John Williams directs new film score

…with his new composing partner. It’s like, perfect for Close Encounters II.

Nice one, Elle



  1. Yay, cute and awesome sounding!

  2. What is it about kitties and keyboards? Growing up we had a piano and whenever we left the lid open our cat would jump right on the keys.


  4. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a talented little fluffball! I hope that keyboard was recording that cool space music he was making with his fluffy belly and paws.

  5. He can play! he can jump!thats a chipmonk playing cat!

  6. Encore!

  7. Pretty little kitty in white sox …

    gently and daintily helping compose delicate music for our hearts …

    such a soothing scene … nature’s wonders never cease …

  8. Cat: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Puffypaws. Her five-year mission: To explore strange new keyboards; to seek out new mice and new civilizations; to boldly go where no kitty has gone before.

  9. Oooh ooh ooh – can I be the first to say it? Can I can I can I pleeeeeeeeease? “Close Encounters of the Furred Kind”?

  10. Ok, there are some piks uploaded on Teh Vox del Teejio, including some kittins in Damascus (Meg – Teh OvahLood’s roving report’s expense report is in the post) – eyebeams just for Teh-0 🙂

  11. Oh, that is a beautiful symphony! What a cutie, doesn’t even seem phased by the sound. He must spend loooots of time on that keyboard

  12. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    damn it’s soooo cuuute!!! =D so fluffy!!

  13. Senor FluffyFace here has a dark and brooding side. Awwwwww. ^.^

  14. There’s an old ragtime-type piece called “Kitten on the Keys” by Zez Confrey. I don’t know if it was inspired by a kitten as cute as this one.

  15. The kittie eyes! I love floofy baby kitties, with white markings around their eyes. They look SOOooo sweet!

  16. What a clever kitten!

  17. She plays much better than I do. Scroll past the vid and listen without viewing–it’s kinda kweepy sounding…[pulls covers over head]

  18. little miao says:

    musical kitten! those big paws are too adorables…

  19. My head just exploded from cuteness………….

  20. dis kitty has mouse encounters of the purry kind.

  21. Velvet Rose says:

    Now if only that little sweetie is named like Mozart or Bach or something like that.

  22. lol cats are suckers!

  23. Katherine says:

    That’s too adorable for words. ._. Furred kind. Thats cute =]

  24. Jackie from Michigan says:

    There is a piano solo song called “Les Chats” that was inspired by a cat walking across piano keys. ike McKittersons here, the song has odd intervals and key changes. I immediately thought of Les Chats when I saw this clip…gotta love that kitty floof!

  25. and you can hear the kitten kinda singing along…

  26. Wow, that is one pretty kitty!! Did someone put a cat on my keyboard?! (I have one just like it!)

  27. That produced some quite nice chords.

  28. OMIGOD!!!! I have been reading CO for a while…but that kitty is so MINE! I will EAT FUZZY FOR LUNCH!!! SO CUUUUUTE! faint/thud…

  29. Sweet lil’ maine coon kitten! Love ’em!

  30. Someone should get him to compose for a horror flick! This little’s guy’s a natural! He’ll certainly scare the hell out of me if he played that on Halloween!

  31. Aw, it wants to know where the sound’s coming from.

  32. AuntieMame says:

    Ol’ Two-Note McKitterson’s been playing at the pianny again. What’s he scoring this time? The shower scene for Psycute-o?

    And completely random and OT, but check out this long but lovely video about Skidboot, the dog:

  33. Space Opera Creepy!

    Would make for great sampling!

  34. AuntieMame says:

    Shoot, the link didn’t work. Try this one:

  35. This kitty has obviously been taking keyboard lessons from Mr. Bounce:

    (note the sheet music ‘neath his tidy paws)

  36. Gary Fixler says:

    @Zap – couldn’t resist looking up Zez Confrey’s “Kitten on the Keys” you mentioned – thanks for the heads up! There’s a wav of the old ragtimey piece here:

    Haven’t looked up Jackie from Michigan’s “Les Chats” recommendation yet…

  37. Mr. Carrot-tail put his paws on the ebony and ivory. The croud goes “Aaaaahn”

  38. pleeeeeeeeeeeeease can i have this kiddykat !!! its the cutest little kitten ive ever seen !!!




