A real-life Snow White moment

Snowwhite_stamp_1Ruhmember in the movie Snow White when the birds help her get dressed? it was too fabulous.

At the future C.O. Dream Office, birds will be on hand to help with all administrative tasks, including taking off your jacket as you enter, fetching toner cartridges, cleaning your ears, etc.


[The sound of tiny boks]


[Hummingbird watercooler chat]


Tiny, red-breasted, buzzing, winged thanks to Yolanda 😉



  1. Cute!!! Hummingbirds are the cutest!!!

  2. She must have had to keep SUPER still not to scare the birds away!

    Too bad there’s not a picture with any of their tongues sticking out.

  3. Nako-chan says:

    Aww~! I used to do that too! I never got that many to land on me though… I was lucky if I got two of them.


  4. Ooooo!

  5. i can do this with chickadees, but hummingbirds? is this real?

  6. That is SO cool!

  7. Amazing photos, and I *love* hummingbirds, but…wasn’t it Cinderella who got dressed with the help of birds and mice?

  8. Hummers! Yey!

  9. yeah, laurie, i was thinking the same thing. i know the birds and mice helped cinderella get dressed (and shower too!), but i don’t remember that happening with snow white . . .

  10. I’m so jealous… I would love to get the hummingbirds to drink out of my hand.

  11. tiny birds = awesome.

    i need to watch snow white agian…

  12. musicchick2 says:


  13. musicchick2 says:

    Btw…. yes, it WAS Cinderella. See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0042332/plotsummary

  14. This… this slays me. I love it. I love it so much.

  15. This is really an amazing feat (and the photos are fabulous)… especially since hummingbirds don’t usually get along well together! The ones in my yard spent all summer chasing each other away from my two feeders.

    I love these little guys! I’m very jealous 🙂 Also, hummingbirds make the cutest little chips!

  16. By chips, I mean chirps. Seriously adorable.

  17. That “thump” you may have heard just now was the sound of Tippi Hedren fainting.

    Here’s a link so’s the young’uns can get the joke:

  18. Thats like the most amazing thing Ive ever seen

  19. Snow White has a part in the film where she’s singing and a bird lands on her finger. Sleeping Beauty has a part similiar to that too.

  20. Snow White sang with a birdie on her finger (see postage stamp above), and critters helped her clean the Dwarf cottage (while she sang “Whistle While You Work,” ‘member?).

  21. Oop, Alia beat me to it while I was typing!

  22. Ah, the wonders of photoshop.

  23. Wow! Amazing photos!

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Yeah, photoshop is cool.

    Completely irrelevant to these photos.

    But cool.

  25. It looks VERY photoshopped to me.

  26. Ooohh, I luv Hummingbirds!

  27. Oh dear, the ‘photoshop trolls’ are out and about. It doesn’t look photoshopped to me, for the sheer fact it would be too bloody difficult!

  28. Aww. I love hummingbirds. One of my favorites. They’re so wee.

  29. Meg,

    I always imagined humming birds to be the IM system in the CO Dream Office, post it held in beaks hovering at just right height to the read message.


  30. I think it’s a little disturbing (looking back now, I of course loved it when I was little) that Cinderella had small animals helping her to shower…

    Disney is a bunch of pedophilic creeps sitting in offices somewhere. o_o Thinking of cartoon animals.

  31. little miao says:

    such beautiful birds…

  32. Heh … cute hummingbirds.


    The colours may have been highlighted in Photoshop, but it’s NOT photoshopped. You can tell by the lack of depth of field (the grass, which is so close by, is completely blurred) which can only be caused by a large aperture or low shutter speed (which also explains the blur of the birds’ wings.) Also, the shadows on the woman’s hands caused by the sitting birds, as well as the transparency of the wings’ blur in photo#3 are pretty authentic. It’s the colour correction which makes the photos look fake (and possibly the use of a filter for extra sharpness…)


    Aw, just bok it. Great photos.

  33. Great photos but like photoashley, I’m more surprised that they got that many hummingbirds in one place without carnage. The ones at my feeder are hyper-aggressive to others.

  34. Ok, how do you do this? Is there a trick to getting them to come to your hand like that? I LOVE hummingbirds. I’d settle for just one.

  35. No trick, just lots of patience. I’ve done it before. Their little feet are so tiny. Basically, you just stand or sit down as still as possible and hold a feeder. Or you can put your finger on the feeder’s perch bar, which is what I did. Depending on your hummingbirds, this may take a few days before they view you as part of the scenery, but it’s worth it when they do.

  36. Kris — yeah, what Heather said. It also helps if:
    1) you’ve got sugar water
    2) it’s in something bright red

  37. I gave up on putting out multi-port Hummer feeders because the dominatant female chases off everybody else — including non-hummers.

    I have yet to persuade the little thing to feed from my hand, but she definitely regards me as part of the scenery: every time I go to change the feeder, I’m dive-bombed, and I can sit in the garden and drink my tea while my “girl” sips at the sweet peas 6″ off my right ear.

