OK, you People are TOO DAMN FUNNY. I love opening the submissions mail to find shizzle like this. Too funny. Extra points if you can NAME THIS BOOK!

Check out Señor InchwormPants:




"Ehn-eh-ehn" [Reading as he goes along]


Seriously brilliant job, Sherrie G. 😀



  1. That’s Pride and Prejudice.

  2. Pride and Prejudice 🙂

  3. Pride and Prejudice indeed! (Jane Austen)

  4. Well, it would have been a bigger challenge to guess if the name wasn’t printed at the top of the pages…still awfully cute!

  5. It’s pride and prejudice!! And it’s also adorable and teensy!

  6. Pride and predjudice!!!

    that is awefully cute,

    now that I have looked I see that I have been beaten to the punch.

  7. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    A real live book worm! btw…eeeewwww!

  8. I see the “…e and Prejudice” on the page header… what I don’t see are the *pants*.
    On Señor InchwormPants.
    I’m so literal.

  9. BlurpleBerry says:

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’m reading it right now!

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    That is a very well-read inchy indeed.

    I saw a fuzzy-wuzzy caterpillar yesterday. Yay!

  11. huggybear says:

    pride and prejudice!

    …for the tenth time…


  12. props to wormies

  13. So cute and funny. Please remove bookworm before closing book!

  14. Yes, no bookmark worms please.

  15. Pride and Prejudice!

  16. I’d say Pride and Prejudice, but you’d never know if I knew it or was cheating and looking at other answers. That “Ehn!” is really a strenuous one.

  17. I’ll take “pride and prejudice” for 15, Alex.

  18. AuntieMame says:

    Dadgummit, everyone else already beat me to the answer!

    But I knew before I saw the last photo. “Bennett” and “Lydia” was what gave it away. 🙂

    Please don’t squish the wormie!

  19. speaking of a permanent bookmark… bookstain….

  20. falnfenix says:


  21. OMG, this is a clear possible case of animal abuse. What if the book closes on the worm? What if the worm hates Austin? Someone call the Humane Society!


    “Yeah, do you rescue worms?”


    “Yeah, there’s one in clear danger of death”

    “Of course! We’ll have him ready for adoption in no time.”

  22. Rich Fader says:

    Okay, that looks like something out of one of my old Richard Scarry books. Where’s Lowly’s little Alpine hat?

  23. I recognized that book as soon as I saw the names of the characters. Big Jane Austen fan.

    Looooooooove the little inch worm. He looks like an exclamation point in the second shot.

  24. For a Jane Austen fan its not dificult. Pride and prejudice
    Kisses from Brazil

  25. Jeez oh pete! That tiny little worm is probably the best thing I’ve ever associated with that book! Nooothin’ but a soap opera.

    Either way, cute cute cute

  26. Christine says:

    Hello! It’s Pride and Prejudice. All I had to see was “Mrs. Bennet” with one t to know.

  27. “It is a cute universally acknowledged that an inch worm in possession of a good book, must be in want of EHN!”

  28. I hope the worm appeared somehwere on a passage about Bingley’s sisters.

  29. The name of the book? Easy. It’s obviously “The Lord of the Ring-worms.”

  30. ewww! a wormy thats a bookworm!
    you must have used a telescope to get that close

  31. A few choruses of Danny Kaye singing “Inchworm” swirling around my mind now. Thanks?

  32. LOL!!! ROFL … OMG, this is bloody INSANE!!!

  33. aaah.. the good ol’ Bennets..

    nicely done though i did NOT really need to stare at a lil’ wormie first thing during breakfast..

    bleeeeeehsh 😐

  34. Hmmm…that little worm looks like he’s about 2.5 centimeters long…

  35. B. Modern says:

    Given his choice if literature, I would venture to say his name is Mister InchwormPants, Esq. I just want to give him a pair of teensy tiny period specs.

