SuperKewl Dewd Stephen sent in some chick-magnet photos of himself and his new puppy "Meg". Hey, Stephen, nice name… Check her out, Peeps!




The bellage, paws up, crossed paws—this last photo is the worst, OMG PON1ES! GAH!


For cryin’ out lou’, Stephen L.!



  1. NebraskaErin says:

    Puppeh belleh!!

  2. Meg’s are inherently cute.

  3. i just got some routine blood work taken at my doctors…..

  4. Darn you, I nearly squealed out loud at work because of the second picture! I tell you, Stephen wants a girlfriend, all he’s gotta do is step outside with that puppelicious thing in hand. The girls will be swarmin’ in no time.

  5. blueberries4me says:

    I just wanna die at the sight of this cute cute pup. The criss cross legs, the chubby bell-bell… **head explodes**

  6. Ahhhhh!!!! That is ALARMINGLY CUTE! Take good care of that little cuteh pie 🙂

  7. Look at his cute little button nose!

  8. That last one!!! Lo’ have mercy!

  9. Crossed back legs people!

    And a true chick magnet indeed, although I prefer cocker spaniel or lab pups!

  10. I almost died from that second picture! Eeeee soo cute!

  11. Look at that viscous terror. I think Stephens thumb was chewed off in the second picture.

  12. A thinker says:

    GAH!! Meg, you ARE on a campaign to get me to like puppies!!

    That is nearly frightening. I think I would kill it with kisses and hugs if I saw it assuming the third-picture posture in person.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Lookit that little grin on her face! So tiny! Awwwww!

  14. That pup is evil I tell you! Evil! Look at that first pic! And the second one, with the ferocious finger chewage! And the third with… the… belleh… *faceplants and snorgles*

    I for one welcome our new puppeh overlord!

  15. bellah bellah bellah!!!!

    Oh, can I tell you a secret?
    *whispers* My name is Meg, too.

  16. PaulaBear says:

    OMG, just awwwwwww. She is just toooooo cute.

  17. A puppeh that cute…makes you think Stephen must be desperate…or you know, disfigured. That’s how cute that puppy is. Girls would be all like, “Yeah, I really prefer a guy with all their own teeth, and only 2 arms, but that puppy. Squeee! Sure I’ll go out with you, Stephen.”

  18. AuntieMame says:

    D’oh! Click the linkie, folks, and check out the superkewl dewd hisself, cuddlin’ Miss Meggie!


  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    Too funny, Redzilla–I’m just glad Stephen left Notre Dame long enough to show us babypuppy Meg.

    Lovin’ the loungy pose in the third picture–it’s on my photoshopping list with either an Esther Williams mermaid tail or a TV remote and suitable beverage.

  20. From Diem and me, on the belly:


    and the nose


  21. He’s almost as cute as his puppy. 😉

  22. audreybear says:

    She is adorable! Reminds me of my little shih tzu when she was a puppy… makes me want another one! Big kisses to her!

  23. Thanks folks!

    This one is my favourite though:


  24. Stop!! It’s too much!! Too much cute!! AWWWWWWWW!!!

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Eek. The evil sideways glare and the pointy Spock eyebrows!

    She’s up to something nefarious…

  26. I just choked on cuteness! What kind of doggeh is she?

  27. Wow, she really DOES have Scowl ‘Brows. [involuntary shiver]

  28. She’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s was only 5 weeks in those photos, she’s coming home tomorrow! Can’t wait…

  29. Still campainging here for an official Cute or Evil category. This pup is the Cute/Evil Empress.

  30. I…I…I…have not the words. I just love de puppy. That’s all. My youngest puppy is 7 years old, and she of course is cuter than this Meg, but…de baby puppy. Aw.

  31. Nononono. That can’t be real. It’s like a Gund or something. Nature is too cruel to make such cute…

  32. I am slain, slain, I tell you!

    And especially by the pic of Meg w/ her Daddy, all rumpled and sleepy and loving…

    ::expiring noisily::

  33. Is it just me or does Stephen have the same color hair as his puppeh? Hmmmm.

    Is she a new puppeh, then, just coming to your house for the first time? Best fun evar!

  34. Omg, how could anyone live with that much cute in a teenytiny package in their home???

    She’s a minute fairy puppy from another galaxy!!!

  35. TastesLikeChicken says:

    I am not worthy. Sheilds eyes from the glory that is puppy and crawls away to die of uber cute…..

  36. First photo has a certain sultry Greta Garbo vibe to it.

  37. You know, it’s refreshing to see a man raising his puppy to be a proper lady, with the leg crossing in public and everything. Dogs these days! I tell you, goodies hanging out all over the place. May as well run around naked for all they care! Kudos to you, Stephan!

  38. NebraskaErin says:

    Stephen, honey, that pup is a total babe magnet. And a guy magnet. Little old lady magnet, too. I think you’re probably set for life!

    Hell, *I* will be your girlfriend if ONLY to snorgle the belleh!

