4. my birthday is next week…so i take this as a gift from the cute gods. now all i need is some pudding…

  5. and happy birthday, auntiemame. a tip o’ the cat to you.

  6. This is over teh top cute. Alice’s little nose matches the pink dot and she’s just like Aren’t I the BEST hammie in the world? Yes, Alice, you ARE!!


  7. Wubbin that witto guy! And de witto hat too!

  8. A thinker says:

    YAY!!! What a fantastical birthday card *this* would be…

    And Happy B-Day Auntie Mame! I think this calls for a Peeps Party–complete with lots of puddin’. Hooray!!

  9. bunnajenny says:

    Happy Birthday Auntie M, Happy Birthday to yo-o-ou!

    Alice is a brilliant for a hamster.

    and quacks, Aubrey said she buy some puddin’ in the previous pic’s commentary. Praps if you ask she’ll fling some your way.

  10. Today’s my main squeeze’s birthday! what an awesome coincidence! Thanks Meg!

  11. that is so cute!

    even if it is photoshopped!
    >:^ /

  12. DavidBoBavid says:

    hey my birf is in 2 days.. so i’ll take this as an early present.. 🙂

  13. Teughcats says:

    OK, I slept with my contacts in last night so things are a bit fuzzy… I thought the title read Happiest of BARFS at first glance (as in barfing rainbows)! It is cute enough but I don’t care for that phrase – Happiest of Birfs is much better. And my “birf” is coming up soon – thanks, Meg!

  14. NebraskaErin says:

    Ooh, I know just who to send this to!

    Teensy kiss on the teensy pink nose!

  15. Such tiny little hands.

  16. [bites Ceebs]

  17. My birthday was Saturday. Close enough for hamsters!

  18. That little hammie looks *thrilled* to be wearing a little party hat. 🙂

    I will find someone with a birthday coming up… this pic is too cute!

  19. Hey, it’s my b-day too! 🙂

    Thank you, hammie!

  20. Is it my imagination or does Alice the Ham have a happy “I’m all dressed up!” look on her face?

    P.S. Admitting up front I know very little about hamsters, I must ask: Isn’t Alice a gerbil? Just asking because she looks a lot like those I had as a kid …

  21. firefinch says:

    Today’s not my birthday, but it’s my “hire date” anniversary. 16 years at the same computer services company, surviving about 20 thousand rounds of layoffs and reorganizations. I’ll e-mail the HR department and ask them to send me a hammie with a party hat, pronto.

  22. chet's momma says:

    I wish he had a little tooty thing to blow…*fweeeeee*

  23. Today is my kitty’s 10th birthday. I think she’d rather have the real thing rather than the photo, though. Perhaps with a little tuna-flavored frosting and a candle on it’s wee hammy head? Eeep!

  24. Hamsters should wear hats more often.

  25. Hey, it’s my birthday too! Oh, I miss my hammies. I just had to give them up because I live on a college campus and wasn’t supposed to have them. Someone ratted on me so now they live with my folks two hours away… Oh I miss them… But no time to be sad today ’cause yay for birthdays!

    that hat is just wayyy too cute! :o)great submission. and congrats on the article in BUST!

  27. well, my birfday was 10 days ago, but I will take little Alice’s birfday wishes for me too!

  28. I want the hammie for my berfday!!!

    It’s still a long way off though …

  29. Happy Berfday, AuntieM!!!!

  30. aaaaah! she’s so adorable! I wonder if my TinkerBelle would let me do that?
    *starts working out on the bday hat and a little outfit*
    haha! she’s got such an attitude that she will probably tell me to go to hell in her hamham language 😥

  31. The killing thing about this: the polka dots on the hat are so clearly made with a paper punch. Clonk.

    Oh, and Alice’s clearly anticipatory facial expression. She’s wondering what she’s getting for presents. Maybe some yogurt drops? A new cedar chew? Maybe, maybe, maybe, please oh please, oh please [holds breath] a new runaround ball?!?!

  32. i sent her to my sis!