  36. Pride and Prejudice. I knew it when I saw ‘Mr Bennett’. And that worm is so teen-inchy and cute!

  37. Pride and Prejudice! The perfect book for a poor little bookworm who’s just trying to survive.

  38. Amazing photos!

  39. Yep! It’s Lowly, all right, Rich!

  40. A thinker says:


    T-O, an even better question is how you would *put* pants on an inchworm, could you find them.

    And I won’t repeat the name of the book…everyone else has already got it 😉

    Photog comment: *love* the very narrow DOF on these pics 🙂

  41. Um … should that be Inch-sane?

    Never mind.

  42. That worm is awesome! And its Pride and Prejudice!

  43. pendlerpiken says:

    The name Bennet alone did it for me… I had no idea there were so many Auten fans here 🙂

    I wonder how many are reading it right now? Positively “Eyre Affair”-esque…

  44. Love the inchworm. Love Pride and Prejudice. Love CO.

    (Love a day off…)

  45. pendlerpiken says:

    That would be “Austen”, obviously. Sorry, typing police 🙂

  46. As soon as I saw “Mrs. Bennet” and “marriage” and “five thousand pounds” I thought Pride and Prejudice. Little wormie picked a great book!

  47. What do inchworms turn into? I’m assuming they’re an intermediate into another stage…

  48. shutterbug74 says:

    That cuteness should be prohibited by law.

  49. bats: my guess would be inch-and-a-halfworms.

  50. Catman Dude says:

    That’s one BRAVE inchywormy. I just get the feeling that someone is just waiting to SLAM the book on the wormy!

  51. Oooh Mr Bennett!
    Sooo P&P

  52. Lowly! Teh alpine hat! Oi.
    Now I totally see that teeny tiny worm with something green on its head 😉


    Scarry’s books are wonderful, I’ve spent many happy moments with them.
    Yes, I still read them! <3
    (which pretty much tells my
    mental age..)

  53. Psychotia says:

    Freakishly-adorable worm-let! 🙂

    Although, you sure he qualifies as an inchworm?
    He looks to be only 6 letters long…


  54. Maybe it’s one of those easy-to-read large-type books.

  55. Prosh li’l worm–he’s lookin’ for the right word.

  56. My favorite novel! I just love that Mr. Darcy!! And cute worm!!

  57. Don’t you just LOVES those Inchyworms???? They are sooooo cute!!!!! I see them in my trees all the time and I keep wanting to save them from those long climbs they have!!!!

    Susan, I absolutely adore that song!!!!!

    Hey, can anyone find a link to that song? I’ve not heard it for years but loved it so much….

  58. *ahem*
    Inchworm, inchworm
    Measuring the marigolds
    Seems to me
    You’d stop and see
    How beautiful they are..

  59. EEEK! PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE!!! That little wermy must be a Jane Austen fan!

  60. Oh, the Richard Scarry books! I used to spend hours looking at all the details. Now I know what to get my nieces for Christmas. I’m going to force all my favorites onto them, whether they like it or not.

  61. (Lovely singing, soxfan!!)

    I also knew right away it was P&P. This little guy is TOO cute!

  62. To be precise, the wormlet is perusing Chapter VIII of Volume III, paragraph 3 (“When first Mr. Bennet was married, economy was held … alone prevented their exceeding their income.”)

    This is right in the middle of a critical part of the book, so let’s don’t disturb the wormy while he gets on with his reading…

    — Emc^2

    PS: I won’t spoil any of the rest of the story, in case you haven’t read it, but I will say that there’s a happy ending in Chapter XIX, if he ever gets that far.

    And, yes, it’s a soap opera – Jane is, of course, one of the principal ancestors of the romance novel – but it’s a very superior sort of soap opera…

  63. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Yay, P&P! Lil’ Inchie has great taste 😀

  64. hillbilly geek says:
  65. Turning the page must be one helluv an ordeal for him!

  66. i think this picture is downright abusive. the worm was probably crushed to death by the [un]gentle reader. if the CO CEO truly loves animals, i demand to see a 4th picture in the set which shows the worm being rescued, or somehow escaping from its cruel (yet literate) death.
    = )
    love = jane [austen]

  67. I LURVE Jane Austen.
    This inch worm has fine literary taste, I must say.

    Yes, did he survive his journey, or was he slammed upon?

