Bunny Sunday: mini carrot chompage

Allô, mon petit chompère! LOVE the teef and lower [quivering!] lip.



Sender-inner Jeshio declares: "Yay! my bunny loves mini carrotnumpkins."

Uh, Jeshio, What ees thees ‘numpkeens’ you refer to, ahn?



  1. Kronsche.

  2. beautiful photo! i love the visible mid-chew carrot

  3. tiny teeth.
    tiny carrot.
    suhweet bebe bunny.

    my sunday is complete.

  4. WOW what a close shot. The best way to handle a bunny is with carrots.

  5. Why yes, that IS the “I LOOOOOVE You” look, presented by Monsieur Cowspots!

    I lerve his eyes.

  6. Aww. This must be the exeption to “Eat with you mouth closed”. Too cute.

  7. bunny teef
    bunny smile
    happy happy!

  8. It’s a Holstein bunny!

  9. hard to say who’s the cuter bunny in this photo 😉

  10. April Lankist says:

    awww.. he reminds me of the singing bunny in the skittls commercial..heehee

  11. April, I just saw that skittles commercial – weird! But funny!

  12. chet's momma says:

    who knew that buns have such cute little moufs? usually said moufs are set in a disapproving line! Plus, I really like the word mouf!

  13. Katherine says:

    I weesh to nuzzle my nose into teh bunny’s furry neck!

  14. I theenk numpkins ees teeny bebeh carrots, peeled in de package, no? Ready for eats and so deeleecious.

  15. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    its eyes are huge!! =D

    sooooo adorable!!!

  16. chet's momma says:

    peeps, if you really loves the buns, check out YOuTube and search for An Interesting Rabbit, parts 1-4. you will squee yourself into a puddle of melting bunlove! I would give you the link, but computer crashes upon cut-n-paste….

  17. Disney must have seen this pic before they created Thumper… it also looks kind of like the anthropomorphic illustrations in the Redwall books 🙂

  18. Oh. my. word. That just made my day. After all day of studying for my huge history test and other various homework, that was the PERFECT pick-me-up!

  19. Reminds me of Watership Down.

    And the childhood trauma of watching Watership Down.

    Still cute.

  20. Daaaawwwww…*keels over*
    Big huge anime eyes…

  21. little miao says:

    awwwww, you can see the orange carrot in bunny’s mouf!!

    must now go find baby carrots to munch on

  22. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a wonderful photo! And what a wonderfully-marked bunny!

  23. WHOOOOOOO is all these nasssstyyyy peoples stealing our pretty pretty bunniesesssss!!! it’s OURS it issss, and WE WANTS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Looks like a teeny tiny bit of drool under little mouth. Toooooooooooo sweet.

  25. Ok, 3 of my 5 kids just sploded from the cute!

  26. He looks soooooooo happy! *implodes*

  27. Ohhh check the carrot stains on his lips and below the jawline!

    Bunny lips/mouth/tongue/sweet expression have just made my day. I woud love to know his name.

    ( )
    ” “

  28. Holy cow. This picture has trumped the “cookie thief” bunny. It’s amazing. The teeth, the mouth, the eyes, the eyelashes on the girl, the tender smile. It all goes together. Picture of the year.

  29. Yay! Adorable happy bunbun!

  30. chet’s momma:

    thx for the YouTube bunny pointer. that has to be one of the cutest buns in the world!

  31. OMG, that’s the fatal allure of Bunnyness for ya…. I fell for it myself, and now am a bun’s ownee.

    ( )
    ” “

  32. nightbird says:

    Cute bunny……WARNING! THREADJACK!

    This Just In…crazy catlady action figure available at http://search.whatonearthcatalog.com/search.aspx?ACTION=SEARCH&query=crazy+cat+lady
    That is all. Back to the bunny

  33. Yay, indeed.

  34. bunnajenny says:

    Nbird – I have the crazy cat lady figurine set! My bestest friends bought it for my birthday last year. It is the highlight on my shelf of kitsch.

  35. ADORABLE bunny, especially the wee open mouth! With the teeth, and the carrot already inside the mouth, yet the bun-bun is still ready for more, lol! And the liquid eyes, all hungry for the carrot!

    And by the way, if you hover your mouse over the pic, you’ll see the bunny’s name is MARLOWE! What a perfect name for this sweet little bun!

  36. heh….far too cute! We had a bunny named Dagda many the years ago, his favourite treat was a toss up between those honey/seed things you tied to the side of the cage (man, he’d go nuts the moment he saw you coming with that thing….hopping all over, getting up on his back legs) and the long green leafy tops of garden carrots.

    I miss the Dagda….my big lop eared black bunny…he used to headbutt my hubby when they were on the couch together….

  37. my kitty’s name is dagda.

    anyway.. this picture is the cutest ever. the teef. definition of overload.

  38. BenPanced says:

    Squee! Teh bunneh looks soooooooooooo SWOFT! I WANNA PEDDA BUNNEH!

    Doesn’t help it looks like it’s smiling the Smile of Pure Joy.

    /me diez and iz ded

  39. Aww makes me want a carrot

  40. ahhh he looks just like a cute little kid!!