  40. I love how the kitten looks so puzzled by the sound the piano is making. And the composition gets thicker and more intensive when he is about flip off the keyboard 😀

  41. J.Bo

    Did Mr Bounce compose ‘Cat Walk’ or just preparing it



    TJ – “Close Encounters Of The Furred Kinds” – Good one!

  43. book_monstercats says:

    Wish I had that octave range. What a talented kitteh.

  44. Kitty was amazingly soothed by those celestial chords. At one point, down on the lower end, it looked like Kitty wanted to go back to sleep in a minor key. 😛

    Quick, without internet help, who here can remember the names of the three kittens in Aristocats?

  45. >>Did Mr Bounce compose ‘Cat Walk’ or just preparing it< <

    Only Theo knows, Dewi.

  46. Good question Elfowl. I can’t remember, but I can see (and hear!) them in my mind, practicing their scales and their arpeggios. Aw. Love that scene.

  47. Elfowl,
    argh! I remember there were one girl and two boys. and soxfan, I love that scene too. but the names? I *think* the boys were named after composers, something like Berlioz mebbe? no clue on the girl.

  48. Berlioz was one, Mariser. And I remember the mouse was Roquefort.

  49. Toulouse was the orange one. He was my fav. ^_^

  50. That was so cute. awww 🙂

  51. NTMTOM — re: Star Trek the Next Generation theme music — that was my first thought, too.
    Needs more French horn, though. (And I gotta have more cowbell.)

  52. And the little girl was Marie, I believe.

  53. Can’t wait to see the movie it’s for – sounds like a scary suspense thriller! But that ended – a plot twist? Was it all just a psych out? One of those horror films that keeps setting you up for a scare but then it’s nothing?!? Oh, the suspense!

  54. That kitteh is all like, where’s that noise coming from? I must now do an interpretative dance to it. Now I don’t like it, I’m all outies.

    Thats what he’s like.

  55. Good grief, I just noticed somebody *else* had posted the link to the old shot of Mr. Bounce on the piano.

    J. Bo & Dewi — no, he’s not the composer. Sad truth is, Bounce never even fully got the hang of it. I mean, it sounded good enough at the recital, but it was purely mechanical. All technique & finesse, without any musicality or feeling.

    Still, it *was* cool to watch. Beats “Dance Dance Revolution” any day.

  56. Coolest cat evar!!! All other cats are lesser.
    Expect for perhaps Invisacat and the cat that chased the bear up the tree. :oD

  57. Ok, that’s too cute. I had to put that up on Matrixsynth: The site is dedicated to synths, and for some bizarre reason, cats seem to make a regular appearance. It seems out of all pets, cats are at the top of the list for keyboard players. BTW, JD is my cat on CuteCaps: I’d link to the shot on CuteCaps but it looks like it’s “taking a nap” at the moment. : )

  58. Well, you know what they say, Theo:

    “Those (cats) who can’t do(-wop), teach.”

  59. Hey, what breed is that cat? I would really like to find out. It’s so cute!

  60. So talented! So cute! GENIUS GRANT PLEASE.

  61. Does he do parties?

  62. Realy cute little film. Can’t wait to see another.

  63. Seriously, I’m a musician and that was better than most of the modern conceptual music that I have to play…

  64. Depussy

  65. “uh huh, yeah, I don’t care what that HACK Philip Glass had to say– get me the CAT on the freakin’ PHONE– that soundtrack’ll be box office GOLD for ‘Grudge 3’!”

  66. O.K. The music is pretty damn good for one so young. But that kitten is just DE-LISH. I wanna nibble on his fuzzy ears!!!!

  67. Cosmique — got something against orchestral club-trance?
    Anyway Phil’s not hurting; he just scored “The Illusionist” (pretty well, I thought).

  68. I dunno, sounds a lot like the Twin Peaks soundtrack to me. Praise for the kitten technique!

  69. *blinkblinkblink* … *shudder*
    Creepy. The cute kitty takes a lot of the punch out of it, though. ^^

    (I moved. I have unearthed my kitchen and sort of unearthed the office. But I ain’t DONE yet! Waaaah! *watches the kitty again, w/ the sound off*)

  70. acelightning says:

    Fuzzy *AND* talented!

  71. I’d say that’s more John Cage than John Williams…

  72. This was just on Ellen!!!!

  73. You know, Ellen Degeneres would make an EXCELLENT C.O. guest interview.
    And Mister T.

    Meg? Who can we call??

  74. Aww. I didn’t get to watch this vid before it started to say “This video is no longer available.”. 😦