  68. Wikipedia: a good start to finding out anything


  69. HAHAHA Book Worm! 😀

    Pride and Prejudice ^^ And no, I didn’t peek and the previous posties 😛

  70. nobody likes me everybody hates me guess I’ll go eat woooooorms!!! long thin slimy ones short fat juicy ones…..itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy WOOOOOORRRMMMSSS!!! and yes I was singing while I was typing….

  71. Yes! Who saw “Mrs. Bennet” and did NOT think Pride & Prejudice? That worm has excellent taste! 🙂

  72. Oh, and “Missin my kitteh”, I double ya on Mr. Darcy there. 😉 Maybe that is our dear wormy’s name.

  73. I saw Mrs. Bennett and five thousand pounds and knew it was P&P. -^o^- This lil’ wormie has excellent taste in literature.

  74. magdalene says:

    Nadie me quiere, todos me odian ¡yo quiero comer gusanos! les corto la cabeza, les [swooop] chupo lo de adentro ¡¡¡yo quiero comer gusanos!!!

    The Spanish version for that song, lew8 (just a little bit more cruel) (singing while typing, also)

  75. Whoda thunkit? Inchworms like Jane Austen!

  76. Susan and Soxfan, exact same connotation here…

    “2 and 2 are 4,
    4 and 4 are 8,
    8 and 8 are 16,
    16 and 16 are Pride and Prejudice…”

  77. aww thats cute

  78. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Awh MAN! I thought this was finally my chance to answer an intelligent question on this site AND further the cause of “Cuteness” in the arthropod world… But NO. Someone beat me to the answer with a Wiki-link, dangitt.

    I WAS going to say that “inch-worms” are caterpillars, generally of the geometrid clan of moths. They are very cool, occasionally pesty but always intriguing.

    I’m just happy to see anything of a “vermicular” shape making it into the annuls of cuteness.


  79. they also turn into moths!

    I’m off to get some knitting needles and wool


  80. jenny lane says:

    “Mr.Bennet”??? Why, that’s Pride and Prejudice, possibly the best love story ever written! And… oh, wait… everyone else got it too, and I’m no longer special.
    Cute worm!

  81. A Fine Morsel says:

    He definitely needs the Alpine hat. So cute!! What a sweet little wormy!

  82. Well the book is pride and prejudice.. it says right on top of the book hahaha… But seriously cute pic

  83. Worry not, wormfans. If the reader cared enough to take the photo, I’m sure she cared enough to make sure the worm was saved from squishing.

  84. Jessica Bennett says:

    Ah, the Bennetts. Yup, that’s Pride and Prejudice. TINY worm, too.

  85. As taker of Inchy McIncherson’s photograph, I am happy and delighted to inform you that he was most definitely NOT squished. I did not take a shot of his rescue, but it involved careful relocation to a nearby tree. And thanks for the compliments on the pictures!

  86. /smug brag

    I was reading a trashy Regency romance when a character said she was going to stay at home with the newest book by “Miss Austen.” I thought “Hah! Where’s the editor? Austen published anonymously during her lifetime!”

    /smug brag off

  87. Pride and Prejudice, doi!

  88. These qualify as the coolest worm photos ever. Snagging at least one for endless work giggling.

  89. AGH, it defies logic!
    Worms aren’t normally cute, but this one is adorable 😀
    You can just see the “ehn”

  90. Well, everyone said Pride and Prejudice already. I guess I am not as quick to get my submission in….. 😦 Thats ok.

  91. I know everyone else already said “Pride and Prejudice”, but I just though I’d point out that it’s not hard to do this:


  92. Laurie C leaps into the 21st century with digital photography at last! w00t!

    Photographic proof of Boxcar Kitten M on my lap:

    Photo of Kitten Camouflage (Kitten M among leaves and asphalt):

  93. Worms ARE NOT CUTE!!

    Everyone: Repeat after me: Worms are NOT CUTE.