  38. Fantastic photos. I’d be very interested to know what kind of camera were used for those. My father, formerly a professional photographer, captured some truly amazing shots of hummingbirds in our backyard, and these look quite similar to what he was able to get.

  39. Really good pictures, I love hummingbirds!

  40. That would take more patience than I could handle 😀

  41. book_monstercats says:

    Magic!!! Thanks. :):)

  42. Wow, their wings almost can’t be seen. Goes to show how fast they’re flapping ’em.

    Anyways, I really love such sweet and tiny elegant creatures. They seem so fragile.

  43. These are so beautiful! Magical, indeed.

  44. Dewi,
    I like your Post-It idea even better—good one!

  45. Oh, and Crap, I think you’re right it WAS Cinderelly, not Snow White… dameet!

  46. WOW! Fabulous photos – fantastic subject 🙂 Totally made my day!

  47. How did you ever accomplish this??????

  48. I’ve never seen a hummingbird with its beak open before. That alone is crazy to me.

  49. bunnajenny says:

    …adding to the how to attract hummingbirds to yourself part of the convo: wear a red hat – you’ll be the victim of a hummingbird stampede (flypede?).

    My first encounter with a hummingbird was a little scawy. I was having lunch and it kept hovering around my red hatted head. Being a newbie arrival in Canada I had no idea that there were hummingbirds and being Australia associate anything that large with insectastic terror. I was busily trying to swat it until my arms were pinned to my side and my folly explained.

  50. bunnajenny says:


    Tee hee…if you go back to read the old hummingbird post, there’s someone who comments that prosh is not a word. Oh how misguided!

  51. Hummingbird watercooler = schweet. Vereh vereh prosh. I love how they just flitaroundohsofastnectarnectarmustconsumemyweightinnectargaaaaaaaaaah!!!


    In other news, I had a dream that I submitted something to CO. …Can we say “obsessed”?

  52. Wow thats gorgeous and really cool!

  53. heehee – I sent this link to my dad because he has hummingbirds in his yard and he takes some pretty cool photos of shtuff. I was just checking in on the comments and lo and behold, my dad commented – lol. So, if the photographer of these little cuties is willing to share any photo hints, please do. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s the picture-taking side of things he’s wondering about….

    /waves hi to dad (frank)

  54. Beautiful! I wish hummingbirds would land on me!

  55. Claire DeLand says:

    Holy COW!!!

    These are fabulous – – – I have hummers and they get right in my face as if to ask what I’m doing, but sit on me? Not so far . . . Maybe next summer – I came back from a weekend trip yesterday and today it’s as if there were never any hummers or butterflies in my yard!!!

    Now, Chickadees and Finches and Woodpeckers I got out there, but I *think* the hummers are gone for the season . . .

    Awesome photos!!!

  56. I’ve always wanted kindly woodland creatures to help me clean house…

  57. LOL Hummers…

    They may *look* cute, but they’re badass flyers, and they know it, and they have an attitude like they know it, too. They will get right up in your face because they know they can get away. They are like the bird equivalent of those guys with crotch-rocket motorbikes who go weaving around cars at 80mph in traffic.

  58. Sooooo cute!!! You haven’t lived until you’ve had a hummingbird check out your ear as a possible nectar source…it’s almost impossible to hold still and not dissolve into giggles! The ones around our house during the summers and migration season seem to know they can outfly you; they’re incredibly bold, but have yet to actually land on us.

  59. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Wow! How cool is that?…

  60. Holly Golightly says:

    That is absolutely amazing!!!! I’ve never seen a picture of a hummingbird with it’s beak open.

  61. Julie Bryant Hein says:

    Those are AMAZING, and beautiful pictures! I think that it would be so awesome to actually have a hummingbird stay still long enough to be caught in a pic. They seem like litle fairies!

  62. that is AMAZING

  63. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I have a picture somewhere of my cousin Dave sleeping in a lawnchair with a pair of hummers buzzing around his head…I’d send it in, but I have no scanner 😦

    These guys are super cute, I wish we got more of them here.

  64. I wish I could do this… 😦 I never knew how people can do it with ANY kind of bird!

  65. OMG I love Hummingbirds!!! Just the fact that they aren’t even scared to come and drink out of your hand is awesome!
    I don’t see many here, helps that I’m indoors all day. But the ones I see buzzing by the window just make my day.
    I would turn into a puddle of goo if I ever got some to pirch on my hand!

  66. If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, what are all these worth?

  67. Indeed – very sweet!

  68. Adalia, Lisa: chickadees will eat out of your hand if you are patient and have their favorite food, whole sunflower seeds. It also helps to wear the same outfit/jacket every time so they “recognize” you.

  69. Hand feeding action caught on tape!

  70. Stephanie S. says:

    okay, the whole “animals helping snow white get dressed” thing never happened. That was Cinderella. Friendly forest animals did help Snow White clean the dirty home of the 7 dwarves though. They licked plates and stuff.

