Can’t come to work today, I’m quilling

At first, "Monty" the hedger wasn’t so photogenic, he was "really grumpy from quilling." However, he soon began exhibiting typical behedgevior shown below, namely hanging in a toilet paper tube, (the natural habitat for all hedgehogs.)


Next stop, it’s Curled Pawsville! [train whistle]


"Hularious", I’m gonna call in sick with that one to the office…



  1. That first photo is freaky, with the flash & hard-to-grasp depth of field.

    Poor hedgie.

  2. Agree with Theo … pic #1 is surreal. Looks like Hedgie’s trying to do a James Bond.

    Oh, and those are SHOCKIN’ PINK pawz.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    I should try that one.

    “Uh, boss, I can’t come in to the office today. My head is stuck in a toilet paper tube.”

    That first photo does have a weird perspective. At first I thought it was some round, flat kind of pouch.

  4. NebraskaErin says:

    Pic #1 is the Hedgy version of an Elizabethan collar. Don’t lick the wound, Monty!

  5. juggle geese says:

    that paw is awesome although I thought at first what is that worm doing next to the hedgie.

  6. Is this CO’s first HedgeHoptical Illusion? Freaky. And cute. In a disorienting way.

  7. Peg of Tilling says:

    It looks like Curled Noseville in Pic #2 too…um, also.

    And hey, Theo got first post.

  8. “And hey, Theo got first post.”
    [smacks forehead]

  9. Kind of bizarrely cute, arent’ they? Sweet tender bits and then claws (and teefs).

  10. chet's momma says:

    his nose and ears look like they are made of black licorice! *nibbles*

  11. I’m in love. If I married a hedgehog, would it be hedgemony?

  12. Looks like one of those things to keep dogs from scratching themselves.

  13. Awwww.. I really must get a hedgie.

  14. Oh, and WTG Theo on first post! And thank you for not just posting “First!” and that’s it. 😉

  15. Between Numo and Monty, I’m convinced I need a hedgehog. Although, I think they may be illegal in California.

  16. Good grief, I really am in bizarro world today…

    MissinMyKitteh (and other Peeps) — OK, you’re welcome. But the thing is, see, *I’m* the guy who has the hangup about FPs and folks posting “FIRST FIRST FIRST” just for the attention. Sometimes I go for the firsts just to PREVENT folks from doing just that (er… to save them the embarrassment, y’know).

    I get that you may just be messing with me, in which case, LOL… good one. But seriously. This has been my perspective from almost day one:

    Besides, I’m able to check Meg’s “go live” schedule for new posts behind the scenes. I could get EVERY first comment, if I felt like it. So you don’t *need* to congratulate me.

    Okeley dokeley, that’s all, carry on…

  17. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Head explosion approaching….
    Duct tape?
    Where’s the duct tape???

    I wonder what his voice sounds like? How about Curly, from The Three Stooges! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!!

  18. Nah, I wasn’t givin’ ya a hard time, I really was glad! That bugs me too. Don’t post a comment unless you really have a comment. “First!” and “First post!” count as comments.

  19. oops. DON’T count as comments.

  20. ‘Sokay, I read what you *meant*.

  21. “I could get EVERY first comment, if I felt like it.”… Well now, that would be CHEATING, wouldn’t it!??

    I don’t ‘get’ the first picture.. I can’t figure out the right perspective or something.. looks like he’s crammed in the tube and hanging in midair? What’s going on?

    And.. hedgehogs look prickly. Are they prickly or soft? I thought they were rather porcupiney.

  22. Since the Peeps don’t usually bother congratulating someone on getting FP, I think there was a *little* messin’ with ya, Teho. Which was highly amoosing.

  23. OH!! OHHHH! I think I just figured it out!! Are we looking DOWN the tube at the hedgie’s HEAD just crammed into it???

    I GET IT NOW! (sorry y’all, a bit slow.. its Monday)

    I thought it looked like he had stuffed himself INTO the tube and was looking OUT .. kinda cocoon-style .. and I couldn’t figure out how the heck a tp tube would bulge like that without blasting apart at the seams ..

  24. Monty looks a tad squooshed in that first pic. My gerbils used to hang out in tp tubes all the time, or better yet, paper towel tubes. Then they’d get to chewing and their hideaway was gone within minutes.

  25. “that would be CHEATING, wouldn’t it!??”