    Well, it was sort of cute, I guess.

  94. can’t keep the snark in, nosirree…

    Hey Bob Aman? It’s also not hard to read “E AND PREJUDICE” at the top of the book in the second picture, either, as someone pointed out earlier.

  95. My evil RPG character wants to go – BAM! – and slam the book shut. Must … not … let … evil … character … take … control …

  96. Holly Golightly says:

    Pride and prejudice! (I’m definitely getting an A today!)

  97. LOL, LOL! Senor Inchwormpants!

    I LOVE it!

  98. (bursts in) PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!!!!!
    Oh I crack myself up.
    Senor Inchwormpants. XP

  99. Cuteness on a Pride and Prejudice? Best day EVAR!

  100. Laurie C, Kitten P in the background of your Kitten M photos is our Rocketman’s doppelganger.

    How’d you steal our cat and get him back to us without us noticing?!? Seriously, they look exactly alike.

    Kitten M is pretty dang cute too. Rocketman’s “sister”/mortal enemy is a tortoiseshell calico named Snack, so really, your picture does quite a good job of capturing our kids. Well done, in all aspects (photography, rescue, etc…)

  101. Pride and Prejudice. God I hated that book.

    Go, mighty inchworm, go!

  102. little miao says:

    Wheeeee!! *snorgles baby inchworm*

  103. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Well, for those opposed to worms. Inchworms aren’t actually “worms” which tend to be annelids or platyhelminthes. They are caterpillars which have many “cute” members. though I’d argue that a LOT of flatworms are cute too. 😉

    Please see:





  104. Mr. ‘n’ Mrs Bennet? – must be Jane Austin, P&P…

  105. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  106. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  107. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  108. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  109. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  110. ka9q's wife says:

    Thanks for the pics and update LaurieC.

    Thanks for the links Wolfwhocriedboy. I don’t really think flat worms are cute, striking yes,interesting life forms definately, cute…not so much. I had heard about Penis Fencing among flatworms, nice to see a picture. Funny reproduction among non-mammalian animals is fascinating to me.
    *goes to look for more pics*

  111. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    LOL, Ka9q’s… yeah, many agree. The repriductive exploits of the plats is minor if you know about snails, slugs, and other land – inverts. Still, many are cute. I think but yes, fiscinating at all times. 😉

    You rock!

  112. Laurie C & Alexis re Kitten P….
    I clicked on the 2nd link & thought “what’s my Mister Snuffles doing in Nth America. He should be home in Melbourne Aussie.

    So that makes three the same

  113. chimera17 says:

    Flatworms can be cute! Check out this Planaria’s little googly eyes.


    Yay, my first post!

  114. Hey, what’s up with Bread Pudding? It’s not letting any comments be posted for her, and now she’s disappeared entirely! Did somebody eat her, or did someone put her in the puddin’ cat-apult?

  115. P&P is my favourite book 🙂 I lurve CuteOverload…. ahhh..

  116. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    chimera17 — You’ve just become one of my favorite people, EVER. 😉 *worm_hug*

    Who of us didn’t think that the classic “whooly-bear” wasn’t cute whe we were young and innonent?

    Other cute catipillars:




    This is our classic Monarch Butterfly beebeh:


  117. noharmthere says:

    Not finding the flatworms too terribly cute, but very striking. LOVE the caterpillars. Now I have the song “Ugly Bug Ball” stuck in my head.

  118. ‘Pride and Prejudinch’:

    Learned worms from schoolrooms across the country crawled out of the apples on the teachers’ desks and demanded their very own edition. So great was this demand, that the new edition was printed out without altering the original title, an error which will be corrected in the second edition.

  119. Mr Darcy!

  120. Anita — re: “Hey, what’s up with Bread Pudding?” etc.

    Huh?? Is this an earnest question? Is “Bread Pudding” someone’s screen name?