  39. Biggest SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE of the day!!!

  40. Noooooo! No, I can’t take it.. I already saw a little dachsund pup (not my favorite breed, either), from a distance, that made me literally squeal out loud on the sidewalk- and now this?? Meg (and Meg) I know this is cute overload, but this goes way beyond that.. and the pup and human friend? they must be plotting world-domination-by-cuteness. seriously.

  41. Superkewl dimple and wrinkly-with-the-cute-forehead, Stephen!

  42. Kittens must make some sort of desperate last stand to reclaim the cuteness! 😀

  43. Hey! Julia2 what’s wrong with dachshund’s…that’s it I am sending in my baby’s pictures…miniture longhair baby dachshund…BTW this puppeh is tooooo cute…I want to kiss that little muzzle….muwah!

  44. The extra muzzlefluff that obscures her shiny shiny eyes is compelling me to stroke it. . . Gaaaah!

    Has anyone seen my head? Must be around here somewhere.

  45. chet's momma says:

    stephen is very cute himself! but meg, what a beauty! she will have him wrapped around her delicate paw for life! snorglesnorglesnorgle forevah!

  46. chet's momma says:

    can we get some stats on the new pup-dad? hubba hubba!

  47. I want a Cavalier so bad……these pics only make my “wantacavvysobadithurts” disease that much worse

  48. lurkertype says:

    Okay, the puppers is adorable, the guy is adorable, together they are a redonkulous amount of cute. It’s like synergistic.

    Hey guys! I actually huffed a kitten just now!

    So TK was in my lap for pettin’s and I leaned over and stuck my head right at the back of his neck, and I happened to right then take a deep breath and I thought “I just literally huffed a kitten! Awesome! I must tell the peeps!”

    ‘Cept it kinda made my eyes water… a little too up close and personal with the fur and dander, me thinks.

    But still!

  49. I’d have wanted to meet a looker like Steve here even without puppy.

    With puppy, however… *swoons*

    Congrats on your lovely little girl, Stephen. She’s wonderful!

  50. Omgosh! A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!!! That’s my favorite kind of puppy ever. <3

    She’s sooo cute, and Steven’s not so bad himself. ;]

  51. Haha. Oops. I mean Stephen* x)

  52. Holy Schnikes, the combo of handsome scruffy man and snarfable fluffy pup is lethal!

    And Stephen, your other photography is quite lovely as well. Looks like maybe you live in Ireland?

    0MGP0N1ES…floofy pup…handsome man with a possible Irish brogue…


  53. Slartibartfast says:

    Cross those legs. Preserve your little doggie dignity!

  54. Piggalette says:

    Wow! She is so healthy and shiny that she practically GLOWS! What a very beautiful girl.

  55. That has got to be just about the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen…

  56. Augh… put away the cuteness. My head is going to asplode. The puppeh was a nice treat, too.

  57. so cute

  58. Deb- nothing! Nothing’s wrong with them, I’m just more of an aussie/border collie girl. (and boston terrier.. and pit bull.. and random sweetheart mutts.. and kitties of course.. and uh.. okay I have no “type” lol). I’m just used to “awww!”-ing over fluffbutts, so I found it was especially impressive that the dachsund made me squeal involuntarily, and rather loudly, when I saw it from 50 feet away 🙂

  59. it was hopping. i mean, really. who could resist?

  60. Brinke Guthrie says:

    want one. now.

  61. hey, Stephen–what do you think of older women? 😉

  62. Wait a minute, wait–older than you I mean, not old as in *old* you know, not that there’s anything wrong with that, because really it’s just a number, not a really high number, but higher prolly than yours and…and…ah, never mind.

  63. chillinkzp says:

    awwww puppeh!!! =) so kyoooooooot!

    how is it that the nuffinghams can start commentroversy over ppl putting kittehs in moufs but when a very Qte puppeh has a dood’s finger in ITS mouf, there’s no commentroversy like “o.m.g. how dare you say that this pic is cute when the puppy’s got a HUMAN finger its mouth! the guy could start bleeding and… and… and..” [blah]. kills me

  64. Rich Fader says:

    You mean “OMG PUPP1ES!!!”

    Yeah, she’s a sweetie. Looks like a real live Poky Little Puppy.

  65. Rich, you remember the Poky Little Puppy?! She does look like that!

  66. Rich F, you are totally right! I’ve been trying to remember who the little puppeh reminded me of:

  67. I think Meg will have to start a dating service on the side…..

  68. OMG!! The cute, the cute!

  69. misscrisp says:

    titter giggle chuckle…the peeps have turned predatory! about a boy! giggle more.

    I grew up adoring my grannie’s c.k.c. spaniels…and the romantic dreamer in me especially loved the grand breed name.

    [huffs a bit of catten in place of silken spaniel ear stroking)

  70. I remember the Poky L’il Puppy! And the chocolate pudding! Yay! We found one!

  71. Cav puppehs rock our world here in Dog-topia. I’m in love. Just want to blow puppeh bubbles on her round leetle puppeh belleh.