  26. I had to go look up “quilling”
    – poor baby!! Kind of hard to have a teething ring for your back!

    (Brought my new kitten home Friday night, soooo cute. I’ll have some pics and a descrip of the intro to Miki, who is still a bit huffy, on my vox tonight.)

  27. Jenne- THANK YOU!! I couldn’t get it either- your description made it make sense! (I’ve never been that good at those “magic picture” things)

  28. me lubs his pinkies.

  29. Okay. . .never owned a hedgehog. Do they ALL like to put their heads into cardboard tubes? Is it an ostrich thing and they think they’re hiding? Someone educate me.

  30. shanchan: no, thank YOU, lol, I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure it out! 😉

    And quilling.. sheesh.. dare I admit I assumed it was just a pun of some sort having to do with that paper-rolling-art and the fact that hedgies have quills..

    I think I need to go back to bed for the day.

  31. ‘Scuse me, but…
    Does this little fellow have any bones in that arm at all?
    Do hedgies get solid later?
    Right now he just looks like one of those rubbery tentacled ball things.

  32. A thinker says:

    Hedgehogs are Seriously Strange, if Seriously Cute.

    And T-O, sometimes I wish you *would* cheat. It is pretty darn annoying for somebody to post “FIRST!” as if it were some great accomplishment they should be congratulated for…

  33. lauowolf, I was thinking the same thing! It looks like he has a little wormy-arm. But he (she?) is super-cute anyways…

  34. HedgePigLove says:

    Sadly, hedgies are illegal in California (and Arizona, Maine, Pennsylvania, and NYC).

    And yes, most hedgies love to “tube” – the going theory is that they think they’re running down a tunnel as they run around with the tubes on their heads. It’s perfectly adorable when you’ve one hedgie at each end of a tube and they can’t decide which way to go.

  35. Mikeyfur: Hedgehogs are most excellent pets! They love tubes, upside down CoolWhip containers, garden gloves… anything they can crawl into, since they’re mostly nocturnal. They are very easy to raise and hand tame. When our Sonic or Alex used to escape the cage, we’d have to thump on things like the recliner or the couch… anything they could climb into. They make a funny hissing/rattling noise when startled, so they’re simple to find.

  36. Holy bent schauzicle!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    By the way, did anyone else read the caption as “Can’t come to work today, I’m quitting”?

    Yeah, that would make it a little pointless, wouldn’t it?

  38. I’m sure glad somebody posted the link to what quilling is. I kinda figured it was something like teething, but it was good to be educated. I wonder if porcupines do something similar… fascinating!

    Oh yes, and cute. 🙂

  39. AWWWWWWWWW!!! I just read what “quilling” is and it darn near broke my heart to think of it. 😦 Those poor little guys, what with their sore skin and snuffley noses and whatnot. All you hedgie owners, be sure to give your baby hedges extra lovin’ and treats during that sucky time. I guess bein’ a hedgehog isn’t all fun and games and small perfect feets.

  40. Oh, and does anyone know why hedgies are illegal in the aforementioned places?

  41. I should try that one.

    “Uh, boss, I can’t come in to the office today. My head is stuck in a toilet paper tube.”

    Mame, don’t. It doesn’t work.

  42. Yes! Thanks Jenne- that pic makes much more sense now, and much cuter too.

  43. Heehee I love the hedgies. My hedgemuffin often falls asleep with his head stuck in the tube.

  44. In California, they’re illegal (unless you have a permit) partly because they’re a non-native species and could have a deleterious effect on the ecosystem if let loose.

    Also, hedgies haven’t been kept as pets long enough to be considered domesticated. If you get one, you really need to educate yourself about their needs and habits. The government doesn’t want exotic animals like this available in pet shops for anyone to buy on a whim (although why anyone can walk into PetCo and buy a chameleon, which also has special needs, is beyond me). It’s like why you can’t have pet spider monkeys- the average person on the street does not know how to take good care of one and probably won’t make the effort to find out. So you can get one, but you need a permit and you can’t have it for a pet (has to be for education purposes, etc.).

  45. Just wanted to say…
    Patrice, well put, and personal extra credit for right & proper use of “deleterious.” My actual college degree was Environmental Sci/Bio, and I feel all nostalgic now. (It was a B.A. though, not a B.S.; I kinda treated college like a smorgasbord.)

  46. hrh.squeak says:

    Theo – best possible use of college, in my opinion. I took theater and poetry workshops and psychology and Asian art, and I wanted to take entomology but it had a horrible math pre-req. Should have audited, dammit. Bugs rock!