  33. happy birfday AuntieMame, and JC’s main squeeze, and Kara, and Amber, and MissV’s kitty!
    happy upcoming birfday quacks and DavidBoBavid!
    happy belated birfday wishes to Laurie C and ceejoe!

  34. Can I come to the birthday party?

  35. it’s my birthday too. crazy the amount of birthday people on here. though with this size audience, i guess you can pick any date and a birthday you will get.

  36. misskitka says:

    mine was monday…in Italian it’s otto ottobre…guess we know what peeps do in January/February with so many october birthdays….go Libra…go cute hammie

  37. misskitka says:

    can’t believe I messed up on my own birthday….it was sunday not monday

  38. Not to dampen the mood, but, does anyone else see that the hat was photoshopped? or, is it just me…

  39. I say “not ‘shopped”, Melissa. The hat is sitting atop the fur, not settled within it. That’s sometimes the way with densely-furred creatures.

  40. [bites Melissa too]

  41. Hee, it’s my birthday too! 😀

  42. Wow- I can’t believe Alice was picked to be on the site! Thanks Meg, and everyone for the nice comments!

    Alice is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster, and yes the dots on her hat was made with a mini-hole punch.

    The image is definitely not Photoshopped, although I can see why some may think that- here are some more pics of her on her B-Day where the hat looks more natural and an extra photo of her wearing glasses-


    Thanks everybody!

  43. T., are you up on your rabies vaccines?

    I’m just saying. wouldn’t want ceebs and Melissa to have to suffer anymore.

    /…twice bitten

  44. Love the hat. It is spot on. And that little puff on the tip! Clearly it was made by loving hands.

    Yay for AuntieM! Happy Lovely Autumn birthday! (starts making pumpkin cheesecake)

  45. heh, HamMama, awesome pictures!. the one with the glasses just keeels me. Alice looks ‘zactly like my grandma in them.
    and the first two birthday pictures (one front, one look to the right) look like police -booking photos. I guess Alice got a bit wild during the birfday celebrations…

  46. Sorry for speculating! It’s a great photo! Nice job! She’s so cute!

  47. AuntieMame says:

    Ahh! The glasses! And she’s winking in pic #3. 😉

    Thanks for the birfday wishes and more birfday wishes to all who share this auspicious occasion.

    I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

    Drinks are on the house.

    *general stampede to roof*

  48. I would take it as a compliment that people think it is photoshopped. That means you did a great job! (i take it back i take it back. no more bites).

  49. AuntieMame says:

    No worries, Melissa. You know you’ve arrived when Theo takes a nip at you. 🙂

  50. firefinch says:

    If you look at the shadow on the back of the sofa, you can see the shadow of the puffball. You would have to be very detail-oriented to ‘shop that!

  51. OMG! I love his wee little hat! It’s so wee and little and hatty! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……… *faint*

  52. so so cute mmmuoskiss 🙂

  53. i did see the shadow after i made the comment. and i also saw the fuzzies from the puffball!

    o<: )

    (does anyone get that or am i crazy?)

  54. nevermind my little hammie face w/ a hat didn’t work right….

    o<: )

  55. Melissa, any chance there are full body shots of Alice in her hat? I know it would be hard to get her to sit still & keep the hat on & take a pic, but it would be fun to see her in her full hatted-hamster glory.

  56. chet's momma says:

    cat with similar hat alert on StuffOnMyCat.com! Scroll down!!!

  57. Chet’s Mom — here’s the link:

  58. “No worries, Melissa. You know you’ve arrived when Theo takes a nip at you.”

    It’s called a ‘catty’ nip.

  59. chet's momma says:

    thanks theo!

  60. Hang on, I’m getting my people mixed up (people always, animals rarely). HamMama, can we get a full pic of Alice.

  61. what a sweet hammie in a hat! Our Chinese dwarf “Nibbles” had an eye injury and has to have it removed today. I wonder if I can get her to wear an eye patch. Arrr!

  62. ‘Hammie birthday to you
    Hammie birthday to you
    Alice went through the Looking Glass
    Wish I could go too.’

  63. i think that in honor of all the october birthdays, and all the hamsters in delightful hats, this month should officially be renamed “cute-ober”. who wouldn’t want 31 straight days of teh cute?