    Speaking of crazy cat ladies – I bought an old bathrobe, pajama bottoms and bright orange fuzzy slippers from my local Goodwill for my Halloween costume. Score!

    I’m having a harder time finding little stuffed kitties. I may end up with lions, tigers and cougars instead of tabbies, marmies and tuxers to finish off my act.

  42. Awwwwwwwwwww….!

    One look and the Pure Bunny Bliss has reduced me to a little puddle of happiness! Can you hear the sweet harmonies of the violins and the bun-angels in the background?

    Perhaps this Bunirvana bodes well for Monday 🙂

  43. “Bunirvana” — heh, nice.

  44. ‘scuse me, Monsieur Bunneh (you’re shooo ADORABLE!)



  45. Aww, it’s so cute… it burns my eyes… =DDD

    I ken shee hees mini rabbit teef. That just multiplies the cuteness x10.

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the Big, Sharp, Pointy Teeth! Sure, everyone thinks its just a cute little bunneh…;)

  47. easterlingman says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone..! More pictures of jess’s bunny can be found here: http://flickr.com/photos/easterlingman/tags/marlowe/

  48. No more bunny pictures! It’s making me want to adopt a bunny and I can’t put myself through that again 😦

    Very cute though! 😀

  49. Re connie, benpanced, viatrix: “Clean up in aisle 5!…and aisle 6!…and 7! …”Aw, drat – close shop for total mop-up of cuteness spillage…aack – shpluub…*!*!!!”

  50. Wow, Sylvia, amazing sea lion pic.

  51. That bunny’s mouth looks creepy for some reason. Like a human mouth grafted onto a bunny head.

    Not cute at all! Creepy!

  52. Whoa, Jim…try puting on your CO sunglasses & view the picture again…btw: any bunny trauma hidden in your puppyhood – er, childhood?

  53. …ahem…that’s putTing…

  54. After a long poopy weekend, this is just what I needs: bunch of bunnies and swarm of hummingbirds.

    This bunny reminds me of my new cousin. He’s from China and about 3. He has a cleft lip, which he has an operation for in a few weeks. This is what his happy face looks like–adorable little lower lip and sharp white teefs. Cute! And I don’t even like kids much.

  55. Sweeeeeeet. I kin see a bit of carrot in his little mouth. He looks so happy!

  56. OMG!!! Bunneh TEETH!!!

    “Ehn … that’s WAAAAAY too up, doc …”

  57. NebraskaErin says:

    He’s smiling!! *thud*

  58. Freckles! I see freckles! Forget the bunny! Freckles!


  59. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! And here’s the disapproving Marlowe:


    “I disapprove of this grass. And I disapprove of you taking my picture while I’m eating it. And I disapprove of your camera. And your shoes. And your haircut.”

  60. OMG.
    I have just blown a cute fuse. After this, nothing can ever seem cute again.

    Oh wait – wook at da widdle squirrel in da next picture! Hooray for CO!

  61. Gah. AuntieMame, I love the disapproving rabbits. Especially the rabbit who disapproved of Christmas.

  62. Follow the link to see more pics of “Jess’s Bunny.” That is the most beautiful rabbit I’ve ever seen. The markings are incredible!

  63. The disapproving rabbits are HILARIOUS! Especially the one of the harshest disapproval ever captured on film – no survivors.

    But this bunneh here – too sweet. And I missed an all bunny Sunday!!! Hmph.

  64. [imagine Bono singing]: Sunday, Bunny Sunday….

  65. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh goodness, go see Marlowe with his tomato – it’s Lub, I tells ya, luuuuub!!

  66. Re: the crazy cat lady action figure, someone donated one to the cat shelter I volunteer at. Being staffed primarily by crazy cat ladies (both the paid staff and volunteers), you’d think someone would find it funny. Nope. No one wants anything to do with the crazy cat lady toy. Must hit too close to home. 🙂

  67. A Fine Morsel says:

    Love this pre-kronsche moment.

  68. Oh My Gawd! I usually don’t comment, but I couldn’t pass this one up. His little lower lip is adorable. I love him.

  69. Raspberry Jam says:

    Woah, woah, woah! Chet’s Momma was not joking — An Interesting Rabbit is a terribly cute set of videos!

    I mean, seriously, the way that rabbit sleeps? This is too much. <3

  70. As cute as the bunny is, and that’s really cute. I’d have to say the owner is much cuter.

  71. “such cute bunny wips! to cute for words!”

  72. Awww so chubby ^^.. is chubby a rule of cuteness? :O

  73. I am sorry. That is the cutest bun I have evar SEEN!

  74. acelightning says:

    I started with a Dutch rabbit (medium size). She liked to eat the biggest, toughest carrots I could get. Later, I had a tiny Netherland Dwarf bunny, and she didn’t eat carrots. I’d give her a chunk of a big ole carrot, and she’d just ignore it. Then one day I gave her a baby carrot – and she loved it! I guess the big nasty carrot was just too big for the tiny little bunny. (I miss my bunnies… thank you, CO, for giving me pictures of bunnies to love!)

  75. I have never seen a cuter picture of a bunny! i must say that is the best!