  71. I work with photo manipulation all the time, and I can say with about 99% certainty that this is just a photoshop job, and not a particularly good one at that…

  72. We get these little jewels, but NEVER like this. The alpha male or female will chase off everyone, including US!!

    I’m so jealous. AND being a nature photographer myself, there is NO possible way this is ‘shopped.

  73. hrh.squeak says:

    “And here we have the subspecies It’sshoppedicus, from the genus Nuff. Note the lack of attention to other posts.”

  74. Christian says:

    I work with photoshop all day, and I can say with 99% certainty that this is genuine. I don’t see anything that gives it away as a composite. More importantly the context is plausible and we used to have multiple hummingbirds that would drink peacefully from the same feeder.

  75. I’d say, using the one-in-hand equals two-in-bush theory, these are worth at least ten teeny little hummingbirds in a very twittery bush.

  76. HOW




    I love birds (just saw a bald eagle in N.E. PA. this weekend, near a vaction home my family has had for 30 years), and particularly these little beauties. Hard to believe they’re even real, they’re so small and jewel-like. Had some over the summer and I too don’t understand how you would get so many at once. They are VERY territorial. I had two females who were always chasing each other away, and a male that came only rarely. And if we were anywhere near the feeder when they came, we couldn’t move or they’d zoom off. I guess birds, just like people, all have different personalities!

  77. that’s soooooooooo cute, i loooooove hummingbirds and i’m happy when i get to see one, can’t imagine what would i do with so many around me!! 🙂

  78. It’s perfectly OK to say Snow White instead of Cinderella, becuz in the great movie “9 to 5”, Lily Tomlin had a fantasy sequence in which she dresses up like S.W. and the little birds & forest critters help her poison the boss. Great movie to think about at work. 😉

  79. haha….that’s awesome >.< they look sooo cute

  80. Fabulous pictures. I am going to try this with the babies we get each Aug. The young ones will come to a human wearing anything red. But I have never tried to feed! I have held a hummer who was stunned once and she licked the sugar water off my finger! We kept her in a cage for a day and released her. And we don’t have success with multi-port feeders either–too much rivalry.

  81. I am Abigail Alfano, the lady in the hummingbird photos. (in my pj’s I may add). My husband is the photographer, Sam Alfano. The pitures are real and not a photo manipulation. Please check out http://urbanlegends.about.com for the full story. This was quite an amazing experience and much easier than you would think. It took me several days and alot of patience to sit very still, but IT WAS WELL WORTH IT. I am happy that so many people are enjoying these photos. I think next year we will video the experience as well. Thanks for all of the nice comments. Abigail Alfano

  82. It’s Abigail again, the hummingbird lady! My husband and I just decided that we will put the hummingbird photos on my personal website sometime later today. Please visit
    Please visit! Thanks, Abigail

  83. Dear Jake,
    I am Abigail Alfano, the lady in the hummingbird photos. I’m writing to tell that you are 100% wrong with your analysis of the photos. These are genuine and the only thing done to the photos were cropping and some tweaks in brightness and contrast.
    Please check out the site http://urbanlegends.about.com for the full story. I’ve also posted them on my personal website abigailsings.com/hummingbirds . Please visit the sites at your convenience.
    I’m not the only person that has done this and there are other photos and documented cases online if you search for ‘handfeeding hummingbirds’.
    Sometimes, you just have to let yourself believe in the magic, Jake!
    Abigail Alfano

  84. Very beautiful photos. Immediately reminded me of when my grandparents and I used to handfeed wild chipmunks while camping. I bet it’s harder to do with hummingbirds though.

  85. Nobody has mentioned the insane SOUND of a hummingbird in close range. Their wingbeats are actually kinda loud, and it sounds (unfortunately) like a giant wasp or something else scary. Many is the time I’ve fearfully ducked, jumped or hopped in response to harmless byootiful hummer diving.

  86. Does anyone know the origin of this photo? This photo was sent in to a local tv station and some woman claimed this as her picture but I don’t believe this was her picture.

  87. Dear Lana,
    It’s ME! Abigail Alfano, from Pine, Louisiana. I am the lady in the photos. I sent you an email. Thank you for your interest. Waiting to hear back from you!
    Abigail Alfano

  88. http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/hummingbirds.asp

    Snopes verifies Abigail.:)

    The pictures are great! It must have been a wonderful morning.

  89. I hope you all know of the cuteness that radiates from these little guys when they hover… their little behinds wiggle back and forth!

  90. aww what beautiful photos! Talk about harmony with nature.
    And seriously, one of these days I’m going to take some ‘bizzare’ picture, then ‘express my doubt’ on if it’s real or not on the net.. Watch people argue that it’s photoshopped and how ‘obvious’ it is… then show them proof that it’s real. Just to laugh in their faces!!