  64. Hey Aoife, here are some full body pics I just took- I had to go looking for the hat!

    Happy Birfday to all of those celebrating today, and Nibbles, we’re wishing you a quick recovery!


  65. HamMama, in the last shot, where she’s looking down — did you have the hat *glued* to her head so it wouldn’t fall off? Too funny.

  66. HamMama, in the last shot, where she’s looking down — did you have the hat *glued* to her head so it wouldn’t fall off? Too funny.

  67. happy birfdays all around!

  68. OK, after looking at all the extra photo links that HamMama has posted, I’ve changed my mind. That hamster is DEFINITELY photoshopped.

  69. [bites self]

  70. Thank you, HamMama! Absolutely adorable!

  71. (To Theo)


  72. So they say… in the PROPHECY!!

  73. Nope, not Photoshopped, but thanks for thinking I might have the talent to do it so well!

    To get the hat on today I used a *teeny* bit of double stick tape. When I’m holding her she’ll let me put anything on her, but if she’s loose obviously stuff is going to fall off. 🙂

  74. Double stick tape! That’s brilliant, HamMama!

    When I had gerbils, I would put little soda bottle caps on their heads. They’d look like WWI infantrymen. 🙂

  75. hrh.squeak says:

    HamMama – Thanks for the great pictures! Now I have to make hats for my ratties! Courtney, you’re a (twisted) genius!!

  76. Martha in Washington says:

    New catagory…Hammies in Hats? Love the picture with the glasses. She looks so smart!

  77. Hammies in Hats… Cats in Racks… Dogs in Snoods…
    I tell ya, man, teh internets is freaky.

  78. BWAHAHAHAHA…. oh man, love the pics of Alice…

  79. Theo, he’s a bit of a biter.

  80. Wow – believe it or not, today is a close friend’s b-day (I’m secretly in love with her – shhhh) and I came to CO to try to find a cute b-day themed pic to send her. And lo and behold! Wish me luck…

  81. Gerbils impersonating WWI infantrymen. Teh internets arrr crazzzed!

  82. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Happy B-Day Auntie Mame!

  83. rofl at auntiemame!! Drinks are on the house, general stampede to roof!


  84. Ohmy, the little hammie mugshots are too adorable! And mariser’s grandma! She is so tiny and furry!!!

  85. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Ditto on the this day B-day wishes for Amber & Kara! & anybody else I missed greeting re: a B- Day today!

  86. Happy birthday to me!!!

  87. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    J-Roo that’s a sweet post! Hope she feels the same about you! Keep us posted!

  88. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    I’m still here so H B Margaret!

    Okay this is me stoppin’ with the collective B D wishes!

    As lagrge a viewership as C O gets…It could go on & on & on!

  89. Yeah, I’m kinda curious to hear some follow-up from J-Roo too.

  90. lurkertype says:

    Oooh, today is actually HRT’s birfday! She’s 6!

    I don’t think Alice wants to be a kitteh b-day present though. With the chasing and the biting… there’d be nowt left but the hat (which TK would then eat).

  91. Hahaha….
    HB, Margaret and HRT! And everyone else.

    Happy Birthday Mew mew. Happy Birthday Mew Mew…and so on!

  92. It’s a shame that my birthday was LAST week so I won’t get a card with this picture for a WHOLE YEAR. *weeps in anticipation of cuteness*

  93. Happy Birfday LAST week, Meaghan! I am sure it can be retroactive! 😉

  94. Well just my luck 🙂
    I turned 18 today! And my best friend sent me this picture. Loverly. <3

  95. Cute little baby!

    When you push the hamster, does he squeak?

  96. michellemybelle says:

    Anyone that would take the time to make a party hat for a wee ham is alright with me – yay for HamMama!

    (The glasses just kill me. WAY too cute.)

  97. ok, so those other pictures are sooooooooo adorable! i love the one of her running!!!!! i think you should make a little string with a bow attached to tie the hat on (along with the doublestick tape of course!) That would be cute. I can’t believe it stays on that well that is amazing!

  98. Laurie C my b-day was Sat too!What a cute hamster!