  121. Chili — yet another doppelganger. Kitten P is also almost identical to my own gray tux guy, Sodapop.

  122. Forgot to add — yay! Aubrey’s back! Did you have a good time in Vegas?

  123. Denise in Nebraska says:

    My favorite C.O. submissions of all-time now include the teeny worm pictured here and the teeny snailio on the bleacher seats. Those “EHN!” photos do me in, each and every time. The smaller and more bendy the creature, the more innate cuteness. The little guy here looks to have just been born. Maybe he just fell off of a nearby tree, into the world of Jane Austen. The worm registered for college as an English major, shortly after this photo was taken. :^)

  124. Pride and Prejudice

  125. OK, so was this scene set up, or were you happily reading along when Mrs. Inch-Book Worm “entered” your space? This sequence is SOOO great! Great macro shots–fabulous that she decided to follow the sentence–fabulous that the book is a classic we can recognize even without seeing the top of the page! I hope you win some kind of contest(s) with these! You should frame them and offer to hang them at a(several) library(ies)! Most libraries have art shows–but even if they don’t, this is one they’d probably want to buy for permanent display!

  126. Gives new meaning to the term “bookworm”. lol 🙂

  127. chimera17 says:

    I love cute inverts! Everyone knows kittens and puppies are cute, but wormies and caterpillars and such need more love. I require that wooly bear puppet.

    Here’s an octy and a squid!


  128. mr bennet + mrs bennet + something about marriage MUST be p&p, tho i didn’t even see it at the top of the pages. the worm stole all my attention! a boookwoooorm in truest form. horrah!

  129. anneelizmary says:

    My standard poodle Lizzy is named for Elizabeth Bennett (and her family nickname, especially. Janeites unite!

  130. “I have the greatest respect for your nerves, my dear. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these last twenty years at least.”

    Forgive my paraphrasing–it’s just the best snark going. Mr. Bennet *rules*! And so does Lizzy, without whom I wouldn’t have half as much fun getting my underskirts muddy…

  131. Melis, I enjoyed that prodigiously!

  132. hrh.squeak says:

    Chimera17 – Yay Yay Yay to you! Cute Squidly McCuttleson! Go forth and find the cute in all things, all ye who log in here!

  133. well, duuuuhhhh, that would be pride and prejudice.

  134. Melis & Aubreys — for prime snark, I recommend:
    – Mark Twain
    – Dorothy Parker
    – Tom Stoppard
    – Al Franken
    – Jon Stewart

    (and please feel free to add to this list)

  135. Oh oh oh and this guy:

  136. T., since I am feeling free, I will add to that list Stephen Fry and Jonathan Swift (but will refrain from quoting from ‘A Modest Proposal’ – it was such a naughty one!).

    I will also refrain from quoting darling Ms. Parker’s one sentence review of ‘The House At Pooh Corner’ (which would possibly create a storm of protest).

  137. …or her use of “horticulture” in a sentence.

    Good call on Fry & Swift. Maybe John Waters?

  138. T:
    As we continue with The Hunting Of The Snark, I think John Waters would ‘fit’ in very nicely.

  139. damnit. i guess im a little late to guess what book it is. i got it though…its one of my fave books. anyways. adorable picture. who knew worms could be cute?

  140. I absolutely LOVE this ehnch worm!!! He and teeny pencil frog could be friends!

  141. Here’s another cute invertebrate!


  142. AuntieMame says:

    “Ms. Parker’s one sentence review of ‘The House At Pooh Corner'”

    It certainly would from me, Aubrey. But then, the book was written for 6-year-olds, not snarky, bitchy old women.

    I do confess, however, that I adore her exchange with Clare Booth Luce as they both attempt to pass the same doorway. 🙂

  143. Pray repeat it for me auntiemame, I know I have heard it, but can’t recall!

  144. Adding another mugshot to the Snark’s Gallery: How ’bout the cheery doctor character that Hugh Laurie plays on TV? Y’know, the one with no accent?