  72. OMG, we tewtelly should start a dating service and Stephen can be spokesman and Meg spokespup—we must do it!!

  73. {shudder grin tingle} admits overwhelming interest in said proposition

  74. yess i like this dating service idea. run with it, meg.

    uhm yeah this may be the cutest post, for realz.

  75. Kiera aka Skielar says:

    *Squeeeeeeeeeeee!* She is adorable O.O
    This puppeh here
    *faints* looks alot like Meg…if it’s not her…same litter? lol

  76. maatnofret says:

    Yes, and the dog is adorable, too…

  77. Holy…. with the finger chewing… and the ears…

    *pausing to collect myself*


  78. The dating service can then either be for animals or humans….or cross species dating????……………..

  79. And he’s BRITISH, too?! 😛

  80. AND a really good photographer?!

    Man. He better be taken already, or there’s gotta be something wrong with him 😛

  81. Awwww… and she’s got little booblets!

  82. she’s crossing her legs! what a little lady.

  83. Gary Fixler says:

    I know it’s a girl, but all I can think in that last picture is “proper English gentleman,” maybe from the Victorian era?

    1. greased back hairstyle (wig?)
    2. POSTURE!
    3. grandiose mustache
    4. frilly collar!

    I’m still in awe of a puppy that becomes modest when rolled over. You can’t buy that kind of prosh.

  84. dickie twinkles says:

    OMG I love cavaliers!

    This one might even be cuter than my Oscar 😡

    How old is she? She almost looks too small to be away from her mummy!

  85. Oh my God!! It’s sooo cute!! *___* I love it~

  86. I seriously can’t decide who’s cuter, Stephen or Meg…. Oh, wait, I just realized he has a British accent.
    There’s a girl fainting in Berlin right now.

  87. The moozlepoof!… She burns… Button nose… Floof… It kills… *dies with smile*

  88. Good news Stephen, so you’re gonna have her when she’s 8 weeks? I know that’s better not to have them before, for their own sake. I had my little baby Cavalier at … maybe 10 weeks. And now, she’s gonna be 10 years *sigh*, I’m lucky though.

    Stephen, check for Meg’s heart. Cavalier, as a pure breed can have Mitral Valve Disease (MVD).(I’ve put a little url up there) Ho, and from my experience, make sure you learn her to like grooming and humm when you have to take care of her paws or the ears. Believe me, it’ll make things go easy, not like me. :-p
    Thanks! sorry for the blahblah ^^.

    And I luuuv the crossing paws. 😀

  89. AHHHHH!!!Every pic here is so CUTE!!!

  90. GreenEyedHawk says:

    OMG the belly! I just want to ppbbbssbbbbpptttttt!!!!



    [looks at dog’s owner]

    [dies again]

  92. Sigh. Although I showed him that last photo to prove it, my boyfriend remains convinced that dogs DO have belly buttons.

    No, for the record, he’s NOT really that stupid.

  93. my chihuahua AND my husky both have belly buttons. in fact, all mammals, with the exception of monotremes (platypus that lays eggs) and marsupials have them.. it’s the scar from an umbilical cord. adalia, he really isn’t that stupid at all! 😉

  94. Belleh! BELLEH BELLEH BELLEH!!! *dives headfirst into the puppy belleh*

  95. How handeh.

  96. chet's momma says:

    mr dewi-that is the bestest weapon evah against those pesky nuffers! weebles is so much fun…

  97. Shwweeeet! God, I just love your blog!! I’m so glad I found it 😀

  98. Folks, thanks for the comments!
    Just got her today, she’s curled up and sleeping now 🙂

    Look for my myspace:

    for further updates!

    I am in Ireland! Great country, and looking forward to take her (maybe thinking about calling her “Whiskey”?) around the whole Island!


  99. Brak_Silverbone says:

    She’s cute and she knows it. That’s a dangerous combination in a dog.

  100. too cute for words. What breed is that.

  101. michellemybelle says:

    Irish!!! The Cutest Puppy Ever!!! Women all around the world are keeling over at alarming rates!!!

    (Can we get that dating deal started, Meg?)

  102. What a cute baby! Wuzzah wuzzah bubby foof.

    (Pokes tummy.)

  103. O.M.G.

    Stephen’s up for grabs!!! Stephen’s up for grabs!!!
    Stephen’s up for –

    [spots boyfriend]

    Uh Oh.

  104. Julie Bryant Hein says:

    AWWW……cute babykins! I have a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, too!!! Aww Meg–you look like my wittle ‘Ollie’!!! Cavey’s are the SWEETEST and cutest puppy doggies evah!

  105. And a photographer as well?

    *pets puppy, pets Stephen*

  106. ow, ow, ow.

    Stephen, that fourth one you linked is so cute, it hurts! It “curts”

    the eyes; looka th peeps: dorableness


  107. More photos folks!

    (Name: Ruby/Meg?)


  108. aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    wwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Those silky
    ears are too moishe!