  145. Dr. Gregory House? Sure! And what about Edmund Blackadder – regardless of incarnation?

  146. Also on the snark list: Denis Leary.

  147. Denis Leary, OK. But not Bill Maher. (Or Dennis *Miller* either.)

  148. Reaching back a bit, W. C. Fields has to qualify. And I seem to recall that Winston Churchill delivered at least one classic coup-de-grace, while *drunk* no less.

    (I need to stop collecting snarks before I spiral out of control…)

  149. T., what did W. Churchill say? I am overcome by curiosity. I have an image of a bulldog snarking off to the Axis powers, which is kind of amusing.

  150. Yip! Another site “added to favorites”.

  151. ewww……but cute at the same time XD

  152. T. – HE said that? Splendid!

  153. AuntieMame says:

    Lauri, apparently Clare Booth Luce held the door for Dorothy Parker, with the quip “age before beauty,” to which DP replied as she walked through, “pearls before swine.”

  154. Lol…oh yeah….so great. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have “all that” at the tip of my tongue!?

    *dreams on*

  155. ‘twould have been morbidly funny if the book was the original pinocchio.

  156. bookworm… man that made me giggle, and helped this headache. hooray for nerds

  157. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Ehn!

    I didn’t see the name of the book on top of the page, so I got it on Mr/Mrs Bennet. *proud(not prejudiced)*

  158. adorkable says:

    That’s so cute! I think it would be easier for him to watch the movie than to read the whole book tho

  159. I’m not entirely sure, but I think the book is Jane Austen’s Pride & Predjudice. Heh! 😉

    Can I add Evelyn Waugh to the snark list? And did y’all know Jack London had a schooner named The Snark?

  160. “The fourth is its fondness for bathing-machines, which it constantly carries about. And believes that they add to the beauty of scenes;
    A sentiment open to doubt.”

    Snorglable kitten-belly for anyone who can Name That Quote! I had no idea I was in with such a literary bunch… but it sure does make me happy!

  161. Oh, what the hell. Here’s the kitten-belly, which on principle should never be hoarded in a miserly fashion:


    And: on the Snark list, I’d have to add contemporary animated television, without which we’d be pretty hard up for an abundance of mainstream satire. Yes, it’s a strange line to trace from Jane Austen to South Park, but the cutie worm above would get there, given enough ‘ehn’s…

  162. GAAHHHHH teh SPOTZ!!!

  163. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    YAH!! *huggles* for all the cute INVERT fans here. I feel so at home. 🙂

    Octopod cutness is a particular favorite. 😉

  164. Tiberia, speaking as rather a Vile Body myself, I would say YES, Evelyn Waugh definately belongs on the snark list.

  165. Jonah and the belleh of the kitteh!

  166. ha! i love these – i had a spawn of them on my catus beside be, they were dangling from their string things i could almost here the ‘weeee’

  167. i may be the 160th commenter, but i knew that was pride & prejudice from the get-go! lol.

  168. Melis, that’s from L. Carroll’s ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ – I don’t know which fit it is, and I’m in an agony about it.

  169. It’s “Fit the Second: the Bellman’s Speech”, which provides the five characteristics by which one can identify “the warranted genuine Snarks”.

    — Emc^2

  170. bestest pal says:

    OBV Pride and Prejudice.

  171. yep, knew it was P&P.

  172. inchwormy! YEAY for unusual cuteness!

  173. ‘oooh cute worm!’ – It’s a disgusting leech you fools! Ever heard of this blood sucking monster?

  174. I’ve experienced leeches, yes.
    They live in stagnant water.
    Not Jane Austen novels.

  175. Pride and Prejudice !!!

    horray for the book wormness!!

  176. Absolutely stunning photos… what a good idea! Kudos.

  177. Pride and Prejudice…I love that booke

  178. The Libster says:

    I know it’s a bit late to respond, but I thought I would anyway. The book is Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin:-) One of my favorites!!!

  179. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hilarious. Never again will I be able to read “Pride and Prejudice” without thinking of this little bookworm!

  180. Janet Aguilera says:

    That’s Pride and Prejudice!!! this picture is too cute!!!

  181. Pride and Prejudice! totally